Three Dead, Six Charged

May 20, 2020

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Three Dead, Six Charged

There is a sordid case in West Virginia and Maryland that is reminiscent of a Coen Brothers movie.
The body of a slight, innocent appearing, 33-year-old family man from Tareytown, Maryland named Jonathon Travis Riddle (above) was found burning about 40 feet from a road in isolated Rippon, West Virginia about 7:30 a.m. on March 18. His nearby car was also burned. His autopsy revealed that he had also been beaten and stabbed. A trail of blood led from the road, across a barbed wire fence to what was left off him. His wife didn’t report him missing until she noticed he had left his work clothes behind.

“An investigation,” the details of which remain remain secret, led police to arrest three Maryland men, David R. Sanford Jr., 26, John W. Black III, 22, and Monroe Merrell, 22. According to multiple, often conflicting reports in the Baltimore Sun, the Carroll County Times, the West Virginia MetroNews and the Spirit of Jefferson in Jefferson County, West Virginia, the three suspects “had returned from a party at a Pagan motorcycle gang clubhouse in Falling Waters just before a fight broke out in the Westminster, Maryland, apartment where the events leading to the murder of Jonathan Riddle began.”

Riddle had gone to the apartment to visit 33-year-old Heather Grogg, who is usually described as Riddle’s “friend.” The apartment was rented by David R. Sanford Jr., and his girlfriend, Emily Rose Day. What caused the three alleged Pagans to attack Riddle is still a matter of conjecture. Allegedly,
Sanford, Black and Merrell attacked Riddle with their fists and a paring knife.

The “clubhouse” has been described as a “gutted out trailer used for parties. The trailer, and the land it sat on, was owned by April Lynn Braner. She is the daughtrer of Michael Braner, a Pagan who died in a motorcycle accident in October 2018.

Then Heather Grogg who would have witnessed the initial assault, and Merrell’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Danielle Tyler, went missing one the same day in April

Sandford’s girlfriend was charged with being an accessory to murder. And this Monday April Braner and Jeffrey Craig Smith wer charged with murdering the missing women.


13 Responses to “Three Dead, Six Charged”

  1. Grumpy Says:

    So it took three fresh-faced young cunts and a paring knife to kill one “slight” (meaning “scrawny”) poor guy who happened to be there when the punks arrived. Then the three little cunts killed two chicks, one of whom was barely older than a child, to silence them as witnesses. Tragic, pathetic shit indeed but I fail to see how this was motorcycle club related. The chickenshits in the hopelessly biased American news media need to do some actual independent investigative reporting for a change instead of relying on the police version of events or listening to rumors.

  2. ed Says:

    These scumbag kid psychos are not pagans and never have been. They have allegedly been pretending to be or saying they were. Send them to some joints where some real Pagans are locked up for the rest of their lives, and let them deal with them.

  3. Not Surprised Says:

    In thd several news articles I read,the only mention of an MC club was the daughter of a former member

  4. Luncgbox Says:

    The way I read it, he went o a party, allegedly at a Pagan Club house. The article never said they were members or alleged members. But somehow because hey allegedly attended a party now the case is somehow magically attached to the Pagans mc? What a load of SHIT! I am in in no way affiliated wit the Pagans. But I am a member of another club and would not appreciate my clubs name being drug thru the mud cause some assholes came to a party and then decided to murder some dude.

  5. Mr Nobody 1%er Says:

    @ cheerleader ….got nothing to do with M.C. in fact u intraject stuff that I’ve yet to read. Unless you have inside inpho. But thread before your states clearly no M.C.

  6. freebird Says:

    With the alphabet agencies involved and alleged cooperating witnesses

    This one could go in any direction

    Suspect there is way more info that will come out

  7. oldskewl Says:

    These are kids, not 1%er’s (not even close). I got kids this age hanging out with my son just getting their first bike and enjoying the first beers they can legally buy.

    Something happened, what? I dunno but the Pagans having a “clubhouse” in a “Gutted out trailer” seems kinda hillbilly and nonsensical to me. It’s must be one hell of a trailer to be considered a “clubhouse” for a 1%er club.
    This just seems like some cold ass shit pulled off by some kids who got way over their head in a beating of some guy.


  8. Cheerleading Says:

    That rationale some of you have.

    “They were just hammered and fucked some guy up”. If they killed some guy and two women and set him and their car on fire that goes beyond some “beers and a fight.” Stop trying to downplay it because “mah beloved motorcycle clubs”.

  9. WARHAMMER13 Says:

    None of these three men involved are Pagans, and they were never alleged to be Pagans by anyone other then some idiot reporter. That is 100% certain Please edit the story to reflect that.

  10. JMacK Says:

    I’m surprised the deaths weren’t attributed to coronavirus.



  11. Neuro Says:

    Death penalty, plain and simple.

  12. commonsense Says:

    So these guys were Pagans or not ? If they did this and there in a club they are fucked. It sounds to me like it was a late night drunk fest…we have all been there but they are 22. I remember that but I’m 62 now. I can’t see any 1% Pres backing this play. IF these guys are Pagans the Feds are going to try them on the RICO act even if they were just hammered and fucked some guy up then they will try and turn them.

  13. Bone Head Says:

    Reading the last few articles I can see a day that Rebel will arrested…for publishing truth with an additional charge of embarrassing the “authorities”.

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