The Bronx Murder Investigation

May 9, 2020

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The Bronx Murder Investigation

The murder of Pagan Motorcycle Club member Francisco Rosado last week in the Bronx remains a stone cold whodunit.

Last Saturday, two men dressed in dark clothes carrying silencer-equipped pistols exited a blue Jeep Cherokee and advanced on Rosado in broad daylight as he was distracted in conversation by an unknown person.

The assassination appears to have been meticulously thought out and possibly rehearsed. The person who distracted Rosado is completely hypothetical. Surveillance video shows a man running from the scene, but for all practical purposes he was a ghost who disappeared into thin air. The police are unusually close-mouthed about the case.

The gunmen seemed to have been aware of the surveillance camera that recorded them coming and going in the jeep. When they left, they drove over a curb and made a hard, left turn that made it difficult to read the vehicle license plate. Police have said the license plate was stolen. They have not said how they know that.

Cutting Edge Video

Today, Bronx Justice News reported, “Homicide detectives are using the latest in video enhancement technology as they work to identify the masked killers responsible for gunning down a Bronx motorcycle gang leader last week.”

“…officials told Bronx Justice News the NYPD is using cutting-edge video enhancement and analysis tools to trace the gunmen and their getaway vehicle. Of particular interest to detectives: the Jeep’s license plate, lettering on a sweatshirt worn by one of the assassins, and the killers’ footwear, authorities said.”

News outlets that have reported on the murder generally seem to assume members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club did it. The Bronx news service reported, “Investigators probing the apparent gangland hit believe it could be linked to the Pagans’ recent expansion efforts in New Jersey and other targeted swaths of the Northeast. The notorious national club is also engaged in a long and bloody war with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, which, like the Pagans, double as violent street gang.”

The Hardware

But it also seems police might be playing the press. The Hells Angels are easy to blame but there is no proof they did it. The Bronx, despite its accelerating gentrification, remains riddled with competing criminal groups. And the Bronx Justice News hasn’t mentioned one of the most obvious lines of investigation – the silencers.

Once upon a time, would-be assassins could suppress the sound of a pistol by attaching an oil filter to the muzzle of a gun.. Now most silencers come pre-made and sold as a gun maintenance appliance called a “solvent trap.” They are comparatively cheap but they require a precise modification to work properly, The baffles in solvent traps need to be precisely back bored using a drill press-like machine. Those specialty machines, usually magnetic, can also be used to bore out car and motorcycle cylinders and manufacture untraceable guns.

Silenced guns typically fire subsonic bullets. The original MAC-10 machine pistol for example, fired subsonic .45 caliber ammunition

New York police have yet to announce how many rounds were fired or from what distance. Haphazardly made silencers (or suppressors) may leave several clues. First, and most obviously, police can acquire the paper trail for solvent traps distributed in the United States. Second, imprecisely bored baffles can leave unique powder burns and sometimes microscopic residue from the baffles themselves.

New York police have to be looking at this. But it is entirely possible that the guns, the silencers and even the ammunition were all bespoken. And that suggests that unless somebody confesses, the murder of Francisco Rosado is not likely to be solved.


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  1. Irish Says:

    I hate that I can’t click on here anymore and catch the latest news!! You would have the scoop on this for sure. Red and White ⚡️harp ⚡️hooters…. miss you Don

  2. Gator Says:

    That looks more like family business than club business.

  3. Irish Says:

    Passenger gets out and immediately takes a stance and begins firing, curious how far away the victim was. Both dressed almost identical (white shoes/black shoes) in long pants, hooded sweatshirts, face coverings, beanies and gloves. Whole thing start to finish under 45 seconds! They definitely planned it very well, rehearsed it or they are professionals. I think they they just planned it very well and obviously executed it very well. Driver immediately paused when passenger ran into his sights (be surprised how many lames shoot there own guys in these things) they knew their roles. I’m not saying it’s good a man is dead but I am saying the people responsible for it, did a very good job and again broad day light, two shooters both exiting the car and returning for a clean get away all in under 45 seconds is very professional in its execution.

  4. Corrupt Says:


    In some respects yes, it looks like a professional job, except when the driver crosses behind the passenger (at least it looks like that is what he is doing to as they move off screen). This would leave the driver unable to shoot while the passenger is in front of him, which is a mistake.

  5. oldskewl Says:

    Knowing a thing or two about guns those guys are either professional shooters or they spend a majority of their time at the range. The first to fire off a round is the passenger and he’s at the edge of a parking lot across the street… You gotta be a Bad Mother Fucker to start shooting that far away at a target. That’s a 75 foot shot and with a silencer you weren’t looking to attract attention.

    When you first pull the trigger you need a kill shot or a shot that’s going to hit a place that gives the target no time to react. if they were not “crack shots” they would have waited until they were up to the car… The only reason to start firing that soon is if you were seen and I highly doubt he seen them coming.

    I have a lot of range time and even a competition or two behind me, that target was far away for a pistol unless you’re a master shot, especially if it was a surprise hit.

    Like ED said, I doubt those were bikers, if they were, they are well know marksmen.

  6. Dasein Says:

    “Two able-bodied young shooting enthusiasts, with silencers, and suitable transportation, seek work.”

  7. ed Says:

    Nah, that isn’t bikers coming outa that jeep.

  8. Jj Says:

    Not only is the media making the reckless assumption HA is responsible – despite the complete lack of tangible evidence – the media is also erroneously reporting that HA’s recent relocation from the East Village to the Bronx was a direct affront to the Pagans because the Pagans have long since had a strong foothold in the Bronx: “The Angels had recently moved their headquarters from Manhattan to The Bronx, which traditionally has been the Pagans’ sphere of influence.” (Daily Mail 5/4/2020). This assertion is blatantly false. Traditionally – for decades – the Bronx, as well as the rest of NYC, has been HA’s “sphere of influence.”

    Regardless of the identity of the perps, the timing (& location) is interesting & suggest it was well planned. The city had been on lockdown for months & masks were required in public. Given the lockdown, what would have been a mixed commercial/residential location typically riddled with gridlock traffic (which likely would have impeded the getaway), was pretty much clear of vehicular & pedestrian traffic. And, on that particular day – a nice sunny day when, for the first time in weeks, many ventured outdoors to local parks – much of the local police force had been reassigned to parks & other areas people were gathering (on foot patrol) in order to enforce the city’s safe distancing directive.

    Longtime NYC resident

  9. Dynamobbin Says:

    Agreed. But not a lathe. That’s all I was sayin.

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ Dynamobbin;

    There are a number of design variations of the “K baffle. The entire body of a K baffle is ginned out on a lathe, including the boring of the central hole. If the variation of the K baffle one is making has a flange and requires holes drilled through the diameter of that flange, that operation is done using a rotary table on a milling machine. Or; all of those operations can be performed on a multi-axis CNC machine.

    I hold an 07 (manufacturing) FFL with an SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer) endorsement. That license and endorsement allows me to manufacture and sell firearms, including suppressors, which I do.


  11. Gandalf Says:

    Boy that guy across the street is moving fast. Real fast. Looks like he came out of the park. Dude must have warrants. As for the perps those guys don’t look like no HA over a Turf dispute. I would be searching the scrap yards for crushed up blue jeeps to find those guns but even the cube is probably disposed of by now. No… Dude did something to someone. IMHO

  12. Dynamobbin Says:

    i wanna see you bore a k baffle mouse hole on a lathe.

  13. FF Says:

    Everything can change in just twenty seconds.

  14. Freebird Says:

    Suspect the cans were used to defeat the shot spotter system

    It appears there was a lot of planning involved

    How do you miss the security camera outside the passenger window

    Who benefits the most from maximum shock effect

    I don’t think it’s a club

  15. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel;

    Regarding the MAC 10: The MAC 10 was initially designed by George Ingram as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) and was chambered in .45 ACP and 9mm. There is also a MAC 11, which came later, chambered in .380. None of the MAC variants were ever designed to fire sub-sonic ammunition.

    The .45 ACP cartridge is sub-sonic to begin with. Because the weapon is designed to be used “up close and personal” there was never a requirement or need to eliminate the ballistic crack of the 9mm or .380 bullets as they broke the sound barrier when leaving the barrel.

    Regarding solvent traps: In order to make precise, concentric holes in solvent trap end caps or spacers, one would use a lathe, not a “drill press-like machine”. The drill press-like machine you’re referring to is called a milling machine. Motorcycle cylinders are generally bored on a milling machine. Automotive engine blocks are bored with a specialized boring machine.

    Regarding this murder: This was definitely planned, but executed by armatures. Pros would have used very loud firearms in order to shock, confuse and scatter any witnesses, making any statements given to the cops utterly worthless. There is definitely a tactical use for suppressed weapons, but this wasn’t it.


  16. Sig45 Says:

    Silencers are useless on a busy street in daylight. They have shell casings bullets and video. The Jeep has unique markings that they by now have followed either to its source or at least close. When they go through the door to snatch these two it will be violent because they will know who exactly they are looking for.

  17. R & R Says:

    If it’s true that this murder was meticulously thought out, the silenced weapons are likely in the river somewhere. After being carefully wiped, that is.

  18. mac Says:

    Nowadays its easy to find a silencer as they are legal in a number of states. Also a number of gun manufactures such as beretta, CZ and Kimber have guns that will fit a silencer. In Iraq and Afghanistan the cool kid Tier1 and Tier 2 units were issued silencer (aka supressors).

  19. Dasein Says:

    Had a friend in the 80’s from Manhattan, who advised that easy money was available by flying into NYC, robbing whatever, and then flying back home. So much crime there on a daily basis, that if you can get away for 24 hours, you’ll probably never be caught. These are different times though, and he wasn’t talking about murder.

  20. commonsense Says:

    Broad daylight at a busy intersection…nuts.

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