Seized And Terrorized

April 13, 2020

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Seized And Terrorized

Anthony Mills, a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, filed suit April 6 against 11 Colorado defendants for an illegal traffic stop that lasted more than an hour on April 8, 2018,

The defendants are the municipalities of LaSalle and Greely, Colorado; the Weld County Sheriff’s Office; Lasalle policeman David Miller; LaSalle Police Chief Carl Harvey; Greeley Police Officers Cantor, Otto nd Corles; Weld County Sheriff’s Deputy Decker; Garden City Police Officer Johnson; and Pfficer Tienes of the Kersey Police Department.

According to the suit, Miller saw Mills and another Helss Angel and “decided he would pull them over to harass and terrorize them” because he “greatly disliked those associated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and was eager to personally participate in all of Northern Colorado law enforcement’s continued harassment and intimidation of members in this group.’

The Suit

“Knowing his intent was unlawful, Officer Miller attempted to mute his body-worn camera for the interaction, in violation of his office’s own written policies. However, unbeknownst to him, he was unsuccessful in doing so. As a result, all the Defendants’ unlawful behavior was recorded by Officer Miller’s body-worn camera….”

“Officer Miller and the other on-scene Defendant officers then began loudly discussing how they were going to hold Mr. Mills and his friend for as long as they wanted (‘I have no problem holding these mother fuckers until Greeley gets down her’), their agreement that they would engage in this unlawful conduct because Plaintiff appeared associated with the Hells Angels (‘I’m good, I mean, we get to fuck with HA’) and threatening to tase or kill Plaintiff if he moved (,I’m shooting him! I need some paid vacation!’).

“The Defendant Officers unlawfully seized and terrorized Plaintiff for over an hour. All Defendant officers on scene materially participated in this unlawful extended seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment and throughout also violated their duty to intervene to stop Defendant Officer Miller, and one another, from ceasing this terrifying abuse of police power.

“The actions of the Defendant Officers.” The lawsuit continues, “were part of the custom, practice and training at all the Defendant law enforcement agencies to harass, intimidate, unlawfully seize, and regularly violate the civil rights of any member or associate of the Hells Angels motorcycle club.”
LaSalle and Greely are south of Fort Collins and about 50 miles north of Denver.

Information War

There is a deliberate, ongoing, organized campaign to discredit and harass members of the Hells Angels in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Last November, 14 people were arrested and charged with violating Colorado’s organized crime act, along with other criminal violations. Most of the evidence appears to be based on the testimony of confidential informant named Joshua O’Bryan The arrest were made using militarized police. During the arrests, one man was shot in the chest with a door breaching round.

ust last month, Sam Tabachnik of the Denver Post published a sensational and one-side4d account of O’Bryan’s expulsion from the Hells Angels. The Post story was based on police sources.


20 Responses to “Seized And Terrorized”

  1. Ol’ Goat Says:


    Very pleased to see this story. Please keep your readers like me updated on this case as it progresses.

    Mills: Don’t accept a plea unless it’s a deal that involves prison time for that arrogant prick officer and loss of his ability to EVER be an officer again. Jam him up & break it off in him Mills & 81.

  2. Freebird Says:

    Stock market tip of the day

    Flooring adhesive is going to jump…

  3. jrino Says:

    The freedom of information act works that way, file and wait for compliance!

  4. commonsense Says:

    How does the media get ahold of the dash cam ?

  5. JB Says:

    The fucked part is that the cop is cordial with the members when he approached them on there bikes yet when he returned to his cruiser he turned into a real Cop…The members on the bikes likely have no clue the police are conspiring to murder them for paid time off.

  6. oldskewl Says:

    I’ve been splayed out on the freeway with sheriffs cars blocking an entire interstate with guns drawn until I was stripped down to my boxers while on the ground in pouring rain. This was over 20 years ago and it’s happened since but not to that degree.

    My situation was about the patches I associated with and the other riders also at the scene. I honestly thought I was going to be killed that morning and the actions taken against me that morning sealed my fate to become an outlaw.


  7. ed Says:

    A lawsuit is not good enough here. That cop was threatening to murder someone for no reason at all. He needs to be gone from any law enforcement organization . Period. He needs to be arrested for conspiracy to commit capital murder. I had a run in with a fat asshole like this about 5 years ago. He actually fired a round towards me. In the state I live in a person can go to the justice court and press charges against someone. I did against him and I didn’t let up until that sorry should have never been a cop motherfucker was convicted of aggravated felony assault with a weapon, felony terroristic threats and felony false imprisonment. He got 15 years suspended with 10 years probation and will never be a cop again. Ya gotta stay on motherfuckers like this to be rid of them

  8. Freebird Says:

    @ The Kraut

    Solid advise

    Pick where your going to fight

    The side of the road is NOT

    That place

  9. The Kraut Says:

    When the badge shows up…the mouth goes shut.

    Learned this over 40 years ago, courtesy of the older bikers (greybeards).

    Have never been locked up or jammed up…inspite of the usual bs of being stopped frisked and questioned…and the approach of “hey man, I’m trying to help you out here but you have to talk yo me” was dutifully trotted out and tried.


    Respects to the real The Kraut

  10. Loner Says:

    What stoney said.

  11. oldskewl Says:

    The endless war and the cat and mouse game that’s been played out over and over again. Now these fuckers have body cams they can willfully turn off whenever they want to. The cams should be automatic and turn on as soon as they exit the vehicle and remain on until the GPS has them in route to another location.

    81 will win this suit easily by proving the harassment, profiling and threats to kill, tazer or harm someone for simply wearing a patch as it’s been going on in Colorado for over a decade.


  12. Freebird Says:

    Not one of those things you see to often

    The police looking for a plea bargain

    Brake it off in their ass……

  13. rocco151 Says:


  14. white witch Says:

    Got to luv body cams.
    This has happened to me a few times back in the day in Dago.
    Had 1 motorcycle cop pull me over 3 times in 1 year. Every stop was bogus, he was just trying to jam me up with a bad lic. loud pipes, bad skid lid, etc. I beat most of the tickets in court.
    Every cop should be required to wear a camera and keep it turned on entire shift.
    Hope this dude sues the shit out of them. They should lose their job but we know that will not happen. Cops take care of cops.

    ride free
    white witch

  15. Stoney Says:

    And this is why cops don’t get any respect. Fucking cowards with badges who if they met one of these men out of uniform with no guns wouldn’t say shit. I tell my guys at every church don’t talk to these fucks they are not your friends or will treat you fair. They are just looking for an opening to pursue thing further.

  16. freebird Says:

    Taxpayer funded gang activity in the USA

    Who would have thought…….

  17. Saul Goodman Says:

    Thanks Rebel.

    18 U.S.C. § 1117

  18. Bone Head Says:

    Mr. Mills’s lawyer should have a field day with the body cam evidence. Mr. Mills should also ask that all these officers be dismissed and their powers as law enforcement be revoked permanently.

  19. Zyrr Says:

    This is proof of LEO engaging in organized crime and deserve to be RICO’d. The cancer is real. Thank you Rebel for sharing the truth. TOSIAR.

  20. jrino Says:

    When you hear a chicken shit cop who thinks his camera/mike is off play bad ass dude You really hope the piece of shit gets fired! Taze a biker who is riding? What a fucking low life! I hope HA gets a million dollars in the suit!

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