Blame The Victims

March 31, 2020

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Blame The Victims

A lawyer for Ukrainian national Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, who has been incarcerated since last June, filed a motion late last Friday for “an evidentiary hearing on the continuing need for preventative detention and his release on conditions of bail.”

Zhukovskyy is accused of driving his pickup truck and a trailer into a pack of motorcycles in Randolph, New Hampshire on June 21. 2019. The riders and passengers were all members or associates of the JarHeads Motorcycle Club. The dead are Jo-Ann and Edward Corr; Michael Ferazzi; Albert Mazza; Daniel Pereira; Desma Oakes; and Aaron Perry.

Evidence surfaced after the crash that Zhukovskyy hazd flipped a truck and trailer in Baytown, Texas two weeks before the New Hampshire fatalities.

Prior Incidents

In a separate incident on February 1, Baytown police were called to a Denny’s restaurant where, according to Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris, they found Zhukovskyy sitting at a counter “talking to himself and acting strange.” Police searched him and found a crack pipe. They charged Zhukovskyy with possession of drug paraphernalia and apparently released him. Dorris told television station KHOU that Zhukovskyy apparently “has a truck route that includes Baytown.”

On May 11 in Connecticut, less than a month before the Baytown rollover, Zhukovskyy was observed to be “revving his truck engine and jumping around outside the vehicle.” He flunked a field sobriety test. According to the police incident report, he made “suicidal comments” and exhibited “extreme behavior.” He was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol and released on $2500 bond.

Zhukovskyy is accused of driving under the influence of a controlled drug or drugs at the time of the crash.

Most news coverage of the June collision has described the incident as preventable. Zhukovskyyw was licensed to drive in neighboring Massachusetts. After the crash Erin Deveny, who was in charge of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, resigned.

The Defense Motion

In the morion filed Friday Zhukovskyy’s lawyer, Jay Duguay, claims that one of the victims, Jarheads Motorcycle Club president Albert Mazza Jr., actually caused the accident.

Duguay writes: “Since that time (of the incident) the State has provided discovery that has substantially altered the original information available at the time of the bail hearing.”

“Specifically, State Police C.A.R. team initially determined that initial point of impact occurred between Mr. Zhukovskyy’s trailer and Albert Mazza’s motorcycle. They further concluded that the trailer was 1.5 ft over the center line into eastbound lane of travel at the time of impact. The report indicated that there was no evidence that the motorcycles were on the wrong side of the road at the time of the impact. The report noted that the first visible tire mark associated with the truck occurred at a position where the truck was protruding 4 feet into the eastbound lane of travel.

“The State recently disclosed a report from the Crash Labs, an independent accident reconstruction firm, which shows that the State Police CAR Team’s initial assessment was deeply flawed and that all the above information was incorrect.

“The new report found that the point of impact did not occur in the eastbound lane of travel. The report concludes that the initial impact occurred between the left side of Mr. Mazza’s motorcycle and the left front tire of Mr. Zhukovskyy’s truck. Critically, they determined that the impact occurred directly over the center line and that Mr. Mazza’s motorcycle was in fact protruding over onto the center line when it struck the truck.

“The report goes on to say that the impact caused catastrophic air loss to the left front tire of the truck which left a tire mark on the center line of the road. This tire mark had initially been attributed to an “unsuccessful avoidance maneuver” by Mr. Mazza, a position that the State has since retracted.

“The State also provided information in discovery showing that Mr. Mazza had been turned around looking back at the group of riders behind him just prior to the accident.

“Finally, autopsy reports show that at the time of the crash, Mr. Mazza’s blood alcohol concentration was .135, well in excess of the statutory per se limit of impairment of .08.

“Given the dramatically different factual circumstances as they are known at this time, Mr. Zhukovskyy respectfully requests an evidentiary hearing on the continuing need for preventative detention.

“Mr. Zhukovskyy would not present a danger to himself or other and concerns about appearance for trial could be addressed through appropriate measures including living with his parents where he returned and remained after the accident, surrendering his passport, and not operating a motor vehicle while on bail.”.

As of March 31 at 5:30 p.m. Eastern Times. prosecutors had not filed a reply to the motion.


14 Responses to “Blame The Victims”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bone Head,

    Story is up.


  2. Bone Head Says:

    I’ve read that today April 7th a New Hampshire judge denied bail for this asswipe. Rebel, can you confirm?
    Thanks Rebel

  3. Smokin' Joe Says:

    Looking back at a pack behind you when you are riding on the left side of the pack, means looking over your right shoulder. Go ahead and try that, and you veer right, not left. So, I’m calling BS on that.

  4. Ben Says:

    According to this report, The Conway Daily Sun, it was the state, not the defense, who hired the independent investigation. It says, “The state hired The Crash Lab Inc. of Hampton to examine the 2016 Dodge 2500 pickup with attached flatbed trailer driven by Zhukovskyy when the accident occurred on Route 2 in Randolph.” Here’s the link:

    If he gets out on bail, what’s going to happen?

  5. Freebird Says:

    Would be interesting to see what that theory cost…..

  6. Woody's Friend Says:


  7. Shovelhead Says:

    Hey better call Saul. I know this Defense attorney, he’s a no good scumbag, always tries to blame the victim to protect lowlifes like Zhukovskyy and child murderers, a real class act.

    So don’t tell me who to blame. I’ll blame whoever the fuck I want.

  8. Saul Goodman Says:

    “The State recently disclosed a report from Crash Labs…”

    “The State also provided information in discovery…”

    Don’t blame the defense attorney for an honest prosecutor, as hard as that is to say with a straight face. The burden is on the State to prove each and every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This obviously ain’t Waco.

  9. Shovelhead Says:

    So this piece of shit lawyer Jay Duguay hires a Firm to discredit the State findings.
    Means nothing, of course the Firm will make it look like the Victims fault, that’s what they’re being paid to do.
    Duguay, you Motherfucking lying cunt. Karma!! whether you believe in it or not. Defend your client, but lying to get him off?? Nope, that won’t go unpunished, I hope the Gods send you and Zhukovskyy straight to hell.

  10. Dasein Says:

    If you wanted to flip this trailer to the left, wouldn’t you first swerve to the left, and say, happen to strike the bike with the left front tire,in the process, in the bike’s lane, then swerve back to the right, hard, launching the trailer to the left, and possibly having your ruptured left front tire then leave the mark on the center line, as the truck was being swerved back across that line, to the right? This seems at least as sound a theory as what the defense proposes. At any rate, the world has been safer since June with this guy locked up. Wonder who is behind his defense.

  11. Agnarr Says:

    This fucker will be on a merchant boat back to eastern europe way before his trial date come up. Just you watch. Seen it happen three times already in my lifetime.
    1st one was by an Afghanistan back in 1986 when he was released after causing a head-on crash in KY that killed 3.
    2nd was a punk-ass rich kid that actually had a private jet take him home back to Lima, Peru in ’88 they flew in & out a private field in central Texas on that one. He was suspected of causing 5 rapes.
    3rd one She went back to China after vehicular manslaughter charges in 2015 were placed on her. She managed to go to the Northern Border and then slipped over to the Canadian Side; and away from US control. Canada then deported her back to China.

    So just wait. We’ll hear one day if he’s given bond that he’s removed the monitor from his ankle and is now gone. His lack of a passport won’t stop him either. Because his home country will let him return back in the country and most will never say a thing to the US government.

    Respects to those that deserve it.


  12. Bone Head Says:

    So, this new report absolves the meth head of any responsibility. Maybe they’ll let him make bail now? I’ll bet the farm this asshole runs like a rabbit dog the minute he hits pavement.

    May the victims’ families find peace eventually.

  13. Rebel Says:


    The defense.


  14. et998 Says:

    So who hired the independent investigation? The defense team or the state?

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