Good Old Danny

March 25, 2020

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Good Old Danny

Just when the Corona Virus panic seems palpable. Along comes good, old Danny Fabricant to file another piece of paper, mess with the system and cheer everybody up.

Fabricant is a Hells Angel currently serving a term of life imprisonment without possibility of parole for allegedly selling recreational drugs to recreational drug users. He is currently paying his bottomless debt to society in a federal penitentiary in Lompoc, California. He is also “a political candidate for the 30th Congressional District of California who registered with (the) Federal Election Commission in early 2019 and was assigned candidate identification number HOCA30139. He is a Republican.”

Fabricant is suing the FEC because it disqualified him from running on the basis of what Fabricant sincerely believes to be “the provisions of an unconstitutional statute….”

He is also suing “Alex Padilla, the California Secretary of State,” because he “failed to list Plaintiff’s name on the March 3, 2020 CA Primary Election ballot, as his name was not on the list provided/transmitted by the FEC.” Fabricant’s “name will not be on the CA November 3, 2020 general election ballot without an order from” a three-judge panel of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Ruff Ruff

Fabricant at 70-years-old is, possibly, the United States of America’s most persistent jailhouse lawyer. He has filed hundreds of motions in the last 20 years. He probably continues to argue with all the powers of the state the same way a dog barks when you leave him alone in the car; to let you know he is still there locked up and alone and he is still your dog.

The obvious question is why should Fabricant, who has proven over and over that he is a civilized man capable of reasoned argument, be considered more of a danger to his fellow citizens than any other lawyer? Michael Avenatti springs to mind. Yet year after year Danny Fabricant is left in his little prison to bark faithfully. A dog’s faith is that you have not abandoned him. Fabricant’s faith is that justice and mercy have not abandoned him.

Fabricant probably doesn’t stand a chance of being elected even if his name appears on the balloet this autumn. Most of the population of the District in in the western San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The incumbent ib a Democrat named Brad Sherman. But Fabricant who is a staunch supporter of President Trump wanted to run anyway.


He has run a shoestring campaign on social media. He has collected and spent no money. He has a Facebook account with 5,000 followers. His entire campaign is his followers, sympathizers and friends trying to convince people that Danny would be a better Congressman than Brad Sherman and at least as good a Congressman as half the people who already work there.

The FEC has a rule that nobody can appear on the ballot unless they have either collected or spent $5,000. Unless you have spent $5,000 or have $5,000 to spend you aren’t a “real” candidate.

Actually, although the FEC will never admit to it, the real reason why the Commission doesn’t want Fabricant’s name on the ballot is because he is a Hells Angel doing life. Unfortunately, as it turns out, there is no law against a Hells Angel running for Congress from prison. So the FEC has manufactured the excuse that Fabricant can’t run because he is impoverished.

If Fabricant “had decided to run his campaign entirely by social media, by his family and friends. and accept no contributions, there was no way that he could ‘officially’ be deemed a candidate, under the provisions of 9the law).” Neither “Plaintiff nor his committee (the Fabricant Victory Committee) were notified nor warned that if they did not report $5,000 in donations or expenditures, his name would not be transmitted to Defendant Padilla, the CA Secretary of State, for inclusion on CA’s March 3, 2020 Primary Election ballot.”

Fabricant never heard of the law that was used against him. “Unknown to Plaintiff nor his designated Principal Campaign Committee was the existence of 52 U.S.C. § 30101(2)(a) and (b)[and the restatement of that statute in 11 C.F.R. § 100.3(2)(a) (1) and (2)], which stated that a person is not ‘officially’ deemed a candidate for the House of Representatives until that person (or their campain committee) had either received $5,000+ in donations or spent over $5,000.”

The D.C.court received Frbricant’s appeal on March 17 and assigned it case number 20 CV 0765. Next Fabricant will file an In Forma Pauperis application that will allow the case to continue even though he has no money. Sometime after the Covid-19 hysteria subsides but before the fall election, the case will be assigned to a three judge panel who will decide the matter.

It is not unthinkable that Fabricant might get out of prison for a few days to argue and reason on his own behalf.


6 Responses to “Good Old Danny”

  1. Posativnrg Says:

    AG Barr is releasing some fed prisoners because of Corona virus. Maybe he can petition to be released because he is in high risk group due to his age. He is not a risk to society

  2. Tracy Eggleston Says:

    Danny is a FORMER HAMC, who left the Club in good standing in June 2002. He was arrested with about 70 Members on December 3rd, 2003 over the Laughlin shooting & “Operation Black Biscuit ATF Frame-ups”

  3. John popovich Says:

    Danny and me go back many years.he has always been a great friend.

  4. Commonsense Says:

    Rarely do we see anyone doing life for selling drugs. If you are an international smuggler maybe and that’s still a big if. I did a little research and I think they were pissed off over this. In 1997 Daniel Fabricant and George Christie we’re acquitted of conspiring to hire the founder of the Mexican Mafia to kill a government informant. The feds don’t forget this and hold grudges. Just my thoughts.

  5. Freebird Says:

    If their intent was to break his spirit

    They lost….

    Given the circumstances Danny proves life can and will live inside death

  6. Terry Faber Says:

    Danny Fabricant
    3901 Klein Blvd J
    Lompoc Ca 93436-2706

    Danny thanks everyone for their interest in his endeavors. Seems like the United States prison system is on some sort of lock down due to the Corona Virus.

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