Cleveland Shooting

March 9, 2020

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Cleveland Shooting

All hell broke loose at an anniversary party for a black motorcycle club in Cleveland Saturday night.

The anniversary of the Omens Motorcycle Club was held at the clubhouse for the Lyfers Motorcycle Club. The party was attended by members of the the Zulus and the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Clubs.

Although it is never reported in the established press, the motorcycle club counterculture is very segregated by race. A few clubs are racially integrated. Traditionally black clubs are more likely to prospect white motorcyclists than traditionally white clubs are to prospect blacks. Black clubs are often politically aligned with traditionally white clubs. For various reasons, including the pressires of social orthodoxy, police and establishment news outlets usually ignore racial segregation. All of the clubs involved in Saturday night’s melee are traditionally black.

According to numerous accounts, the Lyphers use an unmarked warehouse near the intersection of East 93rd Street and Way Avenue in Cleveland as a club house.


One man, 48-year-old Andre Lee Dickson, was shot to death and at least 17 other people were injured. An inknown number were shot and others were hurt in a stampede out of the club after the first shots were fired. Some of the victims were treated on-scene and others were identified when they took themselves to local hospitals.

Although it has been reported as such, it is not clear that the fighting erupted between motorcycle clubs or that only members and friends of motorcycle clubs attended the party.

According to multiple sources, the fight was instigated by people who were thrown out of the oarty. The troublemakers returned at about 11:30 p.m. and started shooting. Members of multiple clubs at the party returned fire.

The gunfight does not appear to be under investigation by either the FBI or ATf, federal police forces that usually participate in the investigation of motorcycle club incidents. The gunfight is under investigation by both Cleveland gang and homicide investigators.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin D. Williams said, “The Cleveland Division of Police is currently carrying on with this multi-layered and systematic approach to the investigation, Investigators are making progress, though this process is extremely detailed and involved.”

Mayor Frank G. Jackson said, “The loss of life is a tragedy, no matter the circumstances and I extend my condolences to the victims in this incident. Once again, the easy availability of guns and the disregard for life leads to tragedy. The Cleveland Division of Police is investigating this incident and these perpetrators will be brought to justice.”


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  2. Paladin Says:

    @ white witch;

    Based on your inane and ill informed comments, a good many of us have known for quite some time that you should be sitting at the children’s table.


  3. white witch Says:

    @ anon,
    Who pissed on your Cheerios?
    Is somebody putting a gun to your head making you read what I write?
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    white witch

  5. Shovelhead Says:


    Several years back, I met two 1%ers wearing full patch’s from one of the Big Three Clubs. Good guys, black as the ace of spades! New Jersey bottom rocker. They were with other full patch members at a Bike Rally.
    A good man is a good man, regardless of color. The only color I dislike is Blue!!

    Respect to the real 1%

  6. IslandViking Says:

    @Rotten so sensitive you are there kiddo. Truth hurts you a little too much aye? Should try living in the world you seem to “think” you know so much of, when in fact you know very little. Get out of the basement at your Grandma’s house, you might see the reality to situation kiddo. Sportbike club? So you just assume about everything in life? The keyboard warrior fools nobody kiddo.

  7. Straight Shooter Says:

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  11. Paladin Says:

    @ Neuro;

    Look up a grey beard, he’ll tell you.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. Neuro Says:

    @ Paladin what does CDC mean ?

  13. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf;

    That actually happens quite often, out here in in SoCal. The cops don’t even try and stop them.


  14. Bruka Says:

    @Sieg … Will do, funny ain’t it that they think they know when they haven’t got a fucking clue ?

  15. Gandalf Says:

    @ Rotten. In all due respect me being a civilian. One day I would LOVE to see a pack of younger 16 members fly by me 100mph on sport bikes… LOL Fucking Cops would go CRAZY! Those things are fast and small for quick getaways and easy to hide quick. :) Just IMHO

  16. Neuro Says:

    Cult of the Dead Cow ? Child Development Center ? Christian Defense Coalition ?

  17. Dasein Says:

    anon sez: “Is Paladin in your living room with a gun to your head, making you read what he writes ?”
    Thanks. That’s maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever read here.

  18. JMacK Says:


    Still never far away and as free as I can be in this crazy world. Being a Snow Mexican and living in socialist regime under the poorest example of a leader in modern history, my fight is often embattled elsewhere. My financial situation is one where I feel guilty taking up Rebels bandwidth knowing that I can’t contribute financially as I once did. Prides a bitch. And when I do go through the comment section, I often find folks that wouldn’t understand this world if you wrote it into a book and beat it into them everyday.

    And to be honest, Canada is so fucked up these days that I’m embarrassed to comment. It’s a sad place. My Grandfather and all my Great-Grandfathers that kicked ass in two World Wars are up there shaking their heads right now, I can guarantee.

    Hope you and the others you mentioned are well.

    Many Respects,


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