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January 7, 2020

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New England Mess

A 25-year-old Massachusetts Outlaw named Joseph “JoJo” Noe has been indicted for the September 13 murder of Eric Voshell. Voshell was reportedly a member of the Sidewinders Motorcycle Club. The Sidewinders are alleged by police to be affiliated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Ckub. Both the Hells Angels and the Outlaws have had a presence in New England for half a century.

Noe is a second generation Outlaw. His father, Joseph “Joe Doggs” Noe, is a former president of the American Outlaws Association’s Taunton, Massachusetts chapter. In addition to murder, the younger Noe is charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

Jo Jo Noes and Voshell’s fates collided, according to police. when a group of Sidewinders confronted Noe in a parking lot adjoining JC’s Café in Fall River, Massachusetts. Allegedly, Noe retreated to a car, retrieved a pistol and fired at his antagonists as they tried to flee. Voshell was shot in the back of his head. Two other men were less grievously injured.

JoJo Noe turned himself in to police three days after the shooting.

Recent Trial

The elder Noe was tried and sentenced to home detention for violating the terms of his supervised release. Joe Doggs Noe was convicted of conspiracy in 2007 and sentenced to ten years imprisonment and five years probation. He was charged with violating the terms of his release after his son was named as a suspect in Voshell’s murder.

The police narrative states that the Sidewinders were acting as proxy’s for the Hells Angels who for decades have regarded themselves to be the dominant club in Southeastern New England. According to police, both clubs now have a dozen chapters each in New England.

The Sidewinders and the Outlaws had postured at each other for months before the shooting in Fall River.

No date has been set for Noe’s trial


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  1. jrino Says:

    For the same reason the cops hate video, If this is on video Jo Jo got a problem.

  2. rollinnorth Says:

    Some more from the police/prosecutor spin:

    “On surveillance footage captured at the restaurant, Noe was seen withdrawing his firearm and pointing it toward a crowd of people in the parking lot, ‘in essence, scaring them off at that time,’ said (Assistant District Attorney Michael) Cahillane.

    Then, Cahillane alleged Noe ran toward Bedford Street and fired several shots back into the crowd, hitting three people including Voshell, who suffered a mortal gunshot wound to his head.

    After pistol-whipping someone, Noe lost control of his gun, according to the prosecutor. Cahillane said the firearm ‘was recovered on the ground, registered to this defendant.’

    The black revolver was found between a vehicle parked on Bedford Street and the sidewalk, according to a police report prepared by Detective Luis Vertentes on file at District Court. Noe fled in a vehicle with four other people, according to the report.

    Noe and his fiance were present at JC’s Cafe when Fall River Police responded to a disturbance there a few weeks ago, on Aug. 30. Investigators came to believe that Noe was looking to ‘make a name for himself.’

    ‘The FRPD was made aware that Joseph Noe was in a motorcycle gang and that he was going to try and start a fight there. It is believed that this was an attempt for Joseph Noe to make a name for himself and for people to fear him,’ wrote Vertentes.

    Noe was at the Outlaws’ Fall River club house before going to JC’s Cafe with several other members on Friday, according to the report.”

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