Christmastime In Pittsburgh

December 21, 2019

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Christmastime In Pittsburgh

Greater Pittsburgh still has a police problem. It bubbled into the evening news again yesterday. Pittsnurgh is the city who entitles their police to brutalize its citizens and then arrest them if they complain about it to teach them not to talk back.

Fourteen months ago, in the wee small hours of the morning of October 12, 2018, in a bar in Pittsburgh named Kopy’s four blotto drunk cops named Brian Martin, David Honick, Brian Burgunder and David Lincoln, under color of authority, attacked four Pagan Motorcycle Club members named Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas for sport. For a way to top off the night. The cops asked for and got uniformed reinforcements. Then the department as a whole tried to prosecute the Pagans and coverup the crime. The drunk cops were never disciplined.


One of them, David Lincoln and Lincoln’s wife who is named Deborah Siwik, are suing the bar and Pagans Frank DeLuca and Michael Zokaites for assault and battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy and loss of consortium – which means that after participating in the beating Detective Lincoln could no longer sexually enjoy Ms. Siwik and his binge drinking had nothing to do with that. It was all the Pagans fault. It is a frivolous suit. It is part of well-organized conspiracy to prevent the Four Pagans from finding justice and to punish the bar for not allowing the owner of the bar to let the police destroy surveillance and casual video of the incident.

The way criminal justice works in America is as a test of comparative wealth and power. The police, with unlimited resourses are allowed to stall until the victim or accused runs out of money and that is what is happening here.


It is also what will happen to a woman named Keaira Booker. She held the press conference yesterday after she filed a cuivil rights lasuit against North Braddock, Pennsylvania police sergeant Larry Butler, North Braddock Police Chief Isaac Daniele, two cops who successfully concealed their identies from and the Borrough of North Braddock. The town is named for the British Gneral who almost lost Pennsylvania to the French in 1755 and commanded George Washington’s first combat.

ooker, who is an “activist” observed a traffic stop, legally parked and started video recording the police. Generally, nothing infuriates police more than to have their official conduct scrutinized. That is why Detective Lincoln and the very itchy Ms. Siwik are really suing Kopy’s. Kopy’s didn’t destroy the evidence and now Detective Lincoln has a certain inutility.

Booker complains that Sergeant Butler ordered to move when he observed her recording him. After the conclusion f the traggice stop he pulled her from her can, had her cuffed, had her car towed and arrested her with improper parking, refusing to provide ID, obstructing an investigation and resisting arrest. She was held in local custody for several hour before being released. Police eventually dropper the charges.
Her suit alleges Butler arrested her “to justify or mask his impropriety,” The suit complains the defendants “collectively subverted the judicial process” by falsely charging Booker and detaining her for hours.

She ialleges excessive force, false arrest, assault and battery and failure to train the police. She wants compensatory and punitive damages.


13 Responses to “Christmastime In Pittsburgh”

  1. neil Says:

    just finished your latest book, man you need a copy editor, but a great read & details the new reality of cops/alphabets against bikers. keep on

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Never fear.
    The Pittsberg police just hired Danielle Outlaw from the Portland police. She is actually the most competent top cop that Portland has had in decades. She also has an impressive rack.

  3. Trebor Says:

    Merry Christmas Rebel to you and yours

  4. david Says:

    It’s very possible the North Braddock, Pennsylvania,Borough Council knew of Butler’s past violations of the public’s civil and constitutionally protected inalienable RIGHTS, and proceeded to hire him anyway. Would make the Council members and the Borough liable as well.

    And, was the rank of Sergeant bestowed upon him after the first past violation, and after the first new hire, OR after the second new hire at one of the other pig-shops?
    Or, did the North Braddock pig-shop, raise his rank because he was doing such fine “police work”?

  5. Kenny Says:

    Alot of small 3 street burroughs. U see the brother of the Flatfoot arrested you. He takes to see their Daddy the Judge. 12 + 1 = N.F.C.

  6. Paladin Says:

    It is worth noting that Officer Butler was fired from one job and forced to resign from another for similar conduct in Tennessee. An agency that would hire someone that had been shit canned from two other LE agencies for this kind of conduct obviously has no hiring standards.

    If I was conducting polygraph exams for LE applicants, the very first question I would ask would be: Have you ever had your lunch money taken from you when you were going to school? If the answer was a “yes”, that would end the hiring process right then and there.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    The mayor will soon have a news meeting to declare that his pigs don’t do this shit and it was someone dressed up like a pig. The jail was fake too and he’s looking into getting an investigation of the whole thing started as soon as any of his cops come in from the nearest bar and happen to be sober the next morning. He means it too!

  8. Shovel Says:

    Do 1%ers drink 2% milk? Ha ha.

  9. jrino Says:

    Video doesn’t lie so the cops hate it.

  10. Psycho Says:

    What Rebel said

  11. david Says:

    @ Carey, Were you wacking off while you were reading good investigative journalism?

  12. Rebel Says:

    Hey Carey,

    Fuck the police.


  13. Carey Says:

    Were you drinking when you wrote this?

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