Botched Beating Case Continues

December 10, 2019

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Botched Beating Case Continues

The consequences of an unfortunately brutal beating in the Slovak Club in Charleroi, Pennsylvania  south of Pittsburgh last April 18 continue.

A group of six Pagans named Corey Volk, Paul Cochran, John Sadvary Jr., Matthew Vasquez, Josh Pagliei and Jason Huff attacked former Pagan Troy Harris. The beating lasted about a minute and Harris suffered two broken eye sockets, a broken nose and a stroke.

Katona’s Club

Harris was a member pf a club called Sutars Soldiers. According to published reports, the assailants shouted “fuck Sutars Soldiers” when they attacked Harris. During a preliminary hearing, one of the defendants described Harris as a “rat.”

Sutars Soldiers was founded by former Pagans president Dennis Andrew “Rooster” Katona. Katona was arrested for drug trafficking in 2011 which began a series of misfortunes for him. His drug conviction was overturned late in 2016 but he was expelled from the Pagans in 2014 and started Sutars Soldiers that same year. Sutar is a fire giant in Norse mythology. It is the totem Pagas wear on their riding vests. Katona appropriated the symbol for his new club and friendly relationships between the two clubs have always been strained. The current president of the Pagans Motorcycle club is Keith “Conan” Richter.


Harris appears to have been armed. His gun fell out of his clothes at the hospital. Prosecutors have said they have no reason to believe he possessed the gun before he was beaten unconscious. The gun turned out to have been stolen and Harris was charged the day after his beating with receiving stolen property and carrying a firearm without a license.

After the initial six defendants were charged, Matthew Vasquez fiancé, Jamie Granato, was accused of conspiring to attack Harris. She chose to cooperate with prosecutors.


Michael Thomas “Montana” Barringer, Paul Anthony Cochran and a retired state police sergeant named , James “Bear” Baranowski have also been charged in connection with the assault. Baranowski is accused of acting as an intermediary to offer money to Harris for declining to testify against his assailants.

Reportedly, Cochrant told investigators that Barringer reportedly ordered the attack on Harris. Barringer pleaded guilty to the charges against him and has been sentenced to serve four to eight years in state prison. Sadvary pled guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury last week and he will also serve four to eight years.

Huff, Vasquez and Olinsky, have been incarcerated since their arrests las August.


8 Responses to “Botched Beating Case Continues”

  1. Troll Says:

    @ Centurion
    They took skin to a gunfight and won! end of story.

  2. Hellequiain Says:

    Yup. The Norsemen, The Vikings, colonised Iceland, used as a staging post en route to discovering America way before Columbus…. As a translation from a language using a totally different alphabet, no particular spelling an be deemed ‘correct’..

  3. Centurion Says:

    SIX vs 1.
    Feel like men now?

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hellequiain

    If you are talking about Sutar, it is a transliteration from a 13th Century Icelandic saga. The most common spelling is Sutar.


  5. Psycho Says:

    If there’s one thing worse than pop-up clubs, it’s split-off clubs.

  6. Hellequiain Says:

    Given that if it was ‘spelt’ at all by The Norsemen,a coupla thousand years ago, it would most likely have been in Runes so how the fuck we spell it in modern day English is neither here nor there………

  7. Va.Bob Says:

    Is there an official position on the correct spelling for the fire god? I’ve seen “Sutr” and ‘Surtr”,I think.But I’m fairly sure “Sutar”[sic] ain’t right.Not surprised Katona adopted that spelling.He’s the dude who let an acquaintance borrow an uninsured vehicle,drive drunk ,and incur a big ol’ civil liability.As documented years ago ,in Aging Rebel.By golly,if a national officer of an organization improbably let’s me borrow one of his four-wheel vehicles(that’s ,for some dumb-ass reason,uninsured,that’s why you put vehicles in the names of relatives)I’d limit myself to about 4 beers.That’s the real question:what kind of dumb fuck fucked over the generous,albeit sloppy ,lender?

  8. Aanon Says:

    Harris had to have known putting that on wasn’t gonna go well for long. Both eye sockets and a stroke, talk about a home run.

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