Christmas In Trenton State

December 4, 2019

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Christmas In Trenton State

I very much admire retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” “Miserable” Augello’s pluck. I am moved by his idealism. After everything that has happened to him he still thinks life is fair.

Two Christmases ago Augello had a sweet, if not particularly prosperous. life. I have seen a video of him letting his big, white dog out into his big backyard to play in the snow. Just about a year ago, on December 5, 2018, a cynical judge sentenced Freddy to life in prison plus 30 years. This year Freddy will be celebrating the holidays inside the walls of historic Trenton State Prison, New Jersey’s most historic prison, proudly locking guys up since 1798. Ruben “Hurricane” Carter did time there for murder. Bob Dylan wrote a song about the Hurricane. Denzel Washington played Carter in a movie. So far Dylan has shown no interest in Freddy.

After Atlantic County, New Jersey threw Augello’s life away the sleazy prosecutor who convicted him issued a victory press release.

“Today, Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury sealed the fate of Freddy Augello for his responsibility in the murder for hire scheme of April Kaufmann, by sentencing him to life in prison plus 30 years. If he survives, Augello will be approximately 117 years old before he is eligible for parole, which will all but ensure he will spend the remainder of his natural life behind bars for the crimes he committed,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner said.


Personally, I don’t think Freddy did the crime. I think he was framed for the murder of a woman named April Kauffman. I think she was murdered ny a couple of mopes named Frank and Joseph Mulholland. I think they were paid to do the job by the victim’s husband, a baloney sandwich named James Kauffman. Freddy was set up by a former Pagan with legal problems named Andrew “Chef” Glick.

Freddy was eager to go to trial. He did not, as he told me, have “a pot to pee in.” He wanted to get it all over, prove his innocence and get back to the way things were. He thought life was fair. He thought the system works. So the system gave him what he deserved: A public defender named Mary Linnehan.

One of Linnehan’s clients attacked her in court last May. That guy wanted to fire her. They were at a hearing and Linnehan was making a speech. He wanted her to stop “defending’” him right then. Sher wouldn’t stop so he stopped her.

Atlantic City

While Freddy has been away the Mayor of Atlantic City, a scoundrel named Frank Gilliam, has resigned under a cloud. He ran a youth basketball business and called it a charity. His successor, the Honorable Marty Small, has a colorful history that includes selling drugs outside a school. Both of them will be home for Christmas.

Damon Tyner has had his own brushes with notoriety. Some former assistants accused him of hiding exculpatory evidence in Freddy’s case. Just last month he was sued by Discover Bank for $8,586.90 he borrowed and didn’t pay back. In October, three county employees “demanded the state Attorney General’s Office remove Tyner for alleged ethical violations ranging from misusing funds to sweeping gender discrimination complaints under the rug.”

Through it all, Freddy still thinks there is a chance he might be home for Christmas. Or the Christmas after that, or some Christmas before his dog dies and the people who love him forget about him. He is planning his appeal. He spent the fall reading the transcripts of his trial. The transcripts bring unpleasant memories to life.


Judge “Delury, a person that I observed on more than one occasion not even paying attention to what was actually going on right before his line of immediate perception, as he could be seen reading what was obvious unrelated materials in my case and telling the court secretary to schedule his time pertaining to other matters.”

“Delury consistently uses the term ‘Freddy Crime World,’ calls out by name my National MC organization, and also as bizarre as it may seem, makes references to the Mafia and allows direct references to my ethnicity to pass as acceptable.”

“Delury in his final bigoted statement decides to not only give me the extremist version of the charges available, he adds his own twist and refers to me as ‘Depraved.’”

“Delury says I met with La Cosa Nostra members to encourage them to murder Dr.Kauffman.”

“The worst thing, hands down that Delury has done, besides propagate the lie to April’s friends and family that I am responsible for April’s murder and not the actual murderers Francis and Joseph Mulholland, is the enabling of Tyner’s FBI Mercenaries to DESTROY an innocent family in the pursuit of their Farce.”

“As they all knew, a simple knock on the door and the statement ‘Mr Augello, you are under Arrest” would have easily sufficed. They certainty knew I not only had no prior arrest record but that I also have no history of criminal violence.”

“A Judge should never be an instrument of the prosecution.”

Freddy’s hope is fueled by rage. If he is just furious enough, if I am just furious enough, if neither of us gives up, maybe some Christmas, some cold night to come, we can get have a few drinks and laugh about the past. Not this Christmas, probably. Maybe next. Maybe the system will work next time.


13 Responses to “Christmas In Trenton State”

  1. Rubber Band Says:

    Thank you for your work and keeping this upfront.
    Freddy was unjustly prosecuted. With no defense.

  2. Jersey Says:

    Off of facebook Free Freddy page..

    Ferdinand Augello
    c/o N.J.S.P.
    1194398 849805C
    2 Right Cell 225
    PO Box 861
    Trenton NJ

    JPay 849805C

  3. Aanon Says:

    I can’t really think of a word to describe this…
    Gotta pin it on someone, good chance to wash up old scooter trash.
    Rebel, kind sir that you are…
    Happen to have his contact info for a Christmas card?

  4. Matty The Mick Says:

    @ Nick Mead: well, I think you know a guy!? and at least you know this guy isn’t full of shit!!

  5. Nick Mead Says:

    This is a film

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    Okay then, let’s sleaze right back at the fucking corrupt piece of shit prosecutor, the one I wish to read about someday, crying and sad because his wife died in a car wreck as she was sucking the dick of the prosecutor’s best friend.

  7. Not alone Says:

    As sad as it is he is far from alone! General public the numbers are probably so insanely high but even with bikers it’s insane. Freddy w the Pagans, Dave, Butch and a lot of others from the HA. Pike and Portilio from the Bandits. David M from the Mongols. I’m sure every major club could list a dozen members from their club that are legitimately innocent and doing or have done a lot of time. Many will die there or have. Green, Red and White, all the Black and whites, etc etc has a list. It’s wrong and it’s happening more than we know!! Thank God for you Rebel because you try to at least shine a light although very tiny ( just mean the amount you’re able to report on in comparison to the actual amount of innocent men) it matters and matters to all. These and the reporting you do on the illegal, unconstitutional, evil and scary ways the government are spying on us, changing the rules and literally doing some of the most Un-American things imaginable when you think about America as what it was supposed to be and how the men who wrote the constitution envisioned it being.

  8. david Says:

    All three; DeLury, Tyner and Linnehan are sadists who enjoy causing pain, suffering and distress to their victims. Worse, the chief judge who oversees the entire sadistic program, is also a sadist for not stopping the bastards.

    The people of New Jersey who are complacent, indifferent, distracted or or just plain servile to these sadists, need to realize(as in wake the fuck up)they too could be the victims.

  9. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Wow there’s gotta be a way to free this man…This is so incredibly fucked up FTF

  10. Gandalf Says:

    This case is a Travesty of Justice and if April was my sister that living Mulholland would wish he was the dead one. Those 2 Mulhollands KILLED THAT WOMAN! Case closed. It takes a certain kind of person to KNOWINGLY kill a woman…Or drive to kill a woman… no matter how much they are being paid. I can’t believe April’s family isn’t pissed… I bet they are but are silent. Rebel is SPOT ON. Those 2 murderers killed April (FOR SURE) on the orders of the Husband (?)…. The State of NJ gave NO JUSTICE to April’s family. ZERO! And you can bet your last SEPTA token the dead Mulholland was givin a hot shot by the other Mulholland to keep him quiet.
    On another note… If you find yourself at trial where your club becomes more of a defendant that you…. TAKE THE STAND! You have to “humanize” yourself to the jury. (see Jake/ Waco) I knew that Lawyer was selling out Freddy before the trial even started. Freddy did not… Epic fail. Tell your Lawyer NOTHING…(Paid or PD) until a week before trial. Build your own case first. I guarantee what you say to him/her goes straight to the DA. Every time. It’s the law. #disclosure

  11. FF Says:

    All I know is, if somebody has the passion to see another person not breathing any more, but doesn’t have the marbles to do the deed themselves, and thinks that I’m going to be motivated to do them a favor for x amount of dollars, well… I’m going to assess the situation. Never once will I entertain the thought of doing the nasty deed, of course. Hell, I don’t know who this person is they want no longer breathing. For all I know, they might not be the person that’s being described by the person who doesn’t want them breathing…

    Heck, after further thought, maybe they BOTH deserve a dirt nap, who knows? The only one I can be certain of is… neither. But, after further thought… one of them made the mistake of assuming I’d be the kind of person who would do something rather nasty for them and offered a pittance that, if I get snagged, I’m doing life.

    I’m not a fucking imbecile. I know Freddy isn’t, either. I know he wasn’t a middle man for the two assholes who murdered April. I mean, it was fucking peanuts. PEANUTS. I would have bludgeoned Kaufmann with a rubber hose with such an insult.

    But I know that, you know that, everyone who can fog a mirror can see that. South Jersey found a dozen morons to sit on that jury who couldn’t. This isn’t Justice. It’s the complete opposite.

  12. Oregon Moose Says:

    The system is corrupt. Based on the reporting I have read, there is no solid evidence linking Freddy to the crime nor is there any evidence of a conspiracy other than the testimony of an informant who had a significant motive for testifying exactly in the way he did. Really a shame.


  13. Storyteller Says:

    Stay strong brother.

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