Vagos Versus House In Vegas

November 27, 2019

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Vagos Versus House In Vegas

The point of the Vagos trial in Vegas is not to determine whether the defendants, are Pastor Palafox, Albert Lopez, Albert Perez, James Gillespie, Ernesto Gonzalez, Bradley Campos, Cesar Morales, and Diego Garcia are guilty or innocent of conspiring to murder and then murdering Hells Angel Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew in a sensationalized, tragic brawl in Sparks, Nevada near Reno in 2011. Everybody, including a couple of sets, state and federal, of corrupt prosecutors already knows they are innocent.

The point of this trial, like most biker trials, is to inflict as much pain, distress, and expense on the defendants, everybody who cares about them and the Vagos Motorcycle Club as a corrupt system with a $20 trillion Gross Domestic Product, trillion with a “T,” burning holes in its pockets can possibly inflict. That is why, for example, all the defendants are from California but they are being tried in Nevada. It is harder for the defendants that way.


The latest atrocity came last Thursday when Judge Gloria Navarro ruled that it ain’t no thing that key prosecution witness Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick provably lied the deadly brawl he started and the misery he has sown. Rudnick is solely responsible for the fight in which Pettigrew died. He was expelled from the Vagos in less than a day. He recited a story a corrupt prosecutor in Reno named Carl Hall told him to recite. The story was that Pettigrew’s death was a planned assassination by the leaders of the Vagos. He told that tale because it got him out of decades in prison. He recanted the story after he got out of prison. He recanted the story last September in this federal trial.

Days after Rudnick admitted lying an Assistant United States Attorney named John Han immediately moved to strike all of Rudnick’s testimony. Navarro denied the motion because, in America, people accused of a crime have the right to confront their accusers. Four days after asking Navarro to strike Rudnick’s testimony, Han changed his mind and withdrew his motion.

Oh Well

Rudnick’s tale is unsubstantiated. It isn’t what happened. The tale is what state prosecutor Carl Hall told Rudnick to say happened – or else. Defense attorneys asked the judge to dismiss the most serious charges against the eight defendants – murder and racketeering conspiracy – be dismissed.

Last week Navarro finally decided not to do that. She said the government’s case is now “a lot weaker than it was in the beginning.” Then she said the “totality of the circumstances” compelled her to allow this ordeal by federal trial to continue.


11 Responses to “Vagos Versus House In Vegas”

  1. Shovel digger Says:

    Shovel it was the 81 support club that was surrounded-outnumbered and told to remove their cuts was it not? Not sure how that makes them the aggressors or puts the “KOS” in their laps but whatever. I’m not gonna comment or add to boogers comments but I will say a Green Prospect told me directly that he is to “confront any support the sees- so they know we’re not pussies”. Maybe he’s alone in his thinking-I
    don’t know. I know Jabbers was a punk. I know some green supporters have been shot off their scoots and I think that’s a punk move. I realize all clubs have men that turn out to be not who the club thought and pull punk moves- snitch, lie, do dishonorable things shall we say. Not sure why I even commented on this but my only main feeling was that attacking supporters, jamming up men in front of their kids, shooting a man off his scoot or in the back is a punk move and NO club should condone it and I understand “all clubs do it or have done it” but that still doesn’t make it ok and things would be better for all clubs if a basic respect was established and upheld. Lot less cases means a lot less money means a lot less cops and that’s always a good thing! I can say it Fuck The Pigs, Fuck The ATF and all the other goon squads and gangsters in blue hiding behind their badge, shooting kids in the back, kicking in doors and killing family dogs and generally doing everything they can to fuel the hate between clubs so they can continue to play stormtroopers. Ever notice when these under cover cops get exposed after the arrests everyone always sees he was the guy always pushing for war, trying to start shit etc?

  2. Shovel Says:

    Booger eaters Says: November 30, 2019 at 8:35 pm “I’ve know a lot of Vagos in my time. Most were solid and stand up. Many although not fans of 81 had respect and that respect was given both ways. The green I see today are bullies and punks. Prospects trying to intimidate an entire bar, newly patched Green trying to run guys off the road for wearing
    red vans shoes.”

    Booger comes across as a cop. I don’t know Booger; but I know what he wrote and I know cops. The above is the double talk cops regurgitate on the witness stand. The 81 support clubs are acting as if there’s an K.O.S. for any and all Vagos everywhere; in Los Vegas and Mexico to cite two recent cases. No one respects that, except the cops (bullies and
    punks). If the “cops” cancels their K.O.S. for the Vagos things will change; but Booger’s hoped-for cop buddies won’t let that happen. Lately, just before several deadly attacks on the Vagos one or more men in red check flannel shirts showed up and then there’s the attacks. That’s more of a cop thing than a 1%er thing. Writing “red vans shoes” for real sicarios shooting Vagos is another dissimulation cops love to use.
    Booger Says: December 3, 2019 at 1:50 am…

    Booger’s whole statement smells of bacon. For example:

    “I’m not gonna throw our names here but I’m not a man who lies. Believe me or don’t… I’m not gonna start problems bye naming the city’s, the bar or the chapter because I’m not trying to cause drama…I know so I’m not calling out a club…I can list off dozens of more instances of things I know certain green would never do that I’ve personally witnessed from green but fuck it…I still hope you and yours stay free and the ATF etc go out of business.”

    Booger, you can’t quite bring yourself to say Fuck the ATF or Fuck the Pigs. Booger, are you posting your propaganda now because something about the 81 support club from Tucson shooting those Vagos in Las Vegas is about to go public or have the Green and the H.A. come to an understanding which will put you out of business?

    Fuck you, Fuck the ATF, and Fuck the pigs.

  3. Not anybody important Says:

    Having been through court proceedings recently as a defense witness has been an experience that left me with an indelible mental scar.

    I have seen the prosecution’s petulant antics, heard their lies and innuendos and their attempts at intimidation. Those are people who gravitate to positions of power over others. Positions with the full force of a government behind them. A government with limitless funds that can crush nations. They are dark, ugly, evil human beings. Self-righteous pricks who conjure images of them beating their spouses, abusing their children and who torture small animals. Beings that are terrified of everything and everybody, so they hide behind their power and authority.

    My heart goes out to anyone who is truly innocent and caught up in this shit.

    Your ‘Expect No Mercy’ back cover note says it all.

  4. 22troubles Says:

    I love you brothers.its all bullshit.the system likes picking on broke bikers.with what little resources we have we will learn to be more preventive and struggle foward.lvdv.

  5. Hellequiain Says:

    Green Urinate??

    Well known side effect of eating too many boogers……..

    Get help!!!

  6. STFU Says:

    You fucking retard. Do you really think typing along as the know it all Keyboard Wizard (the same as running your gums) is helping those men on trial? Shut the fuck up you fucking idiot.

  7. FF Says:

    Booger by any chance did all these incidents involve Urinate Odor? Because it sounds a lot like Urinate Odor

  8. Booger Says:

    Curious statements Baitey-one: Your former National P, respected officers and other 25+ year members are incarcerated and facing life in some cases and you say things are “ better than ever”? I guess I just held TaTa and others in higher regard than you. I liked a lot of what you said and I hope it’s true about the majority of members but the things I’m saying are not rumors-they’re facts. The red shoe was not the only person a Green tried to run off the road or kick from behind. In fact another gentlemen had the same experience and called a green he knew from when that green belonged to another club and asked him what the deal was. That’s a fact. It happened. I’m not gonna throw our names here but I’m not a man who lies. Believe me or don’t. If a young marine is in a bar when a group of green walk in and begin to stare at him and check him out, ok that’s not necessarily being a bully or a punk but when the marine accompanied bye his wife decides to leave because he feels a bad vibe and several other bar patrons tell him they’ve been coming in a lot lately and treating people like shit, still not an issue but when he walks outside and finds a green prospect sitting on his bike what do you call that? When he takes his time getting off said marine just to further be a dick and then stand in front of his bike to fuck with him more what do you call that? The marine never had a bad word or any interaction really at all with them so why the need to trip on a dude? Because he has a Harley? Because he thinks he can? How about a green confronting a man with his two daughters over a support shirt for another team? Unprovoked confronting and threatening violence while a 6 and 9 year old girl hold their daddy’s hand. I remember a time supporters were off limits. I know these things happen on all sides but I’ve seen it a lot from only one side lately and I’m not gonna start problems bye naming the city’s, the bar or the chapter because I’m not trying to cause drama. What you said about the green you see I certainly saw and still see in many green I know so I’m not calling out a club. Every club unfortunately has a Jabbers that throws a turd in the punch bowl and fucks things for a lot of people but I’m saying a lot of the people who tried to intervene and shut jabbers the fuck up are now paying for his shit and you seem to think the clubs better than ever. Maybe I’m wrong. I can list off dozens of more instances of things I know certain green would never do that I’ve personally witnessed from green but fuck it. You’re gonna think what you think and the people who’ve felt it firsthand will think what they think. I guess naively I thought maybe this would get some things to change because no one wins when that mentality starts popping up again but if things are “better than ever” why would you want to see any change. I still hope you and yours stay free and the ATF etc go out of business. I just think a little prison politics and respect for a code would do it faster but what do I know. Taker easy.

  9. Bait-ey One Says:

    Dear Mr. Booger Eater,
    The days of old and the Vagos you say you knew, are most likely still around, nothing has changed in fact things are better than they’ve ever been for them. The club is a family of men that are working class members of society, they are truly solid men and have earned the respect of the righteous men before them, Punks and bullies never get past the initial prospection period, so you saying prospects taking over a bar and intimidating patrons is laughable because their presence in that capacity isn’t on that level, not sure what your experiences have been as of late but the leadership that is current is intelligent and cerebral, the Vagos are a motorcycle club that is constantly evolving into making better members and members that make intelligent decisions, learning from others mistakes including mistakes other clubs make. Running people off the road for red colored shoes is a total fabrication, it simply isn’t true because no one stitched in green is that naive and wreckless. If you are in fact a friend or acquaintance of any Vago past or present then you yourself should show a bit more class than to speak Ill of them especially in reference to rumors or hearsay and spread that gossip in a public forum. The Vagos M.C. are a class act and an exemplary motorcycle club that deserves respect. VLV

  10. Booger eaters Says:

    I’ve know a lot of Vagos in my time. Most were solid and stand up. Many although not fans of 81 had respect and that respect was given both ways. TaTa lead bye example. His departure and that of the top leadership has left a void. The green I see today are bullies and punks. Prospects trying to intimidate an entire bar, newly patched Green trying to run guys off the road for wearing red vans shoes. It’s a big change and a lot of people feel it. It’s disappointing because they were always outlaws and 1%ers first and now they are like another California club, they’re gangsters and lames first instead of righteous. Just my opinion and it’s backed bye dozens of others who’ve seen the same change. They’ve changed and it’s obvious and although I’m not on their team I used to have respect for a lot of them in how they conducted themselves and treated citizen and rival the same. With a give and get mentality. Now it’s more a street gang and punk mentality spreading and that’s not the Green leadership or members I grew to respect.

  11. SoCal Says:

    We can only hope for the Jury to do the right thing and acquit these men. Every “Star Witness” the prosecution put on the stand were admitted liars and judging from the questions the jurors asked, they know it. Viva Los Vagos

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