Denver Angels Bust

November 8, 2019

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Denver Angels Bust

There were simultaneous Swat raids on 19 locations yesterday morning at 4 a.m. in metropolitan Denver, Colorado Springs and Weld County. The raids were carried out by local police under the direction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Twelve people were arrested. One man was injured when he was shot in the chest with a door breaching round. No names have been released and no explanation for the raids has been offered by authorities beyond the meaningless statement that the suspects “were engaged in illegal activity.”
The ATF has not issued a press release about the event.

Although the matter was investigated by the ATF, the suspects will be charged, if they are charged, in state court under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act: A common strategy for concealing details of federal investigations.

More Secrets

Officials said the suspects were affiliated with two motorcycle clubs and that one of the clubs is the Hells Angels. Officials have chosen to keep the name of the other club a secret. One of the search warrants was served on the Hells Angels clubhouse in Denver.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann described the still secret charges as “very serious.”

David Booth, who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Denver ATF said the underlying investigation that resulted in the raids began in June and the case became “a lot bigger than we thought.”

The FBI raided the Hells Angels clubhouse in Modesto, California on June25 and searched locations in Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno, Kern, Shasta and Solano Counties in California. Police arrested seven suspects that day, including Modesto charter president Randy Picchi and his wife.


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  1. oldskewl Says:

    @ Commonsense. Okay, so it just so happens that 2 maybe three other people were shot on the 10 or 110 about a year ago too. I thought that’s what you referring too. But at the sametime you should probably email Rebel and ask.

  2. jrino Says:

    If you try to infiltrate from LE you may get more than then you bargain for… but I don’t know shit.

  3. commonsense Says:

    To Oldskewl It happened Nov. 3 on the 110 freeway in Gardena. Google it.

  4. jrino Says:

    So the person shot was responding to a object that was thrown thru the window when he went to the door and was hit by a breaching round. He’s still in the hospital in a induced coma. No-one was allowed to see him until he went to court, however on Saturday he took a turn for the worst and they allowed immediate family to visit fearing he might die before he was well enough to get arraigned. ATF will be responsible if he dies. I believe there are 12 charges pending.

  5. jrino Says:

    I know his name but will not post it here. He was taken by ambulance and went into and came out of surgery last I heard. That’ all I want to say now. All LE city cops and feds have shut up.

  6. Neuro Says:

    I also saw a clip where a guy was being rolled into an ambulance. He appeared to be a whitie, on a stretcher, wearing a red shirt. Who knows ?

  7. Neuro Says:

    It was a couple weeks ago. I saw on the news one guy sitting on the curb was a black dude. Not sure I can see the dots either.

  8. oldskewl Says:

    commonsense Says:
    November 17, 2019 at 10:18 pm
    So whats up with the 3 guys who got shot on the 110 freeway in LA on their Harleys ?

    Are you you talking about the incident from a year ago? if so, why are you bringing it up in this section and not the original story?

    I’m not connecting the dots here.

  9. Igo Says:

    The guy who got shot was trying to open the door. Rumor has it, it was done through a window, but they can’t prove it.

  10. commonsense Says:

    So whats up with the 3 guys who got shot on the 110 freeway in LA on their Harleys ?

  11. MotherT Says:

    Did u happen to hear anymore about the person shot, and how surgery went?

  12. RLG Says:

    Phuquehed knows whats up

  13. Doc B Says:

    Dear Prospect81
    I already covered that. Read my 3 posts again together. It was a bad day!
    Thanks for being so understanding.

  14. jrino Says:

    It is now 7 days since the ATF blew up their stuff, I was told it was complicated w/ guns and money. Bottom line is I think the got a lot less then they thought and now they want to bury the turds they created.

  15. prospect81 Says:

    @DOC B — Boulder City, NV not Boulder Colorado either…

    BC is a small suburb of Las Vegas.

  16. Hail Satan Says:

    Not Surprised
    FUCK YOU little cunt bitch Facebook troll.

    Say something worth while you little twat.

  17. FF Says:

    This whole fucking planet can go straight to Hell. Why should I care? We all die one day.

  18. Not Surprised Says:


    Every time you say something,a thousand brain cells jump out your left ear and commit suicide

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Scratch my last comment
    Old article with a new date
    My bad for the misinformation

  20. Anonymous Says:

    The story that everyone seems to be missing here is that the Sons of Silence were raided at the same time and had many more arrests than the Angels due to having two undercover ATF Agents in their ranks for the past few years

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    Not Surprised…you and Gandalf should suck each others dicks to have something in your pie-holes to get you both to shut the fuck up for 5 minutes at least.

  22. Commonsense Says:

    Just came back from a restaurant/bar and saw 3 bikers with their Marine Veteran MC colors on. Offered to by them a beer but they were just leaving. To those that are gone and to those who do what we don’t know..respect for Veterans Day.

  23. Doc B Says:

    @ jrino
    Thank You

    @ Not Surprised
    Good to b seen again

  24. El Jefe Says:

    @-Not Surprised Good One… LOL

    Happy Veterans Day

    Respect to those have earned it

    Semper Fi

  25. Not Surprised Says:

    We gotcha. Good seeing you again

  26. jrino Says:

    Brotherhood not a Denver club and there was atf involved so more likely not drugs. HA house and tattoo shop as well as clubhouse stormed. Interesting ATF never had a 1 Pm Thursday up date on the raid,{ which local news announced they would} and individual hit by breaching round got out of surgery Thursday late afternoon. No announcements on any charges.

  27. Stoney Says:

    Fuck the ATF Americas version of the gestapo

  28. Doc B Says:

    OK … third fuckin try
    Make that Boulder City NV

    Oh just neverfuckinmind

  29. Doc B Says:

    Please correct my last post. It should read Boulder CO not Denver CO

    Try this link:

  30. Doc B Says:

    There was a meth drug bust in Denver involving the Brotherhood M/C and others sources say. It was being trafficked in from Las Vegas according to press releases. 11 people arrested.


  31. Not Surprised Says:

    I would urge everyone to withhold judgement until we hear from Paladin. We’re simply not qualified.

  32. Hammer Says:

    Anyone heard charges yet?

  33. MARLOWE Says:

    You know it is never what the cops say it is…it is going to be expensive to unwind this but it is mostly bullshit…and another rat is on the run.

  34. jrino Says:

    This is going to blow up in the ATF’S face, much like their breaching round that hit an innocent victim. At 3 in the morning the only thing they were trying to do was play big swinging dicks going after closed tattoo parlors, and an empty club house.

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