Portuguese Kidnap Hells Angels

October 8, 2019

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Portuguese Kidnap Hells Angels

By now, anybody who has bothered to look knows that the Global War on Terror that began late in 2001 quickly transformed into the Global War on Motorcycle Clubs – for obvious reasons.

Islamic terrorists are generally swarthy men from the Middle East or of Middle Eastern descent who tell anyone who will listen that all American women and girls are whores. The only way to contain them would be to either racially profile them, which is illegal in most of the terrorists’ target countries, or limit their rights to free expression.

Motorcycle Club members, on the other hand, wear their identities on their backs. Various laws have been passed in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States and define that sign bikers wear as a proclamation of a “criminal” identity. “That one percent diamond means they are telling you that they are the one percent of motorcycle riders who are openly criminal,” the police say over and over. And most people believe what the police say so there is no problem arresting bikers.

Liberal Portugal

This transformation of the war on terror has made many cops’ lives easier. They can’t really devise a way to get the terrorists who scheme to blow up buildings and airplanes. They know how to get Bandidos, Hells Angels and Outlaws who sometimes engage in violent brawls among themselves – just sue and prosecute them out of existence.

The notable exception to all this until recently has been easy going, liberal Portugal. The Portuguese, as a friend pointed out to me recently, is “a country that has earned glowing praise for it’s moral freedoms, peacefulness, free press, pioneering LGBT rights, and even decriminalizing drug use in 2001.” Unfortunately, that all changed about 14 months ago.

The city of Faro in Portugal hosts a biker rally, a sort of version of Sturgis with more sun and fewer hail storms every July. In 2018, in the week leading up to Faro Bike Week, 400 Portuguese police,including Portugal’s antiterrorism unit, carried out 80 separate raids that resulted in the arrests of 89 Hells Angels. The official reason for the raids was that the police were looking for suspects who had participated in a violent brawl in a restaurant in Lisbon the previous March. That did about 15,000 Euros in damage. Each Euro is worth about a dollar and ten cents.

The Faro 37

Now, 14 months later, 37 of the defendants remain in custody and five more are under house arrest. Two are in custody in Germany awaiting extradition to Portugal.

The defendants detained in Portugal were all there for the Faro rally. Some of those who are still locked up are Portuguese. Others are English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch and Romanian and for most of the non-Portuguese, there connection to the violent, expensive brawl in Lisbon is tenuous.

All of those who remain in Portuguese jails been refused bail.

“Some have not even been interviewed, or had any contact with the Portuguese prosecution service. Some are hundreds of miles from home, cannot speak the language, and cannot understand, or defend, their case. Many have lost their jobs and face losing their homes, as they cannot support their families whilst in jail. There is now a charge of being a member of a criminal group, in other words being a member of a motorcycle club. None of them have any money left to defend themselves, so a decent legal defense is becoming near impossible.”

The source who brought this case to my attention thought more of the world should know about this.

Now slightly more of the world does.


17 Responses to “Portuguese Kidnap Hells Angels”

  1. Austin Says:

    @SlickBack_Civilian; re: “As existence as we know it winds down, all that we know is reversed…”


  2. oldskewl Says:

    BadDawg Bill Says:
    November 5, 2019 at 5:37 pm
    IF they were dealing in drugs, extortion and prostitution I would think the club members not arrested would come to their defense with a ton of lawyers. Doesn’t make sense.

    The FEDS consider a bikini bike wash and wet tshirt contest as “prostitioun” and dealing drugs and passing a joint with your brothers as ‘dealing drugs”.

    Half the shit they makeup in court is thrown out because it’s ridiculous, the other half is pure fantasy and they intentionally lead juries to believe it’s something its not.

  3. BadDawg Bill Says:

    IF they were dealing in drugs, extortion and prostitution I would think the club members not arrested would come to their defense with a ton of lawyers. Doesn’t make sense.

  4. Joe Says:

    Politicians want to demonize everything for their agenda

  5. JOHN T COKOS Says:

    Soo,ah STAY THE FUCK out of Portugal ?

  6. SlickBack_Civilian Says:

    You nailed it. The various, disparate elements of our universe are quickening.
    George Esposito/Jack Heart and Douglas D. Dietrich are on the record about this, as is Veterans Today Magazine.
    As existence as we know it winds down, all that we know is reversed…that’s the only reason I have for liking Sportsters, as far as I can tell.

  7. commonsense Says:

    Rebel I have to dis agree with your comment about 2001 . The East coast mafia was put on the back burner to fight terrorism after 911. MC’s were not the focus. What I do wonder is these bikers got in a fight at a bar…if it’s a biker bar the cops really don’t care…..was this place a big civilian place cause I can see the cops trying to make a point. I don’t agree with the way these guys are being handled (from 6 different countries?) but know who you are dealing with. I’m interested as to what happened to this bar fight.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Tiopirata, said “We can’t change the state, we will have to change ourselves.”

    If we can’t change the state, then we are doomed, and our entire Nation along with us.

    The Only Solution Is Another Revolution

    Fuck The Feds / Fuck The Pigs

  9. tiopirata Says:

    You are right of course, we have evolved. Such evolution is unavoidable. However I don’t believe that our evolution has been as successful as it needs to be, yet that of our less than honorable opposition has been good enough to do us great damage and subject us to great cost. Quite what solutions are available to us that we may take on board with honor are few, if any, but we may be certain that they will involve greater change then may be comfortable for many of us. After 45 years as a 1%er I may not now be the best advisor, being somewhat set in my ways,but further drastic evolution seems to me necessary, and it must be effective. We can’t change the state, we will have to change ourselves.

  10. jrino Says:

    Let me be clear this would never happen in the USA er… Waco

  11. boomboom Says:

    Time will tell and perhaps you’re correct on both your assertions. However, I think you are correct about half of what you say…First, I’ve heard too many end-time predictions over the years for me to believe anyone has the inside track on the timing of that one… however. you are absolutely spot on when you say that I am Right!

  12. FF Says:

    @boom boom

    You’re right.

    But the planet has become Satanic.

    We’re approaching Ragnorak; end times
    This is real

  13. boomboom Says:


    Motorcycle clubs HAVE evolved! Not a single club that I am familiar with,(and tho I am only a member of one 1% club, I have spent decades around my club and others), is anywhere near the “same” as we/they were in the 70’s and 80’s…there have been massive changes since the 90’s…what must be figured out, is how to make law enforcement evolve.EVERY single trial of any member of a motorcycle club starts by some “gov’t expert” testifying about what members, dead for 25 years, did back in the day, and how that some how means the current members should be held responsible for what happened back then, forever. Law enforcement loves to paint us all with a very broad brush. It would be as if when one gov’t official (cop?) is convicted or suspected of a crime, they went after ALL gov’t officials ( all LEO from local to national?) because they must all be in on it? Right? If clubs hadn’t “evolved”, they would already be gone.

  14. Iron Rider Says:

    Waco 2.0 We have always had a target on our back and we always will shit like this just proves the point of never getting comfortable thinking everything’s fine, it’s just an illusion that Law Enforcement wants us to believe to lull everyone into a false state of security so we aren’t keeping our eyes open to what is going on around us and then the slightest opening and they pounce.

    I have always said there seems to be a separate system for us and them and that our rights as citizens of whatever country you live in dont seem to have the same expectation as joe citizens rights do.

    It’s much easier to target MC’s because and slap with some kind of charges and they can hold up a respective clubs gear and say look at the scary Bikers we took off the street today, dont you feel safer now people. all just a dog and pony show. There are little hood gangbangers that cause more deaths, peddle more drugs and commit more crimes and hold entire neighbourhoods hostage, tell me when the last time you seen an MC’s clubhouse in some neighbourhood feel the way these little gangbangers hoods feel, it doesnt happen most people living in the neighbourhood will flat out say there isnt a lot of crime or crap going down, the MC guys are quiet and respectful and other than some loud motorcycles and the occasional music from a get together they are barely noticeable and cause no issues, but Yet Law Enforcement wants t snuff us all out because we are visible and the hood rat gangbangers are way harder to break up and they dont look as good as we do on the 6 o’clock news.

    We have been and will always be seen as the problem even though we aren’t, but everyone needs to keep on their toes and keep their eye open because they are looking for any excuse to bring us all down no matter what 1% club you belong to. Be fucking smarter than them and dont give them a reason to fuck you or our brothers and the club, that;s the mantra we all need to have because we are always going to be a target

  15. tiopirata Says:

    It seems to me that that sad day has arrived when our patches are a liability, both to ourselves as individuals and to our clubs. If we are not to disappear forever we must evolve or face ignominious extinction.

  16. commonsense Says:

    If you travel to a foreign land know your enemy. There is a lot of weird shit going on there . Laws in the USA don’t cover you overseas.

  17. Big John 1%er Says:

    Wow starting to definitely look like a World-Wide War on Motorcycle Clubs. Distasteful.

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