Vagos Prosecution Crumbling

October 2, 2019

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Vagos Prosecution Crumbling

The Vagos racketeering case in Las Vegas continues to crumble under the weight of its own corruption.

On September 24 United States Attorney for the District of Nevada Nicholas Trutanich advised defense attorneys in the case that a key prosecution witness named Jefferson Dee “Lunchbox” Martin had been interviewed by prosecutor John Han on September 22. During that interview Martin admitted that he had “exaggerated” some of his testimony to Federal Investigators and at a Grand Jury Hearing on June 7, 2017 because he felt pressured by Federal Organized Crime Task Force Attorney David N. Karpel to characterize “the events in a certain way.”

Martin is scheduled to testify in the trial today. He left the Vagos in early 2013 and became involved in the sale of professional grade fireworks. He was eventually caught by the fireworks police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms aand Explosives, and during an interview he told federal investigators “I will say anything you want me to say.”


Karpel has a 30-year-long history as a federal attorney and has worked in the D.O.J.’s Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section. He was the recipient of an Attorney General Award from the Southern District of Texas in October 2015 for supervising a case that prosecuted 73 alleged members and associates of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. At the time, a spokesman said the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas case served “as a model for the task force approach toward combating violent gangs.” That same year, Karpel also supervised the prosecution of members of the “Gangster Disciples Gang” in South Memphis, Tennessee.

A source has told The Aging Rebel that Karpel has left the Department of Justice. This page has been unable to confirm that.

Voir Dire

According to the same source, Judge Gloria Navarro intends to allow defense attorneys to voir dire Martin before he testifies before the jury. Voir dire is a process of determining the qualifications of a prospective expert witness or juror.

Prosecutors want to corroborate the testimony of disgraced Vago Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick that an all members meeting was held in a Sparks, Nevada casino September 23, 2011 prior to a brawl between Vagos and Hells Angels. Rudnick instigated that brawl, which resulted in the death of Hells Angel Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew. Rudnick has testified that then Vagos president Pastor Palafox asked for volunteers to kill the Hells Angel and that Vago Ernesto Gonzalez volunteered to carry out the execution. Rudnick has also recanted that story at least twice.

Martin has also flip-flopped. He previously told investigators that there was no conspiracy to kill Pettigrew. Prosecutors are calling him today to testify that although he heard no one ask for volunteers, he did see Rudnick at the meeting and that Rudnick may have heard something Martin did not.

In addition to Palafox and Gonzalez, Albert Lopez, Albert Perez, James Gillespie, Bradley Campos, Cesar Morales and Diego Garcia are also defendants in this case.


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    What you said makes the most sense. Asking for “volunteers” is something I’ve never heard of.

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    All of this is because one lame couldn’t handle his liquor and his people could not put him in his place. Fuck Jabbers he’s a punk and a rat. While I know TaTa is not an 81 supporter I know him well enough to know he would never call for a volunteer to kill Jethro. Just not how or who he is. Fact sooner he’s out sooner some of the lame shit happening lately will stop. Lot of green are men and respect goes both ways between them and 81. This whole thing threw a turd in the punch bowl.

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    Hey Shovel, you want to decide what gets seen on here, you get to pay the bills. The videos linked here help to do that, so whatever they are, you don’t like em, don’t watch em, pretty simple.

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