Kingsmen Tragedy Finally Ends

August 29, 2019

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Kingsmen Tragedy Finally Ends

The tragedy of the once venerable Kingsmen Motorcycle Club is finally over.

Yesterday, Federal District Judge Elizabeth Wolford sentenced former Kingsmen regional president and national treasurer Timothy “Blaze” Enix to 20 years in prison for Racketeering Conspiracy, possession of firearms in furtherance of a crime of violence and using and maintaining premises for drug distribution. Enix is 60. He will be eligible for parole when he is 78.

The Kingsmen was founded in Lockport, New York in 1958 and for the next 55 years was a generally respected. multi-chapter, three-piece patch, regional club. Then, for reasons that will never be clear, the Kingsmen decided to become one percenters.


Club president David Pirk established chapters in Tennessee and Florida and decided that the Kingsmen should wear a one percenter diamond patch and compete for prestige in the motorcycle club world with clubs like the Hells Angels and Outlaws.

Subsequently, the club split into factions and went to war with itself.

This drama climaxed in the early morning hours of September 5, 2014 when a prospective member from Florida named Andre “li’l Bear” Jenkins, allegedly acting on Pirk’s orders, murdered two club brothers named Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda, New York clubhouse. Prosecutors accused Pirk of having the men killed because he saw them as rivals.


The murders drew the attention of multiple police forces and prosecutors.

Jenkins was arrested in November 2014 , charged with the murders, and sentenced to life in state prison in October 2015. Sixteen Kingsmen were arrested on federal charges in March 2016 and four more were charged in March 2017.

Earlier this year, Judge Wolford sentenced Jenkins and Pirk to three consecutive life terms each plus ten years.


9 Responses to “Kingsmen Tragedy Finally Ends”

  1. Sad Day Says:

    I was at the bond hearing. The Kingsmen who were at the gas station in Leesburg are lying in court and they’re lying TO THEIR OWN CLUB. If they want to be cop-callers and cowards and testify against other clubs, that’s their right. But they cannot LIE to get members of another club convicted of things they didn’t do. Make no mistake, they’re lying about what happened and the video proves it. Ask them about the shot Gutter fired at the Outlaws or the gun the Kingsmen striker hid in the store. That’s right, they hid a gun at the crime scene and went back and got it later. Why would a family club who claim to be the innocent victims of an assault hide a handgun?

    Ask them about being surrounded by and forced out of the store by the Outlaws. Oops. Turns out that never happened. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    And did you know that the Outlaw was on his bike leaving when he was shot in the back? Empty gas station, guy on his bike leaving.

  2. Irish mike Says:

    The kingsmen are a joke and always have been. They are still around saw 14 of them in a bar 2 nights ago. So they still have a presence in fl. And still have 2 chapters

  3. FF Says:

    Tragedy is what it is.

    What’s the use in dyin’ if you don’t die tryin’
    If you don’t die tryin’, what’s the use?
    What’s the use in flyin’ if you don’t die flyin’
    If you don’t die flyin’, what’s the use?

  4. convict Says:

    If you wanna see a Kingsmen 1%er in action watch the convenience store video of the two cowering inside while their club brother is outside during the Leesburg FL.ordeal. I guess if your not a natural tough guy working off instinct….simple rule. ask ? What would Clint Eastwood do

  5. Stoney Says:

    Sad really. This comes under the heading stay in your lane. Being a 1%er is all well and good but not every MC needs to be or should be 1%ers.This life is really simple show respect ride your bikes and enjoy the road.

  6. Dino Says:

    @The truth
    Right on.

  7. Mike T Says:

    @The truth,

    No disrespect intended, just saying. Back in the late 60’s an early 70’s they did act like 1 percenters. That was after the Road Vultures MC was coming to an end.

    Mike T

  8. The truth Says:

    It amazes me how this all unfolded. The hammer dropped and the choirboys started singing. Members began pointing fingers, a regional club officer changes his story and places blame then casts doubt. Now a club with a long history has folded on itself leaving the biker community scratching their heads. Scratching their heads because it is obvious none of these guys were 1% ‘er material in the first place. The lesson here is simple. Enjoy the ride and be true to yourself. If your an outlaw biker so be it. Wear your diamond and do your thing. If your an LE club then put it on your cut and don’t act like your an outlaw. If your an RC be such. There’s plenty of asphalt for everyone. This all could have been avoided if these guys would have just been true to themselves and stuck to being an MC without a cause instead of trying to be the big dog on the block.

  9. Paladin Says:

    “Club president David Pirk established chapters in Tennessee and Florida and decided that the Kingsmen should wear a one percenter diamond patch and compete for prestige in the motorcycle club world with clubs like the Hells Angels and Outlaws.”

    There will always be those that will insist on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


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