North Carolina Murder Trial

July 13, 2019

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North Carolina Murder Trial

Sometimes playing motorcycle outlaw is more serious than dressing up in costume and posing on your new Harley.

According to an Asheboro, North Carolina prosecutor named Kingsley C. Dozier and a Denver “motorcycle gang expert” named Doug Pearson, a 27-year-old member of the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club named Larry Wayne Campbell didn’t live long enough to learn that hard truth. According to them, that is how Campbell wound up dead in the parking lot of a joint called BBQ Joe’s Country Cooking, in Trinity. North Carolina three days before Christmas in 2017.

The Iron Patriots had recently changed the words on their bottom rocker from “Band of Brothers” to “North Carolina.” According to Dozier and Pearson that is why a member of the Winston-Salem charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club named Michael Isaac Russ shot and killed him. And, also according to Dozier and Pearson, Campbell never saw it coming.

Innocent Victim

“There is no evidence…no evidence at all…that Larry knew or had any inkling at all…that wearing this…this bottom rocker of ‘North Carolina’…was going to get him killed,” Dozier told the jury yesterday. He was “new” to motorcycles. He had only owned one bike in his life. “He was wearing the wrong clothes and said the wrong thing to the wrong person when he said, ‘We have a right to be here.’”

And Campbell was a nice man. “The night before he was slain, he was with his grandma,” the prosecutor argued. “That tells you a lot about Larry.”


Pearson is a rising star among motorcycle gang experts. He is a former with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, is currently an officer with the Aurora, Colorado Police Department and he has been deputized as a Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to observe the Loughlin River Run, Sturgis, the Mongols national run, the Bandido national run and the Hells Angels USA run. Mostly he lectures other policemen about motorcycle clubs in “professional development courses” including one addressing the topic of “how realistic” the television program Sons of Anarchy was. He previously testified as an expert at the trials of Bandido Howard Wayne Baker in Fort Worth in June 2017 and the trial of Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal in Waco the following October.

Pearson has testified that motorcycle clubs are criminal enterprises. In general, prosecutors use his testimony to convince juries that motorcycle club members are potential criminals, consequently, juries should assume that those members are actually criminal. That syllogism is at the heart of most criminal prosecutions involving motorcycle club members and is the point of most police expert testimony in those prosecutions.

In Russ’s case, Pearson testified that the Hells Angels were one percenters and that the Iron Patriots were not. He lied about the origin of the term “one percenter.” He testified that the Iron Patriots were “absolutely not a one percent motorcycle club” but rather a “Mom and Pop” club. And he told the jury that Campbell died because his club had changed its bottom rocker to indicate that it was claiming preeminence or co-preeminence in North Carolina.

Self Defense

Russ testified in his own defense. He said that when he saw Campbell’s patch he stopped to introduce himself. He said Campbell pulled a gun on him and that he fired in self defense then ran away. “He’s going to kill me. I’m getting ready to die,” Russ said he thought when Campbell pulled a gun. “I put the truck in gear and I got out of there.”

In closing arguments, Russ’s lawyer, Thomas Manning, told the jury a gunshot wound to Campbell’s hand indicated he was aiming his gun when he was wounded.

The jury got the case yesterday afternoon and will resume deliberations on Monday.


63 Responses to “North Carolina Murder Trial”

  1. FF Says:


    Right now my focus of attention is on preventing another senseless shooting. Feelings hurt < dead, life sentence.

    Kristopher Stone murdered unarmed Zach Tipton with a gun in Jacksonville Fl, 2014. In 2016, Derrick Duran shot and murdered Victor Mendoza in Colorado. Bother murderers were under the age of 30 and were members of Urine Odor. Neither killer was indicted for a crime.

    In 2017, 27 year old Anthony Milan shot a Pagan in the back as he was riding away. Milan got 8 years in a plea deal.

    Last year, a 28 year old, wearing a Pagan's cut, fired a gun (at what no one even knows) then crashed his motorcycle trying to outrun the cops who were chasing him.

    In Pasco County Florida in 2017, 26 yo Allan Guinto and 29 yo old Christopher Cosimano participated in a cold blooded slaying of Outlaws MC President Paul Anderson.

    And finally, Matthew Lee Norris, 34 years old shot four unarmed Vago's in a Las Vegas Hotel.

    Drawing a profile, all the shooters/murderers were between the ages of 21-35. They were either in a 1% MC as a member/prospect or they were posing as one.

    Perhaps I'm cherry picking, right? Looking under rocks only where I'm going to find shit that validates my preclusion. I left out the shooting/murders of Warlocks in Florida in 2012. I didn't talk about Knothead and the Kingsman slaying.

    So let's move on to what just happened last week in North Carolina. 27 year old Larry Wayne Campbell fits my profile perfectly.

    There is no doubt that if the two fates were reversed, Campbell would not have been charged, or indicted, never mind convicted of 2nd degree murder.

    I honestly don't give a shit about Larry Wayne Campbell. If I could have prevented his death, I would, only if I knew I could spare Michael Russ a prison sentence.

    Who's next?

  2. Lunchbox Says:

    You are correct the previous generation will always bitch about the current. The problem is that the current generation is full of pussy’s who don’t want to be men. MOST of them are entitled and think we owe them everything. The truth is that these little bitches need to learn that they have to work for what they want, just like every generation before them had to.
    Not all millennial’s are like that it just seems to be the majority!

  3. Joeboy Says:

    FF, you’ve been on the internet too long. Plenty of my generation kept scores in basketball, were disciplines as children, didn’t get a trophy, etc. For you to write an entire rant about it amazes me, especially since you boomers gave the country away. Who do you expect to bring into this life? Other boomers? I’ve seen plenty of fucked up old timers. PLENTY. There’s often articles about them on this very blog! The previous generation is always going to whine and bitch about the current generation, it must be a right of passage or something. Did you ever stop to maybe consider that everyone sucks?

  4. commomsense Says:

    I think most folks that come here are older but for those of you who are young I suggest you go to youtube and watch the video ” Will you have to get involved in a prison gangs ? Prison talk 19.20″ This is straight up the way it is with Wes Watson and Big Herc. There has been a lot of violence lately in the %1 clubs. Are you prepared for this?.

  5. commonsense Says:

    I hope the day never comes when bikers are shooting people over the color of their flannels. At that point they become a gang…everything they say they are not.

  6. Tramp Says:

    They’re a spin off of the iron order. Guys from the IO split and started this club. They’re another pop up club that spin that whole “ this is America we can wear what ever we want and no one can say we can’t Merica!” lames. The HA wasn’t going to harass them he was genuinely introducing himself getting a feel for them but these types are cowards and they pull their guns because they’re afraid. HA wasn’t looking for a shootout in the middle of the day. Then like io they bring in the “gang experts” and cop buddies and all of a sudden it’s your fault.

  7. FF Says:

    Kristopher Stone got away with it. Derrick Duran got away with it. Larry Wayne Campbell thought he would, too.

    Congratulations LE, it’s your Frankenstein monster now.

  8. just tom Says:

    Well said @FF.

  9. FF Says:

    The Millenials/Z generation grew up in a different world than us. The world they grew up in they didn’t keep score in baseball games and everybody got a trophy. Nobody got spanked. It was ok to be faggy. How hard was it to be a tough guy??? And the one world that they were never prepared for is the 1% world. But for some ungodly reason they are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

    Somebody better buy a vowel or two from Vanna and figure this out. Because these locusts will destroy everything.

    In case you’ve been lost in space, there is a war on white, anglo saxon christian/heathen heterosexual men. The macho, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness the 1% community represents is in the sites of the social justice communists and Stasi Stooges.

    Recruiting Millennial’s into your ranks is only going to make it easier to destroy you.

    You may as well be speaking Mandarin to them. Am I generalizing? Absolutely. There are quite a few unfucked moonbats in the 24-34 age group. But the majority of them are fully indoctrinated, damaged tv watching drones. They have a pathological sense of entitlement. NEVER FORGET the phenomenon of URINE ODOR is their generation. It’s a fucking Frankenstein’s monster. I said my peace and thats that.

  10. anonymous Says:

    Not Surprised: They were a Vet popup club but began taking in more LE. They’re not 1% clu b affiliated so far as any one I know has advised me. I was advised that they were one of a number of mail order, popup, and Vet/LE/PubServ clubs that were told by Iron Order they had “EVERY RIGHT TO FLY STATE BOTTOM ROCKER AND WE’LL BACK YOU- IF A 1%er APPROACHES YOU SHOOT HIM.”

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    NC is a state where 4 of the Big 5 1% clubs have a presence. There is a zero possibility anyone who rides is unaware what it means to have a state bottom rocker. More than likely, Iron Patriots are affiliated with 1 of the 4.

  12. Phlipper Says:

    Should be “Spook” not Sook. Fat-fingered it.

    What the state and fed LE apparatus and DAs get away with nowadays should be scaring everyone. Not just scooter trash.

  13. Phlipper Says:

    Sook got a bad deal too. A little different than this one. And if you ever met Spook you’d have been shocked at the whole thing. He was around in the bad old days in Charlotte and then came back in the late 2000s. He was the most chill, laid back old school guy you’d ever meet. We prospected at the same time when he came back, though in different charters. He is one of the good guys and he got screwed too.

  14. Concerned Citizen Says:

    This sounds fishy my would a mom and pop club decide to fly a state rocker? Aren’t the details behind having a state bottom rocker known throughout the biker community? Also I do find it a little weird that an 81 would stop and randomly introduce himself but on the flip side it could also be due to the fact they’re flying a new state rocker? I dunno sounds fishy the shitty part is no matter what the truth or the details are they’re gonna rail the 1%r.

  15. Red flannel Says:

    Shovel you’re so full of shit. Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself old man because no one wants to hear your cop mouth. At your age you would think to mind your own business instead of talking about everybody else’s. Sound like a woman gossiping.

  16. FF Says:

    I previously commented on the Cortez Hotel shooting in Nevada; I want to keep
    A record of this pattern

  17. Joe Says:

    Oldskewl. Your a typical sheep and bitch! Did your boss let uou out from between gis legs youold skewl cisk sucking sheep bitch

  18. Shovel Says:

    “What Ever,” no Mexican Police Officers were harmed in making that video. I didn’t see any blood on a police officer. Also, they would have taken into custody right then, the Vagos with the metal rod or What Ever it was. Furthermore, Mexican Police would not ambush and murder the Vagos because of that fight.

    When I “rode” with the 101 back in the early ’70s Sergeant Reeves who ran with the 173rd in ‘Nam passed around the “Tricks of the Trade Lessons Learned.” Among other tips, he taught that the Cong liked to attack American troops during the last day in field as they were tired out and returning to the relative safety of their base.

    Being stuck in the “ON” position for the past 46 years I may have burned out a few wires. But, it’s hard to deny that the Red and White are at war with the Vagos and are using the newest edition of “Tricks of the Trade Lessons Learned;” this time from the Taliban and I.S.I.S. in the Afghan and Iraq Wars.

    The 81 and their support clubs seem to be flying red flannel when they annoy the fuck out of the Vagos on the street, in bars, at hotels, etc. Because the Vagos outnumber them at those times and it’s in public, the Vagos don’t go lethal. Also, the Red and White aren’t wearing their patches for the cameras. But, everyone knows. Then, the H.A. comes back with their guns. They’re getting away with murder because the Vagos aren’t familiar with this new trick. As a Vet I can see the pattern as clear as day.

  19. Rotten Says:

    Hey @Oldskewl suck my balls, dinosaur…see your ass on the road.

  20. white witch Says:

    I dont have a dog in the fight. i am an independent, have been for 40+ years.
    So your telling me in a area where everyone probably knows everyone especially if the are a biker (pretty small community) That this HA just happen to be driving behind these 2 bikers (that he did not know??!) then pulls in behind them to introduce himself while armed??! Sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe his buddy testified that he was a hot head to cover his ass against further retribution by the HA’s.
    If the mc did not know the meaning and ramifications of a bottom rocker they are stupid. But a bottom rocker is no reason to kill a man.Sounds like the HA was on the lookout for these dudes to me. I never met to many HA’s who just walk up and introduce themselves. Just saying.

    ride free
    white witch

  21. What ever Says:


  22. What Ever Says:

    Wow crazy video,
    In the article I red it was the rebelstado MC. It also says that the Vago hit the police officer with a steel pipe. Probably not a smart move in Mexico.

  23. Nomad Says:

    I am a member of a 3 piece patch club, we are international. A public service club, military, fire/ems and even LEO. We treat everyone with respect, no matter the patch. I generally ride alone and I actually make an effort to stop when I see a member from another club, 1% or not, just to introduce myself and shoot the shit for a few then I go about my business. I don’t ask about their business and don’t really care. I’m just riding. Oh yeah and when I shake someones hand, I don’t have a gun in mine.

  24. Va. Bob Says:

    This reminds me of the Spook Sosebee case involving an Iron Order member.Unfortunately ,he got a stiff sentence for the charges and is not scheduled for release until November of this year.

  25. Oregon Moose Says:

    Verdict came in – Russ was found guilty of 2nd degree murder. Now the jury gets to decide if there were aggravating circumstances or not and then it goes to the sentencing part.

    I don’t know, didn’t see all the evidence. If the defense is being honest and Russ just got out of his truck to introduce himself only to find himself immediately being threatened by a gun, then that sounds like self defense to me. It’s easier to believe when the deceased’s own friend refers to him as a hothead.

    But, as we all know, being right isn’t the same as being justified in the eyes of LE.


  26. oldskewl Says:

    Rotten Says:
    July 14, 2019 at 11:29 am
    Smaller clubs should start giving these fucks what they deserve.

    You’re 100% right. Show some respect and follow protocol or end up in a box like this dumb kid.

    @ Joe: “A bunch of assholes that make HD look bad” You clueless mother fucker! Did your boss let you out from under his desk to post your opinion on a mans website?
    You store bought wannbie mother fuckers are a dime a dozen.

    As for changing the bottom rocker the DA might have the ability to sell this to a jury but anyone in a legit MC knows exactly what the fuck the bottom rocker means.


  27. Shovel Says:

    “Hollywood says: “First to testify for the defense Thursday morning was Russ, wearing the same clothes — a red flannel shirt and blue jeans — he wore on the day he shot Campbell.”

  28. Shovel Says:

    Does anyone else see a problem? Aging Rebel Says, March 22, 2019, “El Cortez Shooting”:

    “Three men arrested…”

    “All three are charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit murder and four counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon…”

    “According to witnesses, the three were dressed in red flannel shirts when they opened fire on four associates of the Vagos Motorcycle Club on the fifth floor of the hotel.”

    Another reporter says, Tuesday 16 July 2019, “Three Vagos bikers killed in Mexico highway shooting outside Juárez. When does it stop?”:

    “Three members of the Vagos biker gang were killed Sunday night in a highway shooting south of Juárez, Mexico, authorities said.”

    “The shooting occurred near the sand dunes by the town of Samalayuca on the Juárez-Ahumada highway”

    “Cellphone video shared by Mexican news outlets showed bikers in denim Vagos Mexico vests in a confrontation with two bikers in red-flannel shirts in Parral.”

    Heads up if you see a biker flying red flannel.

  29. Oregon Moose Says:

    There’s a whole lot about this story that doesn’t seem to add up. So much so that I took a few minutes out of my day to search the ‘net and try and put some pieces together.

    Initially when this story broke, looked like a case of the big, bad 1%er HA picking on the poor, defenseless “mom and pop” club member whose only true passion was supporting veterans. Yeah, turns out one of the defense witnesses was a PI who was formerly a cop with the Winston-Salem PD. He interviewed a bunch of people, including a guy named Roy Pruitt who was described as a close friend of the deceased, was riding with him that day, and witnessed the exchange. Pruitt describes Campbell as a “hothead” and is further quoted as saying “I can’t say who shot first… but I did see both of them with guns”…

    It appears that the Iron Patriots bottom rocker used to read “Band of Brothers”. For reasons unknown, they decided to change that to “North Carolina”. The folks reading this forum can form their own opinions as to why they made that decision and what some of the possible ramifications may be.

    From all accounts, the accused saw two bikes (Campbell and Pruitt) pull into a BBQ joint and decided to introduce himself, and all hell broke loose. The defense argument basically boils down to “he drew first, I shot in self defense and fear for my life”.

    It appears that the jury is still in deliberations over this today. They began their deliberations late Friday afternoon. Clearly this isn’t a “cut & dry” situation either way.


  30. LBD Says:

    iron patriots, obviously a cop club

  31. bcnasty Says:

    Everyone wants to be a 1% till it is time to do 1% shit has never rung so true as it does here in this story.

  32. Phlipper Says:

    More to the story than you’re getting. As usual. This had ZERO to do with bottom rockers. Every pop-up and their dog is sporting a state rocker around here. No one gives a shit. Nothing to do with a cub beef, either. At least one patch from the charter has actually met the IPMC previously. They’re known. No biggie.

    Russ just happened to be pulling out as two IPMC were riding by and he fell in behind. When they hit Joe’s he pulled in to get an intro. He wasn’t wearing any ID – soft colors, hat, etc. and so the young kid who was a known hot head and had been talked to previously by his own club (new biker syndrome) only knew that some rando dude in a truck had followed them and was now stopping. Russ never even had a chance to extend his hand and say Hi before hot-head wannabe tough guy pulled a piece. Bad move. Obviously.

    Russ will still probably be convicted. He’s toast because of his patch. But in this case it really is exactly like he told it in court.

    Two lives ruined because a kid watched too much TV and tried to play Billy Badass.

  33. SB Apollo Says:

    27 years old.

    Something not right about the 25-35 age group

  34. QueMiAmo Says:

    Let’s flip the script, guy pulling him over is a cop, he’s still dead, and the cop would be justified. If you pull a gun on me, that tells me you’re ready to shoot or get shot. Mutual combat. Take the patches out of the equation and it’s a no brainer.

  35. Bone Head Says:

    Igo Says:
    …but NOBODY else in the club had a clue, or just maybe didn’t fill him in? Nobody talked about that at any of their club meetings about possible problems with the change? Possible, but highly doubtful. …

    I’ll agree with you mostly, but as far as a “Mom and Pop” club being that stupid, it isn’t completely doubtful. You should see some of the clueless bunches around my parts. And I’ll bet it’s everywhere. Still no excuse.

  36. commonsense Says:

    As Neil Young says “There’s more to the picture than meets the eye”

  37. Shovel Says:

    It comes down to this: Russ had military training and Campbell did not. What this means is that Campbell’s boy’os did not have Russ covered with their guns from the beginning. Hell, chica gangstas in East L.A. know this. The only excuse for flying solo is when you’re relaxing on your patio outside your home and they come flowing up stairs. Why ride with a club that doesn’t have your back.

  38. Igo Says:

    Right on Paladin. You fly a three-piece patch, then claim a state, and THEN claim to have no idea what position that puts you in?? SO, this guy was new, but NOBODY else in the club had a clue, or just maybe didn’t fill him in? Nobody talked about that at any of their club meetings about possible problems with the change? Possible, but highly doubtful. I know quite a few “Mom and Pop” clubs, and they’ve never had a problem with any of the bigger clubs. Why? Because they never came off as being something they are not. And just for the record, in my 40+ years of riding, I’ve never belonged (or wanted to) any club. If you run with the bulls and get gored, you can shoot the bull…..but it doesn’t make it any less your fault, or ungore you…..

    And the SOA testimony from a government prosecution is extremely disturbing (and should be to any American). Using any fictional TV show as some sort of “Truth standard” (especially that show) for a serious trial is a dangerous precedent at the very least. Whats next?, Three stooges shorts for eye injury cases????

  39. Tomo Says:

    “…He said that when he saw Campbell’s patch he stopped to introduce himself. He said Campbell pulled a gun on him and that he fired in self defense then ran away…”
    I can’t help wondering, purely from the information contained in the article:

    1. A club changes it’s bottom rocker to a territory – which even a civvie like me knows means you’re essentially claiming an area.

    2. A nice young man puts on a patch, having apparently been told horror stories about what happens to people when a 1% club sporting the same territory bottom rocker approaches you for a chat.

    3. The nice young man panics when a HA patch holder approaches him, pulls out his firearm and they exchange shots.

    I know I’m probably over-speculating here, and Rebel knows more than he’s letting on, but doesn’t this have echoes of the Black Pistons Tipton incident in 2014? Other than the outcome is obviously reversed:
    An apparently nice young man, albeit clueless, is left to wander around as bait, gun at his side, until he bumps into a real 1%er sporting the same bottom rocker.
    It doesn’t matter which way it goes, the 1%er ends up either dead or locked up. Win, win for the LE.

  40. Lunchbox Says:


    Keyboard commando! Internet tough guy! I am not a member of a 1% club, how ever I am a member of a well established 50 year old 3 piece club.
    Check out our website,, And in my experience if you treat people with respect, you get respect. young people these days have not idea what respect is. And the media paints all MC’s as criminal. Only crime I have ever been convicted of is speeding. Guilty as charged. Never even been in a pair of handcuffs, other than the ones my wife uses sometimes.

  41. Joe Says:

    “Motorcycle gang experts” LOL! Bullshit ! And as far as clubs like the 81. Fuck that shit ! Fkn bullies and drama. All clubs like them should all be led to a big field and allowed to kill each other off ! The motorcycle world would be better off with out them. A bunch of assholes that make HD look bad is all clubs like those are and do ! Support your local ? Save the patch ? Fuck all that shit ! Communist acting assholes. They preach Freedom, Liberty, etc, etc…. But they are all BS. They are more in line with islamic sharia Idiotology. When they bully or kill smaller clubs. They are TCB. But when they end up in court its, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL. SAVE THE PATCH. FREE ALL ???. Or when they are not allowed in Bars and other and business’s they lawyer up and bitch and complain about ” their Rights ” What about the rights of others ? Bullshit made up cunt crap like “PROTO CALL” Protocall= Sharia law and Communism

  42. Austin Says:

    I’m with Stoney. Right On.

  43. LMFAO at them Says:

    Speaking of the oh so glorious Hells Angels, what happened to the Modesto retard crank peddlers.

  44. Rotten Says:

    Smaller clubs should start giving these fucks what they deserve. If everyone they fucked with banded together and just blasted these fucks every time hey decide to enforce a dress code this shit would end real quick. Maggots.

  45. Mark Says:

    The so called expert isn’t offering any facts about the alleged crime at hand, like the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He’s assuming and generalizing a theory to the jury. Any judge that allows such, speculation to prejudice a jury needs to be removed from the bench for allowing, Fraud Upon The Court, in the very courtroom he presides in. The county attorney needs to be disbarred for bring in a so called expert witness, that is not an expert by truthful and reasonable standards, into the trial to commit, premeditated Fraud Upon The Court. What a mockery of justice.

  46. Shovelhead Says:

    These so called Motorcycle Gang Experts that make a living at the expense of others, are no more than lowlife, scum sucking, lying rats, just like CI’s.
    I have more respect for Cops than these yellow back cowards.

    They will lie and make shit up, no matter who they hurt just for money.

    There’s no such thing as a Gang expert, It’s all Bullshit. A fake occupation some weasel made up. They should be treated like the Rats they are and sent to the same place all rats go!!

  47. Stoney Says:

    WTF happened to innocent until proven guilty?
    ” prosecutors use his testimony to convince juries that motorcycle club members are potential criminals, consequently, juries should assume that those members are actually criminal”
    I’m a member of a large national club and have never committed a crime in my life and this POS LEO going to stroll in and tell people I’m a criminal just because of my patch well fuck you very much. you want to talk about criminal enterprises let talk about the NYPD for more than 100 years robbing assaulting and extorting people. too old then how about Pittsburg UC getting drunk in a bar and beating people because they are real men who wont hide behind a badge. Or using the Iron Order to incite violence so they can call their fellow cops to bail them out. yeah fuck you guys and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

  48. Paladin Says:

    If one’s club is truly a ‘mom & pop’ club, why would one want to draw unnecessary attention to oneself by claiming territory? The absence of a territorial bottom rocker doesn’t mean one can’t ride the roads like everyone else. However; the absence of a territorial bottom rocker does mean that you and your club won’t be mistaken for something you or your club is not.

    Yeah, yeah; I know. This is America, and because it’s America everyone has rights. And just like Larry Wayne Campbell, one can be dead right.


  49. 78Airhead Says:

    Did the “experts” get ouija board testimony from Campbell? They seem to know things impossible to know.

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