Where The Money Went

May 20, 2019

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Where The Money Went

A reader who prefers to stay anonymous wrote:


The Save the Patch movement that started back ten years ago and has been ongoing was started because the Mongols claimed it was going to cost a million dollars in legal fees to fight keep their patch. Many C.O.C.’s, clubs, individual patch-holders and citizens have made substantial actions at numerous Save the Patch fundraisers and via the sales of STP shirts.

If the Mongols believed Yanny was going to only need $100K in legal fees for the trademark fight, why did they need the help of the motorcycle club community across the nation with these fundraisers, and since Yanny didn’t get paid and Stubbs unqualified ass interfered in the trial for free, where the hell did all the money those fundraisers generated for the Mongols trademark fight go and how much money did the Mongols actually contribute to this as a club, or did they simply rely on the generosity of the club community to fight this battle for them?


Dear Anonymous,

Stubbs told the court that the Mongols have spent about $960,000 on legal fees related to the (saving the) patch case. I believe the club has paid George Steele and Bob Bernstein each more than $100,000. According to Yanny, the club has paid him $420,000 for pretrial expenses related to the patch issue. I am fairly certain Yanny did not just put that in his pocket. He has had multiple associate attorneys and other expenses. I have never seen an accounting of where that $420,000 went but Yanny says he was paid that amount.

Before somebody raises the issue of my participation, I consulted on the case for about three years and testified for two days completely pro bono. I never asked for and never was paid a dime.

Yanny now claims that the Mongols owe him about $511,000 for handling the trial. I haven’t seen an accounting of that or heard an accounting of that described. It is not unusual in important cases like this for lead attorneys to bill $400 an hour. Yanny had two junior associate attorneys at the table with him and a paralegal. I presume they all got paid. I don’t know whether an intellectual law expert witness got paid. There were a lot of hours in the case off the record working on procedural matters like jury instructions. I don’t know what a fair hourly billing might have been.

The Mongols claim they had a flat fee arrangement with Yanny that would have amounted to $100,000 for the entire trial, which has now concluded. The issue of Yanny’s fee will probably go to binding arbitration.

If Yanny prevails and the fine imposed by Judge Carter holds up on appeal the entire save the patch effort will have cost the Mongols $1,971,000 plus whatever interest may apply. My guess is that interest fees to both Yanny and the Feds could amount to another $100,000. That would amount a total of $2,071,000.

Finally there is whatever the appeal will cost. This is a landmark issue and I would be surprised if an appeal that goes to the Supreme Court will cost less than $100,000.

So, to summarize, the Mongols already have something like $960,000 into the case; best case they probably will owe Yanny another $100,000, they will probably end up paying — maybe like — $40,000 of the fine and another $100,000 to an appeals lawyer. Best case, I am guessing, they get out of the case paying $1.1 million. Worst case, this thing could cost double that.

To the best of my knowledge, that is where the money went.



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  1. New England Rider Says:

    @anon – LOL STFU Dude. Another fucking loser poseur on this website. Sorry I don’t carry the bag for the usual dick posters on here who ruin it for everyone else. If Rebel wants a blog where everyone thinks alike and agrees with each other then whatever. It’s why I don’t come on here anymore, and my guess is I am not the only one.

    Eat shit & die,
    New England Rider

  2. Dildo Baggins Says:


    Yeah, it’s definitely become


  3. Shovel Says:

    anon Says:
    May 28, 2019 at 4:32 am

    So, I’m holding the hill here in Tucson for the Black and White and some fuckers try to jam me up on The Loop. No ID because I am part coyote/rabbit: Run Fast Run Far; yet, some grey beard on a harley. Then some fuckers in a red sports car tries to jam me up on a street. Funny, after they 1st gave themselves away on my side of the street, I was always on the other side of the street – Coyote or Rabbit? Maybe, just a coincidence they made fools of themselves in a RED car. I can’t ride a bus? F.U.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @Paladin – “Why’s that because they agree with you? God knows yours is the only opinion that matters. Hey do you even ride bro or just post here all the time?” NER
    YEP! Does it really matter?

  5. Curbside Says:

    Wow…been a while since I checked in on the goings-on over here, and tonight didn’t disappoint!

    Paladin, the lawyer joke was great. Thanks for the chuckles.

    NER, feel free to feast upon a satchel of Richards at your earliest opportunity.

    And lastly, to the bespectacled Anon, thank you so much for your very succinct literary diagram of exactly how and where NER has life all fucked up. Much like you, I’m forced to assume he *might* have seen some club guys on the highway once, but most likely has never been closer than viewing a NatGeo crime series. At least, I’d like to hope that’s the case. Surely the fuckery in the club community hasn’t gotten that bad, has it?

  6. anon Says:

    NER: Shut the fuck up. Nobody is driving anybody off this board. And if you have something against someone- keep it to yourself.

    You show your lack of EVER being around a club.

    It don’t matter how the fuck old you are, what disabilities you have, being around or in an MC comes with the following training, which if you can’t grasp- gets you thrown the fuck out on your ass:

    1. You don’t openly disrespect another man. Respect is a two way street. If you do, there will be blood.
    2. Someone who causes bloodshed is not wanted. They are liability, they require someone else to fight their battles.
    3. You don’t disrespect or bullbait LE: you fucking get what you give and you don’t give them any reason to motherfuck you

    You’re like a carbon copy of “Vince 1%er” but seeing as how he’s supposedly in the can, I’d say they needed a replacement.


    If you maintain you’re a member of a support MC or MC in general: You are a goddamn liar. You do not know how to conduct yourself, and you only run your dicksucker so long as you are NOT REPRESENTING YOUR MC- THING IS, WHEN YOU’VE GOT YOUR RAGS, YOU’RE ALWAYS REPRESENTING YOUR MC.

    Chances are you don’t understand anything the fuck I’ve written above. That says something about you more than me. You’ve clearly been around long enough that if you’d read and understood anything anyone here has ever said- you would not have conducted yourself in the way you have.

    Fuck yourself. Keep running your fantasies through your keyboard, that is the safest place for you. Shithead.

  7. Aanon Says:

    New englamd;
    I actually asked a few guys (since I’m in california), dude is a known shooter. Hahahahaha.
    He rides.
    The water is still fine.
    I really need a cool saying

  8. New England Rider Says:

    @Paladin – Why’s that because they agree with you? God knows yours is the only opinion that matters. Hey do you even ride bro or just post here all the time?

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  9. Paladin Says:

    It’s nice to see that at least a couple of people posting on this thread know what time it is.


  10. anon Says:

    What Ever: Club-FUCKING-Business end of story.

    As to anything else… Someone told me when I started off, when you give anybody anything, you give it of free will. Once its give, its gone. It ain’t yours no more, you got no say. If you “care” or wanna have a say- don’t give it away.

  11. Sieg Says:

    There is a bottom-line here, and that’s that everyone who DONATED to the Mongol’s defense fund did so freely, and with no expectations.

    That said, no donor has a kick now, and it’s nobody’s bidness but the Mongols and their shonskies ‘where the money went’.

    You don’t have the ‘right’ to know shit. If you want control over all your coin, all the time, keep it in your pocket.


  12. What Ever Says:

    Correct my math if I’m wrong, but about a $2,000,000 total over 10 years is around $200,000 per year. Let’s say there’s an average of 400 US Mongols MC members in those 10 years- which i could be wrong but am told is a low estimate. That works out to $500 a year per member or less then $50 a month per member. Seems odd that their funds are that deflated.also, I’m under the impression that the government presented evidence to the court evidence of Mongol held bank accounts and how they make money and about how much. Which is standard in RICO trials. So for Stubs, an officer of the court, to state facts about the non ability for the Collective Mongols to pay would be troublesome for both Stubbs and the Mongols. Once again, I could be wrong on some of the things, not trying to start a big argument and if I’m wrong I am more then willing to read and accept any corrections.

  13. JOHN COKOS Says:

    IF memory serves me right, there was a fellow named Doc and a small crew that just may have precipitated this whole mess.Doc left the Club holding the bag, it’s like Doc is getting the last laugh from behind bars. Bring the original causation into the mix, the tangled web that got weaved……

  14. 10Guage Says:

    Above all else you are a man that stands for something…not too many of us left anymore…much respect to you my friend.

    Your Pal,

  15. Paladin Says:

    The bar association in a Texas county was having its annual meeting in
    the county courthouse when a non-lawyer entered the room pulled out a
    gun and took over the meeting.

    He then released one lawyer with a note declaring that if his demands
    were not met, he was going to release one lawyer every hour.


  16. freebird Says:

    Where The Money Went

    Vegas has to have odds on this phrase for a future super secret government operation against name your club…….

  17. Igo Says:

    Nice comment Anon. Like the insight.

  18. commonsense Says:

    Rebel this is off topic but I was moving today and came across an old book that I had bought years ago. The title is” Underboss” written by Peter Maas. It’s the story of Sammy Gravano. A lot of people thought he was a rat but when you read his book he was fine with John Gotti until they played tapes to him when Gotti was running his mouth. My take Sammy was a straight up guy. It’s a great read about faith and trust..read it.

  19. anon Says:

    Look, a million dollars seems like a lot of money to most of us- I think we can all agree on that. The thing everyone has to keep in mind is this is a case that was fought at an extremely high level and it was playing for all the marbles. The million dollars from save the patch and any kickups that any person made to the case have long ago been gone through. This is California, this is an exceptionally high level intellectual property law firm. The reality is that the bill could have been much higher from the law firm, could have been much more devastating had an Otis Wright stuck with the case. I do not agree with the fine or the jurist’s conclusions- it doesn’t matter if I agree though.
    The reality is that this case ended just like they all do: the case is over for the time being, but there was absolutely no victory here.

    MC’s are like mountains with a bedrock of lore and history and deeds and mistakes and a few crimes.

    The government- at every level- is like a rock quarry: sometimes they chip away at the stone, sometimes they make a blast- the point is to decimate the mountain over time.

    I want to believe that MCs have the bedrock and peaks such that they will endure. That’s my last indulgence, my last little bit of naivety.

    I hate for the MC in question that club business got put on display by parties that had no business making the decision to make that club business a matter of public record. As I said earlier: cringe inducing.

  20. 666er Says:

    @ Rocco151
    The sad thing is some guys get trick bagged into fighting and then get shit on.

  21. commonsense Says:

    Well what I take away from this is I should have graduated from law school.

  22. rocco151 Says:


    “Some guys fight and some guys run”…you’re a fighter and your loyal followers are proud of your efforts ! The results or repercussions of the case are what they are but your character is obviously very much in tact because you answered the call when asked ! Job well done !

  23. Dasein Says:

    Some people have careers, others have lives, and it’s because of them that the world still works, mostly. Thanks, Rebel.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear jrino,

    I stick up for guys. It was a really stupid career choice. Oh fucking well.


  25. Sieg Says:

    Even my pinche little FedCoat case ran me 60K in legal fees…just to cop a plea. I have absolutely no doubt that this circle-jerk could eat up the better part of a few million dollars without breaking a sweat.


  26. jrino Says:

    pro-bono= means you’re working too cheap imo!

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