Justice For Freddy

February 8, 2019

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Justice For Freddy

There was another miscarriage of justice today in Atlantic County, New Jersey in the April Kauffman case. A retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member named Ferdinand “Freddy” “Miserable” Augello, was convicted of her murder last fall and sentenced last December 5 to life in prison plus 30 years.

After Judge Bernard E. DeLury Jr. pronounced Augello’s sentence, as the convicted man was being led out of the courtroom in chains, Augello’s last words were, “I did not kill April Kauffman nor did I pay anyone to kill April Kauffman. Joe Mulholland and his cousin killed her.”

This morning, DeLury sentenced Joe Mulholland to four years in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 16 months. His defense attorney, Ed Weinstock, asked the judge for a suspended sentence.

Weinstock called Mulholland’s “a story of redemption.”

The judge said, “Mr. Mulholland, thankfully, in his present state is showing a different face to the world to his friends to his community for that society should be grateful. For the face he showed on the days in question, that are the subject of this conviction, are different.”

Mulholland was one of the main witnesses against Augello at trial.

Kauffman Murder

April Kauffman was killed because her husband, a corrupt physician named James Kauffman, thought it would be cheaper to murder her than divorce her. According to prosecutors, James Kauffman first broached the subject with Augello a year before the murder but Augello did nothing to advance the scheme.

James Kauffman knew both Joseph Mulholland and Frank Mulholland and they teamed up to kill James Kauffman’s wife. Joseph Mulholland admitted driving Frank to the murder scene where Frank Mulholland shot April Kauffman twice with a gun given to him by her husband.

Frank Mulholland later died of a drug overdose. His death remains suspicious. Augello told The Aging Rebel, and presumably his defense attorneys, that Joseph Mulholland murdered Frank with a “hot load,” a fatally potent dose of heroin.

James Kauffman was charged with April’s murder the same day Augello was in January 2018. He committed suicide in jail two weeks later. Prosecutors successfully argued to a jury that Augello had been a middle man between James Kauffman and the Mulhollands.

But the case against Augello always seemed more speculative than factual. There was no direct physical evidence tying him to the crime. If he did it for money, he somehow made the money disappear. The prosecutor who brought the case, a man named Damon G. Tyner, certainly prosecuted Augello for the glory and fame he thought it might bring him.

Lawsuit Against Tyner

Passages from a lawsuit filed against Tyner and others in January by three women named Diane Ruberton, Donna Fetzer and Heather McManus illuminate the cynicism with which the case against Augello was pursued.

“April Kauffman, a 47-year-old who earned a following on the radio and as a veterans activist, was found shot dead on May 10, 2012, in the bedroom of her Linwood, New Jersey, home. She shared the home with her husband Jim Kauffman, a prominent medical doctor. This case had been under investigation since 2012, including by the FBI. Dr. Kauffman was suspected in the murder.”

“Defendant-Tyner has seized on the opportunity afforded by this high-profile murder case to aggrandize himself before the media, including a interview with ABC’s 20/20 TV show. Defendant-Tyner’s publicity tour earned him an admonishment from a State Superior Court judge because Defendant-Tyner’s tour occurred while charges against defendants in the Kauffman case were pending.”

“Defendant-Tyner has been determined to distinguish his career through the high-profile prosecution of the defendants in the Kauffman case to the detriment of his office’s legal obligations to disclose evidence and information to the defense in that case.”

“In or about May 2017, the ACPO—working with the FBI—learned that a confidential informant who was involved in a drug ring in which Dr. Kauffman was alleged to be involved would testify that certain members of the notorious motorcycle gang, the Pagans, were hired by Dr. Kaufman to kill his wife. Dr. Kauffman was eventually charged with the murder of April Kauffman in January 2018.”

“It was around this time that Defendant-Tyner may have purposefully violated the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines to circumvent his duty to disclose information and/or evidence regarding a high-profile homicide case. On or about August 1, 2017, Plaintiff-Ruberton advised Defendant-Shill that there were a prior internal affairs investigations involving the lead detective and former lead detective assigned to the Kauffman matter and that they needed to be reviewed for disclosure as Brady material.”

“The prior internal affairs investigations were not disclosed by Defendants Tyner or Shill to any of the defense attorneys in the Kauffman case.”

“In or about November 17, 2017, during the course of the investigation into the murder of April Kauffman, information was provided to the ACPO that a municipal police officer may have leaked confidential information regarding the investigation. 344. A source had reported that a police officer had been leaking confidential information about a cooperating witness by the name of Andy “Chef” Glick, ex-president and vice-president of the Cape May County chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and a resident of Egg Harbor Township.”

“Defendants Tyner and Shill directed that no internal affairs investigation be conducted concerning the police officer to determine the veracity of the information. Plaintiffs, most notably, Plaintiff-Ruberton, was vocal within the ACPO, in objecting to the refusal to investigate the police officer. Her reasoning was simple: the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines required such an investigation.”

“Defendants Tyner and Shill did not disclose this information about the possible leaking of confidential information. If there were internal affairs investigations, as required by law, the results of those investigations may be required to be turned over to the defense counsel in the April Kauffman murder case, pursuant to Brady v. Maryland. Thus, Defendant-Tyner directed ACPO employees not to conduct an internal investigation so as to avoid having to disclose the investigation’s results. Also during this time frame, it was learned an ACPO detective may have misplaced a piece of evidence and/or failed to write reports in the case. At the direction of Defendant-Tyner, Defendant-Shill directed that no investigation should be conducted.”


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  1. freebird Says:

    @ Absecon

    And you know this how…….

  2. anna caulk Says:

    With everything being published,is there a good lawyer out there that can take Freddys case Pro-Bono because ha dosn”t have any money to hire one! This is a large case, PLEASE HELP Freddy….

  3. Absecon Says:

    An innocent man does whine like Augello. He set the entire murder for hire up. Guilty and too stupid to cut a deal.

  4. Charles French Says:

    I’ve known Freddy a lifetime.
    From the beginning,”FALLGUY”
    Glick is the master mind.
    And they’ll probably use him
    again somewhere he’s unknown.
    All time continuing his madness.

    Tyner has no ethics, integrity
    nor respect of the law’s he’s supposed
    to uphold.Its a travesty.
    All the best Freddy, much love Brother.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    5+ years from now Freddy will get a new trial. Tyner will get his promotions and Freddy will plead guilty to get time served. I have seen this movie before.

  6. Patty Says:

    Coming soon ….. the truth behind the murder of April Kauffman and the lies, corruption and cover-ups that put Freddy Augello behind bars!

  7. FF Says:

    Outstanding work, Rebel. It’s obvious Tyner is a mouthbreather who lives under a rock

  8. freebird Says:

    Sitting here wondering just where the hell is the State Attorney General, punching his clown

    Maybe he is calculating is Tyner an asset or liability

    Please pick liability……

    That is a video i would enjoy watching, when the FBI kicks in his front door at 05:00

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