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February 5, 2019

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Power Of The Tube

Last month, a federal arbitrator named Charlotte Gold ruled that Hillsborough County in Florida was justified in firing a firefighter named Clinton Neal Walker because he was an out in good standings former member of the American Outlaws Association’s St. Petersburg, Florida chapter and because he placed “the interests of a friend and mentor – an individual who continued a strong relationship with a motorcycle gang – over and above those of law enforcement.”

The truth is that Walker was fired in January 2018 because he had joined the Outlaws at the invitation of a (now) retired Hillsborough Fire Captain named James Costa and a local reporter for Tampa television station WFTS named Jarrod Holbrook sensationalized Walker and Costa’s membership in a motorcycle club and insisted, in repeated television reports, that local officials do something about the danger to the general public that, Holbrook insisted, the two men posed.


Holbrook broadcast his reports in 2016 and 2017. They were a sort of television parody of investigative journalism. Holbrook was identified by WFTS as an “I-Team investigator.” He told his audience that “The I-Team found there’s been a recent string of violence among local motorcycle clubs” and that “Law enforcement classifies some of those clubs as criminal gangs and criminal enterprises. Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.”

“The Department of Justice officially lists seven major motorcycle gangs as ‘criminal enterprises’ nationwide,” Holbrook said. “The Outlaws and Pagans top that list and frequent national headlines with their involvement in drug trafficking, arson and even organized murder. Both of these notorious MCs have members who live on salaries paid for by the taxpayers of Tampa Bay.”

Holbrook singled out Costa, Walker and a Pasco County Fire Captain and Pagans Motorcycle Club chapter president Glen Buzze as examples of men who lived “on salaries paid for by the taxpayers of Tampa Bay.”


The initial reports were in May 2016, a so-called “sweeps month,” and were blatantly intended to improve the television stations ratings more than inform the public to an actual injustice or danger.

Two days after Holbrook’s intial report, Walker was attacked in a St, Petersburg bar by a policeman named Ruben DeJesus. As Walker stood with his hands behind his back, DeJesus Tased him four times, handcuffed him and then kicked him in the groin. Walker was arrested, The charges against him were eventually dropped.

Four months after Holbrook made Walker famous in Florida, Walker was involved in a bar brawl in Key West. He was eventually charged with simple battery and suspended from his job for 10 days. Two months after that, in November, another ratings sweeps month, Holbrook and WFTS ran another sensational news feature about the brawl headlined, “I-Team: Hillsborough Firefighter and Outlaw faces Battery charge after biker brawl.”


In fact, Walker was no longer an Outlaw. As a result of Holbrook’s reports the County instituted a policy that stipulated:

“All Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Employees” were forbidden from “any membership or voluntary participation by Fire Rescue employees with an outside organization that is recognized by government agencies to support or be involved in criminal or illegal discriminatory activity…. Therefore, effective immediately, all Hillsborough County Fire Rescue employees are prohibited from being a member of or voluntarily participating with any outside organization as defined below: Any group, organization or gang characterized by the commission of, or involvement in, a pattern of criminal conduct as identified by the State of Florida or Federal government. Examples listed in the 2015 National Gang Report include, but are not limited to, Crips, Bloods, Surenos, Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Pagans, Vagos, Sons of Violence, Outlaws, Banditos and The Mongols.”

In order to keep his job, Walker had resigned from his club in good standing.

More Sweeps

The following July, another sweeps month, using anonymous police sources, Holbrook reported on an ongoing feud between members of the Outlaws and members of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club. “The I-Team found there’s been a recent string of violence among local motorcycle clubs. Law enforcement classifies some of those clubs as criminal gangs and criminal enterprises. Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.”

Two days later, Costa was shot while riding his motorcycle south of Tampa. A 69’er named Christopher Brian “Durty” Cosimano has been indicted for the shooting.

“The shooting comes just two days after the I-Team uncovered a rise in local violence between motorcycle clubs,” Holbrook told his audience. “Sources tell us Clint Walker, a Hillsborough county firefighter and paramedic, responded to the scene after Costa was shot. Sources say when deputies tried to take Costa’s leather Outlaws vest, he refused to give it to them, and instead gave it to Walker.”

“Hillsborough Fire Rescue spokespeople… will review if Walker broke any policies by taking the Outlaws vest.”

County’s Standing

To an outsider who is not Jarrod Holbrook, Walker’s action that night hardly seem criminal. He was mostly interested in his friend. Although he was off duty, he put on his uniform, went to the crime scene and rode to the hospital with his friend. He probably couldn’t have done that without putting on his uniform.

He took possession of Costa’s vest and refused to surrender it to a Hillsborough County Deputy at the hospital. He said he intended to give it to Costa’s wife instead. He did let the deputy photograph the vest. To an outsider who is not Jarrod Holbrook, Walker’s actions seem inspired more by personal loyalty than insubordination.

But that was enough to get Walker fired. And last month an arbitrator named Charlotte Gold decided that “By wearing his HCFR t-shirt at the hospital, he (Walker) gained favor for himself in violation of the county’s uniform regulations….” He “conducted himself in a manner that was detrimental to the department.”

“The conclusion is inescapable,” Gold wrote, “that he affected the county’s standing in the community.”

“His behavior ultimately reflected poorly on the county and his profession in general.”

Holbrook has now left television for politics. He is now Communications Director for Tampa mayoral hopeful David A. Straz Jr.


15 Responses to “Power Of The Tube”

  1. Stlrzfan Says:

    Sooo…I’m thinking that the “I” in “I Team” stands for *Idiot*. What the hell does “I Team” even mean? It can’t be investigation, because that would be lying to the public! Oh, wait…

  2. Penguin Says:

    I know what I hear in this story >

    “Are you now or have you ever been…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDC4Keawv6U I heard that crap in the red scare propaganda of the early 50’s… Is direct assault on freedom of association as guaranteed under the Constitution.

    Brothers in Oz and, well, in all of “5 eyes” territory, might want to read this>
    (nazi legalistic theory rehabilitated in Oz) https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/02/08/schm-f08.html This is “predictive programming”…working to create “consent” for violence and assault by the several sorts of fascist and nazi pigs, who allow only one club – theirs.

    And the TV power itself…Big Dope Bust! etc etc? Well, no, but they are dead…


    The clubs are simply easy targets, but every association is targeted…

  3. Frank Says:

    If you want to do outlaw shit in the civilian world you’ll have to deal with civilian consequences. I don’t think he needs to loose his job but It was a dumb move all the way around

  4. white witch Says:

    @jrino good point and I agree. IMHO you can not do both be a 1% and work for the man. i hate to see anyone lose their job, but you would have to be very naive to assume that there would not be issues on trying to do both. choose one or the other.

  5. rocco151 Says:

    I just saw a report that there are 6,000,000 open jobs that can’t be filled in the U.S. and one of the biggest need is for EMTs….I hope Mr. Walker sues the fuck out of these shortsided idiots ! Basically, he got fired for going to the scene of an accident and helping out a buddy and possibly helping save his life. Police are always required to carry their star in case they run into a public safety situation so they can help and protect the community. Who did Mr. Walker hurt besides some hardon cop’s ego and feelings. At the end of the day a 1%er is just like anyone else, trying to provide for his family , help out his friends and get home safe at the end of his shift. If this case doesn’t scream discrimination it’s awfully close…

  6. Just Me Says:

    @ Alex Walker, 100% Agree!!!
    @ Mark, Right on!!!
    @ Aging Rebel, Excellent reporting!!!

    Holbrook changed many lives with his Jerry Springer reporting and by far is it for the good!!! Now, Anastasia Dawson wants to follow in his unworthy ways!
    Anastasia Dawson should be reporting on the 5 guilty for the murder of Paul Anderson, attempted murder of James Costa and arson as she runs nonsense articles regarding Clint Walker, James Costa and The Outlaws with zero mercy of bashing, harassment and lies!
    The reports should have been about the guilty that are in the process of going to court for those heinous crimes!
    Why isn’t that being reported on???
    Where’s the article regarding Cody Wesling being a Polk County Firefighter while he participated in these heinous crimes???
    As for Costa’s vest, Clint Walker did absolutely nothing wrong!!! Police are not legally allowed to take the vest. When Costa was asked for his vest, he declined. Costa only allowed the vest to be photographed ONLY in his wife’s presence.
    Clint Walker obviously is not James Costa’s wife!!!!
    So as you see and know, there’s many more lies and slander from the local media who continue to put these men and their families in danger!!!
    Another article Dawson may want to consider is; Why do many police officers belong to MC’s as law enforcement considers MC members criminals and a danger to society? They wear three piece rockers, dress like bikers and ride Harley’s? Why is that aloud?

    Thank you Aging Rebel for your stellar and true reporting!

  7. freebird Says:

    @ Mark

    The short answer is yes

    The longer answer is MOST make more working side hustles than they do on duty

    Case in point is the President of the union for the drunk cops in Pittsburgh who decided the Pagans were punching bags

    He filed a grievance that another officer working on the side was getting paid more than him

    A really retarded Arbitrator ruled in his favor, way outside the language of the collective bargaining agreement

    Commonwealth court shot that shit down in flames

    For those interested, enjoy……


  8. jrino Says:

    Choice to put on the 1% badge, and get hassled out of a job. Not saying it’s fair but your nuts not to consider the consequences when you work for the county or state. Life ain’t always fair. He had to know that going into the club.

  9. Paladin Says:

    @ Mark

    In L.A., LAPD motor officers that work off-duty traffic control jobs for movie productions have to provide their own bikes, but are otherwise working in full uniform.

    Long May You Ride,


  10. Phuquehed Says:

    As I said elsewhere, fuck that stinking cunt Charlotte Gold! She’s just another ignorant one of the sheeple, except that she’s one of the fewer of that group that is corrupt *AND* stupid along with the ignorant and holds some kind of government job (I know, that’s redundant with corrupt).

    Up your ass sideways with a devil’s walking stick, Charlotte Gold!!

  11. Alex Walker Says:

    Thank you so much for doing your research before writing this article. A lot of the news outlets like Tampa Bay Times (reporter Anastasia Dawson) and ABC action news (Jarrod Holbrook) wrote thier stories without really researching any of the facts. They have no idea the burden and danger they have put on our family because of thier misinformation to the public.
    Thank you again!

  12. freebird Says:

    Holbrook has now left television for politics

    Guess he figured he caused enough damage there and got a man shot, so time to move on

    In a way he was prospecting for the real criminal gang in this country…


  13. Mark Says:

    Walker likely saved Hillsborough County a lawsuit because there was no warrant for the Cut, the Cut was not part of any crime. In fact the Cut was on a person who was the victim of the violent crime of, Attempted Murder. So a Hillsborough deputy sheriff was going to take that crime victim’s personal property because he, the deputy wanted to be a Prick. The deputy had no legal right to take the Cut, period, end of story. Walker likely saved the county many thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money keeping that deputy from taking something he had no legal right to take. As a matter of fact, Ms. Gold overlooked the fact that Walker had the law on this side and was doing the correct legal actions and that was keeping the victim of a very serious violent crime to become, yet again a crime victim of theft while he was fighting for his life. Walker needs to sue Hillsborough County in a real court because what he did, did not call for him to be fired, that a stretch. I wonder if cops in FL anywhere, work off duty in full cop gear as security officers or private events.

  14. Paladin Says:

    Based on the facts as reported in Rebel’s story, I’m not convinced that the county would prevail if Walker chose to challenge his termination in court.


  15. Straight Shooter Says:

    After a few moments of researching this reporter, bingo: https://www.tampabay.com/tampa/yes-tampa-mayoral-candidate-david-straz-is-very-very-rich-20190116/ Very rich man hires said reporter as a spokesman (Propaganda spinster) for his bid for mayor of Tampa.

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