Trolls Fear Me

October 20, 2018

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Trolls Fear Me

Dear Oink,

I think I am going to go ahead and publish this comment because it epitomizes the kind of crap I get every day from the sorts of people, like Darrin Kozlowski, I scare. I like to scare people like you.

This came from a proxy server in Austria. That’s how brave this guy is. I think the best way to deal with this crap is to shine a light on it. And since I have decided to run it I should probably clarify a few things.

First, as should be obvious, federal police read this site daily. I don’t think anybody who comments here says anything they would not say in a bar. They shouldn’t. But you know, if this guy can convince you that it is an act of foolishness or bravery to read my words, then go ahead and do what you feel. Although, I do wonder who thinks you should never visit this site again. What should you do instead? What site should you visit?

Second, I am not Paladin. I have never been a cop. I think I met Paladin once.

Third, my name is indeed “Donald Charles Davis.” That’s outstanding investigating, you moron. That’s what it says on the books. Most guys call me “Rebel.” That’s what it says on this site. Some women call me “Donnie.” Not everybody knows that. Just yesterday, a guy with a Pulitzer called me “Don.”

Fourth, I did not offer to testify in the Carrizal trial. I was not asked to testify. I did hear Darrin Kozlowski lie on the witness stand and I did point that out to three people. One of them was Casie Gotro.

Fifth, the most basic police work should show that I renewed the motorcycle endorsement on my license in January and that my insurance payments are up to date. It is the same, sorry, old 2005 Dyna. I stopped writing features about going on the road about four years ago. I know a lot of guys liked to read them. I just ran out of fresh things to say about how the wind feels and how the motor sounds and the crap that appears out of nowhere in the middle of the 605. I almost wrote one about bending my front wheel when I missed all but one piece of firewood that fell off a pickup truck but I never got around to it.

Sixth, yep my server farm is Dreamhost and actually they don’t just roll over for the pigs. It is a lot tougher to search this site than you make it out to be. And, most importantly, there is nothing to search anyway. It all gets published. You really don’t know shit about my methods.

Seventh, a great deal of effort over the years has gone into discrediting me. Ten years ago ATF Agent John Ciccone was literally telling people I was a child molester and that they shouldn’t comment on the site or talk to me. Now you are calling me an undercover spy. Really? It isn’t just federal agents. Lots of strangers go out of their way to publicly call me a liar. Here is a little something for all you investigative geniuses out there. Knock yourselves out.

Finally, I just have to say, comments like this one tell me I am probably doing a pretty good job at this. I haven’t gotten anybody out of prison yet and I haven’t gotten any Assistant US Attorneys locked up yet but I am still working on it. Keep inspiring me Oink.


Here is Oink’s comment in case you missed it.



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[email protected]

You guys are suckers. Davis said he offered to testify in regards to Darrin’s bike. The thing is, supposedly “Davis” and “Paladin” trotted off, have gun will travel to Texas, and both offered to testify. Thing is, I’ve asked around and only one person showed up & offered Ms. Gotro anything in regards to testimony.
“Donald Charles Davis” is “Rebel” is “Paladin”.

Pen Name “Donald Charles Davis” is a lie just like his “Lazaruses” he talks about above.

He doesn’t ride, he was never in an MC that ended in a double murder or any other MC.
This is just a honey pot for him to gather information. Any of you who contributed to this site- you’ve been fooled.

If you are in a 1% club the best thing you can do is never visit this site again and pass the word regionally and nationally.

I’m honest about what I am- I am one of your “pigs”. We’re watching, and as far as his “server security” and the IO being the first to access it- that was a lie of Davis’s too. Dreamhost and ProxyProtection are in full cooperation with the federal government. That’s where his server is hosted. Anytime we want to check up on any information being sent to “Don” it’s just a form letter and a click away.

Honestly, with the way compartmentalization works, “Donald Charles Davis” is probably one of us.
I doubt Darrin ever said anything about sticking any steel in “Don” either. If he did, they were laughing over a beer. That’s just not Darrin.

As for anyone in WHINSEC, that’s US Marshal Service business.

Keep in mind, we know who every one of you are. We know who “Davis” is.

I might get a tongue lashing for this if I get found out, but that is all. I just wanted to remind you that all you children are is good for a laugh.

Ask Gotro.



76 Responses to “Trolls Fear Me”

  1. fayettenamhoe Says:

    Dear Gandalf,

    I believe you meant to say, “Fuck Off, Eat Dhit, And Die.”

    hell on two wheels,
    rebel said it best, life is to live and love
    take them all out for suds, watch them fall to
    pieces, then take his woman away and fuck
    her eyeballs out, if she stays? kick her out

  2. fayettenamhoe Says:

    October 23, 2018 at 9:54 am
    Dear Gandalf,

    I believe you meant to say, “Fuck Off, Eat Dhit, And Die.”


    hell on two wheels

  3. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    You are some strange mofos…..

  4. oldskewl Says:

    Don’t ya love when you acknowledge you “might have” made a mistake” in a comment, maybe you jumped the gun and acknowledge it like a man, in case it was a “mistake” then don’t get any acknowledgement back?
    Even a “Fuck you” will suffice but to be ignored say’s a lot about one’s character.

    Love this site, a lot of solid people in it and I know a lot of solid people read it. It’s too bad some can’t get out of their own way.


  5. Austin Says:

    @ Hangaround & Drifter ; Thank You BOTH – use of internet at it’s finest. Find those cucarachas and shine a BigAss light their way. I was glad for the context also.

    This crowd here could source facts like nobodies business. When you are truly interested, and if you have even a tiny bit of real information…

    I just start with Google. Try Opera & Yahoo too. I also like Spokeo. You can crossmatch with multiple similar sites as each has a different small hint. Newspapers, ancestry, reverse411, high school alumni groups on facebook… cast a wide net – you will turn up something. Google Earth is great, you can even catch a vehicle in a driveway if you are lucky – but – Zillow for the apn# in conjunction with the county tax assessor land use site (building permits, red tags) is where the treasure lies.

    Happy Hunting y’all

  6. Gandalf Says:

    So really, what does it say about a guy who would blame me for being Oink when He thinks I’m not reading? I never cared about Paladin being an X cop until just now. When I realized that was a Cop move. He thought I wasn’t reading…. Thought He could blame me and His toadies all say, “Yea, Fuck Gandalf” I gotta wonder what else I got blamed for and missed… and what I will be blamed for in the future. THATS the kind of guy Paladin is… He knew DAM RIGHT WELL Oink didn’t write like me.… That was no “mistake”… It was PURE Cop. AMAZING! Honor? Respect? LOL I think not. He should just stop using these words.

  7. Shovel Says:

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking why Rebel? Why? Well, I thought, as weird as the comments have been around here lately, why not?


    I apologize Gandalf; usually the drop-down menu for the Name (required) has only my name which I click:

    Gandalf Says:
    October 23, 2018 at 11:02 am

    “@ Oldskewl. Click on Paladin’s name. The blue link. Then click on his “Friends”. NOT 1 BIKER… NOT 1 bike. All dot heads, Muslims and Russians… Go Figure.”

    Let me make it clear Gandalf, sir (Gandalf-san), I’m not a Biker, I don’t have what it takes. I’m a gang-banger: “Fuck the Consequences (F.T.C.).” 1%ers will think before they pull the trigger, I don’t. Bikers will think before they shoot off their big fat gobs, I never have. Pagan’s won’t fight cops, Mexicanas (take a closer look at my page) do. Adios Amigo:

  8. panamaa Says:

    “FF Says:
    Gandalf hijacked another thread LOL”

    FF, I beginning to expect it by now….. Like a bad dream. No matter HOW many time he say’s he’s never coming back, he ALWAYS comes back…..


  9. freebird Says:

    @ Hangaround

    Recycling…… that made me laugh

    My second guess would have been a funeral home that has a crematorium on site

    sweet find amigo….

  10. Sandmann Says:

    @Hangaround: Wow – nice work!
    I’d love to find a similar tool to help me find my “missing” *cough* biological father…

    @Drifter: Thanks for providing context.

    Respect to the deserving,

  11. Neuro Says:

    Excellent work Hangaround.

  12. drifter Says:

    Article to go with Hangaround’s post.

    Yeah, nice hook up…Respects…

    @Gandalf, lighten up, sheesh. You are on a scooter trash site, what do you expect, seeping tea, buttered croissants, and bridge mix in crystal to quell the chocolate urge?

  13. FF Says:

    Gandalf hijacked another thread LOL

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hangaround,

    Nice catch.


  15. Hangaround Says:

    For those more interested in what “some people” are doing for biz these days vs name calling

    PS why the fuck does my pc refuse to post this

  16. Gandalf Says:

    So when I was a kid our neighbor behind us was batshit crazy. Mrs. Kelly. Stayed up all night every night and the glow from her TV always on. She had a dog named Mugzie and Mugzie hated us. Muzie had no fence just a bush wall all around. On 1 side we had to go through the ally between the bush wall and a building… every day to school. Mugzie barking and trying to bite us through the bush. To be fair I had 2 brothers and I’m guessing we tormented Mugzie… Anyway, back to you guys… Mrs Kelly once called me on the phone when I was about 12… “Why are you cutting down my trees!” Why does this concern you guys???? BECAUSE I AINT CUTTING DOWN YOUR FUCKING TREES MRS KELLY…. IM ONLY 12 YEARS OLD! To all you Mrs Kellys… Have a Nice Day.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    OMG!!!! Sieg thinks I hacked Paladins account. Bahahhahahah I’M TOO STUPID TO HACK! My God you people….are M A D!

  18. Paladin Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    October 23, 2018 at 11:02 am

    “@ Oldskewl. Click on Paladin’s name. The blue link. Then click on his “Friends”. NOT 1 BIKER… NOT 1 bike. All dot heads, Muslims and Russians… Go Figure.”

    Hey Jackass;

    The poster that used my name (in blue) is eochaidh.oghachruithne.35 Your first clue would be the missing chess piece next to my name. If nothing else, your powers of deduction are in keeping with the rest of your mentality.


  19. oldskewl Says:

    Enough with the pissin matches. if you’re out, you’re out. if you’ve done time then maybe I’m mistaken you for someone else in here that called 1%ers murders, liars and thieves, if so – My bad, I apologize.

    I swear it was you but like I said, I could be wrong. FWIW, I don’t click on links nor do I do social media lookups. I have no idea who anyone in here is nor do I really care. I’m just here to read about the injustice that’s been happening to our world for decades. We’re being torn apart at the seams.


  20. Neuro Says:

    You’ll be back, but as much as we don’t care for each other, I do support you morally against Paladin, for what little it’s worth.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    @ Oldskewl “I don’t know who you are and frankly that’s a good thing for both of us because it keeps me out of jail. One thing I do know, you’re a fucking moron with an opinion on a lifestyle you have no clue about. You call 1%ers “drug smugglers, murders, thieves, addicts” and yet you don’t know one. You couldn’t survive the handshake and eye contact of a 1%er so what gives you the right to comment about their behavior on a site dedicated to the good (and bad) in the life?” (Oldskewl)
    You will never know how wrong every word in this paragraph is. I NEVER SAID THAT about 1%ers and don’t think it either! Jail? LOL. Yes…I do. And I have more right than any Paladin to post on this site based on YOUR qualifications of who has the right to post here. “ONE THING I DO KNOW”…. LOL Ain’t that what Paladin said about me being Oink? Y’all are fucking M A D!

    I have shaken the hand of MANY 1%ers and we consider ourselves friends. They respect me and I them. You know NOTHING about me. Go Away

  22. Gandalf Says:

    I’m done… (again) I don’t expect to comment again so long as Paladin & ??? whoever… Don’t bring my name up again. I truly respect 1%ers and care about their plight… But I fear no one. Especially unknown, self proclaimed, Old School Keyboard tough guys… or the likes of Paladin. Make no mistake about this. Him posting that I am Oink IS THE ONLY REASON I commented again. Good Luck to you all, even you Paladin… I don’t hate you as much as you think. Keep posting because your advice ain’t all bad. Just remember Rule #1… Don’t fuck with people you don’t know. And ditch that FB link. It’s embarrassing.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    @ Oldskewl. Click on Paladin’s name. The blue link. Then click on his “Friends”. NOT 1 BIKER… NOT 1 bike. All dot heads, Muslims and Russians… Go Figure.

  24. Sieg Says:

    grandelf, nice little hack there…so, are you the psychotic mouthwash-drinking cunt, or is “‘she” you?


    Either way, you’re a waste of air and water, and if you’re gonna start jacking with other accounts, you got no business here at all.

    Well, not that you ever did, anyhow…


  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gandalf,

    I believe you meant to say, “Fuck Off, Eat Dhit, And Die.”


  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shovelhead,

    I know who Gandalf is, where he works, about how long he has worked there, where he did his time and what his woman looks like. I believe him to be a good citizen with a past who has a genuine sense of outrage when he thinks somebody is getting framed. For awhile, when I was a little kid, I lived on one side of a swamp. Gandalf lived on the other side of the swamp. He is younger than I am. I know his pet peeves include reckless talk. We don’t double date.


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