Kozlowski Preparing To Testify

October 18, 2018

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Kozlowski Preparing To Testify

Darrin Kozlowski is getting ready to testify again.

This week he was practicing his lies in Los Angeles Magazine, in a propaganda piece titled “How I Infiltrated One of L.A.’s Most Vicious Motorcycle Gangs—and Lived to Talk About It: You can read all 6,500 lying words about how “ATF agent Darrin Kozlowski went deep undercover to take down the Hollywood chapter of the Vagos.” here.

The story is a tidying up, a cleaning of stories in preparation for Kozlowski’s testimony in either the pending, federal Mongols case in Orange County or the pending, federal Vagos case in Vegas. The point of the feature is to patch a big crack in the Koz’s ever changing line of crap.

Koz And Robert Herrick

Koz, at least according to Mike Kessler who wrote the Los Angeles feature, is now retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives. Kessler says the former agent retired last year. Last year the former agent said under oath that he was still working undercover.

Darrin Kozlowski is not the poster boy for truth. He should be the poster boy for the ATF because for the last 30 years he has epitomized the ATF’s win at all cost approach to criminal justice. Throughout his career, Kozlowski seems to have done whatever he has had to do, entrapped whoever he has had to entrap, ignored whatever he has had to ignore and said whatever he has had to say in order to humiliate and defeat the iconoclastic alpha males who join outlaw motorcycle clubs.

I don’t talk to Kozlowski. I have never talked to Kozlowski. But, I have always thought it was probably Kozlowski who told me in an email that “somebody should shove a little steel in” me. People who know me well know that is my favorite death threat ever because the onomatopoetic alliteration reminds me of the cavalier poet Robert Herrick. Say the words softly aloud. They sound like a stabbing, don;t they. I have always thought the psychopath who told me that was probably special. And, I have always thought Kozlowski as a special psychopath.


Kozlowski got his start in the Milwaukee field office of the ATF. His first investigations were into the ugly series of bombings, shootings, stabbings and brawls between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws in the Upper Midwest.

Some of those cases dragged on for years. An Outlaw named Randy Mark Yager wasn’t captured until 2014. The Marshals and Federales finally caught him in Ensenada, Mexico and to make sure they broke him they killed his long-time girlfriend, a concert musician named Margie Jelovic. Another Outlaw named Orville Jerome “Southside Orvie” Cochran wasn’t captured until 2017 after he tried to shoplift a back brace.

One of the Outlaw cases prosecuted in Milwaukee at the end of the last millennium was titled United States versus O’Neill. It was named for Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill. O’Neill had once been an outstanding high school athlete. He got his nickname when a volleyball bounced off his head. And he described Kozlowski as a “narcissistic psycho unleashed by his masters to wreak havoc on the public.”

Another Narcissistic Psycho

Kozlowski picked up a protégé in Wisconsin, a professional snitch named Steve “Kaos” Veltus.

Veltus is the black sheep of a family of accountants in Racine, Wisconsin and a small time drug dealer who went to work for Kozlowski, and the ATF after he was arrested for possession of about an ounce of crack cocaine and a pound of marijuana in 2003. He was most visible during an infiltration of the Mongols that was eventually called Operation Black Rain. That operation, which ended ten years ago, forms the core of the charges in the current Mongols Nation case.

Veltus worked in cooperation with his wife Anna. They used multiple aliases. A particularly interesting one was the surname Lazara, an obvious reference to Lazarus of Bethany, a figure in the New Testament who died and then rose from the dead. Near the end of Black Rain Veltus and his family were moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Missoula, Montana,

ATF informants are routinely allowed to break laws with impunity as part of their outlaw personas. Under the protection of the ATF, Veltus was a loose cannon in Montana. He pulled a gun on a University of Montana student. He bragged that he was about to join the witness protection program. He used a cell phone with a Boston phone number.

He offered to buy a restaurant from an old woman in Sula. He moved in. Two months later he disappeared. Before he did he tried to burn the restaurant down in an unsuccessful attempt to conceal a marijuana grow and an illegally taken elk. He also stole at least $2700 in cash. The total loss to the restaurant owner was $18,000.

By the time the owner realized what had happened, Veltus was already in witness protection in Seattle. Thw owner’s son did track Veltus to the ATF. The owner threatened to publicize the incidents if the ATF didn’t pay for the damage Veltus had done. An ATF case agent threatened to put the owner in jail if she did.

In Seattle, the Veltus family became Steven Maschari and Anamarie Isabell Maschari. After the commotion in Montana they were relocated as the Mascharis to Appleteon, Wisconsin where Steve Veltus/ Lazara/ Maschari was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place and Manufacture/Delivery of more than 200 grams of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Possession with Intent to Distribute THC. All the charges were dismissed shortly before the Mascharis left Appleton. At the time, they were the respondents in two ongoing civil suits. The Aging Rebel believes that Steve Veltus/ Lazara/ Maschari is now engaged in the legal marijuana business in Puyallup, Washington.

More Koz

Besides turning Steve Veltus loose on the world to serve the greater good of entrapping motorcycle outlaws, Kozlowski may have been an accessory before the fact in the murder of a Mongol named Manuel “Hitman” Martin. Martin was murdered as he rode on the Glendale Freeway at the conclusion of Operation Black Rain.

During his career Kozlowski has verifiably patched into the Mongols and the Warlocks Motorcycle clubs. He has been a sort Forrest Gump of the federal war on motorcycle clubs. He was part of the infiltration of the Sons of Silence in Colorado Springs. He was a source for Kerrie Droban’s book about Jay Dobyn’s Running With The Devil. He was undercover in Laughlin. He joined the Mongols after members of the club spotted his picture in William Queen’s memoir Under And Alone: The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America’s Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. According to multiple sources, then Mongols’ president Reuben “Doc” Cavazos was so enamored with Kozlowski that he refused to believe his new friend was a cop.

Koz Lies

Kozlowski also, famously, passed a lie detector test, administered at the insistence of a respec tfully regarded Mongol named Mike Munz, and passed. The lie detector test may say something about Kozlowski’s skill as a liar under pressure. For example, when lying under oath.

I heard Kozlowski lie under oath last October 12 at the trial of Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal in Waco. Kozlowski testified that he had patched into the Vagos. He testified to that multiple times. It was a lie and if somebody had bothered to call him on it, his testimony would have been disqualified and, probably, the prosecuttion’s case would have been damaged. At the least, it would have accelerated the eventual mistrial.

Kozlowski was the case agent for a Vago informant named Charles Ashley Wyatt – whose Lazarus name and celebrity name is Charles Falco – when Wyatt tried to entrap the Vagos. But Kozlowski was never a Vago. The story of why and how. Along with stories of how “crazy” Koz is, are in Queen’s book.

According to Queen, who published his version in 2005, Kozlowski lent the ATF owned motorcycle he had used to entrap Outlaws in Milwaukee, to a Vago hang around. The idea was that the hang around might eventually join the club and then sponsor Kozlowski for membership. But it never got that far. The hang around died in a traffic accident on the ATF bike.

Queen’s Version

“After the fatal accident,” Queen wrote, on page 35 of the hardback edition, in case you want to read along at home, “the Vagos went to the deceased CI’s wife and threatened her, demanding to know why her husband had been on a bike owned by the federal government. The terrorized woman gave up everything – that her husband was working as an informant for the ATF, and that Koz was in fact an undercover agent.

“With his cover blown while deep inside an outlaw biker gang, Darrin Kozlowski should be dead today. The fact that he’s alive and well is not for lack of various Vagos efforts to see otherwise. When the investigation went south, Koz got a phone call from one Vago acting as if nothing was amiss and wanting to arrange a meet. The sixth sense that frequently saves a cop’s ass served Koz well that day, and he didn’t show up for the meet. Nevertheless, the Vagos found out where he lived, began to terrorize his family, and threatened him repeatedly.

“But Koz was no one to mess with. A tall, strapping, Midwestern boy with a quick smile, an easy laugh, and an affable demeanor, Koz refused to relocate or cower. Eventually ATF had to assign members of our crack Special Response Team – armed with assault rifles – to move in with Koz’s family for a couple of weeks.”


As soon as Kozlowski testified, I told Carrizal’s attorney, Casie Gotro about the apparent perjury. Gotro, whose approach to Carrizal’s defense was, at best, half-assed, did ask Kozlowski under cross examination if he had really been a Vago. “Are you sure? You were a Vago?” But when Kozlowski, who passed a lie detector test with Mike Munz staring over his shoulder, didn’t crack Gotro gave up and let it go.

The day it happened, I reported the apparent perjury here.

Even Waco courts create and preserve a transcript of what witnesses say under oath. And now, as Kozlowski obviously prepares to testify again, the Texas transcript is a loose end. Either Queen lied or Kozlowski lied under oath. From a prosecutor’s point of view, it would be a lot better if Queen lied in a book instead of Kozlowski lying on the stand.

Kessler’s Gets Paid

So, Mike Kessler’s payday in Los Angeles Magazine is all about Kozlowski’s “successful infiltration of the Vagos.” The piece was commissioned and written solely to back stop Kozlowski’s perjury in Waco last year.

In this year’s version of the story, the Vagos didn’t care that Kozlowski’s bike was registered to the ATF, in Milwaukee, or that Koz acknowledged being from Milwaukee. Queen must have been mistaken.

“Maybe the Vagos knew someone in the LAPD who pulled the VIN off Junior’s bike and linked it to ATF,” Koz/Kessler explains. “In any case, I figured it was a lost cause. But a week later my pager went off. It was Big Rick. I had more bravado on the phone: ‘You’re probably calling to tell me you checked into my story and learned it’s all bullshit. And guess what? You’re right. You guys had some hair up your ass about who I am, talkin’ about cops and ATF and a bunch of other nonsense. I don’t know any of you, and I had no reason to trust any of you, so I fed you some bullshit and got the hell out of there. I didn’t know where you were going or if you were gonna take a pipe to my head or what. And you know you’d have done the same damn thing.’”

“Rick didn’t seem fazed,” Los Angeles Magazine explains. “‘Hey man,’ he said, ‘I’m just calling because we’re having a function this weekend at the clubhouse. We want you to come back.’”

So Koz soon got his bottom rocker. “They eased up and gave me my bottom rocker – the part of the patch that says ‘SoCal’ on it.”

And, he became a real Vago after all.

“Then after a minute or two – it felt like hours – it all came to a stop. Lars handed me my full patch, grinned, and said, ‘Get that patch on.’ Everybody started cheering.”

It was a great ATF success.

“When we left, my cover team was watching for me, assuming I’d be at the back of the pack. But I was closer to the middle. After they finally spotted me, they were high-fiving one another. ‘He got his patch! He’s in!’”

Yay ATF!!

And then, two weeks later, the Vagos took Kozlowski’s patch back.

“So I gave him my patch, vest and all. He was kicking me out of the Vagos two weeks after I was patched in and seven months into an operation that had taken me away from my wife, my newborn, and my two-year-old.”

So to reiterate, in this week’s version of reality, Kozlowski really did patch into the Vagos. Los Angeles Magazine, a very important publication, just said so. Koz just said so in print. So he didn’t perjure himself in Texas last year. He is not really a liar because he only really lies to “bad guys.” So he can testify again.

That’s the bottom line. Koz is credible again. So he can testify again.

Yay ATF! Agaiu!


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  1. Liveshere Says:

    Randy Yager wasn’t captured in Ensenada, he was captured at La Maroma bar in Rosarito Beach. Margie led the Mexican PEP police on a high speed 15 minute chase before returning to the bar where Randy was.. As she approached the bar with multiple police cars on her bumper she lost control of the vehicle which rolled several times into a Joshua tree directly across the street from where Randy was. It was later determined that someone had shot her as she approached and that was how she lost control on a straight road. There is a memorial at the spot where she died to this day which is maintained by friends they made while living there for 17 years. He was my closest friend in Mexico, so trust me when I say, that is how and where it went down.

  2. 1ncewas1 Says:

    Nothing deep or philosophical to say but, KOZ you are a cunt.

  3. Concerned Citizen Says:

    I hope this piece of shit koz gets cancer fuck him fuck the feds and fuck those pieces of shit that give them information. Koz is riding a fame train for not doing shit but getting found out he was a fed. How is it he can testify in these trials but was never fully patched in any of these clubs he tried to infiltrate? Bet money ol boy wasn’t shit in high school so he got himself a badge do he could be a somebody smh.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    “The Aging Rebel believes that Steve Veltus/ Lazara/ Maschari is now engaged in the legal marijuana business in Puyallup, Washington.”

    Any more info on this you would be willing to publish? Full disclosure: I live in the Puget Sound Area, know people involved with legal marijuana, and would love to make sure this piece of shit could never sell another legal dime bag in his life.

  5. Hangaround Says:

    @I-Know ( nothing ) If you bothered to read anything from “this” https://www.agingrebel.com/category/the-rebel-rides portion of the site you would intuitively know that Rebel does indeed have a history of riding motorcycles. Obviously you are just another PIG practicing serving up lies to the public.

  6. Johnny Rotten Says:

    i think this is fitting for multiple items and entris in this post and many others by our host…

    thank you Rebel for all you do.

    respects to those deserving


  7. Apollo Says:

    I love a happy ending!


  8. SlimFMC Says:

    Another worthless pig piece of shit with little dick and bully issues. Oink, go fuck yourself. Oh no he knows who I am. Good luck I have multiple personalities.

  9. Paladin Says:

    Is it a coincidence that in a prior thread, I called out the coward Lee West as being Gandalf and now “IKnow-AskGotro” is accusing Rebel and myself as being one and the same? Um….no.


  10. Not Surprised Says:

    If Koz was patched, ATF protocol would be photographic evidence of him wearing a cut.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    If Liz was ever patched, protocol would be an ATE photo wearing his cut.

  12. FF Says:


    A cry for help? You sound like you’re in a lot of pain. That’s usually what happens when you dance with the devil… eventually you have to pay the fiddler. It usually occurs to men mesmerized by charismatic sociopaths too late. Sucks to be you.

  13. New England Rider Says:

    “Keep in mind, we know who everyone of you are.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You must be bored shitless “knowing” who I am!! Do you follow me around my 600 square foot home in the boring-ass town I’m from?!? Do you watch me trudge off to work every day at 7 and drag my ass home at 6?!

    As Ron White once famously joked, “you caught the tater!!” HAHAHAHA! Jackass.

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  14. Woodstock Says:

    You too Koz.

  15. Woodstock Says:

    Oink. Fuck you.

  16. IKnow-AskGotro Says:

    You guys are suckers. Davis said he offered to testify in regards to Darrin’s bike. The thing is, supposedly “Davis” and “Paladin” trotted off, have gun will travel to Texas, and both offered to testify. Thing is, I’ve asked around and only one person showed up & offered Ms. Gotro anything in regards to testimony.

    “Donald Charles Davis” is “Rebel” is “Paladin”.

    Pen Name “Donald Charles Davis” is a lie just like his “Lazaruses” he talks about above.

    He doesn’t ride, he was never in an MC that ended in a double murder or any other MC.

    This is just a honey pot for him to gather information. Any of you who contributed to this site- you’ve been fooled.

    If you are in a 1% club the best thing you can do is never visit this site again and pass the word regionally and nationally.

    I’m honest about what I am- I am one of your “pigs”. We’re watching, and as far as his “server security” and the IO being the first to access it- that was a lie of Davis’s too. Dreamhost and ProxyProtection are in full cooperation with the federal government. That’s where his server is hosted. Anytime we want to check up on any information being sent to “Don” it’s just a form letter and a click away.

    Honestly, with the way compartmentalization works, “Donald Charles Davis” is probably one of us.

    I doubt Darrin ever said anything about sticking any steel in “Don” either. If he did, they were laughing over a beer. That’s just not Darrin.

    As for anyone in WHINSEC, that’s US Marshal Service business.

    Keep in mind, we know who everyone of you are. We know who “Davis” is.

    I might get a tongue lashing for this if I get found out, but that is all. I just wanted to remind you that all you children are is good for a laugh.

    Ask Gotro.


  17. Apollo Says:

    I’d like to stick a light bulb in Koz’s mouth, and then make him sneeze

  18. just tom Says:

    Koz is just another piece of shit. I’m sure Rebel,the piece of steel you mentioned would be in the back. Low life cock sucker.

  19. Gordo Says:

    People believe BS

    I said it before and I’ll say it again

    It’s not what the truth is

    It’s what it is perceived to be

    CI’s, rats and those mentioned in Rebels post make a living by bullshitting

    Either to save their own asses or to promote themselves

    There will be a book now

    I’ve seen the Queen and Falco stuff

    Dont trust no one

    Very few humans I put my trust in

  20. Aanon Says:

    If you could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth you would be rich.

  21. New England Rider Says:

    Why won’t this guy just go away?! Retire or something. Stop ruining lives and fade into obscurity.

    New England Rider

  22. Paladin Says:

    Kozlowski and Elizabeth Warren have a lot in common.


  23. Sandmann Says:

    I tried to read the article you linked above.

    I really tried.

    However, I wasn’t able to stomach this guy’s self-righteous bullshit fpr more than half a page.

    Sorry for that.

    Respect to the deserving,

  24. Stevo Says:

    Kozlowski is a professional bullshit artist. For a living he befriends people, and then betrays them.I honestly dont know how slimy little pieces of dog shit like him look at them selves in the mirror to shave without slashing their own throats in disgust.

  25. commonsense Says:

    I’m a book reader. I read every book on Gotti, Sammy Gravano ..Mikey Featherstone and Whitey Bulger. They all got nailed by the RICO act. Then they came for the motorcycle clubs. Could you imagine how flipped out LE would be if the HA’s and the Mongols merged? Yeah I know we all need someone to hate….Just saying

  26. Aanon Says:

    Coz my dad’s dick couldn’t get deep enough I’m only a partial man.

  27. freebird Says:

    To say he is a legend in his own mind would qualify as as an understatement

    IMO he is dated……. like flip phone dated

    Is this the best they can do….. where is the new super hero of the ATF

    If were lucky his power-point presentation will get mixed up with his colonoscopy video and the jury will be able to see past his asshole…….

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