Jake “Bounce 1%er” Kobylarz

October 17, 2018

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Jake “Bounce 1%er” Kobylarz

Jake “Bounce 1%er” Kobylarz, a proud member of the Westside Detroit chapter of the American Outlaws Association, died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. October 16.

There will be a gathering in honor of Kobylarz this Friday evening at the Westside Detroit Outlaw Motorcycle Club clubhouse at 16815 West Warren Avenue. in Detroit.

Kobylarz’ body will be cremated. His last ride, to the crematorium, will leave the Westside clubhouse this Saturday, October 20, at noon.

His brothers remember Jake “Bounce 1%er” Kobylarz as a standup man. He will be missed.

Requiscat In Pace


19 Responses to “Jake “Bounce 1%er” Kobylarz”

  1. Gargoyle Says:

    Bounce 1%er was more then a Good Man, he was all that was best in US. A man that stood for something, I didn’t want to believe it! Yet I’m brought to my knees when I heard hours ago. My Condolences go out to your girls an Brandy. May you rest now, Thank you for many years as a friend an brother.

  2. Aanon Says:

    Rest in peace sir. I hope that today the mood is heavy, and the pig presence isn’t. At least where these men are taking their last trip with a friend.

  3. Anon Says:

    Mr. Kobylarz was taken away from Brandy, two beautiful little girls, and his brothers.

    His loss is deeply.

    Condolences to Brandy, the girls, his brothers, and his blood family.

    One Way…

  4. RtC Says:

    CONDOLENCES to Brothers, family & friends of Outlaw Bounce1%er

  5. SugarPlum Says:

    Respects and Condolences to the AOA, Family, friends and loved ones of Bounce1%er

  6. Oregon Moose Says:

    Condolences to those who knew him. RIP


  7. Big Bry Says:

    RIP. Condolences to his brothers, family and friends.

  8. FF Says:

    My condolences

  9. freebird Says:


    Condolences to both his families

  10. JMacK Says:

    Condolences and Respects to the Family and Outlaw Brothers. RIP.


  11. Banger Says:

    Bounce was a great Brother. He always took care of me when I visited the D. Condolences to his Brothers, Wife and kids.

  12. Sieg Says:

    RIP Outlaw Bounce 1%’er GBNF

    Seated in the Great Hall of Warriors

  13. Martyn shaw Says:

    Rest in peace brother OFFO
    Gruff 1%er
    Omc england

  14. Adios Says:

    Rest in Peace Brother we will have our last ride together Saturday until we meet in the Forever Chapter GBNF OffO

  15. New England Rider Says:

    Condolences to Mr. Kobylarz, his family, and his brothers in the MC. May he rest in peace.

    New England Rider

  16. Tiger Says:

    Met Bounce once years ago. Good dude. Was so sorry to hear of his passing. Ride on Bounce be at peace. My condolences to his brothers and his family.

  17. rocco151 Says:

    Condolences to his family, friends and brothers ! GBNF !

  18. CatfishOCNY Says:

    Condolences to those who loved him. Rest Easy.

  19. Bone Head Says:

    Rest in peace Jake. Condolences to your brothers.

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