Police Beat Pagans, Pagans Charged

October 15, 2018

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Police Beat Pagans, Pagans Charged

Six Pittsburgh narcotics officers using Tasers and pepper spray assaulted four Pagans Motorcycle Club members at Kopy’s Bar in Pittsburgh late Thursday night.

The smallest Pagan, five foot, nine inch, 175 pound, Frank Deluca (the badly beaten man in the photo lineup above) was treated at a hospital for multiple, non-life threatening injuries before being booked.

Police claimed Deluca provoked the fight by yelling at one of the officers and pushing him. Deluca was punched and kicked by multiple assailants after an undercover officer named Brian Burgunder grabbed him by his ponytail.

Deluca was charged with five counts of aggravated assault, conspiracy and riot. Victims Michael Zokaites, Erik Hertzrater and Bruce Thomas were also charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and riot.

According to Jonathan D. Silver writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “four narcotics detectives were working undercover,” were sitting inside inside Kopy’s because it had been “the target of complaints about being a site for drug dealing” when six Pagans arrived.

After other customers identified the four as police officers, two of the Pagans left and the four men who were eventually charged sat down near the cops.

According to the official account, Deluca became enraged after a sergeant and a uniformed officer arrived. According to the Post-Gazette, Deluca “would not listen to police…and started kicking and punching.”

Deluca and Hertzrater were lawfully carrying pistols when the fight started.


30 Responses to “Police Beat Pagans, Pagans Charged”

  1. Paladin Says:

    JOHN COKOS Says:
    October 21, 2018 at 6:06 am

    “Paladin: Sage advice,If you don’t mind a beat, down go for it.”

    There is an art to living free within the spaces of the spider’s web. If you fail to master this art, like so many others, you will be eaten.

    Long May You Ride,


  2. FF Says:


    Ha ha ha!

  3. JOHN COKOS Says:

    Paladin: Sage advice,If you don’t mind a beat, down go for it. Not very good for the Pagan Hard Charging 1% image. Must be the time’s.

    “The Citizen’s Review Board” ? You can wipe your ass with that one after your done your business. Right up there with Police Reports and all the paperwork that follows.
    Creative Fiction at it’s best… Fuck, Hemingway has nothing on these guys when it comes to it.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    All I see are pigs beating on people who are down or handcuffed. The only fuck-holes I hear are pigs cussing.

    Those fucking pigs are lying through their teeth, but that’s nothing new for pigs.

  5. What Ever Says:

    Yes, it would probably not have gone down with Gotilla- being that he was a Pennsylvania cop.

  6. Hangaround Says:

    At the bottom of the story that Not Surprised posted a link too, the newspaper is soliciting feedback with a question “do you think the cops acted appropriately”
    You don’t have to log in to vote in this poll and you only have to answer a couple of additional questions.

    Since we all know the court of public opinion is half of the verdict everyone here should take that poll.

    Reposting the link for ease: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/crime-courts/2018/10/13/pittsburgh-police-kopy-s-bar-pagans-undercover-narcotics-detectives-brawl-south-side/stories/201810130079

  7. Johnny Rotten Says:

    this is a link from bnn.
    i tried to post it this morning…
    all is not what they would have you beleive…


    i apologise if the link is fuckered


  8. Aanon Says:

    Disgusting. Probably io somewhere in the group of 4 badged bad asses. I think the official narrative is bullshit.
    Side note…fuck insane throttle. Him and that nig hat setup he has. Bitch ass squeaky voice, get behind the mfers that got Nasty.(rest in peace)

  9. freebird Says:

    @ Shovel

    Insane Throttle advocated in his video shooting cops

    Will have to take your word on that

    I don’t trust that dude….. suspect he may wear IO underwear

    Have to ask yourself, who benefits if some knucklehead does just that….

    Trojan Horse

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovel;

    My comment was based solely on Rebel’s story and what I consider to have been the wise decision of the two Pagans that decided to leave the bar when it was made known that the four individuals in question were narcs. I too would have gone elsewhere.

    The unfortunate thing about “trouble” is that one rarely has to go looking for it.


  11. jrino Says:

    Does anyone know if they were all wearing their patches? I’m curious cause when the uniform officer comes in, I would be inclined to leave. Otherwise the cops would likely start the shit.

  12. Trebor Says:

    Theres a scene in the show Mayans where the boys are hanging out at the Casino.Prospect gets harrassed by drunk off duty cops who call him all kinds of motherfucker.Later when one cop gets his ass handed to him he goes from Shit talking Badass to wimp I’m a cop!Sounds like this is an example of that very thing.Of course cops gonna lie about it.

  13. Shovel Says:

    Russell1946, You’re straying into Club business and besides telling bikers what to do is disrespectful…trying to help a supporter.

    Jake38, In real life, all 4 Black men in a fight with cops would have ended up in the hospital, unless a brave citizen filmed the police attack. Check out Easy-E and Ice-T for a taste of reality from your couch. Before you go off half cocked again, Easy-E collaborated with Brown Mexican rappers to out the pigs.

    Irish Mike, Do you hate every biker or only the Pagans – “Respect the Pagans Fear None.”

    New England Rider, Yeah 4 cops did pick on the Pagans so they could arrest them. That’s what cops do; that’s not just or sarcastic, it’s cowardice.

    Paladin I look up to you, but you dropped the ball this time. COPS LIE.


    Insane Throttle advocated in his video shooting cops. If he’s not an undercover cop or rat, then how can he get away giving bikers bad advice that will only get bikers and their families killed?

  14. russell1946 Says:

    suggestion: if ya wanna drink, go to the Clubhouse.

  15. Jake 38 Says:

    Didn’t seem like much of a brawl as the pagans were compying and on the ground. This would not have gone down that way with the likes of gorilla.
    Now i bet if they were black the cops would have been more civil and bought them beers.

  16. Pat Rizzo Says:

    The so called undercover cops were drinking heavily for at least 4-5 hours prior to the incident. They never identified themselves as police. Their “cover” was never blown. One of them instigated a bar fight hoping to arrest some 1%ers with drugs &/or weapons. Nobody had drugs or illegal weapons. What the videos ive seen show is police misconduct and use of excessive force.

  17. Irish Mike Says:

    Fucking idiots, let’s pick a fight with cops to show how badass we are.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good cops, are those not breathing.

  19. Patty Says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Pagans, their family and friends!

    Insane Throttle has aired two great shows on this story and the first one contains excellent footage from a cell phone!

    Everyone needs to grow some balls and start sticking up for each other and for what is right!

    Did you see that John “Egyptian” Kachbalian got out of jail on Friday …


  20. Shadow Says:

    Sounds like the cops are in over there heads and are lieing there asses off!

  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Apparently, PA is one of the few states you can CCW in a bad as they were not charged

  22. Johnny Rotten Says:

    sickengly sad…

    so sad…
    the tactics are routine..
    routine bitch…
    hairpull, pepperblasts…
    looks like another i went lookin fer some shit and it got up on me…
    hey…im a pig…dontcha know?
    yes discretion is the greater part of valor…
    but thats only when the honour is already in place…

    to those deserving



  23. popeye Says:

    “Hi we’re not police officers. Does anyone have any reefers for sale?”

  24. New England Rider Says:

    So basically four cops intentionally picked a fight with a bunch of Pagans just to be able to arrest them. Yeah this seems somehow like justice. (Sarcasm)

    New England Rider

  25. Hangaround Says:

    Exactly, I was curious about why there would be FOUR ( most likely the entire undercover shift roster ) cops in a bar that seems to be rather small. From the internet
    “Kopy’s has a pool table, dart board, juke box and some other weird game. They have a few high top tables and about 12 bar stools.”

    So I’m guessing just about half of the usual client count for the evening was cops. The other half Pagans.

    and how the fuck does a bar fight become a riot? Since when is yelling at cops “preventing official action”?

    A person is guilty of riot, a felony of the third degree, if he participates with two or more others in a course of disorderly conduct:

    (1) with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony or misdemeanor;

    (2) with intent to prevent or coerce official action; or

    (3) when the actor or any other participant to the knowledge of the actor uses or plans to use a firearm or other deadly weapon.

  26. Uesque Says:

    The Citizen’s Review Board is already investigating so there’s plenty more to the story.

  27. oldskewl Says:

    “four narcotics detectives were working undercover,” were sitting inside inside Kopy’s because it had been “the target of complaints about being a site for drug dealing” when six Pagans arrived.

    I call BS. Total setup. These guys were being wiretapped and the detectives knew they were on the way to the bar. This sin’t some giant bar where 4 detectives can get lost in the crowd, hide and watch drug deals in secret. Also funny how the uniformed cops were so close they were involved in the fight.


  28. Paladin Says:

    “After other customers identified the four as police officers, two of the Pagans left and the four men who were eventually charged sat down near the cops.”

    There are times when discretion is the better part of valor.


  29. freebird Says:

    This does not pass the smell test…..

    Club members are well aware they were undercover, are lawfully carrying and decided we have a great idea lets get into a bar fight with the cops.

    Have to believe there is more to this story…….

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