More Bad Acting Soon Somewhere

October 11, 2018

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More Bad Acting Soon Somewhere

I know what you’ve been wondering for months.

What’s George Christie up to these days, now that you can watch his TV show for free on the net, and his book sales are slowing down, and his one man show, “Outlaw: An Evening With George Christie,” has foundered on the shoals of mediocrity and apathy. Is George going to be alright?

I feel your concern and I want to reassure you that a cat like George will always land on his feet.

George, who is now represented by The Gersh Agency, is busy building his brand as a tough guy actor. Next – trust me, you’ll like this – George will be participating in an online television series called The MobKing. The Mobking has been, sort of, broadcast on Facebook where it has already been viewed more than 165,000 times. Each Facebook episode is about 10 minutes long and the show is about a recently released convict named Mike White who vows to take over the Miami underworld.

Mysterious Publicist

Now according to a press release from a publicist in London named Fred Anderson, who has a Cincinnati phone number and who doesn’t have a website, “producers are set to shoot twelve full-length episodes for television distribution in more than 42 countries. Though set primarily in Florida, the series will be filmed in London, England, and at Marbella Film Studios in Marbella, Spain.”

Christie doesn’t play Mr. Big. He plays Alex Gus Ventura, the former leader of a powerful Canadian outlaw motorcycle club, who becomes friends with Mike White.

Many Quotes

“‘I’m excited to be working on this project,’ said Christie, who is represented by The Gersh Agency. ‘Outlaw motorcycle clubs aren’t always depicted realistically in movies and TV shows. I spent most of my life with one and I have been to prison, so I know what really goes on.’”

Anderson’s release notes that Christie “left the Hells Angels in 2011 and is now a writer and consultant.”

Everybody is thrilled to be working with George.

“George Christie has been a fantastic source to assist our writer group in understanding the three-dimensional lifestyle of a leader in an outlaw motorcycle club,” said Sutish Sharma of New Street Pictures, one of the producing partners of The MobKing.

“George’s experience has provided great authenticity,” added showrunner Pat Andrew of Wanda-Halcyon Television. “His natural leadership and complexity came through in his audition.”

Christie will also be a technical advisor on the show.


14 Responses to “More Bad Acting Soon Somewhere”

  1. commonsense Says:

    Rebel, just click on one of your links that involved Crash from Ventura. I have no comment him being a rat. But I know you have a lot of readers that are regular riders. So 10 years ago crash borrows a softail from some guy that lives below me. At this time he is not connected to anyone. He goes around the block , turns back into the apartment complex { gets air on accident} goes 40 yards and slams on the back brake just missing the trash can. He is stuck in 2nd gear lugging the bike back to his owner. I looked down and said you know 90% of braking is the front brake. 2 years later he walks into this sports bar that I’m at with his girl friend who was starting her shift. He has a HA shirt on, he is now full patched. He looks at me and laughs and says “isn’t a little early to be drinking?” and I replied you ever learned to use that front brake yet? He dropped his head and laughed.

  2. Juststupid Says:

    Man when will this guy just go away? Fuck him and the piece of shit Bo Bushnell aka outlaw archive.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    When will this lying, fucktarded snitch just keel over with a heart attack, puking on himself and squeeling for help as it’s happening?

    Mother fuck but there’s more useful turds that could be freshly shat on the middle of a supper table that would be more welcome to hear about than that asshat Christie and his ass kissing glommers.

  4. Freeman Says:

    Said it before il say it again, who the fuck is that guy? George who?

  5. commonsense Says:

    when George ran Ventura things were good for the non biker folks. as a 60 year old guy with 2 Harleys Ventura was cool with the HA’s. I have a friend of mine that told me he was with his wife like 9 years ago in the so cal high desert The club guys came in{ insert club name here we all know who they were} they hit on his wife , he hit back and got his ass kicked. He told me later that would never happen in Ventura. The HA’s would never act like that in V Ventura.

  6. Aanon Says:

    Flyer, not really big, nor really fat. But dope seems to coincide. Long fall from grace. Pretty sure he hasn’t landed yet. Next book title ” has been, washed up and kicked out. A rata story ” what do you mean that already happened

  7. FF Says:

    Ha ha! George is a big fat dope!

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    Wow, and I thought Mayans MC was going to suck, well looks like there is a new winner about to be crowned.

    So how realistic is this show going to be? Does it have George ratting out people to save his own skin, because that would have some realism…just sayin.

  9. Anthony Says:

    Thanks for the response @Rebel..

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    I believe I could name about a dozen people who have done time for George. I won’t name them because I do not have their permission to name them and I am not going to ask them for their permission just to prove my credibility, relative to George’s, to you. Personally I find George to be a very appealling guy and he has never done me wrong. particularly, except to sort of shit on me in his fucking book. He did have me going for awhile. I will say this, he has been described to me as a “conman” and I believe that to be an accurate statement.

    Start here:

    Thanks for reading,

  11. Anthony Says:

    Ok it’s obvious Mr. Christie is not popular in these parts but let me respectfully ask a question.. I genuinely would like to know who Mr. Christie ratted on or how did he rat ? I’m assuming that’s the issue, I’m asking because the only thing I’ve seen in numerous shows, books or articles is that he opposed Mr. Barger on some club issues that’s none of our business.. I love your site @AgeingRebel, could you answer this for me..

  12. popeye Says:

    George who?

  13. Johnny Rotten Says:

    aaaah yes the state of affairs in the good ol USA

    ya suck dick and are absofuckinlutely no use to society…
    i.e anyone on reality t.v. , a rat, a p.o.s. who writes t.v. about shit they no nothing off, thus upsetting the natural balance…
    you get it…

    you are rewarded exponentially for your misgivings,

    to be a righteous upstanding individual
    see the last 10 stories here about bullshit charges and subsequent jailings…

    cant have you runnin loose…

    every time i see christies name in print
    i think of this…

    respects to those deserving


  14. freebird Says:


    Those Mayans MC taco specials are looking better after reading that

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