Augello’s Letter To Kim Pack

October 8, 2018

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Augello's Letter To Kim Pack

Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, a retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member, was convicted last week of: Murdering a New Jersey doctor’s wife named April Kauffman in 2012 in order to protect a prescription pill conspiracy; and then killing her husband, Dr. James Kauffman in order to coverup his other crimes.

Augello is 62-years-old. He is faced with spending the rest of his life in prison. He has maintained his innocence since he was arrested and jailed last January. At the conclusion of his two-week-long trial, a jury found him guilty after deliberating for two hours.

Over the weekend, Augello wrote an open letter to April Kauffman’s daughter, Kim Pack, and other survivors of her murder. In it he declares his innocence and asks for help from Pack.

The letter has been edited for clarity.

The Letter

Dear Kim Pack and the family and friends of April Kauffman,

I find myself with no choice but to humbly ask you to vindicate me after last week’s travesty of justice and the cruel hoax that was produced by this verdict.

I know for certain that you have not honestly received the closure you deserve in your six-year battle for true justice for April.

Last week Joseph Mulholland raised his right hand, pledged under oath to God and all that were present that he had driven Francis Mulholland to the Kauffman residence in Linwood on the morning of May 10th, 2012 in order to murder your mother after being offered $100,000 to do that by Dr. James Kauffman himself.

Joseph Mulholland perjured himself by claiming I paid Francis and meticulously directed him to commit this heinous act.

I have never interacted with Francis Mulholland outside of a casual wave hello as he sat in the passenger side of Joseph’s vehicle. I did not know Francis Mulholland. There is absolutely no proof that I did. No one can honestly say that I did. No one saw me interact with Francis Mulholland in public or private. There are no phone records or text messages to prove this absurd accusation. I will submit to a polygraph test side by side with Joseph Mullholland anywhere, anytime conducted by any agency in existence.

This was the greatest failure of my defense and those I entrusted to promote it. Absolutely truthfully, Francis Mullholland and I were never friends or acquaintances. Joseph lied under oath.

You have my deepest sympathies and condolences for the tragedy that befell you at Muholand’s hands.

I had nothing to do with their actions. I did not murder April. Joseph Mulholland and Francis Mulholand did. Joseph himself told everyone present in the courtroom last week what he did and what Francis did. Yet, to this day he has never been charged with murder,

I know, the mystery of this awful disruption of so many lives can be solved by investigating Francis Mulholland’s death. Joseph was one of only two people at the scene.

I am sitting here in jail on the way to prison. I have unjustly been convicted of murder and turned into a pariah. I did not commit or orchestrate this murder.


Ferdinand Augello


17 Responses to “Augello’s Letter To Kim Pack”

  1. freebird Says:

    @ Aran T

    Let’s go with your theory, Freddy is a Narcissist

    Is he, or is he not guaranteed the protections provided for in the Constitution

    Equal Protection under the law……

    Is that asking to much

  2. FF Says:

    Scoppa was fucking Kim Pack? Tyner fired Diane Ruberton after she revealed that?

  3. Blackbird Says:

    I will keep following this story and post updates as I see them. I was glad to see this. This trial was a sham and he at the helm. Hopefully Freddy will get a new trial and better lawyers. But that takes money and they shut down the go Fund me page last time. But maybe something will happen.

    I am also watching for news on Paul Pagano He did not take a deal, so who knows what they might try, but with Tyner under scrutiny, he may have to play nice.

  4. Gordo Says:

    Prosecutorial misconduct??

    Withholding evidence??

    Here we go again

    Another Reyna??

    ie Twin Peaks

    Sad commentary on our lack of justice system especially for Freddy


  5. freebird Says:

    Screw 20/20…. they are part of the problem, hack journalist

    This whole thing reads like a recipe on how to make a shit sandwich

    Someone needs to start from the beginning, what did the prior prosecutor know

    Why did he tell his staff the Kauffman folder was off limits even on their own time….. source news print according to staff

    I have to believe the answers to those questions will add even more questions

  6. Jim Says:

    I’m thinking maybe 20/20 can do a part 2 maybe expose the prosecutor and judge and you wonder why there was a gag order

  7. Jim Says:

    So after the prosecutor is found of wrong doings will glick and mulholand lose there deal and now be charged with connection with the murder and will glick get his original charges back you know either the drugs and guns tell me this could happen please anyway if it does go that way maybe the two who seem to be the major players in the murder maybe aprils family will get the justice and closer they deserve April seemed like a wonderful woman and it’s a shame that a crooked prosecutor and two greedy assholes walk around free right now Freddy needs to be cleared of this murder and the other two need to be charged just saying hope burr Paul pagano does not have this crooked clown pull the same shit on him

  8. Blackbird Says:

    Article on today Press regarding hiding of evidence in Kaufmann case on Tyner’s part. I too smell a new trial for Freddy, what goes around, comes around,.

    Interesting how the press doesn’t bring this out till after the trial verdict.,


    Glad to see you back. I don’t have FB tho so I found your page but couldn’t see the posts.

  9. freebird Says:

    Better stock up on the popcorn and cold beverage of choice…..

    Smell a new trial for Freddy

  10. MtPockets Says:

    Moose and Paladin, unfortunately, I believe you both are correct.
    As much as I’d like to say otherwise, I dont see this improving things at all. Good luck Freddy.

  11. Johnny Rotten Says:

    there you are miss patti…
    glad to see you still posting.
    some of us dont do social media per say…
    perhaps you can keep us enlightened here as well?
    we look forward to your content


  12. FF Says:


    Oh, I’ve got much more than popcorn

  13. Patty Says:

    Hello, friends! Please read my comment on Mr. Augello’s Facebook page and read my posts on mine … Patty Colon! Pay attention to the comments I make with photos and videos, too!

    Make sure you stock up on popcorn!


  14. Paladin Says:

    I would be surprised if Kim Pack or the Kauffman family will do much if anything in the way of helping Freddy Augello. If they were to help Mr. Augello they would not only be admitting that Mr. Augello’s trial was nothing more than a highly publicized lynching, they would also be admitting that by remaining silent, they were complicit. Very few want to give up their pound of flesh once they have it.


  15. rocco151 Says:

    They say that the problem with a liar is that he “trips over his own story”…I could be completely wrong but Mr. Augello seems awfully consistent in his story and insistent on his innocence (he’s not changing his original story at all)…for him to approach a party who has lost a mother and beg for her help sounds like an innocent man not afraid of the real truth to come out…this case and verdict simply doesn’t pass the smell test !

  16. Oregon Moose Says:

    As poignant and truthful as I believe Freddy’s letter to be, it’s not going to be received that way.

    The “good guys” have their “bad guy”. Truth is clearly not an important agenda item to those responsible for carrying out “justice” (judges, DA’s, cops, etc.). What is important is that the appropriately designated “bad guy” is punished. And the more crap you can hang around the neck of the “bad guy” the better. Even to the point of allowing those who actually confess to committing the act (e.g. – the actual murderers) to walk free so long as the desired “bad guy” is punished.

    From that very twisted point of view, this is just going to look like a convicted man with nothing to lose taking a last shot at harassing the surviving family members of a crime.



  17. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The family should go to the Conviction Integrity Unit and request for them to review this case. As for they have the court documents that back this man in prison isn’t who did it while the man guilty of the murder go’s free. The DA didn’t follow the Rules 3.8 : Special Responsibilities of Prosecutors, this also is overzealous prosecutors.
    I will pray for both families that justice is done and corrected.

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