Augello Debacle To Continue

September 22, 2018

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Augello Debacle To Continue

There was never any plot to murder Dr. James Kauffman in jail.

Prosecutors in the trial of former Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello told Kauffman and his lawyers that there was a plot to murder him shortly before Kauffman gave up and killed himself. Virtually every news outlet that has covered the case has reported that there was a plot to kill James Kauffman. Augello is charged with conspiring to murder Kauffman.

It was all a story that a pathetic and desperate man named Andrew “Chef” Glick made up. He admitted that yesterday, after a week of testimony, under cross examination by Mary Linehan, Augello’s lead attorney.


Glick is the prosecution’s star witness. No one would argue that he is the brightest light on the Christmas tree. Late last year, he was under surveillance by both the FBI and the Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office, which betrays the brazenly political character of this case. How many murder cases have you ever heard about that were made by the prosecutor? Not the police but the prosecutor?

While under surveillance, Glick was found to be in possession of more than a pound of meth, five ounces of cocaine, $35,000 in cash and a duffel bag full of the guns. Glick sold serious amounts of guns and drugs. It was a slam dunk federal case. The mandatory sentence was 40 years and because it was a federal charge Glick would have to serve 85 percent of that, 408 months, 34 years.

There is much more to this case than this. The FBI has been trying to pin the tail on this donkey since at least 2011, the year the FBI and DEA virtually tripped over James Kauffman’s criminal shenanigans and the year before Kauffman’s wife, April, was murdered by a couple of guys named Mulholland. The one who is still alive, Joseph Mulholland, is also scheduled to testify against Augello.

And Stupider

The case has always been a sick dog. The first thing the FBI did was literally lose the guns. The guns Glick bought in Florida and sold in Philly never made it onto the inventory sheets of the search. Poof! That immediately cut Glick’s federal liability in half, from 40 years to 20. Poof! Just like that he got 204 months of his life back.

And then the FBI gifted the case to a politically ambitious and very stupid prosecutor named Damon G. Tyner. Tyner’s gift included many column inches in various newspapers, multiple televised press conferences and a lovingly fabricated appearance on ABC’s 20/20. The FBI got to take a long hot shower and burn its clothes.

Glick’s sole redeeming quality is his guilelessness. This week on the stand he testified that he panicked within a day of his arrest and agreed to cooperate with Tyner’s crack investigative team which features a moron named James Scoppa Jr. and a guy named Seth Levy who seems to have prepared for the case by reading the collected works of Yves Lavigne and Peter Edwards.

Depending On Chef

All the other charges against Glick were dropped. The crank. The coke. Poof! “Because I agreed to cooperate. That was the cooperation part,” Glick explained. He walked. He got to sleep in his own bed. He promised to sin no more.

All Chef had to do was hold up his end. “My only obligation was to make this case,” he said. Tyner, Scoppa and Levy have such a magnificent collective IQ that they thought Glick would make their case for them: This wonderful, easy, obvious, sexy outlaw motorcycle gang case that the FBI had just given them, for some reason, probably because the FBI really liked them.

So Glick invented a story about killing James Kauffman by poisoning his food because that’s what Glick knows. He is a cook by trade. He knows food.

“I had a spiel,” Glick guilelessly told Augello’s lawyer, “that I thought would work. “I didn’t know if it would or wouldn’t, but it did.”

The way it worked was Augello listened to his stupid friend and club brother ramble on about killing Kauffman. Augello listened to Glick’s daffy plan. It probably wasn’t the first time Augello had listened to one of Glick’s fantabulous schemes. He didn’t run to the police to report Glick. He listened. So now he is on trial for a murder plot that never was.

If Tyner’s dreams come true and they make a movie about this case Tyner will be played by Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell will play Scoppa and Ben Stiller will bring Levy to life on screen. After a week of the state’s star witness it doesn’t seem like the case against Augello can get any stupider.

But Freddy’s estranged ex-wife Beverly is scheduled to take the stand Monday. So maybe it will.

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8 Responses to “Augello Debacle To Continue”

  1. 31st Says:

    Jewbag Levy and Nigger Jim Tyner

    Now that Flick is free to sell drugs again thanks to you two scumbags, I hope it’s your children that that drop dead on his shit

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    I have to agree with Bone Head that Glick’s deal may disappear if Freddy walks, because the Prosecution is going to want to save face if Freddy walks and Glick will be that person they finger.

    How many times have we heard of witnesses for the prosecution or Cops that went undercover who got used and then thrown to the weeds after they got what they needed from them to make a case, plenty of stories like that out there were the witnesses and ex under covers got fucked over by their own or the prosecutors, they are all expendable once they get what they want, the Law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors dont give a rats ass what happens to them after.

    Glick will take the hit if Freddy walks because they have enough on him to send him away and then the Prosecution can claim how the system works, hoo rah!

    This whole case is a shit show, much like Carrizal the prosecution is thinking slam dunk….not so much if you ask me

  3. Patty Says:

    Well, it is a good thing I did not go on Friday or my armed bodyguards would have probably arrested me!

    I told the FBI there was no hit out on Jim Kauffman in January the day before he was found dead in his cell and after that…

    Friday’s public defender should have made an immediate application for his release Friday!
    She has a lot of explaining to do, too!

    I told you so ….

  4. RT Says:

    It seems to me but maybe I’ve got a screw loose but wouldn’t you think the real case would be ” where did the Guns go! “

  5. freebird Says:

    If i did not know better, i would think Glick fell over some mushrooms

    someone did……

  6. freebird Says:

    Got $20 says Glick becomes and advisor to federal agencies with anything related to OMG’s

    That’s how that shit works…….

    The more blood on your hands the higher up you go

  7. 31st Says:

    Glick at the therapist

  8. Bone Head Says:

    “…It was all a story that a pathetic and desperate man named Andrew “Chef” Glick made up. He admitted that yesterday, after a week of testimony, under cross examination by Mary Linehan, Augello’s lead attorney…”

    Don’t be surprised if Glick’s deal with the prosecutors goes up in smoke.

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