Fort Worth Mongols Alarm

September 20, 2018

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Fort Worth Mongols Alarm

Yesterday the Fort Worth Star-Telegram told North Texas to beware because a horde of Mongols is about to descend on their theme park.

The actual headline was, “Heading to the Fort Worth Stockyards this weekend? Might want to read this first.” The Stockyards are dirty, old history sanded and polished into a tourist destination like Tombstone, the Freedom Trail in Boston, Universal Studios in Los Angeles or the Baltimore Waterfront.

The Stockyards district comprises about 100 acres of shops, restaurants and Christmas lights hung in trees. It also features the “world’s only twice daily cattle drive.”

ATF Plants Story

Deanna Boyd, a very experienced police reporter who has worked for eleven major news outlets reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives believes “the Mongols motorcycle gang is likely planning a rally there (the stockyards) that could draw hundreds of members of the notoriously violent gang.”

Boyd goes on to describe the Mongols as the “most violent and dangerous outlaw motorcycle gang in the nation.” She explains that “The gang is known to be involved in the transportation and distribution of drugs, including cocaine and meth, and has frequently committed violent crimes, including assault, intimidation and murder to defend their territory and uphold their reputation.”

Always referring to the Mongols as a “gang,” Boyd goes on to explain that the club is new to the state but “has apparently begun migrating into Texas over the past few months, forming almost a dozen chapters across the state with members that include a handful of former disgruntled members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.”

And she quotes an unnamed ATF analyst, possibly Jeremy Sheetz because it sounds like Jeremy Sheetz, who asserts, “Although only operating in Texas for a short period of time, violence has already transpired between the two adversaries in Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas.”

Boyd also alerts North Texas that last June, “21 members and associates of a Tennessee chapter of the Mongols were indicted by a federal grand jury with various alleged crimes, including racketeering conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and large-scale drug trafficking.”

The New Newz

Over the last forty years a symbiotic relationship has developed between police reporters and police. Police simplify the reporter’s job by handing him stories rather than compelling him to go out and find what are now called “enterprise stories.”

Most of the stories published by The Aging Rebel are the result of enterprise reporting.

The problem in this case is that a reporter who doesn’t know the difference between the Mongols and the Mayans has conspired with police to dominate what is increasingly referred to as “the information battlespace.” Most faculty at most American journalism schools would agree that reporters should not be agents of the police. Hypothetically, that relationship only exists in totalitarian states like Russia or China.

Near the bottom of her story Boyd quotes Fort Worth police spokesman Brad Perez as saying that “police are not expecting any issues between the” Mongols and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club “at this weekend’s rally.” The statement contradicts most of the rest of the Star-Telegram’s news report.

According To Police

“So” as editors once regularly asked reporters who turned in this sort of stuff, “where’s the news in the story?”

The news is that this story was published and how it was played. The news is that the police said something that might have been intended to be self-congratulatory or alarmist or something else altogether. Not a single Mongol or Bandido is quoted in the story or even named. Everything in it is pure police.

Somebody who follows the ongoing, global war on motorcycle clubs might wonder why. Why this story? Why now? What’s the point? What is coming next?

The Star-Telegram might have lightened a little of this darkness if the paper had bothered to consider the end to which local and federal police were releasing this specific information now.

Maybe in the follow up story, Monday.

You can read the complete Star-Telegram story here.

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12 Responses to “Fort Worth Mongols Alarm”

  1. oldskewl Says:

    This could be a setup by the FEDS to deter them from having the rally there, but it won’t work. Once the date is set, hotels and campgrounds are paid for all bets are off. Probably a 3rd of the average citizen on those days will be undercover FEDS with hidden cameras and microphones.
    They gotta get past those full face helmets and link faces to bikes (no face, no trace) which is why most club members where them these days.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Guess this year we will see pole cameras and “off-duty” swat snipers at the stockyards.

    Maybe they are hoping the bandits will show up early and take all the parking.

  3. rollinnorth Says:

    Also, have to wonder if The Stockyards didn’t buy enough tickets to the Policeman’s Ball or whatever the “Police Benevolent A$$ociation” were peddling.


  4. Rob Says:

    Pure propaganda. The BET Awards shows and after parties produce shootings, rapes, gang violence every year in multiple numbers for the past decade. MC gatherings over the entire nation produce less threats to the public than hip-hop concerts, events, pool parties, etc. Liberal Media has agenda in partnership to ignore black or “ethnic” crime and attack any groups or clubs that promote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These groups can’t be influenced or manipulated by the Media and thus a threat to the real crooks in DC. By the way, facts, not opinion. What about the “ME TOO” movement? Ask anyone and everyone in Media why hip-hop doesn’t get mentioned when they are using swarm tactics to attack any white man regarding sexual harassment from 10-20 years ago? 81% of all rap lyrics and videos in hip-hop celebrate “Pimps”, refer to women as whores and bitches, and are valued by the size of their booty. Factual Data: among Atlanta, NY, Miami, and LA alone there were more rape reports, sexual harassment complaints, and abuse against women at hip hop video sets and locations and after parties than any other types of events in the US. Blacks get a pass these days by Libs and politicians because the elites don’t gain anything from telling the truth. Anyone that doesn’t see the facts these days is being successfully manipulated and controlled by extremely wealthy white people who maintain their control of power by getting votes from people clueless to their schemes and hammering those that know how the game works.

  5. freebird Says:

    Good thing ATF put that that high profile bulletin out……

    It’s total chaos

    Viewer discretion advised

    Live video footage from the Stockyards:

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    Love the media swallowing every inch of what the police PR department sends them to put out. There wont be any trouble other than maybe the odd parking ticket, the boys will be behaved because anytime there is an event like this they know that every Law Enforcement agency available will be watching.

    The only thing scare stories like these do is justify being an excuse for the Police to charge outrageous amounts of overtime to justify the waste of money they will expend showing force to protect the community….lol

    God this shit is such a farce, but the taxpayers better be prepared because the boys in blue will be taking you for every dime they can to protect you from the big scary bikers, dont worry though all the small business, gas statinons restaurants motels and lounges will be more than happy to take all the money from the boys from the MC’s and will be saying how they hope they come back next year… bet on it

  7. rocco151 Says:

    New England Rider +1

    This story by Ms. Boyd sounds a lot like a cover story to persuade the public in advance of a black op !

  8. freebird Says:

    Appears CBS 21 DFW is carrying the water for the ATF

    Even included a clip of the patio video from TP…..

    be afraid…… very afraid

  9. New England Rider Says:

    Last I heard the Mongols and Bandidos got along in their hatred of the Hells Angels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the saying goes. I of course could be wrong since I am in neither club myself this is just based on rumor.

    But if I am right that makes this story complete and utter bullcrap ginned up just to scare people and get them to turn against the clubs. Just shows you how the media manipulates stories to fit their agenda. Say what you want about Trump but he is onto something when he calls the media out for fake news.


  10. freebird Says:

    Well they took an ass beating in Waco and for all intensive purposes it’s on life support

    Kind of like the dancing singing bullshit videos from this summer. Call it what you will, but there is a public enhancement campaign underway to try and change channels from unarmed folks getting popped on almost a daily basis

    Maybe trying to do CPR on the waco cases by keeping the R&G in the news cycles as an enemy of the State

  11. Trebor Says:

    What better way to spread fear and confusion than by planting useless information in the news?Hopefully both clubs recognize it for what it is and not buy into it.Pretty much setting the bar low in reference to how citizens take it.

  12. Griz's Gal Says:

    Like I said on my page – ‘Here we go…’


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