Hooray For Hollywood

July 21, 2018

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Hooray For Hollywood

An ominous confluence of events looms this September and October that will directly affect the Mongols Motorcycle Club and indirectly affect all motorcycle clubs.

A Mongol named David Martinez will go on trial this September for the murder of a Pomona, California Swat officer named Shaun Diamond. Diamond and more than a dozen fellow Swat “operators” were breaking into Martinez home in the middle of the night, three hours and ten minutes before sunrise, because they had a search warrant to serve. They were looking for a gun. Apparently the police were very concerned that if they just sent a couple of detectives around during daylight somebody in the house would flush the gun down the toilet or burn it. Martinez’ jury will probably have his membership in the Mongols shoved down its collective throat.

The Mongol Nation case is going to trial in October. In that case, the Mongols Motorcycle Club and everyone who feels an affiliation with that club is accused of being part of a criminal enterprise. The logic in RICO cases is usually circular with accusations proving accusations. In the Mongol Nation case, what is really at stake is the extent to which associating with or belonging to a motorcycle club implies criminal intent. There is no guilt by association in American case law and there is freedom of expression. But Constitution or not, early in the Second World War many American citizens of Japanese descent were rounded up and sent away. And, whether you like it or not, the Mongol Nation case is going to trial where it will probably be decided by a jury made of people who know everything they know about the Mongols by watching television.

Television Reality

As a sort of public service to better inform jurors in these two cases, FX will premiere Kurt Sutter’s new biker drama, Mayans MC, on September 4.

The series obviously intends for viewers to confuse the Mayans with the Mongols. And it blatantly portrays the Mayans/Mongols as a major part of America’s drug problem. The government frequently makes the same accusation. It isn’t big, multinational drug companies sucking the soul out of America, the argument goes. It is people like those Mongols.

The show, according to FX, “is the next chapter in Kurt Sutter’s award-winning Sons of Anarchy saga.”
During the first couple of years, publicity for that previous “saga” emphasized the saga’s remarkable authenticity. Sons of Anarchy was not only promoted as a way for a nation of Walter Mittys to enjoy the vicarious experience of being a biker badass but also as a sort of anthropology of biker badasses.

Producer John Linson, showrunner Kurt Sutter and all the actors in the series were themselves authentic biker tough guys, the world was told over and over again. The world believed.

“Set in a post-Jax Teller world, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) is fresh out of prison and a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. Now, EZ must carve out his new identity in a town where he was once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp,” the network explains.

FX can’t be restrained from cablecasting Mayans MC because that would be unconstitutional. The irony is that is that Department of Justice thinks the real life inspiration for FX’s fictional club can literally be outlawed.

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36 Responses to “Hooray For Hollywood”

  1. FF Says:

    Who controls the narrative


  2. WheresMyBoots Says:

    RtC! Howdy back at ya’! Yeah this one was special, whatever was being huffed (haven’t heard that term in a while, made me feel home). Yeah, ah … I’m not sure what was going on there, but that pose struck in the photo was enough to alarm me. I figured this blood moon eclipse deal would put it right off the rails, who knows.
    About as crazy as television shows being used in courtrooms as some kind of ‘evidence’ or some such.
    Much Respect and Ride Free RtC.
    And Much Respect to Rebel, for keepin’ on keepin’ on, and all the Steely Dan songs. Thank you, and Ride Free.

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear RtC,

    That person is gone. I believe it was intended to represent a kilt more than a dress. Eventually, enough was enough. Then again, enough was enough.


  4. RtC Says:

    Howldy WMB! This “Shovel” evidently not only is huffing glue, it’s also a fuckin’ tranny who claims to know all there is to know about everything.
    Rebel had IT nailed some time back by calling IT as he saw it. I agree with him.
    Anybody who says “if they can’t sell it, they’ll sit on it.” isn’t talking about keeping it, but using it as a f’n butt plug obviously!
    Rebel mentioned about shutting IT up for a month or 2 but imagine other things
    are more important at this time.

    RESPECTS to the REAL & Especially to Rebel

  5. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Eiachodaich OgChristee or whatever your name is, aka ‘Shovel’ (your latest handle is not exactly original),

    Roland Haas accidentally shot himself in the leg and bled out (not exactly specops-grade weapons handling, even for a HALO qualified type). So, in addition to being dead, the guy is by all accounts: “a James Bond wannabe” and a fraud.

    Spetsnaz are Russina specops, and rescuing them from East Germany would be akin to rescuing US specops guys from Fort Bragg.

    Your previous posts: MI5 and 6 are British intelligence, not US military … anything.

    Mental health issues are no laughing matter. Take your meds, go nap for a while, and remember: online and glue don’t mix. Cheers.

  6. Shovel Says:

    tiopirata Says: July 22, 2018 at 12:12 pm “IJ +1 What were those Angels thinking…” They were thinking the only thing they think if you can call it thinking – $$$$

    I.J Says: July 22, 2018 at 12:54 am “I think the most damage was done by serving Hells Angels members staring in SOA legitimizing the whole show by their presence! The public is convinced the weekly action is the lifestyle of a Hells Angel because you have real Hells Angels telling the story…”

    The $ells $ngels are all about $$$$. They have former U.S. Army soldiers, a few of whom recieved more than General Discharges. They even sent President Nixon a letter volunteering to fight the Viet Cong – fight the Bull Shit to tell the truth. Here’s how the $ells $ngels treat real heroes as told by Roland Haas in ENTER THE PAST TENSE: MY SECRET LIFE AS A CIA ASSASSIN. After shaking hands with a $ells $ngels you better count your fingers. Mongols are a cut above the $ells $ngels in the humble opinion of this Boomer.

    “While at Purdue University on an NROTC
    scholarship in 1971, Roland Haas was
    recruited to become a CIA deep
    clandestine operative. He underwent
    intensive training to prepare for
    insertion into hostile areas, including
    High Altitude Low Opening (HALO)
    parachuting and weapons instruction.
    In the course of his first mission (to
    East and West Germany, Turkey, Iran,
    Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria,
    Romania, and Austria), he assassinated
    several international drug dealers.
    Over the next thirty years, he served
    the agency on an as-needed basis,
    engaging in such activities as hunting
    down and eliminating members of the Red
    Army Faction and extracting Soviet
    Spetsnaz officers from East Germany.
    His cover jobs included being a part
    owner of an Oakland health club, which
    brought him into close contact with
    steroid abuse in professional
    athletics, drug abuse in general, and
    the $ells $ngels, whom he believes
    tried to have him killed [in order to
    take over his share of the health

  7. Steel Says:

    Sutter got some tats, wrote a series about make believe bikers that’s very far from reality, and seems to think he is THE expert on biker culture. Unbelievable. As was said, patches will be bought and morons will wear them on the street and then be shocked when real bikers challenge them. A patch is hard earned and means everything and idiot wannabes can’t grasp that.

    @Hangaround, love it! That’s damn hilarious. Should have told him I guess I will get my 30 starting with you.



  8. Iron Rider Says:

    I can only imagine that amount of Mayans MC patch sets and t-shirts and hats and assorted crap we are going to see plague the streets….again. It was bad enough seeing these nitwits running around with all the SOA gear on trying to appear as if they were some kinda of bad ass, oh they were looking like an ass alright.

    Why I dont think Sutter and the rest thought of is how a certain extent of their fanbase, thought it would be cool to go on fleabay or where and buy SOA patch set and throw them on some vest or whatever and run around like that thinking it would be cool, and that they could go and hit up some real MC members for a conversation…. yeah, that’s one of the more dumber things that someone could do.

    I am sure Fox backed up the money truck for Sutter and said how much to create something else like SOA for us, and Sutter did just that, wish these people that watched this shit knew how much of a misrepresentation it is of a real MC and no way comes close to club life, honestly these was more fiction in SOA and I ma sure Mayans will be the same shit

  9. Tomo Says:

    Keep thinking of the apparent framing of Martinez and wondered when Rebel would write an article on him again. Not looking forward to watching those supposed to ‘serve and protect’ use the system to attempt to railroad him into lifetime incarceration. I know, I’m still hoping the truth will out, so I put in ‘attempt’ there…
    I watched and was briefly entertained by SoA:
    I work with people who wear pristine ‘SoA’ merchandise, alongside a fella who rides an old Harley and wears a variety of time-worn HD and ‘Support 81’ t-shirts. We talk about carburetors fucking us over, they don’t.
    I’ve worked there a while now, so feel comfortable pointing out that if they want to feel ‘real’ and ‘excited’ then there’s a couple of local clubs they might want to buy t-shirts from.

    Support your local club.

  10. Joe Says:

    Another stupid ass show. FUCK JB though

  11. JB Says:

    Mayans MC, how fuckin PC is Sutter gonna get.
    First 9 maybe, but Mayans MC gimme a break.
    Sutter should’ve just called it
    Wetbacks on Wheels

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Bad Hangaround! Bad! Bad! You get that slingshot back into working order and nail your 30 or else!

  13. stroker Says:

    I believe there may be some first time readers here, so, with apologies to Rebel, I copy the following so people can see what was maybe, probably, happening when officer Diamond was shot: (From an earlier post by Rebel)

    “Police have stated that Martinez Shot Officer Diamond with a shotgun while standing behind his mother and father. Martinez’ father was wounded in the arm by that blast, police have said. Police have also alleged that the round somehow missed the officer standing directly in front of Martinez’ parents and struck Diamond, who was standing on the porch outside the home. Diamond was shot in the back of the head so he would have had to have been blocking the entry of the rest of the 14-man Swat team when he was shot. That round, allegedly fired by Martinez, penetrated Diamond’s Kevlar helmet and killed him.”

    To all of us following this sad story, it seems more than apparent that Diamond was killed, from behind, by one of his own!

    Search earlier stories on this from Rebel by using his search bar.


  14. Va.Bob Says:

    @Hold_The_Phone :”cheap dynas went away with SOA” Say what? I think Harley over-manufactured ’em.It’s a buyer’s market Best damn deal ever,for a dude with 4-5K in his pocket( ’99-’04).

  15. jrino Says:

    Hold_The_Phone Says:
    I wonder if people like Sutter ever stop to think about their body counts. How many people did SOA inspire to go get a Harley and play weekend warrior? How many of them ended up wrapped around a tree because they out-rode their ability or partied too hard “like the guys in the show”?
    Dude that’s called “natural selection”Birds get drunk on berries and fly into windows. I’ve seen a guy stop on I 95 in Sturgis to pick up a do-rag and get run over by a Semi-truck. People have to pay for stupid.

  16. Hangaround Says:

    True, and unfortunate story.

    I’m at a bar on the patio on a nice day, stopping for a refreshing beverage after scooting around to nowhere in particular. A man comes over to me and says “Hey can I ask you a question?” He follows this up right a way with the offer to buy a beer.
    I’m sure most of you know where this particular combination of curiosity and generosity lead but I answer, “sure”.
    Well a minute or two later he reappears gives me a pint and then starts to speak. “I don’t know how you do it”, while shaking his head from side to side, “I mean I have a family and all, job, responsibility… “.
    I take a pull on the beer, just looking at him, and he continues “All that killing man, I mean how do you do it? I’ve seen Sons of Anarchy, I don’t think I could ever even live that life for one week”.
    Somehow managing to not spit beer everwhere because the true shocker here is this guy is not kidding, I set my glass down, look him square in the eye and say
    “This is a hard life, but its not as bad as you think. On Sons of Anarchy they kill about 60 people per season. The reality of it is we only kill about half that number, its a lot easier to handle”. All the while he is just looking at me with that mouth half open kinda adoration, wonder, fascination that only the truly brain dead can pull off.

    I finish the beer and jump on the chopper, My body count for the month is lacking and I realize I need to get to work.

  17. Gringo0369 Says:

    This is an interesting article. I agree and disagree with certain portions. I do not believe Sutter cares one way or another whether his audience views his Mayans as based on a real club that, coincidentally is in the middle of legal precedent and other court cases. I actually think Sutter is garbage as a person in my opinion, (mostly because of interviews where he thinks very highly of himself) but the root of his desire to make these series is money. Sutter most likely has no clue of what is going on in the MC world right now.
    I do agree that there will be so called “experts” in MC lifestyle and culture that will come out and make money testifying about something they have never been part of. One that comes to mind is the idiot out of the Midwest. I would like to point out that it is just a matter of time before Sutter himself is deemed an “expert” due to his research on the MC culture. It is frustrating and alarming to watch people speak of things they only know barely half of in front of a jury, and it is allowed by a judge.

  18. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    I wonder if people like Sutter ever stop to think about their body counts. How many people did SOA inspire to go get a Harley and play weekend warrior? How many of them ended up wrapped around a tree because they out-rode their ability or partied too hard “like the guys in the show”? How many were inspired to start their own Urine Oder chapter because they couldn’t tell reality from TV?

    The bodies are stacking like stacks of cash for Sutter. I bet he sleeps like a baby too.

    Side note, cheap dynas went away with SOA. Starting this year you won’t be able to find a reasonably priced used road king…thanks asshole.

  19. WheresMyBoots Says:

    If any of the ‘experts’ read Sebastian Junger’s ‘Tribe’, or paid any attention to anthropological research, and findings, about humans are hard-wired, and how the DNA has been passed by those who were best at surviving, they would see that being in, or the desire to be a de facto biker, or in a motorcycle club is perfectly normal human behavior, and speaks *right on the money* to how we are hard-wired. Based on these anthropological discoveries and studies, being in a bike club has far, far more to do with *how we truly are, and are supposed to be*, than any kind of criminality. It’s the same reason you see these young veterans of places like The Korengal say “I would go back tomorrow.” Brotherhood, particularly under decidedly dangerous circumstances (riding big, often tempermental bikes all the time together), is far more ‘normal’ than … say golf. So what to they do? Attack what is in fact normal, and what they wish they could be.

  20. Sandmann Says:

    slightly offtopic:
    I LOVE this style of bikes. If I had the funds, I’d get myself a Vicla/Cholo/SoCal style Road King/Softail Deluxe right away…

    /looks at bank account

    Oh well, guess the good ol’ Dyna still has to do a couple of years!

    Respect to the deserving,

  21. Meh Says:

    jrino wrote:
    Harley should be happy because every chulo in south LA is going to want a heritage softail with “twice Pipes” and 5 foot fishtails and a serape on the apes! Make sure you get the Aztec Princes on the tanks!”

    No coincidence Harley sales are off and they need a new customer base that, unlike soon-to-be-dead boomers, reproduces. Soon they’ll have electric Softails with subwoofers feeding recorded exhaust sounds through those fishtails and plenty of extra wattage for suspension hydraulics. Sons of Assbanditry was just the beginning…

  22. Dasein Says:

    Fame is fatal.

  23. JohnnyD Says:

    Phuquehed, I doubt they can feel pangs of conscience, ethics, or honor while stuffing money into their pockets. These type shows are not only used to influence jurors, police advise legislators to watch SOA, and probably this one, to understand real motorcycle clubs. It sucks that so much money is paid o club members willing to advise on the shows, but people gotta eat.
    As far as the raid, police demand, and are given all these military style weapons under the guise of being “outgunned on the streets.” If they don’t use it they lose it. What better way to demonstrate the need for this level of violence than on a suspected “dangerous criminal.” People can sit in the comfort of their living rooms watching these TV shows and being scared while safe. It is like a virtual reality roller coaster. Scary with no actual danger. The criminality is aggrandized requiring massive LE response. In the end, the community is safe, the bad guys lose, and the tax money was well spent.

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s a shame Sutter and the other ilk in this whole fuck-up of a travesty of government abuse of its powers and citizens, don’t suddenly feel pangs of conscious, ethics, honor and a backbone and all swallow a half-gallon of Drano or test the warning label on a garbage bag.


  25. tiopirata Says:

    IJ +1
    What were those Angels thinking?
    This is one that certainly is coming back to bite us all.

  26. Old & Jaded Says:

    @I.J. – I tend to agree with you. The participation of 1% members in the SOA show as technical advisers and actors, whether fair or not, sends a message to the public that the show is reasonably authentic. If I recall a past article of Rebel’s accurately, in at least one case (and likely more) the show has already been cited by prosecutors. As an aside, watched the trailers Rebel posted. Is Sutter one of the most full of himself, annoying people known to man or is it me? So much has changed since the late 1940’s when this world started. Just read an article that some 1%ers in another country don’t ride much, some don’t even have bikes and are primarily dealers that spend their time posing as tough guys on social media. Seems like it’s more about hype than lifestyle to a lot of younger members but maybe that’s just my age talking…

  27. Hero Says:

    Here here, the tip of the spear!!! Good luck David, were all pulling for you.

  28. Snow Says:

    Oh well, another stupid, lame, sensationalist, total bullshit thing on tv I will NOT be watching.

  29. I.J Says:

    I think the most damage was done by serving Hells Angels members staring in SOA legitimising the whole show by their presence! The public is convinced the weekly action is the lifestyle of a Hells Angel because you have real Hells Angels telling the story………

  30. jrino Says:

    RE: This Mayan series from FX: Harley should be happy because every chulo in south LA is going to want a heritage softail with “twice Pipes” and 5 foot fishtails and a serape on the apes! Make sure you get the Aztec Princes on the tanks! Oh wow that’s not PC! Sorry world is the truth hurts. Sutter is master of the truth don’t ya think?

  31. FF Says:

    I hope David’s public defender has enough sense to put every single swat “operator” on the stand. Make the cop who ventilated Diamond’s skull deny it under oath.

  32. CK Says:

    David Martinez has zero chance of a fair trial and it doesn’t take a genius to realize he’s being completely fucked! If it can happen to him it can happen to any of us!

  33. freebird Says:

    And the timing for the release is just a coincidence…. wink wink

    The next step will be to suspend the right of habeas corpus for membership or association

  34. Paladin Says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that this series will be just as embarrassing as its trailers.


  35. jonny sumo Says:

    just read Rebels Twilight of the Outlaws, great book if you havent read it by the way…frighteneing that TV has such influence; ppl watch Sons of Apathy n think that all riders are like that…which is ok until theyre on a jury, or giving a statement etc while thinking that the gut with a patch must be a (insert own criminal stereotype) and that police and informers are honest and heroic in their actions….
    The few encounters I have had with patch holders have all been polite and pleasant….no gunrunning in sight…peace, J

  36. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The CIA are the biggest drug dealers..
    I hope his attorney points out all the lies that the FBI has done in the past and they can’t be trusted.
    Mr. Martinez had a right to defend his family why couldn’t they just knock on the door instead of breaking into his house? Had they just done that the man would be alive.
    The police are responsible, Ruby Ridge & Branch Davidians would make a great example for these Jurors.

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