Shutting Up Freddy

July 20, 2018

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Shutting Up Freddy

Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, the retired Pagan who is accused of murdering radio host April Kauffman in May 2012, conspiring to kill her widower James Kauffman and calling the shots in a major, multistate oxycodone distribution racket was in court yesterday.

Augello’s legal predicament epitomizes the war on motorcycle clubs. Augello is at the center of this sordid case because of who his friends might be if all the world was a figment of Kurt Sutter’s imagination. It is not about the real Augello – the Augello who likes to make and play guitars, paint signs, ride his motorcycle and occasionally on weekends dress up like Jeremiah Johnson. It is about the “outlaw” Augello – the imaginary Augello who brags about his criminality by wearing the clothes he wears.

Motorcycle club cases are easy pickings because prosecutors only have to prove to a jury that a defendant is or was a member of an “outlaw” club to prove his guilt.

No Money Big Problem

But that is the least of it. The two most foul elements in Augello’s case are that the former Pagan is clearly, uncontrovertibly a human sacrifice and news media have eagerly embraced their role as the taunting, encircling mob.

Augello is indigent. Already a cabal of all powerful politicians and bureaucrats have stripped the man of everything he had. Augello’s lawyer, Mary Linehan, an $88,000 a year, “assistant deputy public defender 3,” appears, from the outside, to have no idea what she is doing.

The investigation into April Kauffman’s murder lingered for more than five years until a new district attorney decided to charge Augello and her former husband.

Twenty-three months after the murder, then Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said the case file included “sensitive information, including the names and statements of numerous witnesses as well as the identities of two confidential informants.” The case remained stalled for years and then was announced in a great wash of propaganda including a recent ABC News special report that included documents that had not been released to Linehan.

Propaganda is the release of specific information for a specific purpose. James Kauffman’s suicide note was released to ABC. It wasn’t released to Linehan. It was released to enhance the prosecution. Not the interests of justice.

Crime Of Talking Back

With the odds stacked against him, Augello’s only defense has been to talk back on his personal Facebook page.

There is nothing particularly inflammatory on the page. Mostly what appears there are Freddy’s personal opinions about his ordeal. But the page offends prosecutors and yesterday, a month after prosecutors discussed the case at length with ABC, a government lawyer named Seth Levy asked Judge Bernard DeLury to restrain everybody from talking about the case. It was a clear example of chutzpah – which is frequently defined as murdering your parents and then asking the court for mercy because you are an orphan. Prosecutors haven’t shut up about the case for seven months, but now, out of fairness, they want to force Augello to bite his tongue.

In Freddy’s Words

Here is what Freddy said on Facebook after the hearing:

“My courtroom appearance today was, what I would mildly consider “interesting,” at the least. For starters it seems that Mr. Tyner along with his ‘Administrator of Propaganda’ Seth Levy and Detective Sergeant Scoppa of 20/20 fame are having some major issues with my first amendment right to defend myself over this very media outlet, commonly known as Facebook.

“Possibly they should inquire about any vacancies in Raul Castro’s Cuba or ask Dennis Rodman if he could arrange a little meet and greet with TV buddy Kim, of course only if ‘The Donald’ would be okay with it.

“Gag order, yes you heard it here folks, the ACPO wants Judge DeLury to impose a gag order on me posting on Facebook, this brought to you by the people that starred in last months ABC 20/20 episode about my case including a picture of yours truly thrown in at the very end. Can you say ‘hypocritical?’ Lol hahaha, not to say anything for their use of the Atlantic City Press to ruin me and anyone that looks remotely like me for the last six months almost biweekly in their publication.

“Nevertheless, I will comply with whatever Judge DeLury’s decision is, come Monday morning, that is the time he has told the over anxious Mr. Levy that he will rule on this. Sorry Mr. Levy. Nice try on the push thru attempt today. Now I ask all my supporters not only to share this and all my posts but to take your favorites and copy and paste them also, and then in turn share. Copy and pasting will allow them to remain alive on the ‘web’ if I am forcibly censored or even removed from Facebook in entirety.

“I am imagining that Joseph Mulholland’s confessing to the FBI about his facilitation of April Kauffman’s murder was a bit too enlightening for them to handle? Especially because he and Kauffman confederate Andrew Glick of Peter Edwards interview fame have never been charged in this case for their self-confessed crimes of murder and drug distribution.”


14 Responses to “Shutting Up Freddy”

  1. 31st Says:

    Freddy we will compose a similar masterpiece

  2. FF Says:

    What a surprise

  3. FF Says:

    Jihadi’s in New Mexico, 11 counts of child abuse, released with no bail.

  4. Rook Says:

    Good luck 16s

  5. Dem girl Says:

    New Jersey has one of the most corrupt legal systems in the country. The media has already convicted him, ruined his name and 30 year business. His family is heartbroken and can only pray that justice with prevail and the real truth will be revealed in court. His refusal of any plea deals show his dedication to maintaining his innocence. He deserves his day in court. In regards to this order, this country basis 99% of its arguments on the constitution…. yet here we are…. correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure his defending himself through social media is the definition of freedom of speech, which they have now taken away from him. Hey, Donald Trump is President so I guess anything is possible, and unfortunately nothing is too surprising anymore:(

  6. Mark Says:

    @ Gandalf,
    I have seen you offer advice of your opinion to fight and never stop fighting when one is a defendant. You have offered many different angles on how you feel is a good MO at fighing in self defense. Here’s one point along with that line of thinking that should be done to stop this CI and rat BS that has gotten way out of hand. Say a former club member is flipping to take down another brother/s. Have other brothers testify that he is a known liar and brags about having stolen money out of his mothers purse while she would watch TV when he was younger. Just lay it on thick at what a real POS this ex-brother was and how everyone is happy he’s out of the club. This is what he said, honest and deliver that to the jury from any number of brothers. If the judge will not allow it, that’s going to be a big problem. This isn’t being a rat, it’s telling the “truth” about a POS that is trying to hurt a brother.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    “Never bring a knife (evidence) to a gun (propaganda) fight.” Forcing this man to stop His FB posting should be proof of what counts in court. And what kind of fight this is. What kind of fight ALL RICO and 1%er Club members must fight when charged. Be proactive, If there is a chance you could be charged for a crime… Find some personal (Not Club) things you can do to “paint” yourself as “good”. Stick to local organizations for small donations based SOLELY on striking a cord with a jury. Example: If you live in San Francisco, make a donation to a LGBT cause. Local High Schools and colleges… ect. On the off chance a Juror is LGBT or supports that cause. In closing arguments you Lawyer needs to read the list of your “community support” and it should be long. Not expensive. Targeted.

  8. Mark Says:

    CI’s and rats that testify in front of a jury, that jury must be told in strong and direct words. That the testimony is a result of a, quid pro quo. The state paid a criminal with freedom to say what they said and the person is a known liar and criminal. The jury must be made aware of that fact. The government can not tell the jury that they believe that the rat’s testimony was is truthful. Because for the government’s lawyer to say that, they are directly testifying in front of the jury and can not be crossed examined. Government lawyers do that BS all the time in closing arrangements and it cheats the defendants out of a fair trial. But that’s what happens in a closed union shop. Frankly, the rat should never be allowed to testify when any kind of deal is made. The other upside down part of a trial using rats to testify is, most of the time they haven’t been sentenced yet and will not be until after the trial they are engaged in that quid pro quo to railroad some poor slob. Fair trial, no way not even close. The rules need to be completely changed on rats testifying because the government’s people are, lawyers.

  9. troll 1% Says:


  10. Penguin Says:

    This excerpt from the article indicates evidence of a criminal conspiracy to conceal a material witness:

    “… “sensitive information, including the names and statements of numerous witnesses as well as the identities of two confidential informants.” The case remained stalled for years and then was announced in a great was…”

    Is prosecutor gunna prosecute himself? How about the judges?

    When? In response to what counter-force?

    They make up “crimes” all the time. See


    Standing back and considering the overall sit-rep for all clubs of almost any sort, motorcycle of whatever, I am inclined to ask what is it about these targets of the State that so disturbs the Man?

    And would suggest that’s a serious question. Is it that any non-colonized organization that has the potential to become militia-like, any organization “they” (the Man) does not control, is simply not acceptable.

    Essentially, it seems, they fear freedom of association – that’s what RICO & etc is about.

  11. FF Says:

    Is there a legit fund for him I can contribute to? This is an outrage.

  12. Paladin Says:

    The fact that Levy wants to silence Augello speaks volumes as to how little evidence the state actually has. Not that the courts and their judges have any shame, but it will be interesting to see if Judge DeLury is willing to embarrass himself by allowing the media and everyone else to openly discuss Augello’s case except Augello.


  13. Gordo Says:

    Free Freddy

    Seems unlikely that this defendant will have an unbiased trial by judge and jury

    CI’s rats etc will lie to save their asses and the Feds will prosecute based on those untruths

    An innocent defendant could he found guilty because of lies by rats

    Prosecutors want a win at the expense of justice

    So much for the us constitution and the 6th amendment

    Guilty because ya are or were a member of a motorcycle club ie 1%

  14. freebird Says:

    I remember the saying no matter how small the dog is you box him in a corner he will bite you

    If he goes down, it will be with his boots on……

    Don’t know him but you have to Respect the Man!

    Hope some top gun attorney steps up

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