Iron Order Still Untouchable

July 5, 2018

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Iron Order Still Untouchable

This story was published at 1:22 p.m. on July 5 and corrected at 8:30 a.m. on July 6. The original story identified the presiding Judge as John Milton Younge. Younge was the supervising judge in the case. The presiding judge was Kenneth Powell. The Aging Rebel apologizes for the error.

The seven-day trial in a civil case titled Brenda L. Bollinger, Administratrix of the Estate of Tonya M. Focht, deceased versus Iron Order Motorcycle Club et al. ended Tuesday afternoon in Philadelphia.

On the face of it, the Iron Order has won another homicide. The “law abiding motorcycle club” has previously won homicides in Meridian, Mississippi; Jacksonville Beach, Florida; and Denver, Colorado.


Tonya Marie Focht was a 35-year-old college student and mother of two who died after she was thrown under a moving car in the parking lot of a restaurant called the Bar-B-Q Pit in Lower Heidelberg Township, Pennsylvania on June 19, 2015. She suffered a gruesome and fatal injury as she tried to assist her boyfriend, Mark Groff. Groff was fighting with two Iron Order members named Wayne “Mo” Ritchie and Timothy “Munch” Martin. Groff has always maintained he was attacked. Martin, an Iron Order sergeant at arms and a convicted child molester, actually pushed Focht under the car.

Shortly after her death, Groff, a former member of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club, wrote on his Facebook page that Focht “lost her life…because she was attacked by members of the iron order mc cop club.” He went on to say, “I held Tonya Marie lying in their (the Bar-B-Q Pit’s) parking lot trying to save her.”

Ritchie, Martin and Groff were all charged with disorderly conduct. Groff was also charged with possession of weighted gloves.


On Tuesday, the jury awarded Focht’s estate $9.7 million but before the jury could deliberate on the proportionate liability of the various defendants, Judge Kenneth Powell, dismissed the case against the Iron Order. The judge described the confrontation between Groff and the Iron Order members as “just a bar fight that went wrong and the National Chapter of the IOMC had nothing to do with it.”

Martin, who does not appear to be a millionaire, will probably be held responsible for most of the damages.

Slade H. McLaughlin, the Philadelphia lawyer who represents Focht’s estate, said he intends to appeal Powell’s ruling. McLaughlin thinks Martin and the other Iron Order members at the Bar-B-Q Pit that night behaved in a way that was consistent with their club’s official policies and procedures. McLauglin complained that Powell, “would not even consider all the IOMC documents which proved that the national chapter had everything to do with how its members acted that night.”

McLaughlin said that during post-trial interviews with the dismissed jurors he was told they thought the Iron Order should be “sent a message.”

“One of the women jurors was incredulous that they had not been able to make a finding against the Iron Order,” McLaughlin said. “She told me she would have awarded $100 million in punitive damages.”

Maybe on appeal. Or maybe after the next homicide.


29 Responses to “Iron Order Still Untouchable”

  1. Austin Says:

    “They killed Tonya Focht for sport. Not because she was an enemy or a betrayer or an actual danger to any of them but because she was a “hater.” ”

    For those of you who just tuned in – This IS the new Nationalist Agenda for the duration of the Trump Years. (Blame the Victim – see ‘Gaslighting’) I’ve never been one to kiss ass or hold my tongue, but I find myself picking my battles these days. Having an opinion – like pulling over on the side of the road – should not mean a death sentence.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    So when is Ken “Bent” Powell’s patch in party? Normally doesn’t the court (judge) “turn the case over” to the jury? This stain in a black robe stole the scales from Lady Justice and took a big dump in them.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good Urine Odor faggots, are those not breathing. They can take their cock sucking wannabe judges with them.

  4. Irish 1%er Says:

    Fuck insane throttle and all those other pop up sites that do nothing more than act as gossip sites. They all talk tough and dry snitch and gossip like girls! Rebel is the only independent journalist out there that isn’t whoring himself or trying to push an agenda.
    And fuck the urine order, iron legacy and all these other cock sucker wanna be’s out here ruining it for everyone else who actually lives this life Day after day and not just on the weekends in their boyfriends garage!

  5. Old & Jaded Says:

    Rebel, some days I don’t know how you respond in such an articulate, thorough and civil manner to some of the crap that’s posted – but I am glad that you do as I learn something every time.
    Respects to you, Sir.

  6. Paladin Says:

    @ Outlawbob;

    Your ignorance shines like freshly polished chrome.


  7. The Kraut Says:

    “The Iron Order is a one night stand with a whore.” Best quick description for the piss-gum pussies I’ve read yet…

    Rebel, you are a true wordsmith.

    Respects, Kraut

  8. Troll1% Says:

    @ Sieg But of course .Fuck The Other Team
    Troll 1% P.M.C. LPDP

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Txboshot and Outlawbob,

    You know, a few months ago John C. “Shark” Whitfield deep throated the owner of a website called “Insane Throttle.” That guy swallowed real good and out popped the accusation that I am a rat for providing incriminating information to the complaining attorneys in this CIVIL case that indicates that the Iron Order has been getting away with murder for years.

    That accusation is fucking bullshit. It came from Whitfield. You are full of shit.

    I am particularly surprised at you, Outlawbob – if you are who you say you are. Zach Tipton was a Black Piston. Who else stood up for him? What did you do to stick up for him?

    The Iron Order gets away with murder because they preplan the murders and they all “cooperate” with police which means they all tell the same pre-rehearsed lies to the police after they commit their premeditated murders. (“You know, we have guys in our club who are police just like you.”) They kill to make people afraid of them. They self-evidently want people to be afraid of them. That, clearly, is not the best way to say “Hello” in this particular counterculture.

    The Iron Order is comprised of some very insecure individuals. It is a safe place for a bunch of weaklings. I know what I know because the Iron Order is a chatty bunch of poseurs with a very high turnover and because they think it is smart to put everything in writing. And it has worked for them so far. I’m not wearing a wire man. I just write down what THEY tell me. What they brag to me.

    No one percenter club would ever put themselves in the position the Iron Order has put itself in because one percenter clubs don’t admit morons who view their membership casually. Joining the Mongols, the Angels, the Bandits or the Outlaws is getting married. The Iron Order is a one night stand with a whore. Iron Order members don’t join because they want to belong. They join because they want to brag about it on their resumes.

    The Iron Order is not a one percenter club. The Iron Order is the anti-one-percenter club. They largely exist to prove their dicks are bigger than the Hells Angels dicks, the Mongols dicks, the Vagos dicks, the Outlaws dicks, the Warlocks dicks, the Pagans dicks, the Bandidos dicks and so on. They learned how to be outlaws from TV. They killed Tonya Focht for sport. Not because she was an enemy or a betrayer or an actual danger to any of them but because she was a “hater.” She wouldn’t kiss their ass. She talked back.

    Mike “Cgar” Crouse, who is the current Iron Order vice president said, “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….” I know he said that. He said it in writing. In the preliminaries to the recent trial he said it wasn’t him. He said it was an imposter. Let that sink in. In 2014, Cgar had an imposter going around saying shit that sounded just like something he would say. Because two dudes named Bill and Ted told him he would need an imposter in 2018 to explain what he said in 2014?

    They all run their mouths.

    The Iron Order hacked this site, shut it down for 19 days and gloated about it on their fucking forum because I am a “hater.” In the depositions leading up to this trial I was repeatedly described as a “hater.” What one percenter club do you know about that constantly prattles on about “haters” and how they should be given more “respect” because they, as opposed to say the Outlaws or the Pagans or the Angels, who were all founded during the Roman fucking Empire, are “real” and “tradional” and “old school” and “hardcore.”

    This case had NOTHING to do with any one percenter club. The Iron Order is special. All other clubs restrain themselves because they know the police are trying to put their members in prison. The Iron Order has a “free ticket.” They get away with murder because they are “good.” This case is about protecting other motorcycle clubs from a semi-official death squad comprised of punks who know they are untouchable. This case is about a couple of orphans and a club that spent $300,000 on a party.

    You know who tries to discredit me, Txboshot and Outlawbob? The Iron Order. Is that who you two guys are?

    You don’t have to read this page you know. Why don’t you go read the other guy now. He sucks for stories. He’s got a fucking spine like a weeping willow.

    Your pal,


  10. Txboshot Says:

    Would we be rejoicing if this was 1%er club who got this verdict.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Sing it, Troll 1%’er. Just-US


  12. Troll 1% Says:

    @ Johnny Bolivar Virtuously every court case that I have been involved with ,or witness to,for several decades has been an” affront to the entire jury process and the Constitution ” @ Oregon Moose It’s the state of INJUSTICE in modern America

  13. just tom Says:


  14. Outlawbob Says:

    Simple. They had no case. Look who their “expert” witnesses were!!!! Lmao. No chance in hell plus now we know Aging Rebel was setting a precedent against all clubs!! Rat!!

  15. david Says:

    Another dogandpony show trial appearing as an actual trial.

    Prick Powell, after learning of the jury’s award to the Estate, stops wacking-off long enough to realize that fact, and in a vain attempt to get off, dismisses the case. Black robe then sent to cleaners.

  16. Koala Says:


    Am I cerrect that the “et al” defendants are still liable and that only IO organization was dismissed by the judge?

  17. Johnny Bolivar Says:

    Wait a minute.
    The jury listened.
    The jury spoke.
    The jury delivered a verdict.
    America? This bridge collapse of a trial needs to be delivered back to a grand jury for a quick and firm judge lesson. The citizens do still have some power there. Wouldn’t be the first time. Otherwise this is an affront to the entire jury process and to the Constitution. This is not a ham sandwich.

  18. panamaa Says:

    These motherfuckers have got to KNOW somebody…. How in the hell can they keep getting away with this shit? Like Rebel says.. “Tethered goats”

  19. Stevo Says:

    Trying to find a positive here, could this case now be used to get cases against real clubs dismissed where they try to use the actions of individual members against the entire club?

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    The Urine Order are nothing but a bunch of cowards who even when not in uniform still have to hide behind a badge, always have been always will be.

    While I dont agree with the Judges decision you can bet your ass that those slimy UO members will be trying to use their Law Enforcement connections to tug on the appellate courts judges sleeves to swing it their way. The one good thing about an appeal is these ass wipes will have to pass around the collection plate a few more times to see if they can come up with some bucks to pay to fight the appeal, and they were having issues coming up with cash to find money to pay the current bill.

    I hope the estate gets every fucking dime the jury deemed fit, mind you I am sure these turd will pop up under a different name, breaking the law like they normally do in and out of uniform

  21. Paladin Says:

    @ jrino;

    I wasn’t serious regarding judge Young’s possible membership in the io. The appeal would be based on Judge Young acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner regarding the documents submitted as evidence, supporting a well established pattern of behavior on the part of the io, having everything to do with how its members acted that night.

    “Under the “arbitrary and capricious” standard, the finding of a lower court will not be disturbed unless it has no reasonable basis. When a judge makes a decision without reasonable grounds or adequate consideration of the circumstances, it is said to be arbitrary and capricious and can be invalidated by an appellate court on that ground. In other words there should be absence of a rational connection between the facts found and the choice made. There should be a clear error of judgment; an action not based upon consideration of relevant factors and so is arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law or if it was taken without observance of procedure required by law. [Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. v. United States EPA, 966 F.2d 1292, 1297 (9th Cir. 1992)] There is, however, no set standard for what constitutes an arbitrary and capricious decision.”

    Long May You Ride,


  22. Filburt Says:

    Phufking pigs.

  23. Whitepride Says:

    Iron Order posers slip away again. Fucking sad. Cowards!

  24. freebird Says:

    Judge John Milton Younge, dismissed the case against the Iron Order

    Maybe he looking to keep the door open just in case he finds himself in need of PAC Fund’s

  25. jrino Says:

    Sorry Paladin, but suggesting the Judge was a member of the IO is a bridge too far. But It would be a great appeal if he was. My Belief is not all judge’s are smart. Just like everyone lies.

  26. Old & Jaded Says:

    This makes me sick. I had hoped for some semblance of justice here in some direction and there’s been none. Hoping against hope that the Judge’s decision is overturned on appeal. Just depressing.

  27. Oregon Moose Says:

    Not a bit surprised at this. The cops and their LE “clubs” are the “good guys”. Of course the judge had their back. If Ritchie and Martin had been members of an “outlaw” club, there’s no way in hell the judge would have absolved the M/C of liability. In fact, their actions would have been used as part of evidence in support of a RICO case against the M/C.

    It’s disgusting. But it’s the state of justice in modern America.


  28. Paladin Says:

    Appeals are usually based on arguments that there were errors in the trial’s procedure or errors in the judge’s interpretation of the law. Appeals are filed by either side as a matter of course. After review, most appeals are denied. Based on Rebel’s reporting on this case, I think the appeal of Judge young’s decision will be granted. Who knows? Judge Young may very well be a member of the io.


  29. Stevo Says:

    No surprise at all, assets are always protected.

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