Iron Order Civil Case

June 21, 2018

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Iron Order Civil Case

It is a coin flip whether the Iron Order Motorcycle Club will have to defend itself in court in Philadelphia starting Monday.

The case is titled Brenda L. Bollinger, Administratrix of the Estate of Tonya L. Focht, deceased versus Iron Order Motorcycle Club et al. Most readers are aware that although most guys call me Rebel my name is Donald Charles Davis, I publish books as Donald Charles Davis, one of them, titled Twilight of the Outlaws is largely about the Iron Order, and for the last year or so I have been a consulting expert for the estate of Tonya Focht. The estate is currently, and for as long as I have been involved with the case has been, represented by a Philadelphia lawyer named Slade McLaughlin. A second consulting expert for the complainant is Ray “Izod” Lubesky who is previous president of the Iron Order.

During the last three weeks the Iron Order and its attorneys have taken extraordinary steps to disqualify both McLaughlin and I from the case and to convince Lubesky to drop out of the case.

Email Hack

The Iron Order and or its lawyers hacked either McLaughlin’s email account or mine and used hacked emails between McLaughlin and I to substantiate a claim that McLaughlin should be disqualified from the case.

The motion, filed on May 29, is 154 pages long. Among very many other things the Iron Order’s current attorney, Brian Grady, accuses McLaughlin of making the following rude statements to John C. Whitfield. Whitfield is an Iron Order member and former Iron Order attorney in the case.

“Tee it up, John. You’re not in Trump Country here in Philly. Very few rednecks in these parts… but you’ll find that out for yourself soon enough. I chuckle to myself when I see how you’ll play before a Philly jury. Wear your confederate flag for all I care.”

“John, I did get a laugh out of your email…the whining about me calling you names. Jeez man. You really ARE as big baby. And a tattle-tale to boot. Even making up stories about me. That’s a new one. I thought you motorcycle guys had some coda not to rat or to make stuff up to discredit someone…I guess you’re not one of those type of upstanding guys. I bet the kids in high school picked on you mercilessly, and that’s why you’re so ‘sensitive’ o being put down, even if it is just name calling. John, sorry if I hurt your little feelings. I’ll try to be nicer next time, and not call you names. Now go back to your sandbox and play.”


Another reason to disqualify McLaughlin, according to Grady is that “McLaughlin is also attempting to use his ‘expert.’ who will also be the subject of a motion to preclude for lack of qualifications, expertise, relevant testimony and impartiality, to formulate the media story line and testimony that he desires, and to improperly influence and inflame the jury pool by disseminating untruthful information via the internet. McLaughlin is acting as the behind the scenes puppet master for his expert, Charles Robert Davis a/k/a The Aging Rebel (, – feeding him false information and speculation to be published on the ‘expert’s’ blog. This is clearly intended to misuse the media to try gain an unfair and undeserved advantage at trial. It is further grounds for disqualification.”

Grady then cites stories published here and portions of the hacked emails.

For example, after a story titled “Iron Order S.O.S.” about Iron Order president Patrick “Brit” Ward soliciting funds from the club’s members to pay the club’s legal bills, Grady cites a hacked and privileged email in which McLaughlin wrote:

“Hey Rebel, I read your article below, I DOUBT that Blackman is the lawyer Whitfield wants to retain to represent the club at trial. In my opinion, Blackman is not qualified to try a case, and looks like a frumpy nerd. He’s 66 years old. Below is a picture of him. Need I say more?

“The $65,000 in back legal fees is likely money owed to Howard Levin, the Philadelphia lawyer whom the Iron Order retained to represent Tim Martin (yes, the Iron Order HIRED a separate lawyer to represent Martin so that he would have his own personal attorney, and the Iron Order was paying ALL of Martin’s BIG legal bills). However, Levin’s charges near the end of the discovery period in the case got so large that the Iron Order could no longer afford to pay them, so they fired Levin, leaving Martin with no lawyer. Martin is currently acting pro se (that is…he is HIS OWN Attorney). What a joke. However, Whitfield MAY be trying to bring Levin back into the case (his review time of thousands of pages of documents would not be all that much because he was involved in most of the discovery conducted in the case). I think the Iron Order hiring Levin would be a clear conflict of interest since Levin previously represented Martin, and would now be representing Iron Order defendants (but not Martin). BEST DEFENSE of the Iron Order defendants would be to blame Martin for this whole debacle. We’ll have to see how this all goes down, but my thought is that the Iron Order is in major trouble here. The more the members know about their hard-earned dollars being used to defend a child molester, the more they are going to revolt and tell Whitfield, Brit and Cgar to go pound sand!!!! Time will tell.”

Web Log

For the record, The Aging Rebel uses numerous informed sources and those sources include attorneys. Those sources are not named unless the source gives explicit permission to be named. During the last ten years,no one has ever hacked either The Aging Rebel email account nor the source’s email account. Only the Iron Order has done this.

The motion Grady promised in his hacked email motion. To “preclude” me “for lack of qualifications, expertise, relevant testimony and impartiality,” was filed by an attorney named Daniel J. Rucket on June 7. That motion including attachments is 52 pages long.

“Donald Charles Davis (‘Davis’) is the author of the online web log (‘blog’) called “The Aging Rebel” (the ‘Rebel’). The Rebel is an internet motorcycle blog where Davis writes various articles about motorcycle clubs and related material with seemingly no sense of fact checking or censorship of explicit, crude, vulgar, or disparaging material,” the motion states.

“For example, in an article entitled, ‘Inside the Iron Order’ written and posted on October 2, 2013, Davis insults the 10MC by questioning their toughness during confrontations when compared to other motorcycle clubs, and questions whether the IOMC is ‘parody’ with respect to the motorcycle club community.”

“On June 18, 2014, Davis posted an article entitled, ‘Did the Iron Order Do It Again,’ which insulted its members stating, ‘It may simply be that the club attracts men who are flamboyantly neurotic, as Richard Sherman and Perez Hilton are flamboyantly gay.’”

Tipton Murder

“Between June 27, 2014 and September 23, 2014, Davis posted multiple articles describing and following a ‘murder’ allegedly committed by a prospective IOMC member in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Davis vigorously attacked the IOMC for instigating the altercation which led to the ‘murder’ and that the Florida police investigating the death were corrupt and aiding the IOMC.”

“However, the ‘murder’ was not a murder at all. The Florida court determined that the prospective IOMC member acted in self-defense after he was attacked by members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.”

The murder victim was a member of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club named Zahariah Tipton. As a matter of provable fact, the case never went to court which was the point all along. Iron Order Officer John Whitfield provably washed and spun dried the police investigation. Evidence was shared with the Iron Order but the state attorney waited almost four months to announce the decision not to prosecute the prospect even though the decision was made the night of the killing.

Tipton punched the prospect in the nose and knocked him down. As Tipton was walking away, after the prospect wet himself, the prospect pulled a gun and fired four shots. One shot fatally wounded Tipton.

There were two key legal questions about the incident. First, did the prospect suffer great bodily harm. The state attorney, Angela Corey ignored well established case law and ruled that the punch in the nose constituted great bodily harm. It was the exact opposite of what Corey thought in a more famous case in which a man named George Zimmerman shot and killed a black teenager named Trayvon Martin. The second legal issue is whether Tipton was assaulting the prospect when the prospect killed him or if Tipton was walking away. If Tipton was walking away, it was murder.

“Davis even had the nerve to double-down on his complete inaccuracies of the Jacksonville Beach case, when he wrote in his ‘expert report’ dated October 2, 2017, that the IOMC instigated the fight and the decedent ‘was already backing away from his killer’ when the prospective IOMC member shot him. Clearly, these facts, as Davis so badly wants the public to believe, have been proved and found to be false by the Florida court,” Rucket fatuously states. He doesn’t name the court.

“The articles and information contained on Davis’s blog is ‘knowledge’ that anyone can have or obtain by simply searching Google.”

“Davis is simply an unprofessional, vulgar, and disparaging blogger, which anyone with an internet connection can be, that discusses motorcycle clubs at his leisure.”

Death Threats

This morning McLaughlin filed a 302-page motion for sanctions. He moved that a hearing be held “to further explore the two issues raised in Plaintiff s Motion: 1. Death Threats made to Plaintiffs Expert, Ray Lubesky; and 2. Confidential Communications of Plaintiffs counsel that have, without explanation or justification, come into the hands of, and have been used in this case by, counsel for the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.”

“Ray Lubesky, received death threats regarding his anticipated testimony at this trial,” the motion states.

The judge in the case, John M. Younge, may have time to consider and rule on these motions by Monday or not.


22 Responses to “Iron Order Civil Case”

  1. Austin Says:

    @lostNok Thanks man.

  2. One Eye Says:

    Often times truth can be vulgar and disparaging, however, it is that way to those who don’t want to hear it. The truth is the truth is the truth is the truth….

  3. lostNok Says:

    here is the link to the page Austin referenced , the files are along the left side of the screen

  4. JOHN T COKOS Says:

    I’m 10 miles from Phila, I’ll see if I can get over to Federal Court and do some Court Watching. This whole thing sounds like the Biker version of the O.J. Simpson case. WTF is this whole thing about? High Biker Drama ?

  5. JOHN T COKOS Says:

    Austin: There is no link on that website that describes the case or has any Court material that you state.
    Publish the exact link, the last blog entry is 2012. I’ll go to Pacer and see if I can conjure up any docs to the case. Trust BUT verify. There is a lot of SLOPPY references about the case, NO verifiable documentation. Just sayin……

  6. Dasein Says:

    “explicit, crude, vulgar, or disparaging material”…When discussing the iron order, really, what else is there? As Beavis and Butthead would say, “you can’t polish a turd.” Whatever Rebel says about them is better than they deserve.

  7. Cavey Says:

    Fuckin one purse centers. No LEO SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW! FUCK EM IN THE NECK!

  8. rocco151 Says:

    @ Dutchboy

    ….well stated Sir !

  9. Austin Says:

    There is a copy of all the decision/the exact court papers on something I found called The Cancer Chronicles/Busted knuckle club which describes Mr. Tipton’s fatal wound as entering low behind the right ear and exiting higher from the left frontal skull. I can’t copy the link from this hotel computer – but I found it in about 6 seconds of searching.

    They wrote a wordy legal justification for it – But it is very clear what IS is.

    “seemingly no sense of fact checking” Well, let’s just say the fact checking methods Mr. Davis employs may not be electronically traceable or in a Federally approved format – but we can all see the current National Agenda is not concerned with facts, although it is indeed more openly visible than the previous, similar agenda.

    Mr. Davis answers to a higher power than what the Feds do.

    And PS;
    Anyone who uses the term ‘frumpy nerd’ in a sentance probably needs to get their ashes hauled. Go lay some pipe. WTF?? Are you a frustrated English Teacher/Librarian?

  10. John t Cokos Says:

    Welcome to the world of The Philadelphia Lawyer. I don’t know which side is worse to be on the receiving end of: A 1% MC or a Phila Lawyer.I’ve seen both, I’ll stick with the MC….:-)

  11. jonny sumo Says:

    I have long found Mr Davis’ work as vulgar and disparaging…thats why I keep hanging around here!!
    When watching the tv documentaries the experts I see are polite and professional…that nice Mr Cook for instance…but my favourites are the ‘experts’ who have to be ‘disguised’ for their own safety…no ID, no evidence…like the ‘an insider told us’ articles in the newspapers…made up poop! say what they want and noone can argue…the sheep just sit and quiver with delight and fear….
    fight the good fight Mr Davis…

  12. Dutchboy Says:

    For decades the LEOs have tried to infiltrate and destroy the motorcycle set, not because we are “the Mafia on motorcycles” like they claim but because we generally don’t need big bully boys in blue to TCB.

    Nothing threatens a tyrant more than a man who will not bend a knee.

    The current attempt is the Urine Odor. Saw some of these stains at a local bike event. No body and I mean NO BODY would speak to them let alone shake their hands.

    There are clubs I don’t like, they ain’t loosing sleep over the fact and neither am I, but I still give them the respect they’ve earned.

    The IOMC? Less respect for them than for the stuff I scraped off my boots after a walk in the dog park. Come to think of it, I guess they are judged by the same rule as everyone else. They get the level of respect they earned, in the Urine Odor’s case they have earned a place below dogshit.

  13. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Tipton punched the prospect in the nose and knocked him down. As Tipton was WALKING AWAY, after the prospect wet himself, the prospect pulled a gun and fired four shots. One shot fatally wounded Tipton.

    that one singular paragraph says many volumes.

    could of just took it like a man and lost with honour
    but had to win with cowardice.
    how blind some are..
    respects to those deserving
    fuck the rest


  14. david Says:

    The main reason the IO has not already dis-banded may be the fact pigs actually have no idea, as the robots they are, what they are doing.

  15. Not Surprised Says:

    I cannot say I’m sorry about those death threats

  16. freebird Says:

    The Iron Order and or its lawyers hacked either McLaughlin’s email account or mine and used hacked emails between McLaughlin and I to substantiate a claim that McLaughlin should be disqualified from the case.

    How is this not fruit of the poisons tree?

    If allowed to stand, one could make a strong argument that crime does pay

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ 10G;

    I agree with you on how the bias standard is overlooked when it comes to those testifying on behalf of law enforcement. The link I provided was for those that might be interested to know how attorneys attempt to show bias when trying to disqualify each other’s expert witnesses.

    What truly astounds me is the fact that the io’s attorney (Grady) would include illegally obtained material as part of the evidence for his motion to disqualify Bollinger’s attorney (McLaughlin) and to preclude Rebel from testifying. If this is the brain trust the io has retained, they should just pay up and disband.

    Long May You ride,


  18. 10G Says:

    What a fucking joke of an article…we all know how unbiased Steve Cook is. Not to mention the other goofs that have figured out his same racket…Chris Omdtwtf and the rest.
    FTF, FTP

  19. Paladin Says:

    At the end of the day, an expert’s opinion is just that. An opinion. What gives an individual’s opinion weight in a court of law, is that individual’s curriculum vitae, which is a written overview of a person’s experience, training and other qualifications that the court takes into consideration when deciding whether or not to recognize an individual as an expert witness.

    Regarding expert witness bias:


  20. jay Says:

    HA-HA!!!! Rebels making them shit their pants AGAIN!!!

    funny… their mc “experts” get automatically accepted, (probably after an online course) but someone that actually RIDES is ridiculed and attacked to prevent their inclusion…


    rubber-side down, hoss…

  21. RLG Says:

    This blog is a Constitutionally protected first amendment activity.

    The Iron Order MC is not worthy of respect.

  22. rocco151 Says:

    Anyone who has read DCD’s books and followed his site for any length of time may not always agree with him but I think it is insane to think that he , or most of his reader’s for that matter, would allow himself to be influenced by someone’s opinion on any matter concerning the motorcycle club world !

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