Operation Patched Out

May 24, 2018

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Operation Patched Out

As of one p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time today, according to multiple official and published reports, fifty-two alleged members or associates of the Pagans and Kryptmen Motorcycle Clubs had been arrested on state drug, weapons and assault charges in a massive roundup of Rhode Island and Massachusetts bikers dubbed “Operation Patched Out.” The Aging Rebel believes that reports are probably overblown.

Although the charges are local, the arrests resulted from a joint investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Rhode Island State Police.

Starting yesterday before dawn, about 150 police served search warrants on 29 locations in Woonsocket, Burrillville, Chepachet, North Smithfield, North Providence and Warwick, Rhode Island and in Blackstone, Bellingham, Milford and Charlton, Massachusetts. So far, 52 people have been taken into custody and as many as 60 may be subject to arrest.

The affidavit that requested the search and arrest warrants is 1,300 pages long. Although police and news outlets – like the Providence Journal – have presented the arrests as “Two Rhode Island Biker Gangs Toppled” the number of arrestees who are actually members of the two clubs remains uncertain. The Aging Rebel believes that seven of the defendants belong to a fledgling Pagans chapter and four defendants belong to the Kryptmen.

As this story is being written, one defendant, Deric “Tuna” McGuire, who is identified as” the kingpin of Rhode Island’s Pagan motorcycle gang” has been arraigned. McGuire is charged with 220 counts.

Cop Speak

In a press release issued yesterday, Colonel Ann C. Assumpico, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety, announced that in addition to the arrests, “53 illegal guns and a large quantity of marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin” had been seized.

According to Assumpico, “The arrests were made during a coordinated series of pre-dawn raids conducted by the Rhode Island State Police, with assistance from more than 150 state, federal and local law enforcement officers.

“The raids involved the use of explosive devices to breach heavily fortified buildings; an armored truck and battering ram to break down doors; and dozens of heavily armed SWAT team members and other officers. Fortunately…it was conducted without incident.”

She called the operation “the single largest takedown in Rhode Island State Police history.”

Operation Patched Out

According to the official account, “The arrests result from a 12-month investigation dubbed Operation Patched Out, which was conducted by members of the Rhode Island State Police Special Investigations Unit with assistance from the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General, along with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).”

“The investigation began last May, after detectives in the Special Investigations Unit received information that some of the most violent motorcycle gangs in the country were establishing local chapters in northwestern Rhode Island. They quickly zeroed in on members of two gangs: The Pagans and Kryptmen, who were allegedly involved in gun and drug trafficking and other criminal activity.”

“Using electronic surveillance and court-ordered wiretaps, members of the State Police Special Investigations Unit intercepted thousands of phone conversations and text messages, while collecting other evidence detailed in a 1,300-page affidavit used to secure the warrants executed earlier today.”

“These gang members are not recreational bikers organizing local charities. These are violent criminals who belong to some of the most sinister motorcycle gangs in this country,” Assumpico was quoted as saying. “When I learned they were trying to establish a foothold here in Rhode Island, I ordered my detectives to use whatever means necessary to investigate and eradicate these gangs. Today’s arrests send a clear and convincing message: We will not allow motorcycle gangs and other criminals to sell guns and drugs on our streets and commit violent crimes in our communities.”

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33 Responses to “Operation Patched Out”

  1. bADcO Says:

    @81=cops u are excatly whats wrong with society today,id bet my dick u have No evidence of any active 81 works with LE, ur a troll who had his broad swiped or was run off for being a skinner,heres afact, 1 particular Mass charter is notorious for smackin cops literally,so stay tough in moms basement fag,much L&R 2 all HAMC

  2. bADcO Says:

    @fuck81&other lames,if u think Ha is with LE your either a rat or been slapped around by a member&as far as 81 leavin RI& Especially Ma you are dreaming,OLs dont even wear cuts north of boston as far as indicments of 11 WEAK FTOT,KEEPRAINMAN FREE

  3. What Ever Says:

    Give a name, an incident or some paperwork or just spout out that something happened with no evidence, not even your name so it can be checked out. I doubt for one that any of the Cry Babies commenting on this post about HA have anything to do with the Pagan MC and believe that they are just nimrods trying to stir the pot. Arguing on the internet is like getting a gold medal in the Special Olympics, even if you win- you’re still retarded. So I’ll leave y’all with this. Instead of acting like this invisible enemy that is fighting their own cases against the government and doesn’t have any access to CIs, electronic surveillance and government mega data collecting is attacking anyone, figure out what was done wrong by these indicted and correct that.

  4. @whatever Says:

    Hells angels aren’t working with police than why when a Newark member got beat up in jersey why did he cooperate with police and also point to who did it?? Hmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Beachside rider Says:

    I’m from Virginia Beach and I witness all the time cops being buddy buddy with angels here especially with their support club called the road reapers

  6. @ what ever Says:

    @ what ever what pagans ratted on pagans in this story? And this really doesn’t have anything to do with pagans they were under investigation when they were thug Ryder’s and they patched over to 16s. So before they try to make this out to be the pagans mc they were obvisouly doing shit before they were ever 16s

  7. MtPockets Says:

    @ Paladin and JWC- Thanks for the insight. I’m no expert on either guns or body armor, so it’s good to learn.

    Respect to all those who deserve it- especially Rebel. Thank you for all you do!!!


  8. steve Says:

    Fuck 81 the Somoma chapter wasn’t protected they are up on serious charges so what happened to their protection.

  9. david Says:

    “Colon-El Ann” probably cries at night for not being able to have served Fascism during the German heyday.

  10. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Holy shit this is crazy

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    So tell us, Ann, you stinking fucktard cunt, how are any of the guns illegal? Just what does “…use whatever means necessary to investigate and eradicate…” mean *exactly? Did you condone the use of illegal actions by your goon squad, brown-shirt fucktards?


  12. Footer Says:

    Sounds to me like the government is mad about someone giving them competition. Maybe they should spend this kind of effort looking within instead of at others. Respect to the Pagans MC. Maybe they could knock on a door instead of breaking doors down. I’m sure they would’ve let you ass hats in instead of doing property damage . It’s a motorcycle club not a gang, but hey make sure and word everything to make headlines. These guys would literally give you the shirt of their back or the money in their pocket if they like you. It’s unfortunate most people don’t see that…

  13. Gooch Says:

    text messages can’t be introduced as evidence in Wisconsin Keep the stories coming much appreciated Rebel, thank you. and as we all reflect and show our gratefulness this Memorial Day hold your heads high and proud and enjoy our freedoms As Americans and get on them bikes and ride see a vet thank a vet! Rebel On!~Gooch

  14. Curbside Says:

    Paladin Says:
    May 24, 2018 at 2:24 pm
    “Avoiding conversations via electronic devices that you wouldn’t want to have in front of a jury would really be great.”

    Absolutely. If it’s not something you’d be willing to put on a flyer and post it on the wall of the local bar, you don’t discuss it on the phone. You don’t text about it. You don’t post about it on social media. You don’t discuss it anywhere outsiders may overhear it.

    That’s not some sort of top-secret G14-classified cloak & dagger type shit, that’s basic MC 101 type shit. Just don’t talk about it unless it needs to be talked about, and even then, be careful how/when/where you talk about it.

    Considering the long and storied history of the feds loving to go after motorcycle clubs (likely because they’re too fucking inept to go after anyone else!?), you’d think people would start to learn this shit…but I guess common sense would be asking too much?

  15. xplor Says:

    None of the law enforcement organizations engaged in the raids are clean.
    All are guilty of criminal conduct. Even the Rhode Island state police.
    They too wear uniforms and protect their brothers. Were are the RICO
    warrents for them ?

  16. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Mt Pockets,

    Body armor has to be heavy to stop rifle bullets becsuse of the high velocity. 3,000 fps for rifle vs 1,0000 to 1,500 fps for most handguns. Armor pentration is proportional to velocity squared. 7mm magnum hunting rifle at 4,000 fps is the magic sword. Specialized AP bullets require even more armor. .30 ap projectiles hand reloaded in .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges defeats even survival plates even better than .50 BMG.

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ MtPockets;

    The rocket launcher shown in the video is known as a LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon). They are man-portable and discarded after the self contained rocket is fired. Extending the tube by pulling each half in opposite directions arms the device. The launcher is then shouldered, sighted and then fired. Once fired, the launcher is discarded.

    During the Vietnam war, a number of these LAW’s were defective (duds) and were discarded, only to be picked up and reconfigured as booby traps by the Viet Cong. What is pictured in the photo / video is an expended launched, sans rocket.

    The press release stated that many of the arrested had prior felony convictions. As per the Gun Control Act of 1968, these individuals aren’t allowed to own or possess firearms. At a later date, the owning or possession of body armor was also prohibited if having been convicted of a felony.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. MtPockets Says:

    L-frame, I was thinking the same thing. Other than the rocket launcher, they could be in anyones house. I’m no expert on rocket launchers, but they didnt show any rockets so I guess maybe it’s an expensive potato gun?
    In one of the videos, it says that the body armor is very heavy and they make a point of explaining that the armor is meant to protect against very large guns. Here again, Im no expert but looking at the stuff I thought it looked very old- which would explain the weight.
    Lots of mistruths in their rollout of the operation.
    Good luck to all involved.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    Wishing The Club the best of luck… always.

  20. L-Frame S&W Says:

    Looking at the picture of the smug RI State Police with all the “illegal guns”, I noticed that most of the long arms are bolt action rifles and pump shotguns. What makes these guns illegal, I wonder? Was there one convicted felon in the room who was then accused of owning all these rifles and shotguns? Otherwise, most American citizens are free to own rifles and shotguns, even if you do enjoy riding motorcycles and hanging out with your friends.

    L-Frame S&W

  21. xplor Says:

    No motor cycle club runs guns like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives .
    Operation Wide Receiver (2006-2007),
    The Hernandez Case (2007) and
    The Medrano Case (2008).
    Operation Fast and Furious (2009-2010),

  22. xplor Says:

    No club ever runs guns like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives . see Operation Fast and Furious (2009-2010),
    Operation Wide Receiver (2006-2007),
    The Hernandez Case (2007) and
    The Medrano Case (2008).

  23. In the Know Says:

    this whole thing sounds like a set up to start with, even the name screams that. this is a cop/fed set up to arrest members, i’ve been there, lived it and still don’t trust people..

  24. freebird Says:

    Sounds more like Operation Tuna Fish…..

  25. what ever Says:

    Once again, Pagans are ratting on Pagans, but you whiny bitches are blaming someone else. Apparently, some woman manufactures guns, sells them to retards and the retards turn on each other and tell the police. How are Hells Angels involved at all? You all should tidy up your own back yard and then worry about your neighbors, you wouldn’t sound like whiny bitches that way. Also, there’s been dozens of times where Hells Angels have testified and worked with many clubs, even ones that the media consider rivals on those clubs best interest. Give a name of any active Hells Angel that has pointed a finger to LEO ? But yet, I bet you I can produce names of members in other clubs that have put people in prison< Some as police officers-Steven "Gorilla: Mondevergine. People in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks,

  26. New England Rider Says:

    I had heard rumblings of the Kryptmen being around, but the Pagans on the other hand are a bit of a surprise. New England has historically been Angels and Outlaws territory. Interesting…..

    New England Rider

  27. 81=cops Says:

    81 are cops with cuts

  28. Fuck 81 Says:

    looks like the cops are protecting their precious hells angels yet again.

  29. All facts Says:

    This is to funny everytime pagans expand the cops almost shut it down I guess they have to make sure their hells angels friends don’t lose their Edge…. all the real 1% clubs know that hells angels work hand and hand with law enforcement!!! Especially on the east coast

  30. Kranky Klaus Says:

    Not gonna lie; with the Outlaws in Taunton, Brockton, Fall River, Rhode Island and Cape Cod and now the Pagan’s muscling into the scene, it felt like the RI 81’s days may have been numbered. I hate cops as much as the next guy, but I am glad the playing field got a bit leveled. Sorry Pagan’s.

  31. Paladin Says:

    “Using electronic surveillance and court-ordered wiretaps, members of the State Police Special Investigations Unit intercepted thousands of phone conversations and text messages, while collecting other evidence detailed in a 1,300-page affidavit used to secure the warrants executed earlier today.”

    Avoiding conversations via electronic devices that you wouldn’t want to have in front of a jury would really be great.


  32. Peachy Says:

    Sounds like the person who wrote Swanton’s press statement after Twin Peaks wrote hers, too.

  33. Justjim Says:

    Not that there isn’t mistakes and lack of justice in a long term investigation, the comparison to Waco is staggering. A 1300 page affidavit vs. 1 page and a 12 month investigation vs. 12 minutes is such a striking difference in securing arrests.

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