Brent Coon Press Release

May 17, 2018

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Brent Coon Press Release

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the Twin Peaks Waco biker shootings and mass arrests. It is indeed a dubious anniversary, as it stands for law enforcement abuses measurable at just about every level imaginable. Self-dealing. Grandstanding. Criminal conduct. Perjury. Bribery. Corruption. Intimidation. Abuse of power. Violations of Constitutional Rights. Railroading of Innocents. And the premeditated destruction of innocent lives for the advancement of their own careers.

Those sweeping and unconstitutional arrests 3 years ago were made on a single and identical probable cause affidavit, rubber stamped with the exact same basis for every arrestee, by a single officer with no personal knowledge of the underlying allegations. That alone should be a shocking and telling fact. But, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In fact, 3 years later, there is ZERO evidence in support of these perjured affidavits for the vast majority of those arrested on that fateful day. The lives of those falsely arrested and wrongfully accused of illegal conduct were forever ruined on that date. Most were charged with crimes associated to the highest of crimes, involvement with murder, with bonds set at a million dollars or more. Slammed in jail with outrageously high bonds. Shackled like convicted criminals. Personal belongings and property confiscated. While few were involved at ANY level in the altercation at Twin Peaks, all were charged identically. Even when bonds were posted, those arrested were presumed guilty until proven innocent due to false statements made by law enforcement in the days following the incident. After 3 long years, a light is finally being cast on the illegal and unconstitutional actions of Waco law enforcement. The gag orders barring comment by those arrested were challenged and reversed. The crooked District Attorney overseeing the process has been defeated in re-election. A trial of their “best case” did not even result in a single conviction of a single crime. Rumors fly around this prosecutor for allegations of selling his office for campaign money, buying drugs, and other illegal activity. He has dismissed remaining cases when challenged to take the stand to avoid perjury charges. And yet, the civil lawsuits brought by those illegally arrested are still formally stayed from prosecution at the request of law enforcement defendants. But that day of reckoning is getting ever so closer.

If 200 women were rounded up by out of control elements of a sexist law enforcement agency and charged with the same fictitious crimes by a perjured probable cause affidavit, put in jail, and had their lives ruined, every female in America would be outraged. In fact, our entire country would be outraged. If 200 African Americans were arrested and similarly charged on phony perjured affidavits of bigoted law enforcement agents, the entire African American community would be outraged. So too, would our entire country be outraged. If 200 gay persons were arrested and similarly charged by a homophobic law enforcement agent, the entire country would again be outraged. And yet, when it happens in the biking community no one is apparently outraged, except other motorcyclists. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an outrage. Over 10 million Americans ride motorcycles. There are thousands of clubs and associations of motorcyclists across America, ranging from the Harley Owner Group chapters, comprising tens of thousands, down to every small mom and pop club in America. They all share a love for the road, expressing their independence, and enjoying the fraternity of their club brothers and sisters.

They range from military veterans groups to drug/alcohol recovery groups to Christian and other religious groups… and are, in fact, an entire cross-section of America and all that is American. Unfortunately, discrimination has become so rampant in the abuses by certain elements of law enforcement against motorcyclists, and has become so intrusive and pervasive, that many States are considering the passage of statutes recognizing the problem and dealing with it. A number of States such as Washington have already adopted such laws. It is a tragedy in America that a statute must be passed by our legislatures to tell elements of law enforcement to quit discriminating against someone because they are on a motorcycle. This is the 21st century and there is no excuse for discrimination or harassment by our law enforcement agencies against anyone.

So what do we know 3 years after the wake of the Waco Twin Peaks tragedy? Even though Waco law enforcement initiated gag orders and has feverishly opposed any investigation into their own conduct and the civil lawsuits remaining on hold, some things have come to light that collectively already say a great deal about what happened…. and why.

  • We know that certain elements of law enforcement in Waco, including the District Attorney, just do not like motorcycles and discriminate against those who ride.
  • We know that the Waco police department disbanded their own motorcycle brigade 50 years ago because of their negative perceptions.
  • We know that a single Waco police officer with no personal knowledge of the Twin Peaks incident was ordered to sign 200 identical fake probable cause affidavits.
  • We know that the district attorney had a political agenda that used these arrests as a platform for re- election and for aspirations of higher office.
  • We know there were incestuous relationships throughout law enforcement and the Judiciary in Waco Texas that fostered this culture and nurtured this unconstitutional conduct.
  • We know that District Attorney Reyna has been investigated since this incident by federal authorities for multiple potential criminal actions, many even unassociated to Twin Peaks.
  • We know that D.A. Reyna utilized these false arrests so blatantly in his re-election campaign that he was formally chastised by a Judge involved in the proceedings and told his conduct was disgraceful.
  • We know that revelations against D.A. Reyna now include a long history of allegations of corruption, drug use, misappropriation and abuse of office, including selling his office for political contributions.
  • We know that for 3 years after civil suits were filed against those responsible for the false arrests, the D.A. has done everything possible to avoid those lawsuits from proceeding, denying these individuals their day in court and the ability to clear their names.
  • We know that not a single case has been successfully prosecuted by the district attorney from this incident.
  • We know gag orders were issued at the request of law enforcement to keep any of the defendant’s counsel from talking about what they knew about these abuses and telling the other side of the story.
  • We know that law enforcement did not arrive on the scene at Twin Peaks to restore order, but, in fact, were ALREADY on the scene with sniper rifles and suppressed automatic weapons and other heavy firearms to engage the motorcyclists, if and when the opportunity presented.
  • We know that many, if not most, of those killed or injured on that tragic day were hit by officer fired weaponry.
  • We know that the district attorney’s office has now admitted indirectly that many of those were falsely arrested and have dismissed dozens of cases.
  • We know that the D.A. has not been able to obtain a single plea or conviction against any of the 200 they arrested.
  • We know that the D.A. has not been able to even get an indictment against many of those who were arrested 3 years ago, charged with these crimes, and given million dollar bonds.
  • We know that even the indictments that were obtained were tainted by the fact that one of Waco’s own police officers was presiding as the foreperson the grand jury.

With the 3 year anniversary of this tragedy, and against the background of anger and frustration of those arrested and their families, and as millions of Americans continue to express their civil liberties and ride motorcycles, the pendulum is finally swinging. District Attorney Reyna has been kicked out of office by an angry community that now realizes they were duped by a crooked D.A. with his own political agenda. We know there were elements of law enforcement that have clearly lied to the press about the facts of this incident. We know that elements of law enforcement signed perjured and rubber stamped identical affidavits on all those arrested. We know that the vast majority of those arrested and even of those indicted did nothing wrong nor illegal nor even immoral on the day of this tragedy.

Over the last three years, we have all seen a much heightened awareness and attention to police brutality and other abuses of authority by those in law enforcement who do not honor and recognize that the Constitution applies to everyone equally. “Black Lives Matters” is just one high profile example. We have the beginnings of proactive legislation in recognition of this bizarre behavior by elements of law enforcement. Behavior that mandates legislative and congressional action. Law enforcement is here to protect and serve but it is to protect and serve every American… not to protect their own jobs and serve their own agendas. When that occurs, the strong will rise and stand, including those in the motorcycling community. The state confederations of motorcyclists of all 50 States now stand in unison. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the American Motorcycle Association, and the members of organizations in the biking community numbering in the millions are taking financial and political stands to protect their interests and saying no to illegal profiling and harassment. States are finally responding and addressing law enforcement abuses against motorcyclists and illegal profiling.

The National Council of Clubs was organized as a direct result of the abuses of law enforcement in Waco emanating from the Twin Peaks incident, and now serves as a parent advisory and public relations group for the biking community throughout America. Every single incident, involving every single abuse, in every single state and in every single town against every single motorcyclist is now challenged. It is challenged politically. It is challenged in the media. It is challenged in the court of public opinion…and it is zealously challenged in the courts. Many of those who were wronged in Waco will never get their good names back nor will they ever be able to receive sufficient compensation to make them whole. But they will be proud that as a result of what happened to them and the stand that many of them took thereafter, they molded a better America. An America that no longer discriminates against those who love motorcycles and who embrace a culture of fraternity and brotherhood based on core values, love of family, patriotism, and most of all freedom. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from discrimination. Those core values ingrained in our Constitution that was written to protect all Americans, not just those whom we identify with and approve.

The National Council of Clubs will do all that we can to make sure there is never an opportunity for yet another Waco.


11 Responses to “Brent Coon Press Release”

  1. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    You are correct. As they knew who the other guys are as well. So much perjury and lies from law enforcement agencies.

  2. Neuro Says:

    @ Pretty Paula: Raymond Clifton Hawes III of Waco was identified by witnesses to the I-35 attack. He is in the mugshots from Waco.

  3. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I just re-watched the pole cam and Bucher fired 3 shots at Kirchner but it was after he was no longer a threat. One shot missed hitting the sign pole. It doesn’t look to me that Kirchner was trying to get back up. He had a get back whip. He used that trying to tie a tourniquet to the Bucher shot in his thigh.

    Thank you Rojas.

  4. Rojas Says:


    There is a lot of run on there, but one thing stands out that needs to be corrected. Bucher did not shoot Kirchner in the knee. Fragments from a medium caliber jacketed bullet was removed from that area as per the autopsy.

    Others here have detailed the video evidence that appears to document the source of the knee injury. That evidence is entirely consistent with the defense of use of force in defense of a third person.

    The video evidence does not appear to support Bucher’s statement as paraphrased by the AP.
    “Michael Bucher, said during an internal investigation that he saw Kirschner chasing another man with a big chain. Bucher said he fired one round and Kirschner fell, but then fired again after he saw Kirschner get up on one knee and swing the chain. The officer said Kirscher then stayed on the ground.”

    The video evidence is clear that someone was shooting at Kirchner as he abandoned the field. The indictment is likely to put a microscope on these particular events.

  5. Paladin Says:

    We also know to avoid Waco, TX at any and all costs.


  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Kirschner was by Boyett when office O’Neal shot him in the head. Jackson described how already dead Boyett was shooting at him when he shot him the 2nd time in the head.
    Having the police go to a suspect in asking to make accord with the Bandidos. Instead of at least bringing in the one who was positively identified for questioning. They had evidence that was left behind at the scene on I- 35 that had fingerprints and DNA that should have been sent off.
    The police are responsible for all this and they should have been held accountable. As said Waco has 33 million and the Texas taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for anymore trials. It’s time we write our representatives to stop granting Waco money for anymore of these trials.
    Those new riot charges are not even the crime that was committed on May 17 2015 and we demand that the police ALL 14 OF THEM be charged accordingly.

  7. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The fact that Bucher describes in Jake’s trial as the big white guy and that guy is seen just standing on the sidewalk when Bucher shot him the 2nd time is proof that they was already shooting at them cause them to fear for their lives.
    Butcher first shot Kirschner in the thigh and it was after he was no longer a threat to anyone hitting his main artery as them missed hitting the sign pole to them shooting Kirschner a 2nd time in knee. AGAIN HE WAS NO LONGER A THREAT. To letting 2 men go by to seek medical attention but not letting Kirschner to seek medical

  8. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Yes how they lied and we know that they was shooting people before the people realized what was going on. You can clearly see a man who was just standing on the sidewalk get shot the 2nd time. As Bucher described as the big white guy. O’Neal shot Boyett and Jackson lied on the stand saying that already dead Boyett was shooting at him and shot him the 2nd time in the head.
    Bucher shot Kirchner twice, and he was no longer a threat when Bucher shot him, Bucher let 2 people walk by to seek medical attention but didn’t allow Kirchner to seek medical attention causing his death from bleeding out from the shot of Bucher to his thigh that hit the main artery.
    Even the federal agent committed perjury in the San Antonio trial.
    Reyna committed perjury & by law Judge Matt Johnson was required to recuse himself from hearing that case & allowed the perjury to go unpunished.
    The fact that 14 officer’s fired 44 shots of only Bucher, Jackson & O’Neal’s gun’s was sent to ballistic and only those 3 faced the grand jury. We know that the DA didn’t present the whole truth to the grand jurors.
    The police went to a suspect in the Lorena case and ask him to go make a accord with them unstead of even bringing the one who positively identified by witnesses of passers-by’s on I-35.
    So the Fed’s was called to help cover up the truth that the police created thsee people to fear for their lives as they watched the person next to them die from gun shots fired by Bucher, Jackson & O’Neal who killed 4 men.
    The people of McLennan County needs to fire their intire police department and hire S.E.A.L Securities company. Who are not about making quatas & getting kick backs for keeping the jail house full.

  9. Freeman Says:

    One question, did Kurt Sutter write this plot!?

  10. jrino Says:

    Not one “black rights” or “gay rights” ACL lawyer would touch this travesty of justice. Which I find amazingly hypocritical.Yet their quick to stand up for people who commit a crime by entering the country illegally.

  11. Snow Says:

    We know that if any minority group had this done to it the whole damn country would be up in arms. The thing is MCs are primarily a straight white male thing and the country can not stand that so here we are.
    FTF. FTP.

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