Waco Day 1079

April 30, 2018

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Waco Day 1079

Three years after his life was forever diminished by a lynch mob of rogue cops, corrupt politicians, fatuous prosecutors and gullible reporters, the booboisie who run Central Texas finally got around to telling former Scimitars Motorcycle Club member Matthew Alan Clendennen, “never mind.”

Next thing, Waco Tribune-Herald Opinion Editor Bill Whitaker will run an editorial proclaiming “The System Works!” Being a proper Wacoite means you never have to say you’re sorry.

Clendennen never should have been charged as a co-conspirator to assault, mayhem and homicide in the aftermath of the Waco Twin Peaks Mass Murder 1079 days ago. That charge should have been reserved for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, the Waco Police Department and the Joint ATF, FBI, DEA and Texas DPS Task Force From Hell. But Clendennen, a Baylor graduate and landscaper who was chasing the romantic dream of being an outlaw found himself at the wrong brunch at the wrong time in the wrong county. Despite a total lack of evidence that he had actually committed any crime he was falsely arrested, slandered, falsely imprisoned, held on $1 million bail and left, in John Ehrlichman’s hauntingly poetic phrase, to “twist slowly in the wind.”


Clendennen, unlike most of his co-defendants, managed to get a good lawyer named Clint Broden who was repeatedly mocked, gagged, overruled and frustrated in a case record that reads like a collaboration between Charles Dickens and H.P. Lovecraft based on a story by Kim Jong-un. Yay justice! Yay Waco!

Eventually the corrupt circle cracked – although it is yet to actually break. Today Brian M. Roberts, a former Harris County prosecutor and current defense attorney appointed to the Clendennen case as a special prosecutor moved to “dismiss” the charges against Clendennen “with prejudice” because “Upon reviewing all the facts, circumstances and evidence, it is the State’s position that no probable cause exists to believe the Defendant committed the offense.”

“This was,” Broden wrote in a press release, “the first case that was independently reviewed outside of (District Attorney) Reyna’s office.”

“Now, almost three years later, after the filing of numerous speedy trial demands and countless motions in the trial court, the recusal of the trial judge, the recusal of the district attorney, and three trips to the Court of Appeals,” the charges are dismissed.

Paying The Piper

“I am hopeful the civil courts will ultimately provide justice for Matt,” Broden wrote.

“After being arrested with a ‘fill-in-the-name’ arrest warrant, being held in jail for three weeks on a $1,000,000 bond and being held hostage for three years despite making several demands for a speedy trial, I am hopeful the civil courts will ultimately provide justice for Matt,” Broden wrote. “Three years later the truth has come out and that truth looks very different than the picture Mr Reyna and Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton tried to paint for the media and the public in May of 2015. We also must never forget that nine people died at Twin Peaks. Nevertheless, because of the reckless actions on the part of the District Attorney in advocating for wholesale arrests rather than the particularized arrests of the individual suspects, those nine families may be denied justice. The way this case was handled is a true tragedy from so many perspectives.”

Broden said he was “hopeful, but not optimistic that the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office would stop using weasel words when dismissing future cases.” And that he “hoped the media covers the dismissal of Mr. Clendennen’s case with prejudice and for lack of probable cause with the same vigor that it covered the initial false arrest of Mr. Clendennen and the arrest of 176 others on May 17, 2015.”


23 Responses to “Waco Day 1079”

  1. Neuro Says:

    Shameful, thanks, but you are wasting your time here. Even after that, people would still clamor for compensation to the Sacks and their supporters. I have spent a lot of time reviewing the little bits of available video and scouring the mug sheet. There are a few guys I can’t affiliate, but have put in the time to know almost who everyone is. I can only hope that really dark luck falls upon the guilty, in short order. This was a dirty, shitty affair. The Sacks and their supporters are not due any monetary compensation whatsoever. They are certainly due though. Hopefully real true details start to emerge for the public, ie. names.

  2. Oregon Moose Says:

    @Shameful: Thank you for taking the time for such a thorough reply. It’s very much appreciated. I’ve been following the case fairly well but wasn’t aware of all that.

    I still believe that for all the pawns caught up in this governmental entrapment (as you say, chess game), when they are eventually found not guilty and ultimately released that they will have opportunity for civil action and hopefully be well-compensated for the multiple years of loss of freedom.

  3. Shameful Says:

    @Oregon Moose:

    Ballistics have been released, at least in discovery. 4 of the 9 were killed by police bullets, with more having police rounds in them. Candyman had a .38 caliber round in his head and another in his back, shot as he was dismounting his motorcycle. Mohawk, you can see the two involved there. One round during the struggle, which went through his ribcage, and then perforated his lung and heart, and the second fired from above him into his left eye.

    To my knowledge at this point, none of the weapons fired by non-LE were printed to see who fired what rounds, even though some rounds have been matched up. The weapon that killed Candyman was found in a saddlebag of a guy who the DA’s office dismissed charges against. Imagine that. None of the non-wounded were swabbed for GSR. And none of the individuals seen firing weapons on video were even placed on the trial docket at this point.

    There were two witnesses, a waitress and an independent rider (who happened to be a retired LEO), who reported seeing the first shot in their statements immediately following the event. Both described the same individual. The waitress who testified supposedly saw a different shooter fire first, through two sets of windows, and at 5′-2″, over 3 rows of bikers, with some standing over 6′.

    There is video of the gunman who fired wildly going into the restaurant, where you can track his movements down the bar to the other side, where he kneels and takes aim again. Others can be seen pointing at targets for him, who he shoots at, directly underneath the main patio camera. Those are the two puffs of smoke you see under the main patio camera. Other cameras catch this happening.

    But, no prosecution. The prosecution was not interested in prosecuting that group. It becomes painfully obvious with more and more discovery being released. This was a setup. And to be fair, many of those involved on the group described above had no clue it was that way. Many were basically pawns in the chess match the government is playing, with some pieces being expendable.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    @Mark To see Jay Dobbins go down in a Rico conspiracy to commit murder case, Ohh that would be so sweet.

  5. Mark Says:

    @ TX_Biker

    We may not have to wait until that time. If the civil suits are lumped together by the federal court to make a class action. The suit will likely be settled and the cop’s cluster fuck gone wild will never come out in court. The federal judge will push and push both sides to settle without a trial. If that happens, every thing that happened after the cluster fuck, was all done to protect the cops involved by keeping a lid on what really happened.
    One question that never seems to be asked is, which one of the cop’s Biker Experts was consulted when the cops were planning out the Waco cluster fuck? Same POS that testified at Jake’s sham trial?

  6. Oregon Moose Says:

    Some people are going to disagree with me for this, but oh well. In my opinion, every person who has been incarcerated and held on an unreasonable bail for nearly three years now and who is not prosecuted should be awarded significant recompense for unlawful prosecution. Doesn’t matter what their cut or their affiliation – every one of these people have been victims of the government’s illegal and immoral prosecution.

    To the best of my knowledge, the police reports for this incident have never been revealed. Nor the findings of the forensic investigation detailing which of the deceased were killed by what caliber of rounds, and from what weapons fired those rounds. I’m sure that eventually it will come out that the vast majority of rounds fired were fired by the LE and that the majority of the deceased were killed by LE. I’m equally sure that when this information is finally released that it will get minimal, if any, coverage in the mainstream media.

    There’s a TV drama called “How to Get Away with Murder” that has been on the air for several years now. In real life, it’s much simpler – just wear a badge.

  7. TX_Biker Says:

    @Mark you could be on to something. We will have to wait for Rebel’s next book to find out…

  8. Mark Says:

    I wonder if arresting so many, the high bail and gag order was a cover up to protect the crooked police operation. Remember the new woman cop saying no one was supposed to be shot. The cop’s operation spun way out of control, and many still don’t know if it was the cops that killed and wounded the victims. Cops in club cuts hanging at the bar waiting for their main victims to roll in. Could all of this be a scam, the charges and the coming lawsuits to be one big cover up to protect the cops?

  9. Neuro Says:

    True, but for finishers that is a damn weak stance to take. Damn shallow. You could apply that to any story or issue. Since I am a wannabe cheerleader, I cheer on.

  10. Big Ed Says:

    These poor bastards will never see a dime. The judges will cover up in the civil suit as well.

  11. Txboshot Says:

    For starters, if you were not there you will never know what happened 100%. Just he said she said BS. Let the beef stay within the clubs.

  12. Filburt Says:



  13. Kenny Says:

    Thanks Rebel for this news. But seems to me this club was there for more then Tits and Grits. So I see where in civil areas this could make a jury think he got what he came for! A ass fuckin. To think u got police on your side and u can beat another club up with over powering numbers in fromt of the cops shows just how ignorant some guys are. Cops lie anything u say can and will be used against u. I also see it says former member? What playing badass isnt fun when its your ass that got ate.

  14. Gunny4Sawx Says:

    Cumulate every minute from every one of the 177 innocents taken from their lives, multiply by 3 and then have Anal and his assistants serve the time. When that’s complete indenture their families to repay the financial burden.
    Texas and McClennan County should be bankrupted for what they did to these innocents.

  15. Neuro Says:

    Fuck the Sacks and their support teams. They are not due shit. They sucker punch attacked the BMC. It’s all their fault.

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna and Co never ever should have indicted these folks, everyone knows a most of the indictments had little evidence to back up the charges. It criminal that the prosecution has been allowed to drag this on for so damn long turning these folks lives upside down and leaving a lot of them in financial and personal peril.

    The fact that Strother’s and Johnson have summoned a lot of defendants and their counsel to “feel out what these defendants want to do” is just more bullshit, yes there were many cases that were dismissed, but Johnson and Strothers are doing nothing but covering for Reyna, if Johnson and Strothers were so concerned by the defendants cases not going to trial or having insufficient evidence to proceed they could have let the defendants go and dismiss charges, but no they played along with Reyna to keep all these folks jammed up for over three years. so Johnson and Strothers bullshit concern about the defendants cases is nothing more than a whitewash.

    And the fucked up thing is no one so far has been held accountable for their action from the Law Enforcement side, but once those lawsuits for wrongful, death and prosecutoial misconduct start moving ahead, the financial pain will be starting to hit, and I hope every defendant gets paid what is due to them and then some

  17. Curbside Says:

    Would it be considered unchristian to hope that Patrick Swanton and Abel Reyna both die a slow and agonizing death from cancer of the ass?

    If so, I hope God forgives me.

  18. Filburt Says:

    I hope the MFers in Waco pay for it the rest of their lives.

  19. Paladin Says:

    “Being a proper Wacoite means you never have to say you’re sorry.”

    They may never say they’re sorry, but you can bet the population of Waco will be a bunch of very sorry and sore assed citizens when their city has to start writing those upcoming checks.


  20. Whobe Says:

    Damn Skippy!

  21. Old & Jaded Says:

    I hope that other members of the media share the faces and the stories of the people that were treated so abysmally due to the actions of a very few. What an absolute nightmare. The “system” failed them and continues to fail the families of the victims who might just want some sort of justice for their loved ones. From what I’ve read here, good luck with that in Waco.

    The video of the Chief of Police is astounding. They had probable cause for all 177 arrests? Bullshit.

    May all those so wronged enjoy hefty civil awards down the road. Thanks Rebel for these updates. As usual, a compelling article and videos.

  22. jrino Says:

    The dirt, the filth, the lies by law enforcement to say 177 people conspired to commit a crime and suggesting the $1 million bond is appropriate is beyond belief! Treating those same people worse than illegal immigrants and denying due process is shameful, and I hope all of Waco pays a dear price as well as the DA and Chief of Police!

  23. Trebor Says:


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