Rats Flee Sinking Ship

April 18, 2018

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Rats Flee Sinking Ship

Michael Jarrett, McLennan County’s $121,000 per year First Assistant District Attorney is apparently abandoning criminal law after trying for more than two years and failing to secure a criminal conviction against Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

Waco Tribune-Herald courthouse reporter Tommy Witherspoon reported yesterday that Jarrett’s next job will be with the Texas Farm Bureau in Waco, Jarrett didn’t say what he would do there. The Texas Farm Bureau seems to operate mostly as an insurance company in Waco. Attorneys who work for insurance companies dispute claims made by insurees.

Jarrett told the Tribune-Herald, “I made a decision that I thought was in the best interest for my family and I am looking forward to this new chapter in my career, I am proud of the work we have done here and I know the office will continue to work hard to serve the citizens of this county.”

Back Story

Jarrett and Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon examined and cross examined virtually all the witness in the Carrizal trial.

Jarrett presented most of the state’s evidence and appeared to be in charge of violating Texas’ Michael Morton Act by intentionally hiding evidence that would tend to exonerate Carrizal. As defense attorney Casie Gotro repeatedly sought evidence month after month, both in numerous pretrial hearings and during the trial itself, it was Jarrett’s job to say, “She has everything, your honor.” Five weeks into the trial, the tape recording of an interview, conducted by Reyna, Jarrett, Dillon and a local policeman two years earlier with an exculpatory witness surfaced, mostly because a Texas Ranger refused to break the law. Jarrett was the prosecutor who explained to Judge Matt Johnson that the tape recording had been hidden from Carrizal’s defense because Jarrett didn’t believe the witness and therefore it did not have to be disclosed.

The statement prompted Gotro to call Jarrett a “criminal.” (See video below.)

Burks Gone Too

Reyna delivered the opening and closing speeches in Carrizal’s trial. Jarrett and Reyna shared the voir dire of prospective jurors in the case. In late February, Reyna said he had sent Jarrett to San Antonio to observe the federal racketeering trial of former Bandidos national officers Jeff Pike and John Portillo on Reyna’s behalf. Reyna announced that evidence offered in that trial might help the Waco prosecutors convict one or more of the 130 Twin Peaks defendants whose lives remain under a legal cloud three years after the Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

Reyna was elected District Attorney in 2010 and reelected in 2014. He lost a primary election last month to Barry Johnson and will be out of office next January. Jarrett will be the 24th assistant district attorney to quit or be fired since Reyna took office.

Assistant D.A. Brady Burks is also quitting but he will remain connected to criminal law, Burks also participated in the Carrizal trial, mostly as an appeals specialist who occasionally drafted and argued bench motions. He is moving to Austin to become a criminal justice advisor to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Five months after the Carrizal trial ended three of the four prosecutors who failed to make their case against Jake Carrizal are either gone or going. Only Dillon, who supported Reyna’s campaign in 2010, remains.


25 Responses to “Rats Flee Sinking Ship”

  1. david Says:

    Having read the Waco-Trib article, the best part was Un-Able being accused of using “weasel words”, and his whole criminal operation being described as ” a public charade”. Couldn’t a charade be considered fraud?

  2. Dino Says:

    @ todo
    Good article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. todo Says:

    Special prosecutors seek dismissal of Clendennen Twin Peaks case

    “There was just no evidence to show he was involved in anything that happened there, other than being present, and that ain’t enough,”


  4. Freebird Says:

    @ Paula

    I think that’s a hell of an idea!

    We just saw where the Angel’s used what tools that were available to them to fight back. As much as I would love to send them a fuck you letter I believe a professional written letter will get better results. I will make time to do this!

  5. david Says:

    The absolutely CORRUPT “Ship of State”, continues its forward motion to the wreck EVERYONE on board created via greed, self-interest, special interest, BAR association attorneys and outright criminal activity.

    Matt Johnson was complicit with his law partner Reyna when he allowed blatant, repeated and lawless prosecutorial mis-conduct as Paula Carroll Swann pointed out.

    Shipmate Sam Sparks continues full speed ahead, taking “control” of an already out of control ship of state. Sparks doesn’t need excuses for his obvious obstruction of justice in the 136 civil suits.

    Paula is correct. These “judges” are larger players(Read:control freaks) than slime-ball Jarrett.

  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Come together and report Judge Matt Johnson to the Judiciary Commission about allowing prosecutorial misconduct of the DA in violating the Morton & Brady law’s. Thsee Judge’s need to be held accountable for not doing their job.
    Judge Sam Sparks who has twice now put a stay on the civil suit’s of these people in favor of a Federal case that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE CIVIL RIGHTS SUIT.
    Judge Peeples who through out the perjury case before it could be heard, Reyna committed perjury under oath and repeatedly lied in court as well as with held evidence.
    P.O. BOX 12265
    AUSTIN TEXAS 78711…

  7. Gypsy Girl Says:

    Only assholes who don’t care about people become lawyers for insurance companies. Perfect fit.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    Looks like Strothers and Johnson are trying to see what the rest of the Twin Peaks defendants plan to do.


    Why Johnson and Strothers are attempting to do this now seems like Reyna trying to save face before he is booted from office. Let’s face it if Strothers and Johnson were so concerned about the innocent that were charged, they would have not been part of this bullshit.

    I hope every Twin Peaks defendant and their counsel say they are here to stick it to Johnson, Strothers and Reyna. Reyna knows that the New D.A. is going to dump these cases and dismiss defendants once they get in office, because why would you want your name tied to the baggage Reyna left behind

    Ought to be interesting to see what the Defendants counsel have to say about this manoeuvre. The house of cards is about finish falling

  9. jrino Says:

    miss Casie she right about one thing, it’s criminal!

  10. Steel Says:

    @Paladin, excellent words of wisdom.

    The SS Reyna is sinking. Going down by the dumbass.



  11. Mark Says:

    Let me give a classic example of what I’m talking about. You guys need to know this. Type into a search engine: desert snow will grigg

  12. Mark Says:

    Up next for new employment is Reyna. I don’t see him in any Texas State government job, too much of a conflict of interest with the civil suits. He can’t go to the feds, they had the FBI investigating him and it looks like a 10 foot pole is too short for the feds to want to touch him with. Just because Reyna is not a deep thinking man with a multiple level thought process, doesn’t mean he’s stupid. His thinking is crude and harsh, he may pay the Piper down the road but the damage on the road behind him is fulled with nightmares for many and their families. Yea we all know he’s a real piece of work. My hunch is, if he stays out of jail and keeps his law license, he will work for a firm that has federal contracts that do dirty work for the feds. Like training to teach, how to fuck over people and do it in such a way to wordsmith such actions to make it appear not to have been violating people’s Constitutional and Civil Rights. Collect and manipulate records to have in place to railroad innocent people to keep the stats at expected levels, to keep federal funding rolling in. Such employment is taylor made for the likes of Reyna. And he can be controlled in such employment and stay out of the media. If he’s too questionable to have around, that’s when the CIA will sit down with him. We are going to see how much that BAR membership card will leverage him.

  13. Bone Head Says:

    Jarrett’s experience working for reyna should come in useful working for the Farm Bureau…they do shovel manure there, don’t they?

  14. Curbside Says:

    IronRider, he’s taking a job as a lawyer for an insurance company. Those people aren’t exactly known for being upstanding pillars of society. They have one job, and that’s making sure that the company pays out as little as possible when a person files a claim.

    Being a degenerate scumbag is almost a prereq for such a job!

  15. Popeye Says:

    Waco/ Twin peaks the black hole of civil servant careers.

  16. Spazz Says:

    They’re still fucking with him? Come on now, move the hell on….damn…

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    If you had Jarret on your staff, do you think yyu could trust him? Fuck no, Jarret seemed like he was gettin tape and was taking note for a potential book, yeah just the type of guy you want to have working for you.

    I am surprised Jarret got a job really, someone has a lot more faith in him then I would, I wouldnt let him guard the horsey ride outside a Walmart. I agree with Mark I think Johnson let it out in the wind that Jarret may be better served practising else where.

    Next up ought to be Ms Dillion, after the shit that came out at the Carrizal trial, it showed us all what a corrupt office Reyna was running and how some were not living up to the oaths as Lawyers or as an officer of the court and ethically challenged, well you can all be the judge of that.

    Lets hop Johnson cleans house, because I sure wouldnt trust anyone that was there except for the previous lawyers that worked there and saw the shit hitting the fan and bailed out long ago.

  18. Dasein Says:

    I miss Casie. Though she didn’t lose, or really win the battle (mistrial), she may have won the war.

  19. Curbside Says:

    Paladin Says “Attempting to divorce oneself from one’s prior entanglements doesn’t always mean that those entanglements will necessarily divorce themselves from you.”

    You’re usually dropping some serious knowledge on us, but that was some Yoda-level advice and we’d all be doing ourselves a great service by remembering it!

    Respect to the real.


  20. Mark Says:

    Me thinks that Johnson dropped the hint, to find a new place to work or get fired on the first day Johnson steps into his new office. Johnson knows there is a shit storm coming at his office with civil cases over the Waco cluster fuck. The last thing Johnson wants to do is explain Jarrett’s employment on his staff. No sinking ship about it with Jarrett, he’s been run off to try and get the bad smell out of the office.

  21. xplor Says:

    Damm it Rebel. You are getting too old for this crap. This is a never ending story.

  22. Aanon Says:

    Ms gotro gave jarret a look like she smelled the chick3nshit oozing out. Mightve also been lube and cum….either way, some serious disgust. And the elephant in the room is like a duck in the rain. That’s a good video.

  23. Filburt Says:

    Farm Bureau will immediately lose policy holders due to hiring scumbag jarrett. This POS should not be allowed any job in the state of Texas.

  24. Freebird Says:

    Jarrett skill set learned working for Reyna should give him an unfair advantage with Tx Farm Bureau…. in the total loss department!

  25. Paladin Says:

    Attempting to divorce oneself from one’s prior entanglements doesn’t always mean that those entanglements will necessarily divorce themselves from you.


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