Iron Order Hires New Lawyer

April 17, 2018

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Iron Order Hires New Lawyer

With all the prudence the President displays when he selects his whores, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club has found a new lawyer.

According to an informed source, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club will be represented at a civil trial beginning this June by an attorney named Brian J, Grady. Grady graduated from LaSalle University in 1990 and the University of Notre Dame School of Law in 1993. He he passed the bar exam in 1994. His first job was as a prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. His resume states that while working as an Assistant District Attorney he prosecuted “gang violence, homicides, and narcotic trafficking.”

According to a 1997 case titled Office of Disciplinary Counsel v. Brian J. Grady, during a recess in the trial of a simple assault defendant, the fledgling prosecutor became enraged and “verbally accosted the Judge in his robing room over a ruling excluding evidence the ADA believed was necessary to win his case. When the defense counsel tried to interrupt, the ADA assaulted him, got him in a headlock, and banged his head against a wall. The Judge held the ADA in contempt and fined him $2,500. The District Attorney suspended him without pay for 30 days, placed him on probation for a year, and banned him from returning to the courtroom for a minimum of six months. No criminal charges were brought.” Citing the mitigating facts that Grady “was young and inexperienced” and that he had not actually struck the judge the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania suspended Grady from the practice of law for six months.

Lawyers, Guns

Grady worked in private practice, at a glance, without further outrages, In 2009 he ran for Philadelphia District Attorney and lost but was hired by the man who won, Seth Williams, as a Deputy District Attorney in January 2010. His resume states, “In this capacity, Brian also headed a team of local and federal investigators and agents from the FBI, DEA, ATF and joint terrorism branches of the federal government.”

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Brady developed a reputation for brandishing firearms. The tabloid reported that it had been told by a defense attorney named Guy Sciolla “that a client who was arrested in an undercover D.A.’s narcotics operation in 2010 had told him that during a discussion at the D.A.’s Office, Grady allegedly pulled back his suit coat, exposed a firearm and threatened the man.”

Grady was fired from the District Attorney’s Office in March 2012 after an incident at McGillin’s Ale House the previous month. After drinking in the bar, Grady tried to crash a private party on the second floor, refused to leave, used his status in the D.A.’s office to attempt to intimidate responding officers, then continued to push his weight around with a police sergeant. Grady eventually left the bar and was not arrested.

And Money

Previous statements by Iron Order president Patrick “Brit” Ward indicate that Grady will be paid $200,000 to represent the club in a civil lawsuit titled Brenda L. Bollinger, Administratrix of the Estate of Tonya M. Focht v. Iron Order Motorcycle Club a/k/a Iron Order Motorcycle Club, LLC, et al.

In a memorandum to club members published on the Iron Order forum last week Ward wrote, “We have an opportunity to hire an excellent attorney in Pennsylvania to defend the IOMC. The lawyer requires a $100K retainer and will more likely require an additional $100K for our defense for a total of $200K.”

The trial is scheduled to begin June 25.

Three years ago an Iron Order sergeant at arms and convicted child molester named Timothy “Munch” Martin, threw a woman named Tonya Focht under a car and killed her. The suit was filed on behalf of her two orphans. The Focht estate is represented by Philadelphia attorney Slade McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Lauricella.

By way of transparency, the author of The Aging Rebel, Donald Charles Davis, is a consulting expert for the Focht estate and is prepared to testify at the trial.

The trial judge will be John Younge.


33 Responses to “Iron Order Hires New Lawyer”

  1. K Fin Says:

    Fuck the Urine Odor.

    Maybe 1/2 of em sell their bikes and ride bitch.

    HL&R to all but them.

  2. Dave Says:

    Just had to say, love thya warren Zevon reference. But seriously, your reporting is top notch. Been reading your page a while.

  3. Paul Says:

    @Rebel please accept my apology if it appeared i was trying to call your credibility into questiin, it was not my intention. I am aware who the iomc is and have had some limited interaction with them when izod was still their ip, at one time i held hope about their existence but now i believe they simply need to go. When i stated interacting in your site i was being quite an asshole, i decided i wanted to try a more amicable approach this time and address 2 issues I have seen discussed in some areas. I know the core of the trial is the tragic death of Tonya Focht at the hands of a slimebag child predator but i have witnesses conversations where there is concern that ya judgement against the iomc could set a precedence of 1 member of a groups actions being used against the entire group. The other concern i have come across is that when the io loses the govt could take the io trademark successfully ba the constant loss they have suffered attempting to take the Mongols marks. I did not believe them to be close as one is criminal and the other is civil and that they do not exist in the same realm. If the io trademark was seized it would not be by the govt and would not set a precedence to be used against other clubs or groups

  4. Gypsy Girl Says:

    Wow. Just…Wow. Doesn’t his history say a LOT about the IOMC? Skeezy guys hiring a skeezy lawyer.

    Granted, I’m only a sister and friend/adopted little sis of club members, but I can’t be too far off in my understanding that the IO is full of twatwaffles who think because they are full of LEOs, that they can do anything they want without reprocussions. I know there is no replacing their Momma, but I hope that Ms. Focht’s kids are awarded the maximum amount possible.

    It’s spring! Y’all ride safe!


  5. Dasein Says:

    my butt blows mud

  6. Aanon Says:

    My brothers believe me

  7. Stevo Says:


    Surely it’s “My Bums Bleeding, Man”


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paul,

    This case has absolutely nothing to do with the trademarks of any motorcycle club. This case is about establishing who is legally responsible for the death of Tonya Focht. It has absolutely nothing to do with, say, the Mongols Nation case. It is about the Iron Order. And if you don’t know who and what the Iron Order is you haven’t been paying attention. The only club trying to discredit me is the IOMC and web sites that support and are propagandists for the Iron Order.

  9. Paul Says:

    I have seen concern from posters on here and a few other sites about the precedence that would be set if the courts took away the iomc’s trademarks when they lose this trial, and we all know they will lose it. It was passed on to me that the Judge in this trial made a comment that the award to the family could be between 10-20 million dollars. The io will of course appeal this ruling and it will drag on for a while and that number may be reduced. I am not privy to the holding the io has but it does not appear to much as an over all entity, certainly not millions of dollars worth. In that case the court can order all assets seized which would be any and all bank accounts and real property. A trademark can be considered real property because of it’s use in churning out all the cheap crap they make and sell. The court would not keep the trademark but instead it would be turned over to the family who would now own the iomc. While the family would then be able to levy a fee for every bit of merch produced and sold the word is the family wants the io gone. they are not truly worried about money they want justice and I don’t blame them at all. you cannot file for bankruptcy protection in the case of litigation judgment, look at the case of OJ Simpson for proof of that. Where things get murky from what I can tell is that the io would no longer be able to produce anything bearing the trademarked image which includes their patches so that effectively stops any further growth, but if they continued to produce the image the family would have to sue them for trademark infringement. I am not sure what their options would be concerning existing patches, shirts and the shit they peddle from a trademark point, if Nike lost the right to their swoosh and the new owner said no more would they be able to sue anyone who still wore the shoes, I don’t know. One possibility that was mentioned that may hold water would actually be the confiscation of all io back patches, which is the heart of the trademark image. The basis for this is I was shown that each new member has to sign a colors agreement, as with all Clubs the back patches are the property of the club even though they pay so much money to possess and wear them. In their color agreement they say if they leave in anyway they have to return the patches or go to court and pay a sum of 1k, which is the value the io puts on their shit. If the patches are club property and the court orders the confiscation of all club assets to give to the family then that should include their fucked up monkey skull, whether the court considers their value what the io pegged on it or the simple value of the cloth and labor that was used to produce them is anybody’s guess but still won’t come close to the millions of dollars. Ms. Focht’s estate would then have in their possession every patch and could hold a huge bonfire or sell them as they so chose to anyone who wants to burn them, use them as a dart board or whatever their choice is. My lawyer friends admit they are not sure how all that may play out as nothing like this has quite been done before. What they do know is that this is different than the case with the Mongols, which is where most of the concern comes from. In the Mongols case the government has been working to seize their trademarks because of the deal Doc made to give them up and are considered elements of criminal activity, in the nature of a drug dealers car being seized when arrested. The io case is civil and the court has no right to seize anything for themselves, well I guess it is possible they could try to back door it and say they are claiming the items as ways of covering court costs. I admit that could all be wrong but on paper it makes sense although no idea on timeslines, appeals and other bullshit that make up civil litigation trials

  10. The Kraut Says:

    I would swear “MBBM” stands for ‘meet backstage(@)Barry Manilow’


  11. Gooch Says:

    MBBM = My Boys are Bitches Man . .

    Rebel On! ~ Gooch

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    Spazz…wtf are you yammering about?

  13. Spazz Says:


    You can’t make these comments up. Keyboard commando’s that wave at Iron Order MC, Hells Angels MC, Bandidos MC, Blue Knights MC, Christian Knights RC, Other MC’s no one cares about, and the local ABATE chapters, local Patriot Guard Riders….etc….but none of you have the balls to approach anyone you talk shit about in public…funny how that works…See you in Dallas, but most likely not, you’ll be busy dusting your cheetos off your fingers to reply back. MBBM

  14. FF Says:

    Not only did Urine Odor get a new lawyer, they also got a new Chaplain!

  15. Penguin Says:

    If you get to know serious trial lawyers in a social context so that they speak freely in front of you, then you will hear stories about their “peer group”.

    Many are simply and frankly crooked…particularly in political trials…and most are political. I O example (I suspect) is another example.

    The man simply makes the lawyer an offer he can’t refuse…”we know where your kids live… That sort of stuff.

    If they do not get to your lawyer, then maybe they get to the the court changed…a get you in front of a judge they own.

    It’s a sort of club…

    Judges get paid, lawyers have to scrap for money…becoming a judge is a goal…and the way to get there is to go along…

    Most people are in one club or another…

  16. Trebor Says:

    Oh oh!Lookout!We may have a new “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs.Better watch it Shark i.o. might replace you.

  17. oldskewl Says:

    Judging by current events across the country and the amount of LE this club has as members, they “might” just get off the first time around. I highly doubt they could survive and appeal once the DA knows who all the players are.

    Fat Alberts in the middle of his appeals trial and I don’t think he’s gonna skate free again.

    Just how it works sometimes.


  18. MtPockets Says:

    My first thought was “I wonder if he rides? He sounds like a perfect fit for the IO.” Then reality set in and I realized it just doesn’t matter.

    On a side note, as much as I’d like to see the IO crash and burn, I don’t like the presidence that would set. If they can hold the entire organization responsible for one members’ actions, what keeps them from doing the same thing with legitimate MCs?

  19. Base Says:

    Bird’s of a feather for certain.

  20. Igo Says:

    A dirty lawyer for a dirty bunch of guys, all hiding behind LE positions. How appropriate….

  21. Iron Rider Says:

    Grady sounds just like the type to be in the Urine Order, a lot of the same characteristics as their members have and Grady appears to have the same mentality IMHO, sounds like a match made in heaven.

    Ought to be interesting to watch the UO go down in flames in grand style. Cant wait!

  22. Paladin Says:

    You just can’t make this shit up.


  23. David Torres Says:

    Iron Order Forever..

  24. Mac Says:

    This is great. It almost seems like the plaintiff hired this clown.

  25. SharkRib Says:

    Same phony tough guy attitude. “I punched him and knocked him out,” he smirks. How was he not arrested? What an utter disgrace and embarrassment.

  26. Dasein Says:

    Rebel: Needle this asshole, get him to blow up.

  27. Old & Jaded Says:

    Hmmm… an explosive temper, misuses his position as a prosecutor, lost his license to practice law temporarily, gets stupid in public and then is fired.

    He’ll fit right in with the IO.

  28. rocco151 Says:

    @oldskewl +1

  29. panamaa Says:

    I wonder if he gets IO cuts as part of his fee… Sounds like he’d fit right in with those fucks….

  30. TX_Biker Says:

    Go get em Rebel!

  31. oldskewl Says:

    Nothing like kissing $200k “goodbye”…

  32. Agnarr Says:

    Uhhh. OK. After reading that short history of this ambulance chasers career. It just proves everyone’s point about the UO. The people making these major legal decisions affecting everyone in their (group, club, playhouse, whatever) have actually gone ahead and proven that Gout can be located in ones Cranium.

    Since the weathers getting nice in some parts; Ride Free, Ride Safe.


  33. GARSMC Says:

    Rip them a new asshole Rebel.
    The Focht estate is lucky to have you in their corner.

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