Bandidos Case Creeks Along

April 6, 2018

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Bandidos Case Creeks Along

In case you are new, what you missed that you need to know here is that Abelino Reyna, the little, fat gangster who still serves as Waco District Attorney, and Thomas P. Brandt who is both Reyna’s personal lawyer and world famous for finding legal means to delay justice, and a Federal District Judge named Sam Sparks all expect, or at least say they expect, that the San Antonio trial of former Bandidos club officers Jeffrey Pike and John Portillo will eventually reveal evil acts by the two defendants that led to the most lied about biker brawl in history.

Like that, either Pike or Portillo ordered the Texas Rangers to put up a surveillance camera to catch the anticipated bloodbath. Or given what has been said about him so far, it could have been Portillo who ordered the local Swat “operators” to cordon off the area around the restaurant to protect civilians while the Cossacks and Bandidos and Bandidos supporters “fought it out.” Someday soon, prosecutors might reveal that it was Pike who ordered the police to open fire. And then, one or the other of them probably coerced or bribed a grand jury to return indictments against something like 100 people in nine hours, which remains a North American record. Reyna did not do it. The Bandidos did.

But so far none of this sensational stuff has come out.

The official assumption for more than two years, reported by all the most impeccable news outlets, has been that federal prosecutors in the mostly blacked-out San Antonio case have been concealing evidence of Bandidos wrongdoing that might explain what happened at the Twin Peaks. There hasn’t been much conjecture about what the Department of Justice might be hiding that Reyna, most of the employees in the McLennan County Courthouse, most of the Waco police and the Department of Justice did to cause Waco or why.

The mainstream view is probably prudent. During the only Twin Peaks trial so far, Reyna implored jurors to use their “common sense.” And it is only common sense that the policeman is your friend. And all you have to do is look at Reyna to see how honest he is.

Old Crimes

But so far, more than a month into the federal trial, the secret evidence about Pike and Portillo ordering their loyal soldiers to go start the brawl in Waco remains hidden. So far, the prosecution’s witnesses all appear to have been either bribed or bullied by prosecutors into saying what prosecutors want them to say which is, succinctly stated, that some Bandidos are violent, antisocial, and dangerous and it is Pike and Portillo who told them act like that. The crimes the two defendants are accused of instigating are mostly a decade or more old, So it seems logical to ask why are they just being prosecuted now and what is the frequently publicized relationship between this case and Waco.

A week ago a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club testified that he had been beaten by Bandidos outside a Hooters seven years ago and an FBI agent testified that he had been spying on both Vagos and Bandidos when Pike travelled to Las Vegas to meet with Pastor Palafox who is president of the Vagos Motorcycle Club. Palafox is a defendant in a federal case named for him and that case is also going nowhere very slowly. Everybody who looks can see that. The war against outlaw bikers is mostly a war of attrition and in that spirit, the judge in the San Antonio case, David Ezra, gave everybody another four and a half day weekend because the Final Four was in town.

Pike Patch Controversy

This week, an ex-Bandido named David Lombino testified that in 2011, near Roswell, New Mexico there were multiple “pummelings” of Bandidos loyal to El Paso chapter president Ernest Morgas by Bandidos who remained loyal to Pike and Portillo. The issue was a slight change in the Bandidos patch – from what the Bandidos had always worn to what some people have described as the “Pike patch.” Admiration for the updated patch was not universal. George Wegers, who was the Bandidos president before Pike, never updated his patch. At the time of the alleged incident in Roswell, Wegers was still recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Prosecutors argue that Pike ordered the beatings. Portillo was national sergeant at arms in 2011 and it would have been his duty to enforce any patch change or update.

Morgas did suffer injuries but told medical personnel that he had been in a motorcycle accident.

Justin Cole Forster, the former Bandidos sergeant at arms who was indicted with Pike and Portillo in December 2015, also testified that Pike had ordered him to forcibly expel Morgas and 15 others from the Bandidos.

But even if the prosecution is correct about the patch change controversy, it is hard to see how it became a vital element of a federal racketeering prosecution. Or, how it can be construed as a threat to public safety. Or how any of this can possibly be connected to the mass murder in Waco.


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  1. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Eddie, I don’t know where you get the idea that there are alot of Bandidos who would like to leave their club. If I were to hear one talking that kind of shit, I would lose alot of respect for him and have to question if he should be wearing that 1% patch. I have always believed part of living the 1% lifestyle was being man enough to live life on your own terms and being man enough to deal with the concequences of your decisions. The next time you hear one of these guys say some shit about leaving, ask him why he can’t.
    I don’t understand the reasoning behind you claiming that Mr. Pike was bad for the club. He spent many years in the club and worked his way to the top. I have never heard a disparaging remark about Jeff from the Bandidos I know! Unless you yourself are a Bandido, I don’t think you have earned the right to criticize Mr. Pike or Mr. Portillo.

    RIDER 1

  2. Nunya- Says:

    @ Eddie many wish they could leave?? They can. Anytime they want.There is no beat out, or penalty or anything else. If you don’t want to be a Bandido, you just roll your stuff up, and turn it in! Many have, and will in the future. To insinuate that anyone down here had anything to do with what a bunch of wannabes expelled for their piss poor behavior, up in Canada did to each other, shows you know nothing about the club! If you are not a Bandit, you do not have any idea about how the rank and file feel. Most of us love and respect Jeff.

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    Man listening to some of the shit that has come out of the Fed Bandidos case is like listening to them recycle shit from the Twin Peaks case and some of the other Federal cases going on minus those who lost their lives at Twin Peaks. Find old shit that you can cobble up together to string up some charges and throw them all into one and magically you have this slam dunk fed case, but just like with Twin Peaks and some of the others the substance sure is missing from these, lots of innuendo but that’s about it.

    Honestly if the Feds could have hung someone for the shit the claim was happening, they’d have done it long ago, cobbling whatever scraps they can seems to smack of desperation to make something out of nothing

  4. Paladin Says:

    @ Penguin;

    “On the other side of a chainlink fence, the officers saw Sharon Chadwick standing next to her car. Her roommate, Amy Hughes, emerged from the house with a kitchen knife held at her side. Despite the fact that the two women were standing at least six feet apart, the blade of the knife was facing away from Chadwick, and Hughes did not appear to be threatening her roommate in any way, all three officers approached the fence with their guns drawn.”

    While watching the link to the attached video, please keep in mind that approximately six feet separated the two women, which equates to about 1/2 sec. for Hughes to have stabbed Chadwick. The article is disingenuous. The chain link fence that separated the officers from Hughes is irrelevant. The officer that shot Hughes was not in fear for his own safety. The officer that shot Hughes was in fear for Chadwick’s safety.

    The article is also bullshit when the author claims that the Supreme Court ruled that cops only have to say that they were afraid when articulating the justification for a shooting.

    Long May You Ride,


  5. Filburt Says:

    All federal case convictions since 1990 should be overturned due to illegal surveillance parallel construction that LE used which is illegal under the fourth amendment United States Constitution. Bye Bye RICO…

  6. Penguin Says:

    Not really on topic, but importantly related…I think. You decide. In 70 years of roguish risks and adventures it’s been my observation that the only times I had a gun pointed at me there was a cop behind the gun… And there were guns around all the time…it was then, in America…everybody had guns.

    Anyway, new court ruling

    ” In a ruling that will be used to a reinforce a disturbing pattern practiced by police officers across the United States, the Supreme Court has determined that officers who shoot non-threatening citizens are completely justified and cannot face consequences for their actions—as long as they express to the court that they feared for their safety.”

    (Man I hate it when a 4’6″ long-haired bitch cop waves a piece in my face at 3 in the morning)

  7. Filburt Says:

    “Under Surveillance” on One American News Network. !!!

  8. tiopirata Says:

    @ David, +1
    Exactly correct. When will we play Goebels’ game? Probably never I think, bikers tend toward the honorable end of the spectrum.

  9. david Says:

    @rw, ATF learned from one of the best propaganda ministers of all time: Joseph Goebbels

    ” A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes ‘truth'”.

    Concerning Media-Whores spewing propaganda in direct collusion with the government.

    “Think of the PRESS as a great keyboard on which the government can play” – Goebbels

    And Goebbels on the real threat to any State, “The truth is the GREATEST enemy of the State.”

  10. Filburt Says:

    The enemy is goverment.

  11. Gypsy Girl Says:

    Gee, I’m so glad the powers that be are spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on persecuting Motorcycle Clubs instead of going after violent street gangs. The next time I read that innocent citizens were murdered by nineteen year old street thugs with already mile-long rap sheets, I’ll understand that the government has such more important things to do…

    Brother believes in his brothers 1000%, as they also believe in him. To me, betraying somebody you swore to go to hell and back with is completely fucked up and downright shameful. You trust a person to have your back only to find they’re the one stabbing you in it. Et tu, Brutus?


  12. Gandalf Says:

    @filbert; LOL. “crooked Killery Clinton” LOL You just proved what rw said, “if you say it enough times it becomes truth.” too funny.

    Question: If weeks before TP Reyna, The feds, DPS and Big O had a meeting.. And E-Mails were exposed that said, “We are going to have evidence soon against the Bandits as a part of our support for Texas Rocker.” Then Reyna replied, “Love it, we can set it up for May 2015.” LOL Would Y’all believe the meeting was about Barbecue? Bahahahah!!!!
    And if Reyna stood up in a Press conference and said, “Cossacks… If your listening. Should anything happen at a COC&I meeting I’m sure the Press would reward you.” Would you believe it was a joke? LOL
    Trumpers crack me up!
    The same way Waconians are FORCED to take the side of Reyna or the big bad bandits… Y’all are FORCED to chose between Trump and “crooked Killary Clinton.” It’s how Propaganda works and the ONLY way to get Trumpers and Waconians to support the OBVIOUS crimes of Reyna and Trump… There MUST BE A BAD GUY! Killary is Trumps…. Bandits are Reyna’s. Nuff said.

  13. Filburt Says:

    They have learned and adopted this from crooked Killery clinton!

  14. rw Says:

    ATF operates using the thinking that if you say it enough times it becomes truth

  15. Trebor Says:

    Seems everyone testifying has the same issue.Ex members put out bad for being garbage.Busted dealing or some other self serving selfish activity that has nothing to do with their ex Brothers or the Bandidos yet are offered sweetheart deals by frustrated feds who cant come up with anything of substance to read from the carefully prepared script to say Bandidos did this said that.Isnt it why they keep referring to benesh as a hells angel when in reality he was only a local piece of shit with allusions of grandeur?

  16. Gandalf Says:

    One day the Feds are going to “turn” the wrong guy. That guy is going to record them. Feed them a bunch of premeditated BS…. Then wait for Trial to expose the alphabet gang’s tactics. Nuff said.

  17. Shameful Says:

    The ATF May have infiltrated the Cossacks, but some of the rank in the Cossacks also allowed under covers to wear their patches and direct what happened. While the “old” Cossacks may have been duped, the “new” group immediately started the the media blitz and promoted the government narrative of a Bandit ambush, hoping video wouldn’t be released.
    Eventually records will hopefully be accessible to see what deals have been made, but just from the publicized videos, there are at least 3-4 bonifide slam dunk cases that haven’t even been considered. Makes you wonder for sure.

  18. Paladin Says:

    “The war against outlaw bikers is mostly a war of attrition and in that spirit, the judge in the San Antonio case, David Ezra, gave everybody another four and a half day weekend because the Final Four was in town.”

    Actually; the judge granted the prosecution additional time to fabricate more evidence. The Final Four being in town was fortuitous.


  19. eddie Says:

    Bottom line about Waco. The ATF infiltrated the Cossacks just like they did the Mongols; And then started the shit with the Bandits; Just like when they infiltrated the Mongols and started shit with the 81. It is the ATF that the government needs to reign in.

  20. eddie Says:

    The Waco thing was a set up: Texas Justice sucks. The folks that run the system run the system. Very few beat it. As far as The Fat Mexicans. When The Shedden 8 were killed; That destroyed the Bandits. Senor Jeff brought all this on himself. God damn; Man the fuck up. The reality is when Jeff Fay took over he turned the bullies loose on the club; After the killings in Canada he thought beating other brothers would solve the problem. I know many Bandits . Many wish they could leave. Why should Jeff Fay and John expect any mercy. True the Texas justice system is crooked, like everywhere else. Now do you understand the saying ; For evil to prevail all it takes is for good men to do nothing. I have heard many Bandits say they are surprised someone didn’t kill Jeff Fay. So let’s talk reality and not bullshit. The club went to hell under Jeff.

  21. Freebird Says:

    Or how any of this can possibly be connected to the mass murder in Waco.

    If such a bullet existed, it would have went down the barrel a long time ago!

  22. Trebor Says:

    Just finished a book by Ethan Brown called”SNITCH”,informants,cooperators & the corruption of justice.Damn good read!!One review by a chief council of homeland security stated SNITCH provides a stirring account of how over the last 30 years the unending spiral of the politics of’tough on crime’has brought about a warped federal criminal justice system full of abusive practices and the highest incarceration rate in the world.Now this is coming from someone who is amongst all that.

  23. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rebel, when I was sitting in the court room a Houston FBI agent took the stand as he said he worked full time on trying to get the Bandido’s 2008 to 2011 and was resigned after Twin Peaks.
    I hope that those jurors see what’s happening with how the prosecution hasn’t a case is just dragging this out. I feel for the jurors who is not going to be able to pay their bills and missed spring break with their families, no summer vacation for them.
    As in August 2015 is when the wiretapping of the fishing trip, that Cossack’s was jumped in Port Aransas. As they got away. .. well not only is there only 2 ways off the island, but in August that place is covered up with DPS & Game Warden’s like every summer. I saved that article and in a month it was no longer available. I also questioned how could that be when they all had ankle monitors and curfews.
    I also noticed that of the phone conversation of Portillo in the said war on Cossack’s, he was also addressing the fact that they got to get attorney’s and get them out of jail, so in my mind this was also after Twin Peaks as well.

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