Wait Until He Dies

April 3, 2018

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Wait Until He Dies

Senior Federal District Judge Sam Sparks told the 136 plaintiffs who are suing various government defendants, and in four cases the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant, to patiently wait for justice while federal prosecutors in San Antonio try to stitch together a case against former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president Jeffrey Pike and former club vice-president John Portillo made out of old “reality” television episodes.

Sparks’ reasoning is that evidence not yet revealed in the racketeering case against Pike and Portillo may somehow excuse the unconstitutional detention and imprisonment of scores of innocent citizens following the entirely avoidable violence at the restaurant 1053 days ago. That reasoning ignores the pronouncement of the judge presiding over that San Antonio case, David Alan Ezra, that there is no connection between what happened at Waco and the charges against Pike and Portillo. So far, the federal case has concentrated on a couple of murders that happened nine and 13 years before the Twin Peaks.

Who knows? Maybe the San Antonio prosecutors are also sitting on the secret to turning cow pies in gold which is what Waco, McLennan County, lame duck prosecutor Abel Reyna and various other defendants are going to need to pay the bill if more than 200 victims of official incompetence and tyranny are ever allowed their days in court.

Thomas P. Brandt, the loathsome pettifogger representing Reyna and the county, convinced Sparks to wait another 90 days before allowing the civil cases to proceed. Brandt’s claim to fame is managing to stretch out resolution of a case titled Morgan v. Swanson, which most lawyers know as the “Christian Candy Cane Case,” for nine years until it was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

In further delaying justice, Sparks told complainants attorneys that his calendar is full through September 2020 so he couldn’t try any of their cases until then anyway. And besides, by then Sparks may be dead or retired.


16 Responses to “Wait Until He Dies”

  1. Filburt Says:

    Texas Injustice- gritsforbreakfast.com

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    “Justice delayed is justice denied” William Gladstone.

    The Sixth Amendment says we have a right to a “speedy trial”. Unfortunately it does not define “speedy”. For Rayna and his clown circus “speedy” probably means five years after the last person involved is dead.

  3. david Says:

    Senior Whore-judge Sparks actually cares only about himself, and the pay and PENSION he plans on receiving from his stint as the mere employee he is.

    He didn’t need to propose false reasons/excuses for an inexcusable delay which denies justice. At his office in the Federal Whore-House, he could have remained silent,patiently waiting for his first pension payment. But, no.

    As a chief “judge”, he is fully capable of APPOINTING as many “judges” necessary to hear the 136 cases, but no. Notice also, among the MANY civil case attorneys, not one raises the issue.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    Dear Civil suit attorneys, key word here. INTEREST. 20% sounds more than reasonable…

  5. Desdicado Says:

    Sparks and all the rest know the shit is about to hit the fan and will do what ever they can not to be around when it does. It’s beginning to look like every man for himself down at the ol’ courthouse. Thanks for your tireless efforts Rebel, I bought some books and dropped some nickels in the cup too.

  6. Austin Says:

    @ Freebird – most Sikh’s never cut their hair. Airbrush turban is a great idea, for the ones that do.


  7. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    And Waco just got another grant from the state over the Twin Peaks case’s.
    The intire state judicial system is CORRUPT. These Judges should all be reported to the Judiciary Commission , P.O. Box 12265, Austin TX 78711.
    Matt Johnson for not following the law of hearing the case of Reyna his former law partner, of whom also commented perjury and Johnson did nothing. Also include that in Jake’s trial that Matt Johnson also failed to do anything about how the intire district attorney’s office violatedboth the Morton & Brady act of with holding so much evidence, we have yet to this day been given the Texas Rangers report.
    Judge Peeples for throwing out that perjury case before it could be heard.
    Now this judge for the 90 day stay when the federal case has nothing to do with these civil case’s.

  8. Gordo Says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied

  9. jay Says:

    no f#ck-job here… nothing to see… move on people….

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Be aware that your Lawyer must disclose all evidence before trial… Unless it’s “new” to Him. Hold back evidence from your own Lawyer. Till the last second. Make your Lawyer change his plan because the DA knows what is coming already. Because your Lawyer told them. (usually) Especially Alibis.

  11. MtPockets Says:

    And the bullshit just keeps getting deeper and deeper…

    I have to wonder if ANYONE in a black fucking robe cares about actual JUSTICE?
    How can any one of these worthless morons condone the absolute lack of morals in our inJustice system? They apparently don’t even care enough to hide it anymore, either.
    “Just go ahead and fuck with anyone- we got your back.”

    At what point does the ACLU step in? Or are they only concerned with Civil Liberties if its a black guy getting fucked?

  12. david Says:

    Sparks stating HIS calendar is full through 9/2020 and proving it are two different things. He talks as if he’s the only one on the entire bench.

  13. Filburt Says:

    One American News Network.

  14. tiopirata Says:

    Finally figured out how to donate. More will come, and with thanks
    Yes, he’s on fire.

  15. Freebird Says:

    WTF Rebel….

    I am just figuring out who the fuck the Sikhs are and why they wear Turbans and not helmets. Why the fuck did they not make a helmet with a Turban airbrushed on it?

    Your on fire!


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