Sons Of Anarchy, Costume Melodrama

September 4, 2008

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There is not a moment of truth in the FX television networks new costume melodrama, Sons of Anarchy. Not a moment. Not a second. Not a breath.

The show was proceeded by such an avalanche of hyperbole that even cynics hoped it might be better. A cogent show about bikers is theoretically possible. HBO’s series The Wire came close to telling the truth about the black ghetto for five years. Why not a show about scooter trash?

The Wire even featured a biker played by the singer Steve Earle. But The Wire, because of the moral and artistic ideals of its producers was trying to tell the truth. Sons of Anarchy doesn’t need no stinking truth. Sons of Anarchy only needs its piece of the mega-billion dollar, Harley-Davidson aftermarket.

Guess Who The SOA Is Supposed To Be

The show is about a club with a black on white patch that claims California. The club, despite the colors, is supposed to be the Hells Angels. Their arch adversaries are a club called the Mayans. The Mayans, presumably are the Mongols.

Every child knows that there actually is a club called the Hells Angels which has had a very long running, bitter, and sometimes bloody dispute over market share and survival with a club called the Mongols. And, knowing that seems to define the limits of the producers knowledge of or interest in the outlaw motorcycle world.

Producer Raised In Shadow

The producer is gentleman named Kurt Sutter. His Internet Movie Data Base biography states that he was “raised in the shadow of Rahway Prison” in New Jersey. His wife is the always appealing Katey Sagal, who is one of the stars of the show. The show also stars Shooter Jennings bodacious old lady, Drea de Matteo and Hellboy Ron Perlman. The lead actor in this series is the English actor Charlie Hunnam who is best known in Hollywood for his role in another cable television show called Queer as Folk.

Sutter candidly acknowledges that the show is supposed to be a fictionalized account of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. “They went from being this fun-loving fraternity to pretty much an organized-crime syndicate,” Sutter told a Pittsburgh paper. “I thought, ‘What if that first guy who put the jacket on his back and said, “Hey, let’s go out, have a few beers and start some trouble,” how would that guy feel about what the club eventually became?'”

Club Runs Town Sort Of

The club in the show, the SOA MC, sells guns. In future episodes, possibly, they may also sell drugs and women. They control their own town, a place called Charming, California, and that is probably the only promising idea in the series.

Long ago in the outlaw world, a fraternal organization of three hundred members called the Cowboys actually did control a prosperous and well known town in Arizona. The Cowboys claimed all of Southeastern Arizona and Southern New Mexico as their exclusive territory.

But this was in the 1880s, 20 years before motorcycles. And, the Cowboys did not wear patches. They wore sashes, as a sort of homage to the legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok. And, of course, the town was Tombstone. And, the leader of the Cowboys, Curley Bill Brocius, was Tombstone’s official tax collector until the Earp brothers showed up.

Nothing nearly that interesting happens in Sons of Anarchy.

The SOA don’t ride motorcycles so much as get on and off them. They prance around like pimps. Their cuts are their mink jackets. They rush to hospitals. They glower. They rarely laugh. They search their souls and ask themselves, “Why oh, why? How did our happy, hippie commune become a motorcycle club?” None of these outlaws has ever been shaken or stirred. None of them has calluses or scars.

In the one distracting moment, halfway through a deadly hour, Charlie Hunnam busts a pool cue over a guy’s head and stabs him in the balls with the jagged end. That was almost amusing.

But, mostly the SOA are shadows of cutouts of sketches of bikers. The show stinks and shines like dying grunion in the moonlight. And, it is made for the people Paddy Chayefsky called “humanoids,” people who know the world only from watching it on TV.

It probably isn’t for you.

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84 Responses to “Sons Of Anarchy, Costume Melodrama”

  1. amy boedigheimer Says:

    Holy shit.. That richard Cameron guy on the trailer park boys got obsessed with me on facebook and Jj ran him off! Shudders in repulsive horrific recoiling disgust!!!

  2. Cristi Says:

    My SOA experience is somewhat the same as yours Canuck….
    I never and rarely watch TV, if I do it is with my grandson and we only watch Tom and Jerry or Looneytune cartoons! I was told by my dearest friend that I had to seek out the SOA complete series and catch up to her. I am 50 and to be 50 again this June (lol) I love tattoos but have only eyebrows tattooed!I love bikes but have only ever ridden a Honda 70 and Honda 90 when I was a little girl parents took us to Shadow Mountain, San Bernardino, CA. My Grandson at age of first words and spending a great deal of time on freeway, took up the same game as my son at a very early age, of naming the cars on the road. Mainly OLD cars as the old were to be respected! lol He (like my son) can name the new cars by shape of tail lights without any labels as well. My Son can name every car put in front of him blind folded by sound! I kid you not! he is remarkable. Anyway, during our travels to San Diego from Glendora, my Grandson yells out BIKER GANG, as approx 20-30 bikers road by with their jackets reading 1% on most of them and some just saying California, or even San Diego. Having being startled by the sudden shouting, I explained to Grandson screaming in the car first and foremost can make Grandma crash into the “Biker Gang” and hurt them, then moved on to the bikes and their riders to not miss the intrigued look on his face. I said to Grandson that I treat bikers and truck drivers with the utmost respect of the road, as they own the highway. Trucks because they cannot see you and Bikers because you cannot always see them. He asked me to turn the radio off to talk about this “biker gang”. I went on to tell him they are a brand of people that do not interact with outsiders and they respect you as long as you respect them. Certain bikers it has been known to be said are not nice. I believe they are just a different breed of the human race that trust only and live only for their own people. This is not wrong, though it may seem harsh because you and me love everyone we will not be loved by this group nor do we need to seek their approval or any attention from. I have always been intrigued since a young girl with bikers not due to any exclaimed reason just the humans themselves. Now naive I am not, but able to see goodness in ALL people when they cannot see it themselves yes I will admit I carry this trait, and most people call it stupidity of me. Since that day, my Grandson holds the highway in great respect of its “humans” and has made it a practice to ask Grandma at the sensational of times “what kind of group are those humans”? It was then that I knew I needed to learn more about the “Biker Gangs” so my lessons were not misguiding to his future. My first experience face to face came to me one August 17th 2007 when my son was in a near fatal car accident the same day that there was a Hells Angels fatality on the southbound I5 near Buttonwillow,CA. I received “that phone call” a parent dreads my son being 18 just out of high school that June, the dingy nurse saying your son has been in a fatal car accident and is at Mercy Hospital in “critical” intensive care. Needless to say it is not a “fatality” until someone dies!!! I got to the hospital to find an absolute stillness or tranquil or even serene quietude of humans walking in and out without expression and even without emotions. The parking lot was crazed with tow trucks dropping off motorcycle by motorcycle! So I was dropped off and ran in. Having to ID my son by his big toe and tatts himself as his head was completely mummified with 7 cracks to his skull my life had just come to a new chapter and I began praying for God to take me and let him live as all parents do. It was very late that night (very early morning) sitting outside on curb of hospital parking lot starring at these wondrous bikes without owners, craving a smoke from nerves, that this big big big hairy monster sat down beside me all dressed in leather handed me a smoke and said its okay I’m an angel here to watch the bikes. Low and behold I thought God had answered my prayers and taken me instead of my son! As he sat down close to me, he never took his eyes off the bikes with the utmost somber stare he said “The world lost a rider today but the Heavens gained a real man! Now he had me confused, was it my son that had gone to heaven? He took my hand and placed a trinket in it and closed my hand never looking away from the bikes still and said softly in a meek voice “your son will be okay, keep teaching him to respect the highway”. The man stood up walked to the bikes, and in the time I looked down in my hand to see what it was he gave me and marvel at it he was gone! in less than 5 minutes there were different tow trucks there and the bikes were taken away. Now having been in a complete terrorized state of mind with my sons tragedy I was too preoccupied to research the happenings and since then been told that an actual “Hells Angel” passed into Heavens gates that night! This being my only encounter with a “Biker” has given me the highest of respect and admiration for their purpose in life. I believe that the world takes on different lifestyles and changes occur in time and yes maybe at one time for what ever the reason there might have been some twisted stories of life taking occurrences that took place involving bikers. BUT what are the true stories? What are the true actions and reasons behind the ill-fated manifestations of what the press has allowed the humans to read? I judge not of those I want not to be judged by. End of story… BAck to SOA…. I watched episodes 1-5 in one week, loving them at first and by 4 almost 5 was so upset with the writer had to watch the remaining episodes to get caught up to what I was recording of 6. Having missed the first 3 of 6 I feel I have not missed anything of worth! But I will continue to watch when it comes back on as I like the actors (although they have almost killed everyone of any worth off) it has a catching continually changing fast life style I am accustomed to that intrigues me and keeps me coming back. I feel I could help write a much better more flowing story-line, I believe the writer is in a hurry to get where he is going and I must see where it is he is taking us. Live on SOA, just slow down….

    My moral of my story is to you Canuck, Continue to ride for you and not the “apparel” as that “Angel” watching those bikes did as he came to me in my hours of desperation and comforted my worries about my son.

    The item he gave me was an old plastic medallion with Mother Mary on one side and Jesus on the flip. Almost looking like it had come from a gumball machine. On a fake gold chain that since has NOT tarnished nor broke nor faded and I have kept it hanging from my rear-view mirror to this day! My son alive and well having suffered sever head trauma and over 2000 stitched from the neck up and 7 cracks in his skull and a smashed cheek bone, uncanny as it may seem, now has his own business detailing Harley Davidson motorcycles in Temecula, CA and is an upstanding respectful citizen with a Mongol for a close and trusted friend! Isn’t life amazing in full circle? Austins Detail: meticulous to bikes, trucks, cars, boats. you bring it he will clean it.

    Old and True not forgotten and never tarnish, time continually changing where Materialistic and new just fade away…Theres more to the picture than meets the eye, keep your stuff alive cause RUST NEVER DIES!

    Ride on Canuck, if you ever get to Temecula, CA I know a boy and his followers that would be honored to take a look at your stuff.

    With Much respect for Bikers, and love for the highway they ride on.
    Mama Cristi

  3. Canuck Says:

    Well looks like the conversation ended last year, but the show continues. Not being a TV watcher as a rule, (I have a busy life), I only decided to watch all the seasons of SOA in the last week. I found it entertaining and laughed my ass off. I found and read this complete thread and was again amused by people who where upset by negative comments about the show. Props to Rebel for the time he dedicated to responding. My favorite comment was one of the last by Bandit as it reflects my personal experiences the closest. I was attending a function a year ago that in years past was a great place to see old friends and check out some great custom work. But what caught my eye was 99% the people attend were wearing SOA clothing and I was the one they thought was out of place because I didn’t have a clue what SOA stood for. So when my tent was packed up and I made my way past the RV’s with there bike trailers I hit the road and made a mental note that times had changed and I had not. I guess my choice is to watch more TV or spend some time searching for events that still hold true to the reason some of us ride. My money goes into fuel not apparel for fools. I wear plain t-shirts and remove flashy factory emblems from all my vehicles. If you need to ask the make I am to busy to talk. If you need to watch TV to know how to live you have missed the point.

  4. ranger danger Says:

    Two things. The.”cowboys” mentioned never are shown to have actually wore red sashes. This is Hollywood shit made up by Tombstone movie writers, not proven fact. And if you want to know what a founding MC member thinks of a clubs ultimate direction, Ask Mr Ralph “Sonny”Barber. Bet he could shed some light. BTW. Tombstones “Ownership” would be argued about NY the “vigilance” committee and miners organizations that often put.guns in “Cowboy” faces. The movie with Kurt Russel and Val Kilned is very inaccurate. Wyatt Earp was much colder and quieter.than in movie. Holiday was MUCH MORE UNSTABLE AND VOLITILE than movie. He was HATED by all but Wyatt Earp. Even Kate despised him. Just as SOA is merely a form of escapism, bit never going to get truth. Hell, REAL club life can be boring and when active, its mainly business that should be closed to need to know. Endeth history lesson.

  5. BK Says:

    SOA is entertaining,better than some reality show crap that is staged. Point taken on fiction vs truth aspect,certainly every club house has it’s own dynamic and they (sutter group)cherry pick what they have heard or seen about various club culture to put together entertainment. It is HD aftermarket they want you to click on their adds too!

    First for me was cable tv chopper builders, same argument.”Real bike shops don’t have TV cameras” Season one Orange County was like watching 9th grade auto shop, but when you measure it in dollars…………

  6. Bandit Says:

    And one more thing before I bounce on over to the free porn site and choke my chicken – Good show/Bad show. Real/Fake. Like/Dislike. None of that matters. But one things is for sure. Kurt Sutter is a complete fucking jerkoff. He might have millions. He might be banging Peg Bundy. He might think the feathers like him because they let him put them on his show and pay them for it. But he, himself, the man, is the big bright shining example of what has become a sad trend in this county: “The wannabe lookalike outlaw”. Wouldn’t shock me in the least if his r/w support gear is neatly folded alongside his orange county choppers gear.Lol. WILD HOGGGGGGGGSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!! Gimme a fuckin break, lol.

  7. Bandit Says:

    I’m a former member (Out Good) of one of the “Big 5”. And one of the ones this show “attempts” to portray. Look, it’s fucking tv, lol. Any of us who live/lived the life can look at it and say “oh, that’s bs.” or “That would never happen”, or what have you. Those of us who have actually worn a patch can tell you that guns/drugs/women etc. IS NOT something the whole club decides upon sitting around a finely carved table. Just doesn’t happen. With the majority of clubs, “Illegal” enterprises are NOT club activities. And even assuming that say….a whole chapter could be into something, it IS NOT a club function. I was in a club that said quite clearly that we didn’t use our patch for personal gain and we were never to get another Brother arrested in any way shape or form. And living by those rule, kinda kills damn near everything the soa are about. It’s a show. Like any other. I love the walking dead. And more lame then people pointing out flaws or similarities of a fictional mc, there are people who actually sit around and argue, via pc, as to how that show got it wrong because zombies aren’t supposed to do this or that., lol. Really? They’re fucking zombies man. Like any of us would know what a zombie should do. I dig this show. It’s got bikes, broads, the ocassional stomping. I can live without jax and all his wannabe deep soul searching crap. His wha wha cry baby bullshit gets under my skin at times. If I ever met charlie hunnam i might smack him just on principal, lol. But it’s a show. It’s about time that had something like this. They got show for cops, firemen, drug dealers, lawyers, politicians and so on. WE needed one of our own. Bikes, broads, booze, and boots. Ride free. Fuck samcro. Mayans Rules. ;)

  8. YourNameHere Says:

    Hey everyone #waves#

    A lot of different opinions in here. I roll with the Mongols MC and we love the show. It’s just entertainment people, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Sept 11, see you on FX. Fuck the HA and the crooked police. ..!..

  9. swampy Says:

    I never saw an episode of Kurt “the skirt”(I must give “pissed off” credit for me using that title – “Laffing Devil’s War of Words” – May 30th, 4:51 p.m. – it still cracks me up!)Sutter’s “Outlaw Empires.” Although, I can’t help but wonder how ole Kurt “the skirt” will outdo himself with a fifth season of SOA. I guess my point is that since the 4th season, of SOA, the Lapping Dildos made its debut and we saw the damage that piece of SHIT show has done. I refer to the PECKERWOOD DJ incident. SOA being used as “evidence” by the prosecution in court cases? How far will Sutter go in giving ammunition to Feds along with clueless potential jurors?

    Oh yeah, I refuse to refer to SOA or its fans as “Sons.” I’ve heard of its fans going by that – very disrespectful.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hose-1 1%,

    Thank you very much. Throw as many pennies as you want whenever you want.


  11. BigV Says:

    He ran and panicked and pulled the goddamn post.

    There is a shooting script for “1%” on the internet, I may have a copy. If I don’t, you want the script that was before they hired Ed Winterhalder to consult, and changed it. It was a series that was pitched to HBO, FX, Showtime, and at least one other network- maybe USA. It was Sonny and Chuck’s baby. At first it would have been a Patch Kinkade series, and it was changed to be a show pretty much in the same vein of Sons of Anarchy after Chuck came on. Chuck pitched this before the Shield was on, and before anyone would have known who Sutter was.

    Sutter is a bitch who may have irreparably tainted the jury pool against us.

  12. OneEye Says:

    YYZ Skinhead:
    Touche. I thought of the alliteration afterwards and I think it would be a definite improvement. “Fuck” is far too pedestrian nowadays. It’s like neck tattoos. At one time that was as shocking finding out Rock Hudson was a pillow biter, but not anymore. We have to up the ante and “cunt” gets the desired recoil from men and, especially, women alike. The fact that you use it just shows how brazen you really are and to that I say, cheers! I took an interest in Kurt after I read an article, on another forum I frequent, where he dubbed himself as,”the man who called out Chuck Zito.” Now, I don’t know Chuck Zito, nor do I know Kurt Sutter, however, every instinct tells me that if a confrontation ever occurred, I would bet every wordly possession I have, up to and including my one good eye, that Kurt wouldn’t last as long as my first sexual experience. Obviously they have made amends, as Chuck Zito will appear in the upcoming season which is good because I think much of that show was based on a concept he pitched years before. The show is what it is and I find it comical…just like Kurt.

  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Kurt has a lengthy blog post defending that “bad boy” use of “cunt”. I suppose “fuck” isn’t sufficiently badass nowadays. Anatomical slurs are apparently more offensive. Cuntprickballsassholetaint. I am such a bad girl for typing that and I hope everyone was offended to the point of apoplexy.

    Kurt’s Keyboard Cunts, I like that, except that I would spell kunts with a K for the sake of alliteration.

    YYZ Skinhead (ooh, anatomical and therefore offensive screenname!)

  14. swampy Says:

    So does this mean we’re to be blessed with another season of SOA? I GOT IT! The Laffing Dildos can take the place of the MAYANS. I mean the stage has been set between Sutter and Sandman, right? Maybe the set’s “weapons master” will forget the blanks and load the live stuff.

  15. OneEye Says:

    It’s been a long time since I visited the blog, other than to post the link. They must have disarmed the “Comments” option. Maybe he was getting some negative feedback and couldn’t handle it. Reading some of the older comments is down right hysterical. I’m thinking that maybe Kurt’s sidewalk is made out of water that he walks upon to get into his motorcycle shaped house.
    What I find most laughable about this whole debate-right up there with less filling/tastes great or Curly/Shemp-is the fervour with which his little minions attack. I have some cash that I would readily bet that most, if not all, of the respondents would not be so vocal if they were standing face to face with a biker or PHer, if this debate was brought up in a bar. Amazing how a keyboard makes for rusty underwear when these bad boys sweat. Maybe because Kurt says “cunt” repeatedly, they view him as a true bad boy. Notwithstanding, my apology for dragging this out; I just discovered the thread and I like the zeal with which Kurt’s Keyboard Cunts defend him. You know, I see track suits and spiked Kool-Aid……

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Couldn’t figure where to post any comments, nor did I see any comments on that waste of time blog of Kunt Sutter’s. He sure does think an awful lot of himself though, why after telling the world how creative he is and then debasing himself (though he doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ that he’s hit that part right on the nose!) to let his fan base know that yes, he’s the most creAtive thing since sliced bread but not too modest that he’ll keep it on the low-down…sort of.

    It’s even more of a joke that the fucktard makes a living creating a lie and a farce, has the gall to post about others being truthful or not in his eyes. He’s blown his own head so big, that the shit-stain has to hire people to walk at the sides and in front of him to keep him from getting too close to anything with a point.

    The way he seems to think of things, the world should be grateful he’s alive. I’ll be grateful when I read about his demise from a wreck with a drunk/drugged (or probably both) Lindsey Lohan and that both of them went out slowly, screaming to their death while trapped in flames and dripping vinyl.

  17. Hose-a 1% Says:

    IMHO Rebel you have a real gift and great site.This article was first posted in 2008 and still stirring up shit.Everyone gets to voice there opinion good bad or indifferant.From the trolls to the people who actually live the life.Thanks again for the chance to throw in my two cents.To those that seem to find some thing wrong with Rebel its like a tv only bigger the WORLD WIDE WEB,start surfing else where.IMO great job and keep up the good work.I’m not a brown noser just like the articles and the rebutles.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  18. Arctic Says:

    The, uh, “passion” that some of the shows supporters are displaying in their comments is concerning/scary. I like the show. I think it’s rediculas and funny. I also completely understand why folks intimetly involved in the MC world would not like it. Only a moron would think all MC or ANY MC’s, for that matter, are like SOA. What’s scary is there seem to be A LOt of morons in the world today and there is a solid representation of them posting in this thread.
    The greatest benefit of the Internet is that it gives everybody, with access to a computer, an avenue to express opinion. The Worst thing about the Internet is that it gives anybody with access to a computer an avenue to express opinion.
    Great Site Rebel, very happy I stumbled apon it.

  19. OneEye Says:

    Sorry man, I didn’t mean to let the Kurt out of the bag. Read ’em and weep, ha ha ha!

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, OneEye…post Sutter’s blog site URL here so I can go and give him hell. You just *had* to tell us about it, and now I can’t just sit back and let that fucktard get away with, well, being a fucktard.

  21. OneEye Says:

    I am so entertained by these jackasses who walk around talking about this show more lovingly than their flesh and blood. The irony of the statement about the “two brown nosers” is hysterical. If anyone has ever read Kurt Sutter’s blog, it is rife with sycophants that are fawning over Kurt’s “expertise” and woe betide anyone who dare have a difference of opinion to the mighty man behind the curtain. What astounds me is how verbally abusive these clowns become because someone doesn’t like their show. Five million people watch this show, so it must be great, right? Well, consider that Madonna and Hannah Montana have sold more records than Miles Davis or Igor Stravinsky, so they must be greater musicians. Just because the masses like something does that make it better or just substantiate the fact that people want to live vicariously through a TV show and are sheeple that really don’t know shit about this lifestyle. I find it amusing that the web site for SOA emphatically states that it, “is commonly mistaken that the Sons Of Anarchy are based upon the Hells Angels, one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the real world. This cannot be true because in the 4th season it is said by Lincoln Potter that the Sons Of Anarchy are barely in the top 10 motorcycle clubs in the US.” However, in the subsequent paragraph it states that they have 28 chapters worldwide, although the club members refer to them as charters. Where have I heard that before? It also has a chapter called The Big House Crew. Where have I heard THAT before? The statement that a club with 28 chapters worldwide “is barely in the top 10” is absurd at best. Now, if you wonder about why people on this site are critical, maybe it’s because they’re REAL bikers and make believe couch sitting, wannabes that come on to this site insulting the intelligence of Rebel (read some of his literature and then maybe engage him in a debate and see how that works for you) and all the while saying “IT’S A TV SHOW!” Well if it’s only TV why are you idiots getting so defensive about one man’s opinion. If you don’t want a negative review go to the SOA site, or better yet Kurt’s blog and stick your tongue up his ass. Everyone needs a hero.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hank azaria,

    Thanks dude. You are so very wise.


  23. Hank azaria Says:

    Pay attention. The colors are Blue on White. but it’s faded so they look darker.

  24. IrishDragon Says:


    The first thing that comes to mind, is that wannabe white gangster from the Trailer Park Boys show. “You know what im sayin”? Fuck off pussy bitch and get back on ur kness smiling like a donut for Sutter…groupie.


  25. Glenn S. Says:

    Jroc: I watch the show and know its not real. I kinda like it, but not as much as I like Justified. And I like Rebel a lot more than I like either one of them so fuck off.

  26. Grumbler Says:

    sled tramp wrote: And of late, the local Sheriff’s seem to want to be my butt buddies seeing as how closely they follow me everywhere.

    Santa Cruz County Sheriff did likewise to me. I filed a complaint with the DA after they illegally entered my home and slapped the cuffs on. Eventually met with the DA in his office, but he refused to prosecute the cops as he claimed it was a civil case. Then, after awhile, I suddenly realized that the Sheriff wasn’t hassling me anymore.

  27. JIM666 Says:

    troyez says: This “Jroc” and “Yan” are probably friends of Sutter who(m?) he asked to defend his “honor” – he prolly pays them for it.

    how much does he pay ?

  28. troyez Says:

    You’re preaching to the choir, but the choir likes the rolling timbre and lilt of your voice! That, and the fact that you get all fired up and preach hellfire and brimstone like the prophets of doom.

    This “Jroc” and “Yan” are probably friends of Sutter who(m?) he asked to defend his “honor” – he prolly pays them for it.

    Grunions too – we have them here in IL, but they call them smelt, and I can eat a ton of ’em bones and all! Rebel, can you catch them near your house? That’d be cool, going to the beach and grabbing free fish outta the sand – do they taste like smelt, I wonder?


  29. justjim Says:

    I dvr the show and watch when I can. Jroc, Yan fuck off

    Rebel L&R

  30. sled tramp Says:

    I just got back from 10 days of busting my ass building a new clubhouse,spending three hours on I-5 with a broken down out of town brother,haggling for cheap bulk prices on already cheap beer for the club house,avoiding a texting teenage bent obliviously upon my untimely demise and trying to convine a brother’s pitbull in our door way that I honestly BELONGED there.On the way to the last church I spent a DELIGHTFUL 15 minutes running onto I-5 dodging big rigs and cages trying to recover valuble property that blew off my sled (in hard rain on a 6 percent grade no less.Gawd must not like me too much). And of late, the local Sheriff’s seem to want to be my butt buddies seeing as how closely they follow me everywhere.
    There’s many a day when I kinda wish I could ride my sled for 500k a season and then trip to Maui with groupies to relax (because you know, life at the top is hard)like Jax does.
    Being a biker is difficult enough on GOOD days so if I want to rag on S.O.A.kiss my A.S.S.

  31. observer Says:

    Stroker: Your air-tight logic that concludes with “and that brings us full circle doesn’t it dipwad?!” captures the poetic, take-no-shit intellect that makes this site the gem that it is. This is no ordinary place.

  32. RVN69 Says:

    I think Jroc is just going thru withdrawl, he’s got his SOA colors, ballcap, shotglass, bandana, ect, and no show to watch. Jroc, don’t get all butt hurt at our criticism of your favorite show, gather up all your SOA buddies,dress up in all your SOA gear, and go to a local biker bar where you can drown you sorrows. Please ignore all the giggles and snickers and finger pointing from any real bikers in attendance.

    You’ll have fun.

  33. Stroker Says:

    WOW…..Jroc………article ruffled yer feathers did it?
    Well watch yer butt here pal, you’ll find more than a few staunch Rebel supporters to stick up for a man and a site that to us, the real bikers of this world, is almost a national treasure. IMHO Rebel’s original rant on the SOA phenomenon was a justified opinion, from a man who knows and rides with REAL MC’s, and is MORE than qualified to have an opinion on a show that does our world a great DIService in many ways. The TV land public can now see what they think is the reality of our culture, expressed by TV actors who’s only goal is to use our lifestyle to sell itself. Nevermind that everything portrayed is pretty much bullshit and hoakum. Of course this being Free America (for now) you’re entitled to say whatever you want, and I defend that. I, of course, can say whatever I want too, and that brings us full circle doesn’t it dipwad?! Try to publicly castrate our Rebel on his own site, be ready for backlash, you ignorant-noriding-possible cop-maybe relative of Kurt Sutter………but also maybe you should read more of Rebel’s comments in other posts on SOA. Even though much of what he says in his original post is spot-on, he later softens in subseqent posts to allowing that the SOA do ride motorcycles, and that the show could be entertaining for that reason alone, notwithsatanding all the very real damage the show HAS done in the courtroom to real bikers.
    So Jroc, your opinion is noted, and here’s mine back at ya. Rebel knows way more about the subject matter than you ever could or will.
    Wait………..after reading your post again, maybe I’ve been too harsh. I usually don’t try to pick on 8 year olds. Sorry.

  34. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jroc,

    Thank you for the primer on dramatics. I feel less moronic already. Of course, that’s the thing with stupid people. We are always the last to know we are stupid. So maybe I just feel smarter now. Maybe I am even stupider than before. I will have to depend on you to let me know.

    In any event, thank you for reading my poor attempts at prose. I trust you clicked some ads while you were here. That is really all I ask of you. That you click some ads.

    If you found this article infuriating you may also enjoy being infuriated by other slanders I have committed against this exemplary television product like “They’re Baa-hack” or “Waiting For Samcro.” (Click the titles to make those slanders magically appear.)

    Also you might consider burning copies of my books: Out Bad: A True Story About Motorcycle Outlaws; The Aging Rebel: Dispatches From The Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier; A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends and The Working Press. (Same deal with the links dude.)

    Many of the people I offend feel better after they burn eight or nine copies of each book so I would strongly urge you to do that. Perhaps you have friends who would also be willing to burn eight or nine copies of each book as well? I bet I would offend them, too!

    Thank you for reading,


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