Satire Proof Waco Day 1019

February 28, 2018

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Satire Proof Waco Day 1019

Abelino Reyna, the mentally and emotionally challenged, McLennan County, Texas District Attorney who falsely arrested and imprisoned 192 men and women because they attended, or tried to attend, a biker rally at the now defunct Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, then stalled adjudication of any of those cases until all the accusations became basically unprovable; and who has been accused of corruption and responded by acting like a corrupt politician had another brainstorm this morning.

Six days before a local primary election he desperately wants to win, one day before a hearing on his fitness to prosecute the Twin Peaks cases, in a brazen attempt to avoid the growls and murmurs of what, antecedent probability suggests, could turn out to be a lynch mob, Rena announced the names of 34 new millionaires.

Unless Waco can convince the EPA that that stink coming from the courthouse qualifies as a superfund site, Waco is in a world of hurt.

Do The Math

So far the county’s liability for this atrocity Reyna has committed probably totals $320 million. It might hit $2 billion. This is the worst example of official civil rights abuse in at least half a century. The high figure works out to about $8,500 for every man, woman and child in McLennan County. The lawyers are hungry.

Do you know to attract a mob of ruthless lawyers? Load up Santa’s sleigh with $300 million and drag it through the parking lot of the Central Texas Market Place. El Lay lawyers, Philadelphia lawyers, Vegas lawyers, New York lawyers. Lawyers can smell money like sharks can smell blood. Waco, Texas is about to become the new mesothelioma.

As it stands right now, just with the dismissals and refusals so far, everybody in McLennan County is about to owe some wronged biker and his outraged legal team $1500. That uncalled for and inept prosecution of Christopher Jacob Carrizal last summer and fall? That cost every child in Waco a half dozen Happy Meals. You still think that lynch mob idea is far fetched?

Today, Reyna dismissed the charges against 13 new millionaires. “Never mind,” he said as he fluttered his hands imperially. The winners are Raymond Hawes, Daniel Johnson, Edward Keller Jr., Jeremy King, Brian Logan, Robert Nichols, Anthony Shane Palmer, Victor Pizana, Clayton Reed, Sergio Reyes, Gregory Salazar, Seth A. Smith and Ricky Wycough.

Reyna also, finally announced he would refuse to prosecute 24 additional millionaires in waiting. Their names are Steven Walker, Jimmy Spencer, Bobby Samford, Julie Perkins, Morgan English, William English, Benjamin Matcek, Jimmy Smith, Bradley Terwilliger, Justin Waddington, Daryle Walker, Royce Vanvleck, Christopher Eaton, Brian Eickenhorst, Arley Harris, James Venable, Jeremy Ojeda, Kevin Rash, Richard Kreder, Owen Bartlett, Richard Dauley, Craig Rodahl, Walter Weaver and Michael Woods..

Remember Morgan

Do you remember Morgan English and her husband William? Did you know that Morgan English is suing Waco and McLennan County for $350 million? All by herself. She never did anything wrong. She always said she was innocent. She spent 15 days in jail. She wept when she was finally released. There is video of her weeping. She wept and she cried, “They treated us like animals.”

That is what happened 1,019 days after the Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

By the way, John Kennedy was President for only 1037 days.


27 Responses to “Satire Proof Waco Day 1019”

  1. Unknown dude Says:

    Cops shoot another old guy…

    So, it seems that the donut shop was closed…

    The daughter? She’s never gunna cal a cop again…imagine how she feels…

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re UnknownDude

    If you want to find an outlaw, call an outlaw.
    If you want to find a donut shop, call a cop.

    Very symbolic of the dereliction of duty by US police as documented by the FBI data on decline in arrest and clearance rates.

  3. Unknown Dude Says:

    Ever since the first time the man beat me up, kidnapped me, and tried to set me up for a nasty crime I did not do (or have any link to)(I was 16) I have wondered what “good” the cops are. I fully accept that a constabulary is simply a necessary agency of an industrial state – people get upset and hurt each other otherwise – so cops of some sort are good…I accept that as obvious. But cops like we got seldom do that, and they shoot people. It’s been more than 50 years and I still wonder about this question.

    I figure other fellas also wonder…

    So this may interest them:

    “Armed and Dangerous…”

  4. rw Says:

    They dropped some charges but they haven’t released the vehicles they’re trying to steal

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    The photo you chose for this article is an amazing likeness of Reyna…

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the city’s new management is proud to announce our new name! We are now Bikerville, Texas! Oh, and we are now Bandito County too!

  7. Old & Jaded Says:

    @Dr. G – Thank you for that info. Only 130+ more to go…

  8. Txbrat Says:

    This story should be published in the Waco Tribune today!

  9. Sohn Says:

    I think Reyna has underlined that everyone should assume that LE is always only working in its best interest. And that LE best interest is to serve the interest of LEO and not the interest of justice. Therefore, one is never a witness but a probable suspect and one should always exercise their right to remain silent!

  10. penguin Says:

    I expect that there will soon be a very loud call by the servile and corrupt “media” to harness this event to drag out so-called “tort reform”.

    “Tort reform” is what the rich and powerful say when they actually mean “put in a fix” so they can keep wronged poor people from any sort of economic justice – after the establishment fink cops screw people over.

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dr. G,

    Only because Reyna cannot do basic arithmetic.


  12. SharkRib Says:

    When you arrest hundreds of witnesses at a “crime scene” by definition those arrests are without probable cause. Arrest without probable cause is a ticket to Section 1983 lawsuits. Compound that with demands for unreasonable bail keeping these innocents falsely imprisoned while Reyna runs a political machine.
    This so called DA deserves all the wrath that is coming.

  13. Dr G Says:

    According to Waco Tribune the total dismissed or refused is 58

  14. Paladin Says:

    Most towns of the old west that became ghost towns became such when their populations dispersed after the surrounding mines were played out. Waco may have the distinction of becoming the first ghost town due to their citizens having been played out.


  15. Not the 99 Says:

    I wonder if anyone in McLennan Co. Will file suit against their own county for missaproprition of funds?
    As in the wasted money on the shit show Anal created.
    Run that ass clown outta town on a rail!

  16. Hero Says:

    Reaching for updates?

  17. Old & Jaded Says:

    So glad these people have had the sword removed from over the heads. I hope they all prevail in civil court. This whole situation is just a travesty.

    Does anyone know how many cases have been dismissed at this point? I think 50 have been dismissed just this month but have lost track of the number of cases prior.

  18. RtC Says:

    Old Timers Disuse of the brain. Left out the REAL part of my post.

  19. RtC Says:

    I know this isn’t in your vocabulary, Anal. But do the honorable thing & leave
    your woman a widow & kids fatherless(as if you were one) & swallow a lead pill
    by supersonic injection.(Suck a fuckin’ muzzle, you fuckin’ scuzz-bag!)
    Save our air!

    Respects to the & especially to Rebel

  20. Mark Says:

    I’m saying it again. There is going to be at least one law firm that is going to handle the lawsuits for McLeannan County and the county is going to be billed for millions of dallars. Waco needs to change it’s name to, Easy Money. Too bad the folks in Waco don’t read Rebels site, they may very likely could have put it together and have taking some kind of action that may have saved them a whole lot of money. It’s going to really suck to own property in McLennan County.

  21. david Says:

    Before running for re-election, and before the majority of the Waconians find out the gross amounts he has cost them, he may have instead opted to run out of town.

  22. Iron Rider Says:

    You can bet your ass that for every defendant dismissed or that Anal decided not to prosecute that that defendant will file a lawsuit, that just inevitable. Anal Reyna is still playing games, he wants to act like he is doing some case reviews and other bullshit but he knows full well that a lot of these people couldnt get convicted for jaywalking.

    Reyna can do all the dismissals he wants, the voters will see this as a move to garner voter sympathy, but Reyna is going to leave Waco and McLennan county taxpayers taking the hit for years and years to come

  23. rw Says:

    Just watched a press conference the crackerhead gave. Made me wanna puke. Never heard so much shit shit come out of 1 crackerheads mouth.

  24. jay Says:

    “the new mesothelioma”…


    best. line. ever….

    keep ’em coming hoss…

  25. Freebird Says:

    Tell me he is not going to pimp his family in another video….

  26. Lurch Says:

    Let the civil cases begin! McLennan County will wind up being one of the poorest counties in Texas because of Anal Raina (I spelled his name as it should be).

  27. Gandalf Says:

    “I Love the smell of Napalm in the morning…..” Burn Waco burn, like the Branch Davidian kids you all didn’t care about. “We don’t want no water let the Mother Fucker burn, burn mother fucker burn!”

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