Bandidos Trial Begins

February 27, 2018

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Bandidos Trial Begins

The trial of former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president Jeffrey Fay Pike and former club vice-president John Xavier Portillo began this morning in the San Antonio Division of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

The prosecutors are Assistant United States Attorneys Eric Fuchs and John Gibson. Dick DeGuerin and Catherine Baen are defending Pike. Portillo’s lawyers are Mark Stevens and Neil Calfas.

The presiding judge is a Reagan appointee named David Alan Ezra. Ezra was a District Judge in Hawaii from 1988 through 2012. In January 2013 he was reassigned to Texas. Ezra, laughing above, has seemed to favor prosecutors at every turn. He has forced the two defendants to stand trial together and he has sealed most of the case. The government has largely made up its case as it has gone along. Pike and Portillo were initially charged in December 2015. The fourth, apparently final, superseding indictment in the case wasn’t filed until last December.

Guilt By Association

At the slight risk of oversimplification, the government’s case is that Pike and Portillo are responsible for every criminal act perpetrated by any Bandido anywhere because the Bandidos is a hierarchically structured, coordinated criminal organization. So, for example, prosecutors think a Forth Worth Bandido named Howard Baker is responsible for the death of Geoffrey Brady at a bar called Gator’s Jam Inn in December 2014 even though the violence was the result of a fight over a woman and Baker didn’t kill anybody. And in addition to that, prosecutors think Baker’s responsibility for Brady’s death extends to Pike and Portillo.

The indictment says this:

“The Bandidos OMO (outlaw motorcycle organization) in the United States is a highly organized criminal organization which adheres to a hierarchical chain of command both nationally and locally. National officers are the most powerful and influential members of the enterprise.”

“The enterprise is operated through a strict chain of command. Each Bandidos OMO Chapter has a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and/or Treasurer, and a Sergeant at Arms, along with members. Each officer has specific obligations to the enterprise. Local Chapter Presidents report directly to the National Sergeant at Arms for the region or to other National officers in the region.”

“The Bandidos OMO is a closed society. Allegiance to this organization and their fellow brothers is valued above all else. Bandidos OMO members are strictly prohibited from cooperating with law enforcement. Witnesses to their criminal acts are typically the victims of acts of intimidation or harassment and are too afraid to approach law enforcement or testify in court proceedings. Bandidos OMO members do not respect authority and have a complete disdain for the rules of society. Similarly, Bandidos OMO members will not permit any perceived disrespect to any member by a non-member. Any person who disrespects or hurts a Bandidos OMO member will face retribution from the Bandidos OMO membership.”

“John Xavier Portillo was the National Vice President of the Bandidos OMO…. Portillo had significant decision-making authority for the activities of the Bandidos OMO. While each individual chapter has a president, Portillo was apprised of and involved in significant decisions that affected the enterprise and its goals, particularly its criminal activities. These decisions included directing, sanctioning, approving, and permitting other members to negotiate with members of competing motorcycle organizations and non-motorcycle gangs to protect the interests of the Bandidos OMO, discouraging and preventing prospective witnesses from providing information to law enforcement about the Bandidos OMO, and directing, sanctioning, approving and permitting other members to engage in criminal activities including murder and assault related to the protection of the power, territory and reputation of the enterprise.”

“Jeffrey Fay Pike was the National President of the Bandidos OMO. In his role as National President, Pike had ultimate decision-making authority for the activities of the Bandidos OMO. Pike was briefed directly by Portillo, who dealt with more day to day decisions. Pike was involved in significant decisions that affected the enterprise and its goals, particularly its criminal activities. These decisions included directing, sanctioning, approving and permitting other members to engage in criminal activities including murder and assault related to the protection of the power, territory and reputation of the enterprise.”

Waco? What Waco?

Although every politician in Texas has taken pains to deny any intersection of the Twin Peaks and federal cases, specifically stating the investigation of the Waco tragedy and the investigation of Pike and Portillo were completely “independent” of each other, the federal case does mirror the state case prosecuted last fall against Dallas Bandido chapter president Christopher Jacob Carrizal. McLennan County prosecutors argued that Carrizal must be guilty of murder because people died at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco in May 2015 and Carrizal was a Bandido looking for trouble – as Bandidos, prosecutors alleged, are prone to do. It was a laughable legal theory but by concealing massive amounts of evidence, including evidence related to the Pike and Portillo cases, and boldly lying over and over, prosecutors came surreally close to a conviction. Carrizal’s trial ended with a hung jury and will probably be retried next summer after the federal trial here ends.

Although the Twin Peaks Mass Murder is almost universally described as a clash involving and instigated by Bandidos, Ezra will not allow any mention of the tragedy to intrude into his case. “We are not going to try the Waco case in here,” Ezra said last Wednesday. “They’re having a hard time having it tried in Waco, let alone here. I’m not going to spend valuable trial time on it.”

Expert Testimony

Today’s court session will consist of opening statements and probably the testimony of two “Bandidos Enterprise Experts” FBI Agent Scott Schuster and Daniel Schild.

According to a rare, unsealed document in the case, “Agent Schuster will provide testimony regarding the nature and structure of the Bandidos OMO, their terminology, rules and modus operandi. He will explain the interplay between the various Outlaw Motorcycle Organizations in the United States and describe the territories occupied by each. He will provide an overview of the Bandidos OMO’s structure, including the hierarchy and different chapters within the Bandidos OMO, and the geographic area claimed by the Bandidso OMO. Agent Schuster will further describe how a person becomes a member or associate of the Bandidos OMO, and how their respective enterprise affiliation is displayed to others in ways such as the color of clothing, tattoos, associations with other people, territory, symbols, monikers and spoken and/or written language. He will testify to measures taken by the Bandidos OMO to protect against infiltration and to how the club operates financially. He will testify how criminal acts conducted by Bandidos OMO members are used to instill fear in others through a course of intimidation and use of threats. He will testify that the activities of the Bandidos OMO affect interstate commerce.”

It is anybody’s guess what Schild will say.

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25 Responses to “Bandidos Trial Begins”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    “In 2011, Pike had decided to split the Bandidos’ Western Hemisphere chapters from the Bandidos’ international chapters in Europe and Australia. Some Bandidos in West Texas opposed the split, so Forster and Portillo were summoned to Houston, where Pike dispatched Forster and others to take care of the opponents, Forster said.
    Forster said he was given money to buy “burner” cell phones, and the crew took a truck instead of motorcycles and joined with other Pike-supporting nationally ranked Bandidos in Roswell, New Mexico, where they kicked out 16 members of an El Paso chapter, and took their Bandidos vests.
    “We asked them if they knew who their president was,” Forster said. “If they didn’t answer right, we took their patches, and they got beat. If they answered Jeff (Pike), they didn’t get beat.”

    I’m thinking BS! If the beating was over the International Chapters why ask, “Who is your President?” I’m thinking…That beating was because the El Paso guys must have said Pike was not their Pres at the meeting to bounce the international chapters. Mutiny has a cost.

  2. ed Says:

    It is Texas Justice; Let’s all hope for the best. They have sent every boss to the joint since they fired up. Hopefully Senor Jeff will come out better.

  3. just tom Says:

    The truth is always available on this site. Thanks Rebel.

  4. Old & Jaded Says:

    Thank you Ms. Gotro for adding to Rebel’s fine reporting. Lots of respect for you both. Hoping at some point, that something resembling justice prevails.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Yep… Rebel is the Shit. Y’all are very Lucky to have Him.

  6. RtC Says:

    What Stroker said!!
    Sure wish I could do more than say Respects & Thank you, Rebel. If not for you,
    this would have been swept!

    Special RESPECTS to REBEL!
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  7. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    Agree with stroker 100%

    This website and the work put in by Rebel can never be taken for granted. It seems like the only place of sanity anymore. Respects

  8. stroker Says:

    I too wish to thank Casie Gotro for her wonderful, impassioned work on this mess. Great job. However, I also want to keep thanking our awesome host REBEL, for keeping this travesty in front of – not just us – but everyone else who reads this site. I truly believe his journalism has contributed to the current public knowledge about un-abel reyna that’s coming up into the light like night crawlers after a rain.
    Thank you Mr. Davis for your steadfastness, hard work, research, long hours, costs, and dogged insistence on exposing the dark underbelly of this fiasco.
    We in the MC world are in your debt.

  9. HarryBalls Says:

    Does anyone know if they are carrying this trial live on the internet somewhere?

  10. jay Says:

    oh…. by the way… i really digged the two books i ordered… soon as some more disposable income comes my way, i’ll get a couple more…

    seriously… thanks hoss…

  11. jay Says:

    thanks for reporting, rebel… it’s good to have SOMEONE covering these travisties of justice…
    it breaks my heart to say it, but it’s looking like high time for mc press officers…. we truley need to have our own voice in this war of words…. what a fuckin’ world…

  12. Dutchboy Says:

    So officer when did you join the BMC? What’s that? YOU NEVER WERE A MEMBER? Wait, aren’t you supposed to be an “expert” on the BMC, yet all you have is knowledge gained second and third hand? You do realize hearsay is not admissable as evidence, right?

    Of course rules of evidence don’t apply when going after anyone on two wheels, right? I wonder, will they be showing reruns of SOA in the hotel rooms of the jury?

  13. RIDER 1 Says:

    Personally I have always believed that Waco and the trial in San Antonio are connected. I believe the Feds played a major role in Waco and Reyna played along to stay out of prison. I don’t believe the Feds have shit on the Waco cases and don’t have enough in the San Antonio cases to support RICO charges. The Feds know this but don’t care because part of the grand plan is to cause as much strife to the Bandidos MC as possible, eg. loss of members, astronomical legal bills and the list goes on. When it is all said and done, you and I will realize that it was all a waste of tax payer dollars but the sheep in this country will not hold anyone accountable.Throw shit at a wall and if nothing sticks… oh well, better luck next time!

    RIDER 1

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Isn’t it strange the judge says… ” “We are not going to try the Waco case in here,” YET,…….. They WILL try Gator’s Jam Inn, Wills Point, Abilene and a San Antonio Meth bust. Fucking Amazing and 100% of the Feds case are other cases. LOL

  15. Gandalf Says:

    WACO — McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna announced Wednesday that he would refuse to prosecute 24 Twin Peaks shooting cases and request 13 more be dismissed.
    “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Once again Abel Reyna has dismissed numerous Twin Peaks cases in order to avoid a hearing during which his former first assistant district attorney, his former executive assistant, attorneys in his office and a former police detective would testify. Is there really any legitimate question as to why he has authorized these dismissals and that by sheer coincidence they just happen to include all the cases set for a hearing tomorrow? That is not the way justice is suppose to function!”
    I HAVE WAITED ALMOST # YEARS TO WATCH REYNA CRASH AND BURN! (savoring these moments) Funny… The people in San Antonio are getting the same news. Just as Jeff Pike goes on Trial. FINNALY the timing Gods have smiled on the Bandits. ;)

  16. david Says:

    Ezra is laughing at everyone who thinks he is unbiased in and out of the courtroom, and at anyone who thinks it ain’t all a money game.

  17. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Cassie Gotro,

    Mark Stevens and Robbie Ward might have done a fantastic job, but they are not as much fun to watch as you are.

  18. Bender Says:

    The judge looks like Mr. Drysdale from the Beverly Hillbillies.

  19. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    Just here to say thank you to Ms. Gotro. You did a great job and have my respect for being a stand up person in the midst of filth.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    Your the Bomb Casie…. Mark Stevens and Robbie Ward can only wish for a good an outcome you got. Pike & Co got this :) 1 rabid Trumper on that jury… Just 1 wins the day.

  21. Iron Rider Says:

    Is Agent Schuster just going to recite from memory what was said at Carrizal trail about that Bandidos, sure the hell sounds like it.

  22. Trebor Says:

    Thank you Casie Gotro for everything you did for my club Brother Jake.You’re Beautiful

  23. Casie Gotro Says:

    The lawyers for John Portillo are Mark Stevens and Robbie Ward. And they did a fanfuckingtastic job today.

  24. Freebird Says:

    Some people are in your life for a season, others are there for a reason. Looking forward to seeing the testimony.

  25. Theseus Says:

    Judge Ezra said “they’re having a hard time in Waco” That seems to not be a reference to the innocent defendants but rather to the corrupt and ignorant prosecutors in the Waco cases, who are down to offering plea bargains , delayed hearings and dismissals. Judge Ezra is rootin’ for Reyna?

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