Chopper Dan To Testify

February 26, 2018

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Chopper Dan To Testify

Dan “Chopper Dan” Schild, the former Bandidos Motorcycle Club National Chapter member who started the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, will testify for the prosecution in the trial of former Bandidos president Jeffrey Pike and former vice-president John Portillo.

The trial starts tomorrow.

The Aging Rebel believes Schild became a government asset in January 2016, shortly after the arrests or Pike, Portillo and former national sergeant at arms Justin Forster. Schild started the Kinfolk within six weeks of agreeing to help the Department of Justice make its case against the top Bandidos.

The FBI, which putatively led an investigation of the Bandidos may have originally expected that Schild would become the club’s national president. He was a candidate. But Bill “Big Deal” Sartelle became interim club president instead. Schild seemed to use Sartelle’s appointment as an excuse to go his own way.

The FBI investigation was underway at the time of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder seven months before Pike, Portillo and Forster were arrested,

Former Cops Welcome

Among the precepts of the Kinfolk is, “We do not discriminate against former police officers.”

By the beginning of 2017, the Kinfolk had about 170 members in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Florida. Schild is no longer a member of the Kinfolk.

For most of its existence so far, the Kinfolk seems to have existed as a tethered goat. It existed to infuriate and provoke attacks by Bandidos and the government was taking notes. Last Kune, federal prosecutors wrote: “In February 2017, a Bandidos OMO (that means Outlaw Motorcycle Organization) member was arrested in Wills Point, Texas after discharging a firearm during a confrontation with a member of the Kinfolk, an emerging motorcycle organization attempting to challenge the Bandidos’ power in Texas. Tensions between the Bandidos and the Kinfolk have been on the rise for the past several months. In March 2017, a Bandidos OMO local Sergeant at Arms was arrested in Abilene, Texas for the murder of a member of the Kinfolk. In April 2017, a member of the Kinfolk and a Kinfolk support-club member were shot in Saginaw, Texas, though no arrests have been made. Also in April 2017, a Bandidos OMO local Chapter President was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for almost one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine. And… a Bandidos OMO support-club member was arrested in Westlake, Louisiana for shooting two members of the Kinfolk.”

Last July 30 in East El Paso, two Kinfolk members were arrested for the murder a Bandidos chapter president named Juan Martinez and for shooting three other men in a bar called Mulligan’s Chopped Hog.


80 Responses to “Chopper Dan To Testify”

  1. Beefrunner Says:

    Y’all are some giant pussies. Drive off a cliff

  2. Neuro Says:

    I am a wannabe cheerleader. Is that okay? At Support 81:you’re right, the original Rock Machine put up a decent but hopeless fight in the Guerre des motards against Mom’s Anges Quebecois. Hopeless from the start, but they tried.

  3. Mojoman Says:

    Fun way of life. Likely coming to an end. Too much attention is killing it. Too many dumbasses with big mouths became FBI consultants.

  4. RtC Says:

    @ SYLO, it’s obvious you aren’t a PH & probably not even accepted as a suppoerter. You are a typical wannbe cheer-leader spouting BS that is just that.
    For what disrespect of the BANDIDOS MC you wrote in your post, I would imagine
    that some PH’s of the club you profess to support will either be “talking” to
    yoy or running your punk ass down the road. I know for a fact that the Bandits
    I know get along with 15 and neither would allow shit like you posted to be put
    out in public.
    SO, little boy, go finish your fucking homework from 8th grade & FOESAD

    Respects to the REAL & Especially to REBEL

  5. Winter Storm Says:

    Well now @ (r machine, sylo, slow mow),
    We have been telling your stupid kinfuck asses for 18 months and yall are to ignorant to see the facts. That pop-up, angry, revenge club yall tried to start with out bad rats and liars just imploded as more and more comes to light. It’s not over by along shot. HAHAHA – your bylaws say no cops? Well you sure got a fuck load of them in your club, both openly and hidden. The list is too long to even go into. What you gotta worry about now is the alphabets kicking your door in at about 5:58am on any given day and wanting to chat. And by the way, they are still in your fucked up, crashing club. 1000%. Just keep giving your patches away.. Go ahead and get angry with this honest post and call us names while – YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE ALL TELLING YOU ON HERE IS TRUE!

  6. SYL81 Says:

    @R MACHINE ? I assume stands for Rock lol or Cock Machine MC another shit club, like Kinfolk. Real Rock Machine died in 2000 when they changed colours became hangaround club for 18 months before patching over to probationary Bandito chapters. In Canada. Also lost members to RAW who didnt want to be Taco lovers. Bandidos only lasted 6/7 years before folding in Canada. The new resurrection of Cock Machine Mc is a joke hear they might sit down absorb kinfolk members lmao handing out patches like every other pop up club. RMMC is dead go make the cut in a real club lol

  7. Slowmoe Says:

    @bobby just to clear what you absolutely know nothing about. Only 1 chapter folded. Get the facts before you try and speculate

  8. Freebird Says:

    So much for being heralded as the New Generation….

  9. rw Says:

    Imagine that

  10. Bobby Says:

    As of Thursday, Most of Kinfolk has dropped their patches due to discovery of as many 30 LE in the Texas chapters (National).

  11. SYLO Says:

    @Winter Storm go back to chugging condiments. Your clueless waste nothing more. Bandildos are done. Get over it. You had a good run. Ya I know your associates in some way. Exit stage left fool.

  12. Johnny G Says:

    @rita 100%

  13. rita Says:

    snitch is a snitch

  14. Gandalf Says:

    @ R MACHINE (all caps) Dude started Kinfolk…right? Dude is a Rat…Right? For whatever Kinfolk is now… It may have been started with LE help for whatever reasons. How can you trust that? The Feds ain’t stupid and Kinfolk talking smack at the R&G (like Cossacks) seems like standard LE tactics. You can just go ahead and trust those KF leaders if you want but there are 7 dead Cossacks who thought LE was on there side and 50 more who where just having brunch thinking it was a “Peace Meeting”. ALL of whom trusted Big O. WHY TAKE THE CHANCE? Why not just break away and start your own small thing with guys you have known for years… respecting traditions? Seems much safer 2 me. IMHO
    BTW: I’m not believing for 1 second the R&G tell anyone (not R&G) who ain’t committing crimes what to do and what not to do. If your around them and feel “weak” and “bullied” that feeling comes from within you.
    Nobody has a right to do “whatever” they want in another mans house. If your host disrespects you… you leave. Texas is the R&Gs “house.” Kinfolk think it’s OK to do whatever they want here… in another’s house. Anyone who comes to my house then argues with me needs to expect my friends to stomp him. If I disrespect Him, ITS MY HOUSE… I might be being an ass hole but He don’t have a right to argue. He has every right to just leave. As I would do in your house.

  15. R MACHINE Says:

    Winter storm is just a plain idiot. It’s against the bylaws. It’s a WRITTEN BYLAW so you pal are clueless 100% done with ya. And on to the random guy, shows what you know, the best part is when you talk about a National Prez and throw a name out yet completely get it wrong hahaha. The 2 of you Red n Gold jokes make a great team. He wasn’t embraced as a snitch he was booted so learn your facts before you flap your gums. Red n gold condiment crew ha. I don’t ride for either but know more than you realize. So guess you better go back to gangland and your SOA reruns and crawl back to your mustard master.

  16. Just a random guy Says:

    @slob you need to know everything about who ur defending and quit kidding urself, because the “new national prez” aaron davies is the biggest rat piece of shit and can not be trusted. why u think he was kicked out of the bandits? and who was he testifying against to try to save his own ass? hmmm, I bet hes still working with the feds right now. how else would that club still be around, they need the protection because they dnt ever ride with their cuts on, and if they do its in the middle of nowhere where only very few ppl can see. its a rat cop club with ex and current corrections officers, rats, cops, and a bunch of ppl who could not make it in the BANDIDOS MC.

  17. Winter Storm Says:

    @SLOB – You don’t know shit. The Skinflutes knew he was a rat – that’s why he got run down the road by the Bandidos. Fuck – they were told he was a snitch and still embraced him. He even put in the bylaws that “Cops were allowed in the shitty club”. What you idiots have not even considered is that – yes he may have moved on from the skinflutes, but he left cops, rats and snitches still wearing the cut. He was not the only one dumbass. They are infiltrated right now!!!

    Respects to the Rebel and the Loyal.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Well, there it is in the San Antonio newspaper Wednesday. One of the pizza shooters, former national sergeant at arms “Downtown Johnny” Romo has testified on the stand that he and three others went to Austin to kill fake patch Benesh on Jeffe Pike’s orders sent down through Big John. He also testified that it was his brother Robert who fired the shot, who soon after was awarded his patch and full membership. Apparently Downtown Johnny wore a wire for a year after being arrested in Feb 2014 on cocaine charges.This is according to the reporter attending the trial. It’s there in the newspaper. More will be revealed.

  19. SLOB Says:

    Just going to put this out there. ABSOLUTELY NO COOS IN FUCKING KINFOLK. ITS IN THE BYLAWS !CD made that bullshit statement because he’s a fuckin coward and didn’t want to be outed as the rat he is. He is now the National President of Ronins MC because he was booted from Kinfolk by Nationwide majority vote to remove him. It was discovered that he’s a snitch and regardless of him snitching on the other team or their team Kinfolk doesn’t tolerate rats period. I am not Kinfolk but do know many of them and they are good guys.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    “Iron order are a proper hardcore MC who stand up for the right to ride.”
    Anyone can “ride” a bike dipshit. It’s what your wearing.
    Heck, you got a right to wear a KKK hood in Harlem… Ya just don’t have the right to call cops and cry when the Locals beat yo ass! (“There picking on us”) LOL
    @ R”Dipshit”White and Jay “WTF” Jay.

  21. Hangaround Says:

    Is Jay “Dobbins” back to replying on this site….

  22. Steven Svenderson Says:

    Further more even the United States military has ordered it’s members to stay clear of Urine Odor or face punishment

  23. Steven Svenderson Says:

    Urine Odor are murderers behind badges nothing more. Clearly you know nothing of the MC culture other the. What you read or see on tv. They are all cops. They shoot members of other clubs yet not one gets charged. Fuck Urine Odor !

  24. Jay Says:

    I agree with Rwhites

  25. Rwhites Says:

    Iron order are a proper hardcore MC who stand up for the right to ride

  26. Steven Svenderson Says:

    Here’s another interesting fact. Chopper Dan is now the National President of Ronin MC. A new 1%club. Just a fun fact about the waste of space.

  27. RtC Says:

    @Southern, don’t know where you get your info, unless you are just making shit
    fall out of your head. The RED & GOLD are not falling apart, no matter how much
    you wish that BS you spewed is true. Obviously you don’t have a clue & never
    will. And since you aren’t in the R&G, you should STFU about them in your opinions.
    Redwolf the Conchoman

    Respects for the REAL & Especially Rebel

  28. Neuro Says:

    Right Gandalf, those comments you are quoting are from Southern. I was really just agreeing with him that there may be more members testifying and I was repeating some of the news articles to predict whom we may see on the stand. I did not mean to agree that BMC is falling apart or losing strength.

  29. Gandalf Says:

    @Neuro I come from Philly. Been in Texas 25 years. I remember thinking it odd seeing Bandits with colors because our guys didn’t wear them very much and wore helmets or masks when they did. A friend told me nobody wanted their Pic taken with colors on. Just in case. They also had no real Club house and Civilians could get in trouble even saying the name in conversation. That said, The fact I never heard any real news about the biggest club in Texas for many years made me respect them more. Then Ft. Worth and Twin Peaks happened. Ft Worth I figured was personal and not Club Business per say. TP was pure Club business but it was obvious to me they rode right into the mix without a care. (Respect) Had they been real the outer guys who arrived early could have wasted those Cossacks on the patio with 2 AR-15 and bump stocks. But they didn’t. (more Respect).
    Most of the Club members I did time with didn’t care about being there so to say… Their job was to welcome others that followed. Like a Chapter in the slammer. It was all just the price of Business.
    To say, “they falling apart everywhere” could be a critical error. I suspect they are growing only not flying colors as much… Like in Philly. There is a saying that is all so true where I come from, “You don’t find The Club. The Club finds you.”
    IMHO: Your lifestyle ain’t going anywhere… just trying to get by this TP asap and will come out when the dust settles 5Xs as big/Strong. Ratz are everywhere. Sometimes they start out legit but turn. Sometimes they are plants. Seems to me it’s a part of Business. I would expect Pike & Co to accept that, fight and take on whatever roll they are needed in next.
    “My particular thinking is telling everyone what to do and how to do it, ain’t happening no more, and just that there is enough pavement for everyone to ride.”
    I believe that might be the problem in Fla… Judging from some Posts here. I also believe the Texas Club is VERY SMART… and will not let Texas become Fla. Without a dominate Club nobody is safe riding on any pavement… anywhere. Some other Club would try to run things and Shit might get “real”. In a way… the dominate Club protects the Mom and Pops. Because Cops can’t. Seems to me they only as for a little Respect… Maybe a $20 dollar support patch.
    Fact is if the Cossacks were in charge Texas pavements would be a lot more dangerous. IMHO (as an outsider looking in)

  30. Neuro Says:

    Yes Southern. Right after NSA Bandido Justin Forster got popped, suddenly Bandido “Fast Fred” Cortez was arrested in San Antonio for being an accomplice to Bandido Scarface for the 2002 killing of Roberto Lara. Lara was the suspect in the 2001 murder of Bandido Javier Negrette outside the billiard hall. Also just after Justin got popped, suddenly four Bandits were arrested for the 2006 Saccone’s Pizza killing of Anthony “fake patch” Banesh in Austin. In addition, a NW San Antonio Pres named Eddie ” Flames” Martinez was arrested on meth distribution charges. Just like Justin, he got real careless and found himself pinched by the alphabets. Supposedly Fast Fred and Eddie Flames have both gone incommunicado, like Justin did. The four San Antonio members charged in the pizza killing have copped to pleas, have not heard about them testifying yet. BTW, I don’t know shit. This all comes from reading the local newspapers and internet reports such as your AR. More will be revealed.

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