Giving George Money

February 26, 2018

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Giving George Money

Former Hells Angel George Christie yet lives. He is threatening to do a one man stage show titled OUTLAW: A One Man Show with George Christie: The stories of a seasoned leader and the shaping of America’s last wild men.

The production has been written and may even eventually be directed by Christie’s “friend and author” Richard La Plante.

Readers who have never before heard of Christie should know that he is the former president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club; and a charming con man with a quiver of tales; and that he was expelled from the Hells Angels after some unfortunate audio tapes of conversations between him and some policemen were discovered. He also may have personally profited from the foreclosure of the former Ventura clubhouse. He debriefed with federal agents as part of plea and sentencing agreement after he confessed to trying to burn some rival tattoo shops out of business. And he leaves a bitter trail behind him wherever he goes.

Other Former Associates

The British documentarian Nick Mead made a film about Christie called The Last American Outlaw which Mead then refused to distribute because he concluded that Christie was a liar and a snitch who couldn’t even actually ride a motorcycle. Mead lost about $130,000 on the project. Christie stole the film and now sells copies of it on his website.

Jacqueline Mann, the widow of the late artist David Mann, wrote Christie a very polite letter telling him the Mann posters he was selling were “in violation of U.S. trademark and copyright laws.”

The Hells Angels “Ventura, SFV, Dago and So Cal Motorcycle Club charters (offered Christie) $2,000 to take a three-part polygraph test regarding (his) upcoming book, Exile on Front Street, and the Outlaw Chronicles television show. You were, “they wrote, “dishonorably kicked out of the motorcycle club, yet you continue to profit by using the club’s name and logo in the media. While a few in the general public may believe you, we were there and know the truth. We will prove that multiple claims in your show and book are lies!”

Be A Producer

Now Christie has published a page at  asking his admirers to help him fund his latest vanity project – a one man show: Something like Hal Hobrook’s Mark Twain Tonight. Except, charming and irresistible though he may find himself to be, Christie isn’t exactly Mark Twain.

Christie is unspecific about what will be in his proposed production. He probably plans to just stand up there – wherever there is — and be impressive. He may simply tell stories. Unfortunately anybody who has spent much time talking to him knows he has very many fewer stories than Mark Twain. Or he may play the accordion and dance the Watusi.

But presumably, if you like George, and many people who have never actually met him do, you will naturally want to give him money. He needs the money, he explains, for “Performance Rights. Theater Rental Fees, Printing costs (posters, postcards, programs), Set Design (Designs, material, labor), Music Rights,” although George being George, one has to wonder why he doesn’t just steal the music, “Light Design,” whatever that means, “Travel” and “Hotels.”

Christie has offered his potential benefactors many more choices than, for example, PBS offers viewers like you who make possible programs like Nova.

If you send Christie $25 you can become a “prospect” and George will send you, sometime in the next three months, a “Thank You! Postcard,” a keychain and an official, legal-pad-sized, Outlaw poster. You can become a “member” for $30; a “road captain” for $40; a “sergeant-at-arms” for $50; a “charter member” for $75; a “one-percenter” for $125; a “vice-president” for $300; or, George will send you a “challenge coin” for the low, low price of $221. It costs $1,000 to become a “president” but you also get to call yourself a producer and you get a director’s chair with your name on it – and also a tee shirt and a keychain and a postcard and a copy of Nick Mead’s film and one of Jacqueline Mann’s posters.

Or,for a mere $3000 you get to call yourself “outlaw” and George will send you one each of all the wonderful things listed above plus one of his old motorcycle jackets. Sometime in the next three months.


38 Responses to “Giving George Money”

  1. In the past Says:

    Question: Why is the 1%er community so fragile…
    Mr. Christie was a HA. I’m sure to reach his rank he did have to do some unsavory acts etc. Or was he really never Pres. of an HA chapter.
    I would assume HA’s and other 1%er would just ignore him… just saying?

  2. FF Says:

    Demanding Billy Doll (Lago)
    And other friends of mine
    Incestuous and vain
    With other many last names

  3. Paladin Says:

    juniper Says:
    March 8, 2018 at 8:07 am
    Peter (paladin) Simich what happened to your page?

    @ Nuero / juniper,

    The chess piece is mine and I did post on the mentioned website I am also a member of BOOBs. When responding to juniper’s question, I didn’t recognize the name “Peter Simich”, nor do I have a “page” that juniper referred to.


  4. Neuro Says:

    @ Paladin, in the comments section of an article over on that harley liberty/ insane throttle site, someone using the name Peter Simich was using your same icon, the chess knight piece shaped like a horse, and another poster called out that Peter must be Paladin from this site here.

  5. juniper Says:

    @paladin, I thought you were in the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers, guess I was mistaken.

  6. Austin Says:

    @old& jaded re: “those that truly have a legitimate story to tell”

    You’ll be waiting a long time, because THOSE stories are strictly on a “need-to-know” basis. …..And if you don’t already know them – you don’t need to!

  7. Nick Mead Says:

    What got me in trouble with GC is the old chesnut called Fact Checking. He fell at every hurdle. (George knows full well that no club “threatened me”…)

    Same with Mr Lago — I tried to fact check him. Maybe he was a cop for 25 years, when and where? He was deported in 2008. Maybe he was a cop for 25 years before he came to the US and got deported, how old is he 80? (maybe I guess)

    When Lago says – “Nick I produce films in the $2mil to $5mil range” He’s telling a little bit of a lie I’m afraid. He was involved in an ultra low budget film in 2014 – he couldn’t shift it so he retitled it and now claims it was made last year. He has never ever made a film for 2-5 million dollars. I’m sure he’d like to though, we all have dreams… He does advertise himself as a voice over artist and lives and works from a bedsit downtown. I wish my overhead was 1200$ a month rent.

    He is a fake and a phony. All he has done is pirate a film of mine. Which he bizarrely admits to as if it is ok.

    GC and Lago are made for each other.

  8. Paladin Says:

    @ Juniper;

    You have me confused with someone else. My given name is not Peter Simich.


  9. Charles Lago Says:

    I am of the opinion that good and reliable newspapers, blogs etc that are credible, always get both sides of a story before publishing the one side they hear first. This is becuase, as the saying goes, “there is always two sides to a story”. Also, it makes said newspaper, blog more credible as it doesn’t look like they are publishing an opinion, rather a story and they let the readers decide.

    Here it seems, Nock Mead and Aging Rebel is the source, judge, jury and this blog the executioner. Aging Rebel seems to take the word of Nick Mead, who incidentally doesn’t always tell the truth but only to suit his agenda, without as much as a curtesy call to me to see what our side of the story is.

    What Mead is telling you is not true. But as no one form this site has bothered to contact me, and Mead has no problem contacting me with his drunken threats, abuse and stupidity I cant imagine it would that difficult for this blog to contact me either.

    In any event, Mead can tell you what he likes, you can form whatever opinion you’d like and at the end of the day, if anyone is interested in the other side of the story, I am happy to fill you in. I am not hard to find and I am certainly not afraid of telling you guys the truth.


    Charles Lago

  10. juniper Says:

    Peter (paladin) Simich what happened to your page?

  11. Nick Mead Says:

    Old and Jaded

    Thanks for that. I have made many good friends in this world and still have the utmost respect for it. I backed the wrong horse and that was my bad. Thankfully all was revealed as I tried to fact check it before the film got near to being finished.

    Respect to the real.


  12. Old & Jaded Says:

    @ Nick Mead – Good for you. Appears that Mr. Lago could care less that he’s stolen your property. I guess no one told him when he was a cop that theft is wrong – whether it’s three copies or 300. There are many interesting stories in the 1%er world. I hope that you are contacted by those that truly have a legitimate story to tell.

  13. Paladin Says:

    Charles Largo says:

    “I know all about George. I know him well. I was a cop for 25 years. I know exactly what I’m doing… “I have been treated very respectfully for the almost 18 months I have worked with him.”


    Just what does being a cop for 25 years have to do with knowingly coiling up next to another snake? Keep in mind that there are snakes out there that eat other snakes. When you get bit (and you surly will) reflect on the fact that you’re the one that took Christie in.


  14. Nick Mead Says:

    I felt bad about giving old Charles Lago a hard time so I wrote him this lovely letter —


    Apologies — I should be much more compassionate. We were all sucked in once and all believed and went the whole 9 yards for him. Good good people thinking they were doing the right thing.

    I’m sure you are believing every word and see him as the victim he wants to be seen as and you think there’s a future there, as I did.

    Already he’s got you pirating DVD’s he doesn’t own, but no matter, you believe that’s right without talking to anyone else. Divide and conquer is the MO and it works.

    Time is a great revealer of the truth.

    I’m sure you’re not a bad bloke. You’re just a sucker like the rest of us. So I sincerely wish you all the best.

    It’s still piracy but how far will a few grand get you… it’ll cost me that much to get a lawyer to write a letter, and he knows that… he’s a master of deceit.

    All the best
    <<>>You do understand that I know everything right…..

    I’m not sure why your fretting so much. I have watched the DVD its crap. It’s what I do Nick I produce films in the $2mil to $5mil range. The DVD is poorly shot, crappy story, badly edited and stupid story. Why do you care so much? Do you think hundreds are being sold? Thousands? exactly 3 have been purchased and if we don’t make our goal which I doubt, none will be sent. That’s how crowdfunding works. Do you think we are running a merchandise website? That just shows the level of your incompetence.

    So here’s a tip…stopp looking like a desperate plonker. Just leave it alone. It’s silly. Two more weeks and the campaign is ober and it all goes away. The way you are acting you look so desperate like you have an academy award winning project on your hands.

    I know all about George. I know him well. I was a cop for 25 years. I know exactly what I’m doing and if…and its a big if….you were dealt with badly, look in a mirror and ask yourself why! I have been treated very respectfully for the almost 18 months I have worked with him.

    Have a good one.
    Ha ha ha — see what happens when I try and be nice. Last time I looked you said it was “gripping” — I’d agree that it was gripplingly full of bullshit.. that I’d agree with.

    Understand your opinion doesn’t count – You don’t make films Charles — you’ve never been close to a million dollars. Your last film was made in 2014 and you couldn’t shift it so are claiming it was made last year.

    You and GC are made for each other. If it’s so bad then why pirate it? Surely if you’re so succesful you don’t need to steal other people’s material.

    100% wanker.
    bla bla bla….
    The crowdfunding you have selected means you will have to deliver on the promises you made. It is not if the total amount is succesfull, you have chosen the “flexible goal”. Whatever is raised you get and have to deliver on.

    Good luck with that if you don’t even know what you’re doing.
    “3-5million dollar range — bla bla bla.. ha ha ha dick”
    “Fuck off you idiot…this is the last email from me. go sniff your cocaine and drink your booze you fucking idiot. Unlike you, I’m busy pirating your dumb ass DVD….

    “Mmmmm. Is “this” the “everything” you claim to know. Sounds like it’s sad old GC spreading rumors after the tapes of him getting busted for meth and cocaine were revealed online. Just type in George Christie Rat into you tube or google. Easy to find

    I’ll enjoy a glass of wine from a distance and watch you disappear up your own arse – sad old pirate”

    I don't think Charles Lago likes me.

  15. Grimey Says:

    I thought he was dead….

  16. rocco151 Says:


    Thanks as always for the great advice !

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ rocco151,

    For better or for worse, we are remembered for what we leave in our wake. If we have lived our life so as not to have been shamed by our reflection, chances are that we will be remembered well.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. JMacK Says:

    Club business for the most part. I will say that if a mans actions prove him to not match his words, the last thing I would try to be is famous. I’m sure that in this mans lifetime he is qualified to perform some kind of job other than “professional bullshitter” or some such thing.

    Stay true to your Club, true to your Brothers and true to that guy in the mirror and this shit don’t happen. Facts.


  19. Dave Rdmc Says:

    What a effin tool, & embarrassiment to the finest MC in the world. Dutchboy said it best . He’s turned into a washed up common street walker.

  20. P-Body Says:


    I too can testify George can ride. And over a two year period I saw him exhibit exceptional leadership skills. Due to personal interaction and my experience, George is still a friend. I am disheartened by recent developments, if true, but the aging hooker analogy may be a bit of a reach. 35 years with a patch, many in a leadership position, you don’t get a gold watch or a pension. I think George is like the rest of us, just trying to get by. Sad, but club business is club business, and none of mine.

    I wish there was a clearer picture, but I still consider him a friend.

    Big respect to the deserving,

  21. Freeman Says:

    Got the perfect song for george WHO? And a few others.

    Clueless motherfucker.

  22. Moonshiner Says:

    “Christie was a liar and a snitch who couldn’t even actually ride a motorcycle.”

    Whatever George is according to a film maker, I can assure he can ride. Encountered him and about 10 others in 1993 at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, on their way back from Sturgis. My bike was parked next to his, when they left his hole shot was impressive. As an aside, at that encounter I was riding (still do)with a club out of Detroit (not a national club). It’s no secret that his club and a club, that at that time had it’s national headquarters in Detroit, were at war. Seeing a Detroit rocker on my vest, George could have easily ordered to have me stomped or worse. He was hardly cordial, but as long as I was respectful, so was he/them. Glad he was a pragmatic leader then.

  23. Jerry Ramirez Says:

    Wondering if it’s possible to dance the Watusi in a pair of Wolverine moc toe boots

  24. rocco151 Says:

    Paladin +1
    Ironrider +1

    Being new to the motorcycle world I have looked to this site and a few 1%ers that I have met to find out the protocol of sharing the road with professionals to make sure that I don’t do something disrespectful (intended or not) while trying to learn to be a better rider. One thing I’ve noticed is that the questions I’ve asked have been courteously answered but never have I learned anything about the particular club of the individuals nice enough to help out a new rider. That’s none of my business ! GC is attempting to lessen the world he used to live in by giving info to people who haven’t gone through the arduous “process” that would allow them to be worthy to hear these stories. Is it just me or by giving these “talks” isn’t GC confirming the complaints against him ?

  25. Terry F Says:


  26. Old & Jaded Says:

    The man’s site and Facebook page look like a swap meet.

  27. Iron Rider Says:

    You know what I like about the person who comes up to you and asks you in parking lot that they need a dollar for something to eat, and you know the chances are that it is going to go to that is slim is that at least you know this person is coming at you for some money and not trying to steal it from you.

    Now With George, is coming at you for money sure, but there are a lot of people on the various fund me type project sites that have come up with all types of projects, ideas, and other reasons to get people to give them money promising this or that in return and those people gave and got fuck all in return, how many really think you will see any tour or anything materialize that George says will happen if you donate.

    Throw your money out the window, at least you wont wonder where the fuck it went.

  28. oldskewl Says:

    Nick Mead. Thank you for coming here and posting. Please keep coming back!


  29. RtC Says:

    What a fuckin’ con-artist thief. I wouldn’t except anything from that SOB even
    if it was paid for.

    Respects to the REAL & especially Rebel

  30. Nick Mead Says:

    George isn’t actually pirating the film — he blames others, apparently Nikki gave permission to sell her personal “collection of screeners” through his website, apparently these are screeners I gave her (I didn’t give her anything!) – the Indiegogo “Project Owner” is Christie’s “Manager” Charles Lago, and he has 150 “screeners” to sell.

    I called Lago this morning and suggested that it was more than strange that an alleged legitimate talent manager is raising money by selling pirated DVD’s — he then said, and this was absolutely brilliant “Do you have any idea who I am?”, I said “what” and he said it again “do you have any idea who I am” – very funny guy, really amusing… been laughing all day…

    Great article Rebel. You can’t make this shit up. xxxx

  31. Sieg Says:

    Hey, maybe Georgie could hook-up with Big Pete and the tool from twisted nipple to do a real stage show.


  32. Dutchboy Says:

    Damn, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, moving from crime fiction into Stand Up Comedy? Have some style and fade into history will at least a smidgen of dignity… Ooopps too late. So sad, like the aging whore that started out a $1000 call girl playing with princes and captains of industry and ends up on her knees in a filthy alley with some fat dude too drunk to see just how old and crusty she looks.

  33. Hangaround Says:

    Based on the above I see the launch of a new alphabet agency cooperative undercover investigation.
    The primary focus will be the aforementioned “Last American Outlaw Club”, its National President George Christie, the RICO crimes being committed, upto but not excluding copyright infringement, and the American Outlaw Clubs war against the upcoming Mayans MC, fronted by Mayans National President Kurt Sutter, due to the Mayans constant trespassing into American Outlaw Club cable TV airtime.
    American taxpayers should be prepared to foot the bill as CIs will have to be compensated for joining at VP and higher club levels.

  34. Paladin Says:

    As a Jay Dobyns understudy, George Christie will double down and reaffirm the fact that no one ever went broke by overestimating the stupidity of the American public.


  35. FF Says:

    Here’s a hammer and a flathead screwdriver, George. Go and bust open a gumball machine, you fucking loser.

  36. Dasein Says:


  37. Lurch Says:

    Hmmm…. Where did the HA get shot in Texas a few years back…. Maybe George will play there!

  38. Freebird Says:

    It sounds like people like this are why Mark Twain’s love for his dog became so strong.

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