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February 19, 2018

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Gangs, Gangs, Gangs, Gangs

Until last year in California, you could become a “documented gang member” and never know it. Because most gang databases remain secret it is impossible to know how many people stand accused of guilt by association without their knowledge throughout the United States.

“Criminal Intelligence Systems” are authorized by the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. The formal title of the law is “An Act to assist State and local governments in reducing the incidence of crime, to increase the effectiveness, fairness, and coordination of law enforcement and criminal justice systems at all levels of government, and for other purposes.” The best known sections of the act forbid the interstate sale of handguns and provide federal grant funding for police. Title Three of the act created so-called “Title Three wiretaps.”

Loan Sharking, Smuggling, Bribery

The act also formally encouraged the sharing of police intelligence among various local, state and federal agencies – and so modern “fusion centers.” One section of the act reads: “It is recognized that certain criminal activities including but not limited to loan sharking, drug trafficking, trafficking in stolen property, gambling, extortion, smuggling, bribery, and corruption of public officials often involve some degree of regular coordination and permanent organization involving a large number of participants over a broad geographical area. The exposure of such ongoing networks of criminal activity can be aided by the pooling of information about such activities. However, because the collection and exchange of intelligence data necessary to support control of serious criminal activity may represent potential threats to the privacy of individuals to whom such data relates, policy guidelines for federally funded projects are required.”

Starting about 20 years ago, the provisions intended to curb usury and smuggling were applied to the war on “street gangs” which includes the war on motorcycle clubs. Hence “gang databases” and “validated gang members.”

In California there are eight criteria used to authenticate a citizen as a gangster. If you meet two of them you become “validated..’ They are: Admitting to being a gang member; being arrested “for offenses consistent with gang activity;” being seen “affiliating with documented gang members; “displaying gang symbols and/or hand signs” – like wearing a motorcycle club support short; being “seen frequenting gang areas;” “wearing gang dress;” having a “gang tattoo;” or being classified as a gang member while in custody.”

Many Gangsters

There are about 150,000 names in the California database called CalGang. And last year a state auditor found that CalGang was full of glaring errors. For example, 42 one-year-olds were validated as gang members. According to CalGang, 28 of those admitted to a policeman that they were in a gang.

The database also relies on clandestine video surveillance and facial recognition software to determine whether someone meets one or more of the criteria for gang validation. Unfortunately, the software has been “documented” to be wrong about 20 percent of the time.

Last year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that required police to tell you, if you asked, if you were in CalGang. The law also required police to expunge your name from the database if your record is “not modified by the addition of new criteria for a five year period’”

Two Civil Suits

Now two civil suits seeking expungement are working their way through state courts in Sam Diego, County. The disputed gang members are a barber named Terry Spears and a motorcycle shop manager named Tyrone Simmons. Both men are black.

Simmons had multiple entries in CalGang in 2007 and 2008. But his next entry wasn’t until April 20, 2014 when he “was contacted by police leaving a gang party at Emerald Hills Park and Recreation. Simmons was with a known Lincoln Park gang member.
Simmons has claimed membership, in the past, in the Lincoln Park Blood Gang. The Lincoln Park Gang at the time was considered an allied gang of the Emerald Hills Blood Gang. April 20 (Easter) is considered an important day in the history of the Emerald Hills Blood Gang and Emerald Hills Park and Recreation is a common place to hold gang gatherings to celebrate the day. It is not uncommon to have allied gang members in attendance at such a gathering.”

In his suit, Simmons says it was just an “Easter party.”

It is obviously time to have a public discussion about “street gangs” and “gang databases” and their relationship to legitimate law enforcement. It is obviously time to take a look at the names in gang databases in places like Texas, Nevada and Florida.


18 Responses to “Gangs, Gangs, Gangs, Gangs”

  1. 31st Says:

    Obamugabe fundamentally transformed the USA into a Stasi State.

  2. 10dyna Says:

    Last summer I was out riding with a few coworkers who happen to be in a club (I am not). We ended up dropping by a run that was attended by several hundred people of different varieties. Long story short…I get pulled over on the way out. The gang cops ask me a few generic questions, check my ID and send me on my way(no ticket). A month later I get a letter in the mail informing me that I am being placed in the gang database, because I was wearing gang attire (support gear). Absolute bullshit. I tried to appeal…..denied.

  3. bcnasty Says:

    as a lowlife prospect Mangy drilled into my head, 100% of what you do not say they will not know.
    Rest in Peace my brother

  4. penguin Says:

    Maybe a little off topic, but an innarestin’ tale…from which we may see something about the gang of cops….shoot some fella in the foot and get time off with pay…if real bikers did that they would be accused of conspiracy to murder, no? Just asking

    Bikers v cops: Chaotic chase through Boston ends in roadblock shooting (VIDEO)

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    Who wants to bet the 28 one year olds are all victims of identity theft?

    Penguin, the COC is a political group that deals with political education. That did not stop LEO & some rat bastard snitches from lighting up a bunch of bikers, arresting 177 people, most of whom we’re guilty of no greater a crime than ordering lunch and ogling some hot waitresses.

    Personally I like the idea of clubs having their own PACs. In America we have the best politicians money can buy. About time the clubs bought some.

  6. troll Says:

    pity those toddlers 16 or 18 years from now when they get a bullshit traffic stop and get slammed for known gang membership. it don’t ever change but gets worse and worse,year by year .them little ones are fucked already and they can’t even spell ‘mom’

  7. xplor Says:

    How your name got on the list at the fusion center. You don’t remember the guy that was admiring your bike. You exchanged names with him while you were shooting the breeze. He took a picture of you and your bike. He was an informant and that is how he makes his money. You are now a vice- president of the Black Widows m/c.

  8. Gordo Says:

    Yeh those 1 year olds will get ya everytime with Gerber and diapers

    Dangerous toddlers

  9. penguin Says:

    If a motorcycle club was to register as a Political Action Committee, a “PAC” is, for example, California…then harassment of the club would be a political assault…would it not?

    Political free speech is supposed to be the foremost form of protected speech…according to the US supreme court, is it not? (it is)

    If a club became a PAC, then they would be in a good position to sue the pants offa the man…would they not?

    In legal logic it works – but the man would 1) set you up
    2) kill you.

    Would they not? Just askin’

    “Sieg heils” echo in the shadows, don’t they?

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    Freebird, I had to laugh out loud at that. Especially when my wife said they are probably adorable lmao.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    I once stood in a booking line in Texas. Standard BS Questions. Everyone can hear the others answers. “Are you in a gang?” I’m almost laughing at the people bragging to the cop behind the window about the exact gang and AO. “Yea, I’m Turner Street Blood.” LOL Every one of them ratted on himself. They get to me… “No”. “Any tattoos?” No. “Take off that shirt. What is that?” A Tattoo. I forgot that 1 “Of what?” A horse. “Looks like a dragon.” Its a horse. “And what is that?” A Tattoo. I forgot that 1 too. “What is it of?”…… and on and on and on. Bahahah I’m laughing by now…. “Do your own fucking job Officer.” (they loved me) LOL

  12. Mark Says:

    CalGang is just another law that is abused by parasites to serve their existence. 28, one year olds prove it a fact.

  13. ROAMin Says:

    Pretty fucking interesting notice when you go to calgang website… Guess my request will be on hold indefinitely…???

  14. Jerry Ramirez Says:

    I <——— it’s closed to us now, but someone sees it

  15. Filburt Says:


  16. oldskewl Says:

    Always an axe to grind… simply make laws for the sake of making them.

  17. Lurch Says:

    Why aren’t ALL of law enforcement in the database? By their own definition, they all belong to a gang!

  18. Freebird Says:

    I would like to see the mugshots of the 28 1 year old’s who admitted they were gang members!

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