Dear SingSing

January 28, 2018

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Dear SingSing

Dear SingSing,

Yeah. I am working as an expert witness is a civil case against the Iron Order. Their expert is Steve Cook. The estate of Tonya Focht is suing the Iron Order because an Iron Order member, who is also a convicted child molester, literally threw a very small woman under a car where she died. I believe Ray “Izod” Lubesky is also testifying for the Focht Estate. No, that does not mean that Izod and I are now pals. So the Iron Order has launched a smear campaign against me. Again. On this YouTube channel and on a website.

I don’t care. I like it when I scare the Iron Order. I am not going to discuss the Focht case further except to state that I think the Iron Order, which hacked this site and shut it down for 19 days in 2015 by way of a server in Germany that is a US intelligence asset, deserves to be got. And if I can help somebody get them, and put a few bucks in a couple of orphan’s pockets, I will. Also, the expert fees paid for six weeks in Waco.

And, at this moment, I am also a consulting expert for the defense in two. major, federal criminal cases involving outlaw motorcycle club members. So far, I haven’t billed a penny for either of them.

And let me just add you have a set of huevos on you to come on this site and call me a liar and then call that freedom of speech.

Here. Let me put you on the front page, SingSing, you piece of work.

Get back to me again, when I am over the flu.


[email protected]

Hey Reb….the YouTube channel Motorcycle Madness is talking a whole episode bout you. What say you? I’m attaching the link and hoping you stand by your Free Speech stuff..

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  1. FF Says:

    Recent update Copsacks are now Cossacks 1%

    Tethered Goat

  2. Badd Guye Says:

    Expert, “Steve Cook”, now there is a contradiction in terms! “Steve Cook” now there is a name associated with integrity in the biker world and in the Courts too!

  3. jay Says:

    parting shot….

    arguing with idiots is like running in the special olympics…. even if you win, you’re still a retard…

  4. jay Says:

    keep it between the ditches, ya’ll….

  5. jay Says:

    sorry my comments are so spread out… my browser makes the submit comment dissapear if i write too much…
    @paladin…. i dont always agree with you, but your response on his page was so perfect it was poetic….

  6. jay Says:

    has this become the new tactic the alphabet boys go to when opposition starts getting traction? rebel, i feel for you having to put up with this insanity, and applaud your tenacity….

  7. jay Says:

    nowhere does he mention that it’s a civil suit, so NO, you are NOT assisting the prosecution… which he specifically say you are… i also find it interesting that almost every positive comment for the post is signed ‘sumsuch 1%er’…

  8. jay Says:

    i just read the blog/article in question, and i gotta say… that boy has some anger issues… he seems to have gotten some VERY different ideas from the posts here than all the rest of us have…

  9. Sieg Says:

    Aanon, as long as you aren’t paying more than, say, $500 for an absolutely cherry example, with tooling, it should be fine. Just remember it was built for the hobbyist market, not for manufacturing.


  10. Aanon Says:

    After it posted, didn’t think it was worth double posting to ad within. It was a blog site of sorts, and is down now. Had a few stories, like that Gus guy. If I’m not out of bounds tho Sieg, would you find a circa 70s atlas, craftsman 12 48 to be a decent garage shop unit ?

  11. Paladin Says:

    The following was posted today on the Keep It Twisted blog. This guy fancies himself as a freelance journalist? The boy is afflicted with delusions of grandeur.


    James “Hollywood”Macicari
    January 31, 2018 at 7:38 pm
    Sorry Guys, not posting anymore comments in this thread. Alot have been threatening towards Rebel and WE DO NOT condone such things. Even though there were inconsistencies in his background, it does not rise to the level of throwing threats at the man. Rebel is NOT a beat journalist. Like me, he is an opinion freelance writer. One article does not condemn the mans past work and contribution to the biker community. Yes, we may disagree on some tactics initiated for the information. If sources are used (That goes for Insane Throttle as well) they just need to be quoted in the article. Although I do appreciate the support from the 1% community on this issue, the ability to report on biker news is mostly left up to freelance journalist because we already know the mainstream media wont report it. So for threats to be thrown at Rebel is something that I will not stand for or condone. Freelance journalist make hardly any money, it’s a tough life, but something that they do for the love of the subject they are writing about. So the threats against Rebel is uncalled for and quite frankly bullshit. So with that Threads closed

  12. Freebird Says:

    @ Sieg

    Would not be shocked if the domain is registered to some unknown person from Waco Tx mid town……

  13. Sieg Says:

    Aanon, it couldn’t have been TOO many years back, site just went up not quite a year ago.

    FTF / FTP

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ RtC;

    Yeah, when called out, their silent when it comes to posting opposing views. If memory serves, there was someone in the past that posted on Rebel’s page using the name “SingSing”. I wonder if this is that same person? At any rate, SingSing is obviously grammatically challenged when it comes to stringing enough words together to build a coherent sentence.

    Long May You Ride,


  15. Adios Says:

    Good to hear from you Red Wolf I’m not on facebook either but I will pass it on to the few outside the club I still keep in touch with. I hope all is well in your world

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