AOA Chapter President Assassinated

December 22, 2017

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AOA Chapter President Assassinated

Paul Anderson, the president of the American Outlaws Association’s New Port Richey, Florida chapter was murdered yesterday afternoon about 4:45 at the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54 in Odessa, Florida about 25 miles north of Tampa.

Anderson was sitting in his pickup truck when he was approached, shot three times and killed by two men on motorcycles. The suspects were not wearing patches. Their license plates were blacked out,

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating the incident. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco described the assassination as a “brazen act of violence,” a “targeted shooting” and said it “seems to be an internal issue.” It seems very unlikely that members of any motorcycle club would kill one of their own chapter presidents in such a dramatic and public way but that’s the Sheriff’s story.

Three In Custody

There were multiple witnesses. The murder was caught on video. Publicly at least, police seem clueless. “Our fear is that a random, innocent person gets hurt,” Nocco said during a press conference streamed on Facebook. “The time of day this occurred. There are a lot of people out. There’s a lot of kids out of school now or getting out. This is a time of rush hour traffic.”

Tampa police stopped a motorcyclist riding his motorcycle about 1:30 a.m. Friday and took him into custody. His name has not been released.

Police announced this afternoon at about three, Tampa time, that “three biker gang members have been arrested in connection to” Anderson’s murder. The three men, named Christopher Brian Cosimano, Allan Burt Guinto and Michael Dominick Mencher are all members of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club. The 69’ers were founded in New York City and established a chapter in Florida about a year ago.

Bad Year

The murder is the latest incident in a long stretch of bad luck for motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida.

Last April, a widely known and respected Outlaw named Christopher Paul “Louie Da Lip” Keating, died after being stabbed multiple times in the back by two unknown assailants outside a bar called the Crooks Den in Daytona, Florida. According to police, witnesses identified the assailants as Pagans.

Later that month, David “Gutter” Donovan who was vice-president of the Lake County chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, was shot outside a Circle K convenience store and gas station in Leesburg, Florida. Donovan died May 14. An Outlaw named Marc E. “Knothead” Knotts was walso wounded during the incident. Knotts and three of his club brothers have been charged with Donovan’s murder.

In late July, former St. Petersburg Outlaws president James Costa was shot off his motorcycle as he rode the Tamiami Trail near Valroy Road south of Tampa.

A month after that, the Outlaws St. Petersburg clubhouse burned in a fire investigators described as suspicious.

All of these incidents have been chronicled with great glee by a biker expert named Jarrod Holbrook. Holbrook is an “investigative reporter” for television station WFTS in Tampa. His reports are generally sensational and rely heavily on police sources. So it will be interesting to see what Holbrook makes of Anderson’s murder.

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114 Responses to “AOA Chapter President Assassinated”

  1. Justin Says:

    It really drags me through gravel road on how these 1%er wannabe clubs setup shop in uncharted territories. The 69ers are sponsored by the Hells Angels and work and do as 81 tells them to do, Why would you think that setting up shop in AOA country is ok? The reality of it all is that the 69ers are not the only wannabe 1%er clubs trying to setup in Florida. The 69ers has a club under their wings that recently set up shop in Florida their called Dirty Ones MC. So when does this stop and who is to blame for the blood shed? You muscle in on someones territory you have to expect the worst.

  2. Nick Paglia Says:

    Coming up on two years now, feels like an hour ago…I miss Paul…

  3. bcnasty Says:

    Seems when someone dies we do not even have the respect any more to just let brothers and family grieve. Saddens me .
    Respects to the real.


    My sincere condolences to his brothers, family and loved ones.

  4. RtC Says:

    Apology for missing this.
    CONDOLENCES RIP AOA Paul Anderson 1%er GBNF

  5. New England Rider Says:

    @ Robin frost –
    If you’re a member of either club you probably shouldn’t be airing dirty laundry on a public website. If you’re not a member it is usually not a good idea to get involved with things that don’t concern you. Just some friendly advice.

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  6. Paladin Says:

    Robin Frost;

    If you google “Adulting”, you’re likely to find online courses on the subject. You should enroll.


  7. Sieg Says:

    Robin, if ANY of that is true, it’s club bidness, and you need to stfu. If it ain’t true, which I strongly suspect, you got no clue, and you need to stfu.

    Either way, you’re flapping yer gips where ya shouldn’t.


  8. Robin frost Says:

    2 69ers who took out Paul were ex outlaws besides the one guy which was in iron order. All this is over $30k which the outlaws burnt the in the 69ers for.. all over drug $ one 69er was pushed off the road and killed. 69ers are on their way out for good. The club is a joke and have nothing but drug dealing pussies in it.

  9. Witchy Says:

    od 1%er…”every one has got the right to be stupid you’re starting to abuse the privilege.” Right on! Ya made me smile :)

  10. JoeCanSuckAFatDick Says:

    Sorry for digressing. I got respect for all those that play the game and accept the consequences. RIP Outlaw Paul Anderson, RIP Hideous Hank 81DAGO, RIP Fat Ray 81DAGO, RIP Chato 81DAGO, RIP Damo 81DAGO, RIP Indian Gary 81DAGO, RIP Indian Jason 81DAGO, RIP Big Joe 81DAGO.

  11. JoeCanSuckAFatDick Says:

    Hey Joe,

    You trolls and LEO instigators will always pop up and shoot off your cum catchers behind a screen, but you’ll never confront a 1%’er in life and talk like that. What a sad little life. No respect, and no pity for emasculated men like you.

  12. Joe Says:

    Modern “1/ers” are not 1/ers! They are Drama queens and cry babies !

  13. just tom Says:

    Condolences to the Anderson family. Florida…..No country for old men.

  14. od 1% Says:

    My condolenses to the A.O.A.Know it sucks to lose a brother.Coming on here hearing smack from tards like ED.remember edweird every one has got the right to be stupid youre starting to abuse the privlege.

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