Digging Up Bones

December 6, 2017

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Digging Up Bones

The stonewall in Waco is starting to crumble. Lawyers keep throwing pieces of paper at it. The papers are heavy with words.

Four defense lawyers in the Waco Twin Peaks Mass Murder case threw motions at McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna yesterday. David Conrad Beyer who represents Billy Jason McRee; Brian Bouffard who works for Jorge Daniel Salinas; Robert G. Callahan, II acting on behalf of William Aikin; and Clint Broden for Matthew Clendennen all filed motions that make it incontrovertible that the District Attorney’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been covering up the truth about the mass murder for the last 31 months. Together, they have been using their official powers and have spent at least millions of taxpayer dollars to frame men and women they know to be factually innocent of any crime while at the same time declining to prosecute slam dunk murders.

Just this autumn Reyna and his criminal co-conspirators have repeatedly lied in court and encouraged federal, state and local police witnesses to lie in court. There are only three real questions about all of this shameless, official criminality by Reyna and his trusted assistants: Why are they doing this and what makes them think they can get away with it? Don’t they know what prison is like for cops and prosecutors who frame innocent people?

The leading faction of the Waco defenders, including the attorneys named above but excluding Casie Gotro – who is the only one of them who has gone to trial so far – are defending their clients by shoving Reyna into a corner and rat packing him. Next they are going to put Reyna in a witness box and expose his character.


In his motion Beyer wrote:

“The defense in this case will elicit testimony regarding Mr. Reyna’s decision to ignore the collective knowledge of all three assistant police chiefs on the scene at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 as well as the two lead detectives assigned to the case and advocate for the arrest of approximately 177 motorcyclists including Mr. Mcree. Mr. Reyna has testified that this usurpation was based, in part, on his personal observations from being at the Twin Peaks’ scene. In addition, Mr. Reyna will be in a position to testify as to whether Detective Manuel Chavez gave false testimony in connection to the Twin Peaks’ cases at the August 8, 2016 hearing in Clendennen and Nelson.”

Bouffard wrote:

“In this case, part of Mr. Salinas’s defense will be that he is the victim of Mr. Reyna’s political opportunism, in which Mr. Reyna abuses his authority by placing his personal ambition ahead of his duty to justice by prosecuting (among dozens and
dozens of others) Mr. Salinas, an innocent man. Consequently, under Brady, Mr. Salinas is entitled to any evidence to support the contention that Mr. Reyna makes prosecutorial decisions based upon political opportunism. This also extends to relevant materials even if they would not be admissible under the rules of evidence, and also to materials in the possession of any individuals connected to the investigation and prosecution of the case. Finally, because Mr. Reyna will be a witness in this case, under United States v. Bagley, Mr. Salinas would also be entitled to any evidence to support Mr. Reyna’s denials that he indeed acts on the basis of political opportunism.”


Callahan is more specific about what he wants to see.

For example, he wants notes of a witness conference held on October 31, 2017 (while the Carrizal trial was proceeding) between Waco detective Manuel Chavez and his personal attorney J.R. Vicha, that was attended by Reyna. The meeting was held so that Reyna and Chavez could make their crooked lies look straight. The motion alleges “that this meeting was in order to compare, and prepare, testimony in the upcoming court of inquiry hearing which is to be scheduled in the near future and ensure that the state and Mr. Chavez were ‘on the same page.’”

Callahan wants undisclosed evidence that was placed under seal by Reyna’s former law partner, Judge Matt Johnson, during the Carrizal trial and “undisclosed evidence released only to Casie Gotro during the Carrizal trial” “Undisclosed evidence which tends to show that Michael Jarrett has participated in actions which make him, and other members of the District Attorney’s Office, fact witnesses.” For example, an incident when “the prosecutors in the Carrizal matter were present in the room when a witness gave a recorded, exculpatory statement to the elected District Attorney which was not turned over to the defense.”

Reyna, Amanda Dillon and Michael Jarrett were all in a room with a Cossacks informant who told them, during a tape recorded interview, that the Waco murders were unconnected to any dispute over the Cossacks starting to wear a bottom rocker on their vests that said “Texas.” And yet the same prosecutors, as part of their case against Carrizal claimed Bandidos “went to war” with the Cossacks over the Texas bottom rocker. And then they hid the audio tape. Jarrett said the prosecutors had never turned over the tape because they “did not believe” the informant.


Most of the case against Carrizal comprised an extensive search of his personal, private texts and emails in order to find a way to use those personal, private thoughts and utterances against him. Usually, the people who explained what Carrizal really meant were “outlaw motorcycle gang experts.” Sometimes, the man who sarcastically and cruelly deconstructed Carrizal’s private thoughts was Jarrett himself.

So there is ironic justice in Callahan demanding access to “Undisclosed notes made by Mr. Jarrett for the purpose of writing a book.”

“Defendant has credible information which leads him to believe that First Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett has been keeping notes about items pertaining to the investigation and prosecution of this case which may contain mitigating or exculpatory information,” Callahan writes. “As it appears that the District Attorney has made himself, and his office, witnesses to this case any such notes are recorded recollections and are discoverable under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure §39.l4.6 Therefore, Defendant Moves this court ORDER the State to produce and permit the inspection and the electronic duplication, copying, and photographing of any written or recorded statements of Mr. Jarrett that constitute or contain evidence material to any matter involved in this action.”


Meanwhile Broden filed a motion for permission to make “An Offer of Proof” based on his good faith belief that Assistant District Attorneys Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon, Sterling Harmon and Discovery Coordinator Heather Nering possess Brady and/or Bagley evidence that they are not producing in violation of the United States Constitution.”

“In this case,” Broden wrote, “part of Mr. Clendennen’s defense will be that he was the victim of the political opportunism of the elected district attorney Abelino Reyna. Consequently, under Brady, Mr. Clendennen is entitled to any evidence to support his theory that Reyna makes prosecutorial decisions based upon political opportunism. This also extends to relevant materials even if they would not be admissible under the rules of evidence . Moreover, this extends to materials in the possession of any individuals connected to the investigation and prosecution of the case. Finally, because Reyna will be a witness in this case, under Bagley, Mr. Clendennen would also be entitled to any evidence to support Reyna’s denials that he acts on the basis of political opportunism.”

Broden tried to get proof of his allegations on the record at a hearing on November 20. That attempt was aborted by Judge Douglas Shaver who has replaced Johnson – Reyna’s former partner.

“At the November 20, 2017 hearing, the Court quashed the subpoenas for the District Attorney witnesses (Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon, Sterling Harmon and Heather Nering). Nevertheless, Mr. Clendennen has a good faith belief that these witnesses possess Brady and/or Bagley evidence that they are not producing in violation of the United States Constitution. During the hearing , on three separate occasions, the Court also refused to allow Mr. Clendennen to make an offer of proof as to his good faith belief that these witnesses do, in fact, possess Brady and/or Bagley evidence.”

“Despite this Court’s refusal to allow Mr. Clendennen to make an offer of proof, the Court of Criminal Appeals has made clear that ‘the right to make an offer of proof or perfect a bill of exception is absolute.’”


Maybe Shaver will reverse himself. Maybe he won’t. But nothing this replacement judge does or doesn’t do is going to get Reyna out of his corner.

The damnation is in the details.

“Jarrett next met with Agent Brust and encouraged others to meet with Agent Brust to discuss Reyna’s actions. Indeed, Jarrett met with Agent Brust before Davis, Dillon and West. Jarrett has made claims that Agent Brust asked him to remain in Reyna’s employ in order to act as the eyes of the FBI.”

“Jarrett has used a pocket recorder to record conversations with Reyna.”

“Dillon would identify law enforcement witnesses who could provide evidence that Reyna’s presence at the Twin Peaks scene was unwanted by law enforcement and that Reyna talked at the scene about how the arrests of all of the motorcyclists would make him Attorney General or Governor.”

“During my employment as a Waco Police officer, I began receiving information about an illegal gambling operation in Waco. I also received information that the organizers of the operation were close friends with the elected District Attorney Abel Reyna and made ‘under the table’ contributions to him in exchange for political favors.”

“I have been provided and I have reviewed Reyna’s phone records from May 17, 2015. Based upon my review, Reyna made three phone calls within approximately ninety minutes of the Twin Peaks’ shootings. Of those three phone calls, my investigation reveals that two of those calls were to persons I was investigating for running an illegal gambling operation and providing Reyna under the table campaign contributions.”

“Dillon does not believe Reyna to be honest nor law abiding.”

“Based upon my investigation, I believe that Reyna repeatedly engages in acts of political opportunism.”

There are reams of this. Reams. And many lawyers are still in the bullpen, loosening up their arms.


29 Responses to “Digging Up Bones”

  1. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Desain,

    It certainly would be fun to watch Ms Gotro fire a machine gun or may be a Barrett .50 BMG.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gandalf, I like it. Screw the system the same ways they do everyone else.

  3. Dasein Says:

    Casie reminds me of one of those Babes And Machine Guns vids, except she’s the Babe AND the Machine Gun. Those red nails are probably the calmest thing about her.

  4. James W Crawford Says:


    Great advice.

    I am going through a similar situation regarding my tenants who allowed their grandson and associates to install the illegal marijunna grow (84 mature plants with planned expansion to 300+) in my barn without my knowledge much less consent. (Note to everyone. If you want to smoke pot, fine. If you want to grow your own on your own property, fine. However; don’t set up an unlicensed, illegal grow on my property which sets me up for civil forefeiture.)

    A key piece of evidence is my old cell phone which I had lost then found weeks later after I bought a new phone. The text messages on that phone will proove that my clients, their grandson and associate committed perjury at their eviction hearing. The existance of that phone also compelled the retired Yamhill County cop who was an investor in the grow to testify truthfully during my deposition. That phone remains in my pissession rather than the attorney’s or the District Attorney.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Example: Your Charged with Assault over a bar fight. 2 days later your arrested. Make bail. Get a Public Defender. (Start saving $) Write Him a Cert RR Letter saying your innocent and can prove it. You will decide when you will outline your case for Him. Do not forward me any plea deals from the DA. Please let me know when the DA has produced ALL discovery…. Then wait…and save…and wait. Send Him Letters requesting this and that… You ain’t saying ANYTHING until the DA hands over ALL evidence against you… Then tell him to depose all witnesses and do full background checks on them also. (Cert RR) If He doesn’t Complain to the Judge. Ask for a Hearing. Keep sending letters asking him to jump through this and that hoop. Keep asking for Hearings and rulings. Tape the dude feeding you the BS why He can’t ask or file some Motion. 1st Trial date gets Postponed by Court. 2nd gets Postponed by DA. 3rd… They are ready. Find a room or hallway and tell your PD your case. LIE. Tell Him your have a alibi and some XCon can verify it… Yadda Yadda Yadda. Ask for a postponement. If they say “No” FIRE HIM ON THE SPOT! In the Hallway. They gotta postpone. Then get a paid Lawyer and give Him your real case on the day before Trial. The DA already thinks you got some crazy XCon alibi and whatever BS you told your PD in the Hallway. Because the PD told the DA even though you fired Him. Surprise! You got a whole different case… ready because you got it ready. Not because your Lawyer did. Witnesses are ready. Texts, pics, Witnesses saying witnesses are liars ect. laid out for your Lawyer the day before Trial. Or even in the Hallway. No chance or time for Him to sell you out. Let your Lawyer “Shoot from the Hip” they ALL do it well. You can even write your Lawyer telling Him you will show your evidence of Innocence the day before trial. Your Lawyer will use your Letter to prove He didn’t know until that morning. In order to get your evidence admitted. “Trial by Ambush”

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Ya just gotta know how to use a Lawyer. Never tell them your case until you have to. Write Lots of Certified (RR) Letters directing Him/Her to do what you want. Write lots of Certified (RR) Letters to the Judge if your Lawyer is a public Defender and won’t do what you ask. Public Defenders are good for 1 thing. Running up the Bill. Complaining to the Judge (Cert RR) and Filing Ethics Complaints works nicely. BE THE WRENCH in the works. Write a Certified (RR) Letter telling Him you are innocent and NOT to relay ANY deals the DA might offer. If He does… Complain to the Judge and Bar that He is trying to force a innocent man to plead guilty. Make those fuckers work. Don’t feel sorry for them… Lay into them. Hard. Make them yell back and get them on Tape. I can assure you He is friends with the DA and when HIS ass is on the line… you will get a sweet deal or charges dropped if they are petty. THEY PROTECT THEIR OWN… so begin with getting REAL dirt on your Lawyer. Tape the fool Trying to convince you into taking a deal when you told Him you were innocent. They will even get mad… yell and threaten you. Spout BS. Get it on tape and watch how your deal gets better… (provided you don’t file the complaint.) Even the Judge will get into the game. Try to protect your Lawyer by allowing a sweet deal. Public Defenders are to be set up and blackmailed. The more you bitch and the more proof you got the more they ALL just want you to go away. In the end you already saved your $ while waiting for trial and your going to fire him anyway…. 1 week before trial.

  7. Mark Says:

    Anyone ever hear about the small town lawyer that was starving? That was only until another attorney moved to town.

  8. James W Crawford Says:


    I am not quite as hostile towards lawyers as you are. Most of them do have integrity. Contract attorneys devote most of their time to negotiating well understood agreements that eliminate the risk of litigation. The threat comes from vermin such as Renya who devote their carrers to exploiting the power of judicial system to deprive innocents of their money, property or liberty. Renya obviously colluded to incite the Twin Peaks confrontation which was eagerely ecploited by police snipers to advance his political career. A hundred plus judgements that cost the taxpayers $Billion$$$ will destroy him.


    Reyna looks like a junkie trolling for xock

  10. Dasein Says:

    I’d bet that with Casie in his corner, Jake is probably looking forward to Round Two.

  11. MtPockets Says:

    @ Hero
    I generally agree with your assessment of lawyers (I think they should outlaw them AND politicians), but in this case I’ll make an exception.
    Kind of like when you are dying and you call a doctor to ‘practice’ on you, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    As much as I hate to say it, there are good people in ALL walks of life and so far, she appears to be one of them.


  12. david Says:

    The criminal cesspool of/in TX, includes the office of the Texas AG.

  13. Mark Says:

    Two thinks that came from Gotro’s interview are, the sheriff of McLennan county refused legal orders to appear in court, 6 times. Seems the state of Texas from top to the bottom had it in for the sheriff of Travis county and passed a new law for her refusal to follow the law. Double standard, yes indeed. The second point was the head of DPS refused to honor the laws of the state of Texas and release information, that had nothing to do with, National Security. The term Law Enforcement In reguards is an oxymoron, unless something is hugely missing from the record.
    The one thing that I can’t shake off that keeps coming back repeatedly is the link posted on this site from a poster. Of an interview after Shaver shut down the hearing a few weeks back. The link was a law assistant that spoke of a recording of Reyna and company telling the Texas AG’s Office to not release anything to defense attorneys involved in the Waco matter. Reyna and company were going to testify that morning to having done just that. Shaver derailed justice in such a manor, making himself out to be a rude jerk that was full of himself. A lot more lawlessness conduct will be on display as this truck load of BS rolls on.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Nothing like a “feel good” story to get us in the Christmas Spirit. Something tells me Reyna’s Holidays won’t be the same after this year.

  15. Paladin Says:

    The alleged criminality perpetrated at Twin Peaks is about to be upstaged by the alleged criminality within the Waco district attorney’s office.

    Having never been to Waco, but based on Rebel’s reporting, I think the following would accurately describe how I would feel after having had anything to do with Waco’s judicial system.



  16. Hero Says:

    Ladder not latter. Voice text to speech.

  17. Hero Says:

    Very good article. I hope Reyna goes down hard and then goes down on his cell mate for all the b.s. he has been doing trying to climb the latter to the governors house. Its going to cost Waco and Texas a lot of money to settle all the suits. Other side of the coin, still don’t like Gotro. She seems to be a decent lawyer but she is still a lawyer. Doctors and lawyers are the only 2 professions I can think of that practice their jobs instead of doing them.

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    @ James

    I agree with you one of the thing I like about Gotro is she will defend her clients vigorously and she isn’t going to back down from the boys trying to belittle her or intimidate her contrary to that I think that just lights the fire under her ass to fire right back at them and the fact that she speak her mind and isn’t afraid to call the prosecution out for the shit they were pulling on her and Carrizal

  19. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Maybe…having Casie on this tv show and with the other guests seemingly agreeing with her, there could be a possibility that people are starting to realize that this sort of thing could (and can) happen to anyone, including THEM.
    Casie does seem a little squirrely, i.e., nervous ticks, but I’m sure most people would have ’em as well when in a similar situation. I certainly hate courts and the system as a whole.

    All the best to the INNOCENT!

    Thank you, Mr. Davis!


  20. James W Crawford Says:

    Thank you for posting the video.

    Cassie Gotro is pleasant to look at proof that a woman’s IQ is not inversely proportional to her bra size.

  21. Freebird Says:

    It would appear the Da’s office and Feds have a quid pro quo agreement with the CockSacks. That is why none of them are being moved to the front of the line.

    What we have seen firsthand in this case also begs the question about all the people who in the past that have gone before this kangaroo court system in Waco that are now serving time. Did they get a fair trial? Not likely!

  22. Iron Rider Says:

    I honestly dont have much hope that Shaver will be any different than Johnson or Strothers, I have seen nothing indicative from him on the bench in what has been reported that he is looking to be fair, so par for the course for now.

    One thing I will say is that I hope that the meeting that Gotro and Broden had with the three special appointed prosecutors and Gotro pointing out all the problems with the Twin Peaks cases will make them think twice about pulling a Reyna and taking these cases to trial because remember Carrizal was supposed to be a slam dunk for Reyna and it turned out to be anything but and showed the prosecution to look more like an inept bumbling bunch who couldn’t try a jaywalking case.

    After the Carrizal case everyone can see the shit hand that the prosecution played and how even with unlimited resources at their disposal and more than favorable rulings from Strothers and Johnson and two years to prepare their case they still couldn’t fucking win, speaks for itself and while Reyna can puff his chest and say he will retry the case I doubt the State AG is very keen to see a second embarrassment in another acquittal or not guilty verdict being rendered, I believe the State AG will cut and run rather than take any further beatings, cause lets be honest there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be found not guilty for simply being there.

    Reyna’s ass is in a trap with no way out, his ego in thinking that he’d roll into Twin Peaks and play the man and charge everyone would make him super D.A. and everyone would be singing his praises and help him get further up the food change have made him nothing but a mockery in the legal profession and tarnished his family name, and with all of the troubles Reyna is facing just goes to show no matter what happens when you step in shit you cant always get it all off your shoe.

    As for Jarret I think he was more than willing to rat Reyna out and be a CI for the FBI ( and the State AG’s office too ) because with Reyna in the number two position under Reyna if Reyna got charged or had to step down that would have propelled Jarret into the number one Job which would be Reyna’s position, so lets not hand Jarret out any awards for citizen of the year here, he is neck deep in this shit and is willing to throw his own people under the bus if it will get him ahead, Jarret is a rat no matter how you slice it.

    I wonder how old Reyna loved finding out everyone underneath him is willing to sell him out and down the river because of his ego and his lack of a moral compass. I can only imagine how he must have been just raging when Broden dropped the bomb that Reyna was under investigation and it all started with info from his own people, not only that he had to sit in court and smile and ply nice with Jarret and Dillion the very people who were ready to give him up, nothing like knowing your the chump getting played.

    I dont expect any defense counsel to stop digging and stop filing motions about Reyna or the actions the D.A’s office has taken so far, I expect it to be a gangpile with more and more people jumping on the pile and rightly so, keep the pressure up on the court and Reyna and Co.

    One thing I will say, I believe the Texas State AG is fully aware of the FBI investigation of Reyna and in fact has fully been a participant and that the Texas State AG is going to let Reyna take the fall for mis-using his office and for the mess of Twin Peaks and I believe the US DOJ has encouraged the Texas State AG not to suspend Reyna or ask him to step aside while the FBI investigates because after the mess Twin Peaks has turned into they have their very own fall guy in Reyna who took it upon himself to play hero and put himself into a situation where he didnt need to be and having done that Reyna charging everyone and all the shit that went on that day is giving the Feds an out and allowing them to hide just exactly what they were up to and who was all there, because if things would have unfolded as the cops wanted and had Reyna not involved himself there would have been a lot of media asking why and what the hell happened that day, and lets not forget the Feds record in Ops in McLennan county is more than a fucking mess, but Reyna going rogue has taken the spot light off them and onto himself.

    Remember the Feds are supposed to be taking some Bandidons to trial in Feb of 2018 and they have the Twin Peaks mess hanging in the backround and I would bet sure as shit some of what will come out in Feb 2018 trial evidence wise is going to have links to the Feds and Texas DPS etc trying to sir shit up well before Twin Peaks happened. So there is a lot more dirt to come out yet

  23. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I am still waiting for the Perjury case in Dallas. I am waiting to see if Bergman still gets his January trial as he has file for a speedy trial like 4 different times. Then the federal case starts in February, Rebel you’re going to need more than 2 months of clothes. .. hope to get to see you in Texas.

  24. Filburt Says:

    reyena is a turd without taper… the door will slam shut!

  25. stroker Says:

    Rebel……the interviews on Reasonable Doubt with Casie….PRICELESS!
    Thank you for sharing them! What a sharp cookie she is. Of course, as she says, she won the lottery with Jake, but still! That woman is on the ball, on point, and has set the stage for what should be a veritable house of cards tumble down! Fascinating.
    Great job Casie…..hope to see more of you.

    (click the links….donate)

  26. Beemer CM Says:

    This has been an absorbing story to follow. The tables have been turned and the power mad pigs are now in the crosshairs. Ms Gotro’s appearance on Reasonable Doubt was great. Her point about the non-prosecution of the murdering Cocksacks speaks to the core of the whole dirty machinations of Reyna, his minions, and handlers.
    Thanks for the great job Don.

  27. Jim Jones Says:

    Anal Reyna, not exactly a picture of “Integrity”!

  28. Jim Jones Says:

    Anal Reyna, will have hid day in the light….


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