Back To The Beach

November 13, 2017

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Back To The Beach

While I was in Waco, I went to a Mexican restaurant named Ninfa’s. The name is a reference to both a Roman garden of nymphs and a kind of parrot. And I should have known better. An assistant district attorney named Michael Jarrett recommended the place to me.

Jarrett will be fun to write about. He will be fun to remember. He is empty inside like one of T.S. Eliots’ Hollow Men. He is one of those lawyers. His head is full of straw. He is the baby Caligula. All at once he is a heartless monster and eager to be liked, like a child. In quick order, he tries to banter with the defense attorney as if they are singles at a party. He tries to make the defendant laugh. He wants the defendant, Jake Carrizal, to like him and forgive him.. And then he calls a witness to the stand solely to mock defense attorney Casie Gotro’s unsuccessful attempt to unmask the horrifying, official conspiracy that created the Twin Peaks Mass Murder. Then he mocks the defendant, wondering aloud “What kind of grown man has to put on a costume to be a man.” He says this while wearing one of his many grey suits and one of his many white shirts and one of his many invisible ties.

During a preliminary hearing, when one of the defense attorneys in the case, Judge Susan Criss from Galveston, spoke to him disdainfully he asked her, “Did I do something wrong?” Jarrett’s words are “quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass or rats’ feet over broken glass.”

But I digress. Jarrett recommended Ninfa’s to me before I had time to see who he is, what Waco is, what the whole case is.


It had been a long, lonely week. Ninfa’s is three big rooms and I was conspicuous in my isolation. I ordered a chimichanga and a Margarita. A chimichanga is a kind of deep-fried burrito. I enjoyed the drink. I don’t know how you screw up a Margarita even if you want to. Then a busboy brought me an empanada which is a kind of Spanish meat pie that looks like half the moon. The busboy didn’t speak English. All my Spanish is either about anger or sex or food. Eventually I got the attention of a waiter who went and found my waiter. Minutes passed before I could tell him, “You know, my chimichanga looks remarkably like an empanada.”

“Yeah that’s what our chimichangas look like here.”

“Well, you know where I live, our chimichangas don’t look like this. We call these things empanadas.”

“Where are you from?”

“Los Angeles.”

“Oh yeah. Out there chimichangas look like deep fried burritos.”

“Right. Right.”

He pointed at my plate. “That’s what our chimichangas look like in Waco. Would you like another margarita?”

“Sure. Why the hell not.”


Halfway through that margarita I decided my dinner at Ninfa’s was a metaphor for the entire Twin Peaks case. I don’t know if everything in Waco is a bush league waiter telling lies that he thinks other people have to believe because nobody would ever dare stab him in the face with a fork. But that certainly summarizes the wait staff at Ninfa’s and the prosecution in the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

Jarrett, who wants it all, and his histrionic boss Abelino Reyna, Amanda Dillon and Brody Burks unabashedly stacked the deck against Carrizal for two and half years. Together they conspired for more than 30 months to withhold evidence that would have proved Carrizal was innocent. They had a sympathetic judge, They had millions to prepare and fly in experts and follow Carrizal around the whole time as if he was ISIS. They had the jury they wanted and they got away with lying to them. They instructed and encouraged prosecution witnesses to lie to the jury. They lied about the victims. They lied about the would-be assassins. They did all this as if they were on trial for their lives, as if their futures were at stake. They took three weeks to present their case. And they still lost.

About eight, or nine jurors in Waco saved America.

If the prosecutors had won they would have established an alibi for arresting 177 innocent people. Bill Whitaker, the editorialist for the Waco Tribune-Herald would have gloated on his front page. If the prosecutors had won, McLennan County and the state of Texas would have been off the hook for more than a billion dollars in damages for false arrest. If they had won, federal prosecutors could have proceeded with the ridiculous lie that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club had instigated a “biker war” against the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. If they had won, justice would have lost. But eight or nine ordinary people who probably go to Ninfa’s when they have had a tough week and think they need a treat stopped them.

In the end, Jake Carrizal’s innocence was so clear cut that the best the prosecutors could do was a hung jury. Almost immediately, District Attorney Reyna got more bad news.

More Bad News

The same day Carrizal’s case was declared a mistrial a damning affidavit by Jarrett’s predecessor, Gregory S. Davis, began circulating. Davis quit the district attorney’s office in August 2014, nine months before the Twin Peaks Mass Murder. The affidavit portrays Reyna as a cocaine addict who fixed criminal cases for political contributors and cronies.

“During my employment in the McLennan. County District Attorney’s. Office,” Davis writes, “ I became aware of several cases in which the elected District Attorney, Abel Reyna, arranged for his campaign supporters, persons associated with campaign supporters, and friends to receive preferential treatment. I believe that he did so for political and/or personal gain. In at least three cases I believe Reyna effectively dismissed valid criminal cases of his campaign supporters and friends by instructing subordinates to refuse to accept their cases for prosecution.”

“.Iarrett.and l met with Reyna to voice our concerns. When we confronted him about his actions, Reyna said words to the effect of, ‘Never get in my fucking business again.’ In December 2013, Michael Jarrett and I met with Texas Ranger Matt Lindemann to discuss our concerns about Reyna’s actions.”

“In August 2014, I met with FBI Agent Dan Burst regarding a public corruption investigation of Reyna…. It is my understanding that Michael Jarrett, Julissa West and Amanda Dillon have also met and/or spoken with Agent Burst in connection with the FBI’s public corruption investigation of Reyna.”

“It is my understanding that the FBI’s public corruption investigation of Reyna’s prosecutorial decisions is ongoing. It is my understanding that Reyna has hired and/or consulted with Waco attorney, Bill Johnston regarding the ongoing FBI public corruption investigation. In August 2014, Michael Jarrett told me that he purchased another cellphone so that he could covertly communicate with Agent Burst without Reyna learning that he was speaking with federal agents behind his back.”

“Approximately two to three months after the Twin Peaks incident, I received a call from Michael Jarrett. At one point, when the conversation turned to what had happened at Twin Peaks, Jarrett told me that the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office was responsible for having all of the bikers arrested despite the fact that the police simply wanted to question the bikers, get their information and then release them while they (the police) conducted an investigation. Jarrett told me that he (Jarrett) told Assistant Police Chief Gentsch that the police ‘were going to .arrest them all’ and they were not going to be permitted to release the bikers.”

One salacious detail in Davis’ statement refers to “Abel’s possible drug use and associates – detailed his marked change in behavior and information provided by Mike’s CI about the Salty Dog.” That sentence refers to an alleged incident in which Reyna snorted a line of cocaine in public off a counter at the Salty Dog Sports Bar And Grill in Waco.

Pollution Hazard

The part I thought was most interesting in Greg Davis’ statement was the part about Michael Jarrett’s duplicity. He probably told Reyna jokes the day he picked up his FBI cellphone. He is a man for all sides. He cannot begin to imagine that anyone would ever want to stab him in the face with a fork. He cannot begin to imagine the way he makes other men feel simply by being near him, looking at him, listening to him.

I don’t want to go back to Waco. I want to go to a place called La Playita where the view of the ocean comes with fish tacos that look like fish tacos and a chimichanga that is a kind of deep friend burrito. But I know I am probably going to have to go back. So yesterday I was near the 26th Street lifeguard tower in Manhattan Beach.

This is how Michael Jarrett makes me feel.

It was foggy and deserted except for the line of surfers out at the break. The tankers out in the Catalina Channel blinked in and out of view. It had rained a few days before so there was a sign that said, “Pollution Hazard! Do Not Swim!” I went in anyway. And went I came out, for the first time in two weeks, I felt clean.



37 Responses to “Back To The Beach”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    Next time Jake should tell his friends Leave the Ol’ Ladies home and bring forks!”. Rebel, your reporting has been stellar, well done sir. As for all the “Civil Liberty, Constitutional Conservative” big time talking heads; where the hell were you? Too busy bashing Obama (who deserves whatever he/she/it gets IMHO) or brown-nosing Pres. Trump (who I am happy to say is at least trying to drain the swamp) to check out and report on the most gross example of prosecutorial malfeasance and LEO corruption in the history of our republic? I understand if you don’t really “like” bikers but you should recognize that they are the most “marginalized & discriminated against minority group” in the country. Big difference is bikers don’t and won’t be seen as “victims”. What bikers are is the “Canaries in the coalmine”.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Steel

    Well we already know Jarret is a rat because of the cell phone that was bought so he could talk to the FBI covertly ( little sense of paranoia at the D.A’s office I guess ) and DillIon also talked the FBI, whether she was being a CI like it looks Jarret may have been in my opinion well that’s another story.

    You know there is the old saying “your enemies come to you as a friend with a smile on their face and a knife behind their back”

    So I am sure Reyna has no idea who he can trust in his office these days, I bet that is festering in the back of that Chia Pets mind, wondering who is going to drop a dime on him next. Well at least Reyna is getting to know how it is to be betrayed by a rat

  3. Bear Brinkman Says:

    Damn Rebel I used to hang out at 26th street as a kid.It was the Hawthorne designated beach.I tried going back when I got back from overseas but the girls wouldn’t talk to me and finally one of my friends called me a baby killer so I never went back.I decided to ride motorcycles again.I have been watching this case since day 1.The weekend after it happened I noticed the cops got really aggressive around Wichita.I had a one right up on my ass until I turned off onto the dirt road I live on.Keep up the great work.

  4. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Thank you for the defense video, Rebel.

    In that video Jarrett states: “The information Ms Gotro received this morning is confirmation from confidential informants that are very well connected to a certain organization that this was over a Texas bottom rocker. To say otherwise is untrue”.

    I started typing a long reply, then erased it, as I cannot express in words the growing hatred I feel regarding the complete underhandedness and perversion of the justice system by those immoral fucks.

    I want one of those forks.

  5. Steel Says:

    Going to be interesting as the investigation of Reyna continues to see which prosecutor rats jump ship first, Jarrett, Dillon, etc. The whole notion of another trial is plain stupid. Reyna talks about presenting the evidence in a different way but means what can he do to fake some more evidence and then hide it from the defense. Someone is going to go down and it won’t be Carrizal. Will be Reyna and his corrupt cohorts. Thanks for the great reporting Rebel.



  6. Iron Rider Says:

    Well Rebel obviously Jarret still has hard feeling about your reporting why else would he send you to some shitty place to eat. I hope when the mistrial was declared Rebel that on your way out of the courtroom you gave Jarret a little wink and said “right back at ya” and a smirk as you walked away.

  7. Trebor Says:

    Everyone knows if the Hispanics dont eat there you dont eat there.Why I avoid taco bell and taco time.Never seen a Hispanic in them.Straight up garbage food.Way better from a Taco truck.

  8. Uncle Bob Says:

    Jarrett has no loyalty to anyone. Not even himself. He’s a whore.

    It’s only a matter of a short time before we see the real dirt on Abel. Corruption, dope use, groping…The usual shit that takes all the dirtbags down. It will surface. Everyone’s got skeletons.

  9. Torque Says:

    Good Deal Rebel,
    Thanks for work you have done on this story. I look forward to the book. I also look forward to when ADA drops all the rest of these cases., And the little bitch Reyna goes to jail.


  10. Legendary Jim Says:

    I wonder what the chimichangas look like down at the original Ninfa’s on Navigation Blvd – East End, Bayou City. I am a menudo man when I get on the East End, Sunday morning, coming down.You take care of yourself, Rebel. Next time, try Veronica’s on Franklin Ave. Meskin cookin’. – Legendary

  11. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Now that we upgraded to the F word… I Fucking love you.

  12. RLG Says:

    In that video Abelino looks like he badly needs a bump of coke…

  13. Dasein Says:

    When Rebel first reported that Ms Gotro called Jarrett “criminal”, and seemed to imply that it was a bit over the top, (sorry if I inferred all that incorrectly), I felt things were sliding into desperate characterizations that suggested a losing position. Having just watched that video though, I think: Reyna is a blubbery, stalking bully, Jarrett is a smirking asshole, Amanda Dillon is not a real blonde, and all the overall fakery that suggests, and the redoubtable Ms Casie Gotro should’ve perhaps thrown in “scumbag” with “criminal”, A) because it’s true, and B) because it lightens the load of the “criminal” accusation, making it more jocular than judicial. Also, if she could pack on thirty pounds of well trained muscle, she could, and probably would, kick Jarret’s worthless ass.

  14. Mike Says:

    Looks like Reyna will retry.

  15. Waco Motherf***er Says:

    I can’t believe it. Rebel actually made me feel sorry for the sumbitch.

  16. Gman Says:

    Holy shit I have not seen that video of gotros argument re: the recorded interviews. She was well put and legally eloquent. Appearing educated and able to roll with the punches of quick thinking that is required when worn out during a trial. Better than I envisioned. All of that said she is absolutely right as to everything she said. The prosecution does not get to decide what information is discoverable or exculpatory. They know that and had no response. Here in Wyoming our judges would have put their balls in a vice over this. Not sure if the court would dismiss but there would be some sanctions and consequences. Our supreme court has reversed convictions for lesser misconduct. The hope is that gotro is not too worn out after this to bring a formal disciplinary complaint with the Texas state bar over their misconduct. No doubt it is serious business. And among most attorneys, even in texas, they dont like to let this type of conduct slide given future ramifications and what could be perceived as acceptable behavior. The only thing that makes me feel good right now is that there is no doubt that these dirty fucking prosecutors are dealing with a huge amount of stress just thinking of all the shit they have coming down the pike. They are fucked from so many sides right now. I will not be surprised if something even more astonishing occurs in the near future with these scumbags.

  17. Paladin Says:

    Looks like Reyna is in a tight spot. If Reyna can’t get a conviction against the president of the alleged criminal street gang for engaging in criminal activity etc., How does he hope to get a conviction against anyone else? At the moment it would appear that the only people truly coming out on top and unscathed in this disaster are the bondsmen. Unless I’m mistaken, the 10% a bondsman charges as a fee is non-refundable.


  18. Shutup Says:

    Just saw Reyna on local Fox news, says that they will retry.
    Hopefully it’s just more of his bullshit.

  19. Fuzzy Says:

    When Jarret was crossing Jake on the stand, you could tell he was trying real hard not like Jake. You could also tell Jake was trying real hard not to jump out of that seat and make that arrogant fuck swallow his teeth.

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    I haven’t see that clip of Gotro giving it to Reyna and Co. My respect for Gotro has grown since the outcome even more so after her spirited defense clip. I don’t blame Gotro for being pissed one bit because Carrizal’s trial was truly the definition of Trial By Ambush. We have all heard the phrase before being thrown about but this is living proof that it does occur.

    Th fact that Gotro took Reyna and Co to task and had the proof to back up her claim in my opinion backed Reyna and Jarret into a corner. Gotro was right to tell Johnson that the information was up to the judge to exclude about that meeting not Reyna and Co and she is also right in her assertion that it would have been detrimental to the prosecutions case to have a Cocksack come forward and testify there was no beef with the Bandidos. If that came out at trial that would be a big hurdle for the prosecution to get over with the jury if you think about since the prosecutions case is based on the exact opposite.

    One thing I noticed in the Youtube clip and I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this was when Gotro starts telling Johnson about the recording of the two meetings and of course Jarret starts objecting and starts stating how Gotro is mis-characterizing the events that Jarret doesnt say right away that He and Reyna left the room before these meetings took place. Jarret waits till after Gtoro has accused the D.A. of misconduct and not bring the notes and recordings of the meeting and included them in discovery and Jarret repeats that the co-defendant lied to the district attorneys office about the no beef with the Bandido’s about the Texas rocker bit. Well how would Jarret know that or been able to determine that without knowledge of what the defendant said in the meeting and that still doesnt change the fact that Reyna, Jarret and Dillion knew about the meeeting and where present at even if for a brief time and that doesn’t change the fact that Dillion sat thru the meeting and would have told Reyna and Jarret the results of the meeting after it was over, so Reyna and Co still would have had knowledge of it and it still would have required them to disclose it to Gotro and it would have been up to the judge to decide if it was releevant or the jury if the turth was being told, Reyna and Jarret dont get to exclude evidence that doesn’t fit their version of events.

    Gotro is also right that it does boarder on criminal and an ethics violation so we will see if she and other defense counsels file any complaints on that front. The other juicy thing about that is you can bet that wasn’t disclosed to other defendants counsel in those dumps which means the discovery that came out during the trial is going to be ammo for the other defendants and their counsel to use against Reyna and Co in pretrial motions and Reyna, Jarret and Dillions conduct before and during the trial is going to be a free for all for the defendants and their counsel to get them booted from their clients cases, and lord knows there is a lot for the other defendants to work with as well as Gotro if Reyna and Co even get an inkling of wanting to retry Carrixal.

    You can bet your ass that the Davis affidavit is going to be used by Gotro as well as other defense counsels and then we still have the Reyna Chavez he said she said matter to deal with. Things are going to get real interesting.

    I have heard some mention about Reyna and the coke thing ( You know Reyna will just say he was fighting the drug war and he wanted to be on the front line ~sniff sniff ~ ) but I din’t know old Chia pet had an actual allegation against him, just when you think things couldn’t get worse for old Reyna.

    Question is what will the Texas State AG decide to do. Not only is the Carrizal case a disaster but everything that has come out since is going to make not only Jakes case but most of the other just as problematic to prosecute. The Texas State AG and his minions look like fools after this case Reyna put on and with the circus this has become and is already effecting other cases, this puts the State at a severe disadvantage of what evidence etc they are going to be allowed to use in further prosecutions of Twin Peaks defendants.

    So does the Texas State AG risk blowing millions of more dollars to try Jake and the others or do they try and get some plea deals or just wash their hands of it , get out from under it and then blame the whole mess on rogue prosecutors and let the defendants walk.

    I think I know what my answer is and that is the Texas State AG will scapegoat Reyna and wash his hands of this mess rather than risk defeat after defeat after defeat.

  21. Filburt Says:

    Majority of jurors leaning to a “Not Guilty” verdict.

  22. Freebird Says:

    Note to self when looking for good Mexican food in Texas….. ¡No confíes en el tipo blanco con la pequeña polla!

  23. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for Reporting The Truth! I buy you better Mexican Food when you come back, if you do.

  24. PoorBoy 1%er MFFM Says:

    Hang ten Rebel………

  25. Freebird Says:

    Have to wonder what the pucker factor of the County Treasurer is right now? 10+

  26. Matlock Says:

    The original Ninfas was on Canal Street in Houston just south of the Houston Ship Channel. It was good…real good. I guess things have a tendency to go commercial…one might say to be “sold American”.

    Between the action and the reaction falls the shadow….

  27. Mark Says:

    Rebel, thanks for that video of the withheld evidence, that was some heated defense and not play acting. No credible defence attorney likes to see their client be willfully railroaded. With the refusing to deliver on discover motions repeatedly and then to hide such evidence. Judge Johnson looks to clearly be stacking the deck against Jake for his former law partner. He should have dismissed the case on the spot. My question for the judge, give is a situation that would call for a dismiss with a likewise situation.
    As I said, anyone that is willing to risk their future with government retirement on trusting the DA is an absolute idiot. The guy’s level of though process isn’t much better than surface thinking. His ego’s deep!
    This is a can of worms that is going to get worse. Wait until the 3 lawyers take the next case and find out that they have been lied to by the DA’s office, which you know they are and will be. They should move to dismiss the case against the defendant to save themselves the embarrassment that is going to come to them if they take this case forward.

  28. Marshall Mitchell Says:

    Glad you are home safe Sir. Coming and going from Waco can be tricky business some days.
    I appreciate your great work with ethics to match. I can’t wait for the book!
    Expect No Mercy

  29. Psycho Says:

    Hopefully this situation will someday remind us of my favorite Mexican restaurant chain when I was young. It was called Chi-Chi’s. Everyone knew it wasn’t authentic from the start, I mean hell, it was first opened in Minneapolis by an ex-NFL player. Everyone still ate there though until people started catching hepatitis from eating there. The place was dirty, and the food was tainted, so they had to shut the whole thing down. I can only hope that analogy will work for the day they clean house in Waco.

  30. Gandalf Says:

    LOL. Enjoy the Beach. Waco is…. well, exactly as you described it. Waconians are… exactly like Jarrett. Void of feeling, an empty suit. Smiling in your face and cutting your throat… at the same time. There are not enough forks.

  31. Popeye Says:

    Reyna will be very popular in prison

  32. BAMA (GGMC -Austin) Says:

    Hey Rebel,
    I was there at the trial for a day and met you…last Monday i think. If you need eating recommendations next time let me know. Mexican food is tricky. Ninfa’s is a chain. Not a very good one. Honestly, i thought they’d closed them all. Chuy’s (as a chain) is probably the best if they have one. But i have people i know in Waco and can get some intel. The sketchier the better. You should have asked Reyna, not the white guy.
    As for that weasel Reyna, he and i locked eyes a couple of times during the court proceedings and i wanted to break him in half. I would have in high school or college. But we are grown ass men now. He turns my stomach tho. The arrogance and hypocrisy of who he is and what he represents is laughable and criminal. Nice job Waco.
    Thanks for all the hard work and travel and having your finger on the pulse of this very fascinating situation. #SYLB #IAMBK

  33. Paladin Says:

    It will be interesting to know if the State is planning on a rematch with Mr. Carrizal.


  34. Griz's Gal Says:

    Rest, friend. If anyone has earned it, you have.

    Thank you.


  35. James Crawford Says:

    I am glad that Jake’s trial is over.
    However; I will miss the photos and videos of Casie Gotro’s cleavage.

  36. JMacK Says:

    Rats on rats on rats on rats…

    Fuck em all.

    Well done Rebel. Can’t wait for the book.


  37. Johnny Rotten Says:

    thank you for the fine reporting/reading and all you do to keep us informed in the real world
    thank you Rebel

    L.L.H.R to those deserving


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