Waco Swat Speaks

October 17, 2017

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Waco Swat Speaks

Day five of the maddeningly slow Jake Carrizal trial in Waco ended with a cliff hanger, like the previous four days.

The day began with testimony from a polite, professional, retired cop named James Owens who used to work in the Waco police computer forensics lab. He was a consummate government employee. He took meticulous notes and photographed everything, He recorded the contents of phones belonging to defendant Christopher Jacob Carrizal and Bandidos Marshall Mitchell and Ray Allen.

The prosecution tried to enter the original downloads from those phones into evidence. Casie Gotro, who is defending Carrizal, never saw the original downloads, only copies. She objected to their entry into the court record until she had a chance to examined them. A two hour delay followed and the judge, Matt Johnson, District Attorney Abel Reyna’s former law partner, was very annoyed – with the prosecution.


Eventually about 30 snippets of text from the defendants phone were allowed into the trial.

The snippets were selected by “motorcycle gang expert” Chris Schaefer, an Agent in Charge and polygraph examiner with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Schaefer has always wanted to testify as an expert. He has a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in speech and it doesn’t matter that he couldn’t find the start button on a motorcycle with a map. He is an expert because he has observed a couple Hells Angels National Runs, a couple of Bandidos National Runs and he goes to Sturgis every year with a pair of binoculars.

Schaefer sees criminality everywhere and he is never heard of the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. The Bandidos, he reckons, are a criminal organization because the things they do are criminal, And the criminal things they do are criminal because they are Bsandidos. Which proves that the Bandits and the things they do are criminal. And so on.

Just Park

Succinctly put, the Bandidos are criminal because they were very concerned about being attacked by members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. If it had been Schaefer, he testified, he would have stopped riding a bike, if he rode a bike, when the Cossacks told him to stop riding a bike. Also, apparently, at one point in one text the defendant referred to members of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club using a homosexual slur. So there you go.

Schaefer thinks that signing off a message with the closing “Love, Loyalty and Respect” is “very much one percenter.” And he remembered that there was violence at a Confederation of Clubs meeting in El Paso in 2012. Although, no one else remembers that.

Thee prosecution called the defendant’s younger brother, Zach Carrizal, a motorcycle mechanic and the president of the Bandidos Ruidoso, New Mexico chapter to the stand. It looked like a cruel attempt to terrorize the defendant’s mother. It did not work. As it turned out, the younger Carrizal really didn’t know anything pertinent to his blood brother’s case.

A former Palo Pinto County Deputy named John Hardin testified that in March 2015 approximately 20 Bandidos assaulted a lone Cossack at the Bar B truck stop, beat him with a claw hammer and stole his vest. No one was ever prosecuted for that crime.

Stephen Drews

Then things finally picked up about four in the afternoon when Waco Swat Sergeant Stephen Drews took the stand. Drews commanded the 12 other Waco Swat “operators” (as Delta Force refers to its members as “operators”) who were at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

Drews testimony was apparently straightforward but he seemed to know less that Zach Carrizal. His testimony generally agreed with the incident report he wrote after the gunfight.

He was instructed to develop a tactical plan on May 10. Swat was there to deter violence. When he got there, he was surprised that so many Cossacks had taken all the seats and all the parking spaces. A rookie officer named Nicki Stone was riding with Swat that day. Last week The Associated Press reported that Stone’s bodycam recorded her saying “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this. I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out.”

That snippet of small talk didn’t come up in either today’s direct examination or cross examination.

Court recessed about 5:45 p.m. Gotro will resume her cross examination of Drews tomorrow at 9 a.m.



25 Responses to “Waco Swat Speaks”

  1. Iron Rider Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL So Clendennen’s attorney Clint Broden filed a motion today for Sanction against Reyna and Co for failing to turn over discovery to the defense ( wait? Where have we heard that before, oh that’s right Gotro has been complaining about that before Carrizal’s trial started so no surprise there and I imagine we will see the other defendants lawyers doing the same


  2. Gandalf Says:

    BTW “Criminal Street Gangs” DO NOT Respect Police. A “Criminal Street Gang” member would NEVER thank Police for Anything. Part of the cookie. Jake MUST win.

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    Looks like Reyna and Co. filed a a motion asking to postpone Clendennen trial that was sussposed to start on Nov 6th, Broden filed an objection to the request ( of course it’s Waco so after a handjob to a couple of his favorite judges Reyna will be allowed to postpone Clendennen’s trial date)

    I guess after some stellar testifying by Reyna’s cop witnesses that Reyna figures they need better coaching and a bigger SOA poster for better effect. I am sure Rebel will have more details

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    James W Crawford Says:
    October 18, 2017 at 9:11 am
    I would like this SWAT Cop to explain how his officers destinguished between aggressor’s who presented a threat that warrented the use of deadly force and victims who were being assaulted during this melee. Then ask SWAT Cop for the results of his officers’ most recent firearms qualifications. It simply boggles my mind that the police imagined that they could evaluate this melee in real time to identify people whose behavior warrented deadly force then engage them with suffecient confidence that they would not hit the wrong people.


    I stated this before that there is know way in the chaos of a brawl with up to 100+ people that they could accurately pick out who was doing what an firing into a crowd like that is against many police department policies because there is risk of injury or loss of life to many. The fact that 4 people were killed by two police officers firing into a crowd is astonishing and put innocent lives at risk and just how many of the police bullets missed their mark? We still dont know.

    I have not seen what the Waco police policy is on firing there weapons and into a crowd like that with all that was going on there is no way to assert who is doing what yet the police did just that and of course it’s Waco so it’s all good (insert eye roll here)

    Paula also stated that police were seen picking up shell casing, and that is evidence tampering and if the police were picking up casing of their own then that would mean they were trying to limit how many shots they fired by making the casing count reflect a lower number. There are a lot of questions we have not seen answers to yet that ought to be asked

  5. Neuro Says:

    Thanks Paula. I have basically been doing the same thing. Sadly there is a lot of video we are not allowed to see, just like the Laughlin Brawl. Once the guys go at it in an ultra-public setting, I don’t think anyone should expect privacy at that point.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    There comes a time when the Jury ONLY wants 2 things. They want their cookie and they want to get the fuck out of there. The LAST thing Cassie should do is call Butcher. Give the Jury it’s cookie the rest. Getting them out of there and assuring the News Papers report “Bandido thanks Police for saving His life” 1 BIG FAT FUCKING COOKIE!

  7. david Says:

    When Fake-O swat operatives speak, the shit comes flying out of their mouths. Then the flies gather for people to SWAT.

    When POS Reyna brings inconclusive, ambiguous, multi-meaning and multi-interpreted statements by “known liars and perjurers”(U.S.Sup.Ct.) as his so-called “evidence”, he don’t have a case.

  8. James W Crawford Says:

    It would appear that my jests on previous threads has gotten me on the shit list.

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    I would like this SWAT Cop to explain how his officers destinguished between aggressor’s who presented a threat that warrented the use of deadly force and victims who were being assaulted during this melee. Then ask SWAT Cop for the results of his officers’ most recent firearms qualifications. It simply boggles my mind that the police imagined that they could evaluate this melee in real time to identify people whose behavior warrented deadly force then engage them with suffecient confidence that they would not hit the wrong people.

  10. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    No I was not there that day. I started with using pictures and videos as discovery of lie’s and I sent and meet with attorney office. That’s all I can say about your question.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    Jarrett expects Casie to give the Jury a cookie for Him. That cookie is blaming Police. No Respect. (A reason to convict)

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Respect for Police IS the cookie. #WinAtAllCosts

  13. Gandalf Says:

    All Juries start with a preconceived Guilty/Not Guilty. (Big Trials) If they don’t, (in little Trials) they get it FAST. That’s why you wear a suit and tie and get a haircut. Then they need A REASON TO ACQUIT (or Find Guilty). I call that the cookie. Ya got to give them “The cookie”. In Jakes case the Jurors are coming to His side. They need a cookie. The cookie, IMHO Is thanking Butcher for saving His life.

  14. Neuro Says:

    I love that store, Charming Charlie’s ! I am going to ask this for many of us here: straight up, Paula, were you there that fateful day ? You are strongly implying that you saw this all go down.

  15. TX_Biker Says:

    So they cherry picked some text messages that would prove their point? Typical.

  16. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Drew, is lying. I know exactly where the marked PD cruiser was at. Vail & Ziboly was at Verizon, and the 1 cruiser that shows the them coming into the shopping center drive turning into the Twin Peaks parking lot was behind Charming Charles, yes we see Bucher & Jackson vehicle in Don Carlos parking lot as it is UNMARKED PD CRUISER.
    I wish I could post pictures of the lay out of the shopping center for you.
    I also know that the police is who shot out windows in 3 different vehicles 2 in the Don Carlos parking lot and 1 blue truck parked at Charming Charles. Bucher & Jackson was already shooting before the first biker shot rang out there’s video showing that.. also you see a guy in the 1rst patio video on the sidewalk go down from his 2nd PD shot before everyone took off running.

  17. Woodstock Says:

    Love Loyalty and Respect.

  18. Freebird Says:

    Did the Tactical plan for the OPERATORS include a stand down order to the security company?

  19. Sapper Says:

    Great job Rebel,
    Keep rocking it.


  20. bcnasty Says:

    @Curbside, Screen wash after reading your last sentence.

    I am thinking with the experience of the so called experts the fact that I have seen gay ass pictures of the fucktard Iron Order cop club twerps humping on one another’s ass’s I am an expert on cop clubs and yes, they are gay ass fucks.


  21. Neuro Says:

    Everyone knows that ALL cops are gay queer fags. Wow, like the bumper sticker says, “keenly aware of the obvious.” Thanks Rebel. Hey Abelini, is the writing on the wall clear enough for you now ?

  22. Iron Rider Says:

    Well the cops and their so called experts can sit there all day and say this means that, and that means this and bla bla bla. Sorry but all these so called experts are fucking guessing at what means what.

    Like where the so called experts were saying they said in calls and text to bring all their “tools” to the meeting which the so called cop experts say means weapons? Really are they fucking psychic? The so called experts cant say what the intent was in respect to Tools. could it mean weapons… sure, it could also mean a wrench, a screwdriver a diagnostic tool you fucking name it. Non one can say what the intent tools had in a text message… could have meant he its a long ride we could have bike issues bring your tools in case… you cant qualify intent from a text message and tools in the conversation. Basically these experts are engaging in speculation and heresay

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    What I find funny is that Witherspoon tweeted that Drews stated he saw a bandido firing from behind a motorcycle into the crow at Twin Peaks, but then stated that he couldn’t see the Bandido. Uh say what? So you saw someone but you then said you couldn’t see them, so then how was Drews able to claim it was a Bandido firing when he said he couldn’t see them? Drews also reffered to that report which again Gotro had never seen and the defense hadnt gotten, Johnson had to stop the trial while Drews ran down to get to his car to get the reprt he was referencing in his testimony so Gotro could see it.

    Imagine that another prosecution witness Schaefer wanting to discuss evidence that Gotro and Carrizal hadn’t see, yet Reyna keeps claiming they have the defense everything * cough cough ~bullshit~ cough*

    Reyna keeps saying the prosecution has turned over everything to the Defense, yet time and time again we are hearing about more and more evidence that Gotro and Carrizal have yet to see, more things to add to the appeal and Johnson looks like a fool because Gotro keeps getting to say that this witness isnt on the list and we never got this evidence leaving on Johnson on the hook because his decision are going to part of the appeal, go to love Reyna and Johnson looking like clowns

  24. Gandalf Says:

    If I had a dollar for every Text, post or comment I took the wrong way… Or that I Texted, posted or commented on was taken the wrong way… I’d be rich. EVERYONE knows these things are taken wrong by people a million times a day. I guess that’s why we need an “expert” to tell us what they mean… What a bunch of BS.
    Jake needs a expert witness on Text Communication to tell the jury what they already know. Without tone and expression it’s FAR TO EASY to misinterpret a Text… esp when peoples lives depend on it. They even admitted a Meme SENT TO JAKE as evidence. Crazy.

  25. Curbside Says:

    So he called a cop club “faggots” or something to that effect, and that somehow proves he’s a criminal? Sweet Jesus. If referring to the donut-munchers as a bunch of useless cocksucking queers makes someone a gangster, just think of me as Al Capone!

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