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October 14, 2017

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The New, New Improved Dialogical Saloon

If it was just up to me, I would not have deleted the “The New Improved Dialogical Saloon.” It would still be up. However it offended the great god Google, for whom we will all soon work, because it violated the following Google Adsense guidelines:

“As stated in our program policies, sites displaying Google ads should provide substantial and useful information to the user. Users should be able to easily navigate through the site to find what products, goods, or services are promised. Examples of misguided navigation include, but are not limited to:

  • False claims of downloadable or streaming content
  • Linking to content that does not exist
  • Redirecting users to irrelevant and/or misleading webpages
  • Text on a page unrelated to the topic and/or business model of the website.”

“You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.”

“Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance.”

If anybody has a problem with this please try to contact Google. Go ahead. Try.

Meanwhile, please feel free to continue your discussion here.




409 Responses to “The New, New Improved Dialogical Saloon”

  1. freebird Says:

    Great read

    Don’t think successful was the best description in the title

  2. MtPockets Says:

    Hope you all (and especially Rebel) had a good Christmas. At the end of yet another year, let’s all hope the view gets better for all those wronged and that all the bullshit on the landscape changes for the better.
    Have a great 2019 everyone!

  3. stroker Says:

    Good one Paladin! (wish I could use it, but I’m a 2-time loser)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the regulars, and to Rebel, our erstwhile host.

  4. Paladin Says:

    Subject: New wife

    One evening, after the honeymoon, Dick was working on his Harley in the garage. His new wife was standing there by the bench watching him.

    After a long period of silence she finally said, “Honey, I’ve just been thinking, now that we’re married, maybe it’s time you quit spending so much of your time out here in your garage.

    You probably should consider selling your Harley and all that welding equipment; they take up so much of your time. And that gun collection and fishing gear, they just take up so much space. And you know the boat is such an ongoing expense; and you hardly use it.I also think you should lose all those stupid model airplanes and your home brewing equipment…”And what’s the use of that vintage hot rod?

    Dick got a horrified look on his face.

    She noticed and said, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

    He replied, “You were starting to sound like my ex-wife.”

    “Ex-wife!?” she shouted, “YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE MARRIED BEFORE!”

    Dick replied, “I wasn’t…”


  5. rocco151 Says:

    Merry Christmas to DCD and all the regulars on the Aging Rebel site !

  6. Paladin Says:

    Merry Christmas to the regulars. And as always, long may you ride.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Blessed Yule to one and all here on Rebel’s site, and especially to Rebel for all he’s done for us and bikers over the years. Hard to believe I’ve been here something like 6 years I think, at least!

  8. MtPockets Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the regulars and the not-so-regulars (Man, it sucks getting old)….

    A special thank you to Rebel for giving me an opportunity to get just a glimpse into the 1% lifestyle and happenings.

    May the blessings of the Season extend throughout 2019 for all!

  9. Stevo Says:

    May I take this oppurtunity to wish Don and all the regulars all the best for Christmas and the New Year.


  10. Agnarr Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you have a good one next year.

    I do wish to give a mug of good cheer towards Rebel for all he does for us his readers.

    Peace to all on this night.


  11. Shovelhead Says:

    Pretty sure that damn Elf has been ratting me out to Santa…Probably won’t get anything but coal again this year. But…the jokes on him, I now have a coal burning stove…screw you Elf!

    Marry Christmas

  12. Shutup Says:

    A round of cheer, for Rebel and the regulars. Merry Christmas and Happy new year. FTGF. DONATE

  13. rollinnorth Says:

    “But I heard him exclaim, ere he rode out of sight—
    ‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!'”


  14. Lady Says:

    Wishing each and everyone of you a safe and Merry Christmas. I hope that your New Year is filled with new beginning’s and the road ahead take’s you to wonderful places.

    Hold your loved one’s tight for tomorrow is never a given. Show your Brother’s and Sister’s the Respect they deserve, it is a gift that cost’s you nothing. Mentor those that follow, for one day they will stand in your shoe’s.

    Time’s change, place’s, people, the world. As I step away from here, I bid each and all of you my best.

    Most of all, thank you Rebel for keeping it real.

    Much love and Respect to those that have earned and deserve it,

  15. Austin Says:

    Hey Sieg, Do you know why nobody ever tells jokes about the Reverend Jim Jones?

    … The Punchline is too long!

    Cheers, Brother!

  16. Sieg Says:

    Geebus, Austin…set the Kool-Aid down!

  17. Austin Says:

    Some day in the future …people will look back on this year and talk about the big uproar about “Baby It’s Cold outside”. And the people will look at each other in dismay,
    “what is this… ‘Cold” they speak of?”

  18. MtPockets Says:

    “New fangled terms”
    I had to laugh because this summer I stopped by the parts store to pick up some oil for the sled and the kid was confused when I told him straight 50 weight. He asked if I knew who made it because, you know, the ones the carried maybe hadnt started making it yet.
    He knew all about 0w50full synthetic and all that, but had never heard of 50.
    He also didnt know that car oil and bike oil are different. I educated him as much as I could, but it just seems like these days its all gotta be the latest and greatest or they’re not interested.

  19. Sieg Says:

    MT, 105 is an antique designation for straight 60 weight HD oil. Sorry…hard to get my head around all these new-fangled terms!

    Split weight is great, I guess, as long as that’s all you’ve ever run. I tried it once, when HD first came out with it, and got about five miles before my front jug quit. Couldn’t figure it out, coil was good, plug, wire, everything. Had spark, had fuel, had air…but it wouldn’t fire.

    Until I figured out that that nice, detergent split-weight had stripped some little chunk-o-funk out of my motor and deposited it in the bleed-hole of my hydraulic lifter for the intake valve…instant lock-up.


  20. MtPockets Says:

    @ Sieg
    You run 105? Is that a typo? I’ve never seen 105 weight motor oil.
    The light bulb trick sounds like a winner.
    I used to bring the bike in the living room at night if I wasnt too drunk to get it in the door. Problem was, I drank a lot back then so it mostly stayed outside!
    I started running 20w50 once it got colder, which seemed to help.

  21. Austin Says:

    Drinks for the house – make it doubles.

    I’m Going Down……..
    Under for a bit. Blessings and Thanks to all.

    The biggest news here is about horse racing. Refreshing!

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Only 9 and a half hours left to get NordVPN (the VPN I happen to use) for $2.99/mo. I just saw that they had this special going on…figures I see it at the end of the whole month they’re having this special!

  23. Lady Says:

    Y’all have a safe and great Halloween!!

    Much love and Respect to all that have earned and deserve it!

  24. Sieg Says:

    @MTpockets, I still run 105 in my old girl, what she’s lived on since I got her. Does tend to get a tad sticky in the cold, so in the real winter, well below freezing, I always tried to hang a lightbulb between her jugs. Works pretty good…not enough heat to jack anything up, but enough to keep the oil loose.


  25. Shovelhead Says:


    You just cut the clutch cable connected to the throw out arm and connect the cut end to the foot shift. I’ve seen it on bikes before. Kind of a mickey mouse way of doing it, but it does work.

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    Oh, and I know 40 for you is “summer”, but the wind chart thing I have shows 60 mph in 40 degrees is actually 25 (I know, still only a little chilly for you, everyone 100 miles south of you is probably considered Floridians, lol). I got it rougher than you though in the summers! LMAO

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    LMAO…I knew you’d come in with *real* weather that’s “cold”, Sieg, my friend!

    I figured my little formula will work for most places…where you’re at just ain’t right! heh heh

    As for that arthritis…go here
    and order three or four 1 pound bags of ‘crystallized ginger’ (or two bags for the first month).

    Start eating about three or four pieces per night of one bag.

    When that bag is done, eat three or four pieces from the second bag every *other* night until that bag is gone.

    Then continue to do that for the third bag also.

    If those bags lasted a couple of months, you should start to feel some easing of the arthritis a little bit.

    If you feel even a little, then if you can, get the bag(s) as you can afford them per month and eat a few small to medium sized pieces every other night and it will make more of a difference the longer you eat the stuff.

    I can make one bag last 3 or 4 weeks, eating a few pieces every other night now (I’ve been eating this stuff for a few years now) and my arthritis is well under control. I get trigger finger real easy and if I stop eating this stuff for more than a week or week and a half my elbows and fingers start to hurt so bad I can barely type or hold a glass of water.

    I swear by this stuff now. It’s only $6/1 pd bag and once you’ve figured out what you need to eat/use per bag per night or every other night, it’s cheaper and better for you than drugs and works.

    Ginger is also good for upset stomachs and seasickness/motion sickness.

    Just remember though, ginger is spicy, not as bad as a hot pepper, but it’s still spicy. The sugar helps just a little to make it taste better is all, heh.

  28. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead;

    Sold the Knuck years ago. I built it as a 68″ stroker (FL bottom end / EL top end). It was pretty quick back in the day.

    A clutch rod is really the only way I know of to connect a clutch pedal to the clutch’s throw out arm. I don’t recall ever seeing a foot clutch operated by way of a cable.


  29. Shovelhead Says:

    Yeah, I have the ratchet top on my Shovel. I had my inner primary off a few months ago when I was upgrading the charging system. Should’ve added the jockey shift then, but was too anxious to get back on the road.
    Good project for the winter. I think I’ll find a long clutch rod for the foot shift instead of using the cable.
    You don’t still have that ’47 Knuck do ya??

  30. MtPockets Says:

    Damn, Sieg, I aint EVER been man enough to ride at -20 or even 0! Another problem I had with riding when it got cold was that I either had to get the bike inside or just not stay anywhere too long because that 50 weight oil really got thick and the old girl wouldnt start.
    At -20, I pretty sure I wouldn’t have started, either!

  31. Sieg Says:

    Phuquehead, old son…gloves that are good at 40 degrees???? We call that “summer” here!

    When I was a young guy, still living in the city, I rode all year. That meant carrying a snow-brush in the bags, and dealing with temps down to
    -20. At -20, I stayed home, but anything down to zero, I had an old helicopter flight suit, put that bad boy on over my leather, jeans, longhandles, etc, and it was tolerable. Never cared for balaclava’s, but have found over the years that a plain old army-issue wool scarf will tuck under the bottom edge of a set of goggles, and keeps your face bearable.

    Can’t do it anymore. Gets below fifty now, I’m in a car-arthritis did what the snow couldn’t.

    “Winter”..40 degrees…it’s 35 here right now, heard it might get chilly later this week.


  32. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks for all that info. You’d think after living most of my life up North, I’d have all that stuff. But no, I just freeze!

    I was thinking of doing the same, easiest way, just use my shifter as the clutch. I probably should hook up the front brake!

  33. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead / MtPockets;

    Not trying to get in the middle of your conversation, But on my ’47 Knucklehead I was running a ratchet lid Trans, W / jockey (behind the knee) shift and single pedal foot clutch (no rocker). I can attest to the fact that combo shifted quick and easy.

    Long May You Both Ride,


  34. MtPockets Says:

    Phuquehed, thats some good advise on cold weather riding! The problem I have is the shovel doesnt have a cigarette lighter plug and even if it did, I doubt the alternator on the old girl would be up to it.
    I used to ride down to about 15-20°, but not so much anymore.
    My cold weather gear consisted of a windproof wool sweater under my jacket, a pair of thickly insulated leather gloves (or leather chopper mitts when it was REALLY cold), heavy longjons, and a fur lined Elmer Fudd hat with ear flaps and the strap under the chin.
    I remember one time I tried a Polaris facemask. It kept the face warm but it really fogged up the glasses.

  35. MtPockets Says:

    Shovelhead, I made a behind the knee shifter for my cowpie trans, and the clutch (currently) is basically just a shortened cable wrapped around the arm on the original foot shift pedal.
    I really like the feel of it, but my trans has always shifted hard so I’m using that as an excuse to pull it apart and put an FL gearset in it.
    You probably have a ratchet top trans, so that should be easier.
    Get my email from Rebel and I can send some pics, if you’d like.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    Riding in the winter can be done relatively easily, one just needs the right gear.

    I have for my winter riding…

    1) A Schampa wind and waterproof head cover. Unfortunately, for some reason Schampa doesn’t make the particular model I have anymore. I wear this balaclava when it’s 40 degrees or colder. The closest to it is this one

    2) Gloves: For 45 degrees to maybe 55 degrees, I have these

    and when it gets colder than that, I wear my heated glove *liners* under those gloves. These (more about heated gear in a minute)

    3) Under my leather jacket, when it gets 40 and colder, either a flannel shirt or sweatshirt *and* my heated jacket *liner*, from here

    4) Just regular ol’ everyday blue jeans, long handles underneath and chaps over all that. Thick socks and *good* insulated boots.

    The heated gear can of course be found anywhere you search online. Just try not to get too cheap on it. My jacket liner is actually an H-D heated liner as I got a fantastic deal on it from a friend who got too big for it. No matter what you get, if all you’ll have is the jacket liner and glove liners, you only need the one controller for both and it can stay inside your jacket liner during the months you don’t wear it.

    I wear a half helmet only, no other kind of helmet, ever. When it’s a little too cool to ride that I think my ears may start to hurt, I just wear a nice beanie under the helmet. Not wool, as that’s useless in the wind! Get one of those cheap-o things from walmart that’s relatively thin but stops wind (some even stop rain).

    The goggles I use, ( ) I use exclusivly when riding. I lose or break or mess up sunglasses way too easily, plus, my eyes water so easily from wind that a mosquito fart will make them water, so I got these and I love ’em. Also, the thing about these and the balaclava…they cover the eye opening in the balaclava just perfect so that no wind hardly gets in…just enough to help keep them from fogging while moving. When at a stop though, I have to make sure to breathe out through my mouth and the little screen in the balaclava built into it or the goggles do fog up and it takes a while to unfog them after moving again.

    In the days when all I wear is a t-shirt or when it’s warm enough I don’t get cold riding in any rain storms, the best trick for *ANY* glasses/goggls one uses to keep them from fogging up, is to take the glasses/goggles and spit a nice wet once or twice on the inside of each lens (don’t try to get a lunker with chunks in it, just saliva!). Rub it on the inside of each lens real good, then dunk the glasses/goggles in some water just enough to let the water rinse the spit off. *DO NOT RUB WITH THE FINGERS OR ANY CLOTH*. Do *NOT* dry them once the spit is rinsed off, just put them on and go. This will keep them from fogging up for a good long time, I promise. It’s free too. I learned this trick when I was 10 years old (’72) and starting to swim professionally to try and get to the Olympics in ’80 (this trick worked on our swim goggles). At 16 I was already only 2 seconds (that’s actually a lot) behind Mark Spitz’s 100 meter freestyle, but only 1 second behind his 100 meter butterfly. Then I got into drugs and fucked all that up, heh.

    I got all this stuff over the years, no way I could afford to get this stuff fast and easy, as you all know I’m living on a fixed income. Hell, the first few years I had no heated gear and made do with newspapers under the leather and shit. It worked, not well, but better than nothing…barely.

    Now, I can ride all day or night in the winter. I’ve ridden in 18 degrees before (I barely got home though as halfway home one of my heated glove liners stopped working for some reason and I had 20 miles to go. I had to stop every few miles and take the glove off and warm it at the exhaust and then heat the inside of the glove, then hurry up and get moving again, heh heh. Luckily the glove liners were still new and they were replaced for free and I sent the others back at their request and they told me a wire or something had broke inside it. It’s something that can happen, raqrely I’m sure, and sucks in the winter on a ride, but we takes our lumps with the good!).

    Anyway, that’s my formula for riding in the cold. If a gimpy SoB like me can afford these few things (my post is a fucking book, but the things I have for my formula; balaclava, gloves, glove liners, jacket liner, good insulated boots) on a shitty fixed income spread out over several years, anyone can, and hopefully will be enough for you too to use and be comfortable when riding in the cold.

    The one and only drawback, for me at least, is that once you get somewhere, you need to take it all off…there’s no ‘fast’ to getting it all back on if you needed to leave quickly (and worse for me as I’m constantly in pain and getting the jacket stuff and chaps on just fucking hurts like hell). So plan on staying at your destination for a while, unless you’re patient and this kind of thing doesn’t bother you.

  37. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ve been thinking about putting a foot clutch on my bike, just not sure what I want. A tank shift or behind the knee.
    Do you have the rocker clutch or the (suicide) clutch?
    I have a 1973 FLH. It’s a bobber right now, no front fender, solo seat. Just needs that foot clutch/hand shift to complete the look and feel I want.
    To damn cold to ride all winter up here, but I try on sunny day’s if it’s at least 30 out.

  38. Phuquehed Says:

    Hmmm…cool plans for the bike during the winter…all I can say is, I’m going to be riding it since it’s the only transportation I own, lol.

    I *am* going to be swapping out the cam, lifters, cam bearing and pushrods when my diability check comes in at the beginning of November (I have to wait til then because I’m so broke now I can afford three quarts of oil until then).

  39. MtPockets Says:

    Anybody got any cool plans for the bike this winter? Riding season here is about done for the year, just about time to start digging in.
    I’ve got a Shovel Wide Glide that I put a foot clutch on awhile back. Thinking of taking the tranny out for a rebuild, maybe put an FL first gear set in while I’m at it.

  40. Drifter Says:

    @Austin, never connected the dots on that one, what a scum bag as well as his protectors. Speaking of cover ups, Murrieta Pd dick ulrich, committed suicide while under FBI investigation back in August of 2016,though, seems a judge helped with protecting ulrich’s legacy?!

    “The affidavit in support of the warrant was sealed by a judge and therefore the FBI did not provide details about specifics or details about their investigation.”

    Funny how these cops win all these awards, including duffy it seems, but hasn’t h town been a place of daylight parking lot robberies for quite some time, well before 2009? The place as I can tell has went down the tubes. Seems weird to win awards, while senior citizens are being pummeled in robberies, and some businesses keep their doors locked during business hours only allowing people in when they confirm one is a real customer. Yup, embellish them with praise and gold stars, outstanding work……not

    out of qv soon btw, Respects…

  41. Shovelhead Says:

    You got that right!!

    Wonder how my life would’ve worked out had I never rode a motorcycle, was Gay and never got married.

    Oh wait, I know, just look at the Iron Order!

  42. Tooj Says:

    @Shovelhead…ain’t love a bitch?

  43. Shovelhead Says:

    The Kraut,
    Maybe I should just come out of the 70’s and get a modern ride. I’ve been fucking with this old shovel for as long as I can remember. And I’m no mechanic! I just try to figure things out. I had an ’06 lowrider for a few years but still rode my shovel all the time, so I sold the Dyna. Funny, every time it doesn’t run right, I get pissed and say I’m gonna sell it….but never do!

    Thanks for the info.

  44. The Kraut Says:

    When I had my 77 shovel, I shitcanned the compensating sprocket for a solid one an one tooth bigger…21 but i may not remember exactly. Also replaced the trannie output sprocket with onw 22 teeth and dropped the wheel sprocket a tooth.

    Seems like a shit load of wrenching but it took my stock 74″ shovel and with a Sifton cam and pushrods/solid lifters and a Bendix w/adj mn jet and took any original hesitation and tightened it way up.

    Hope this helps..

    respects, Kraut

  45. Shovelhead Says:

    Cap’n Bill,
    I had to remove my front banana brake because it was dragging. Damn thing just kinda locked up and by the time I got home it was smokin!!

    I couldn’t see the smoke because it was night, not until I got home and parked under the garage light.
    Still don’t have a front brake on her.

  46. Shovelhead Says:

    Johnny Rotten,

    I just contacted Rebel. Thanks!!

  47. Johnny Rotten Says:


    Have Rebel give you my contact info


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